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The Yamaha y AS 207 is right in the $ 300 sweet spot for a soundbar and, as it turns out, it's one of the best.

The way AS toy 7 is a 2.
1 channel sound bar with a separate wireless subwoofer.
It offers excellent build quality, including a sub that is made from MDF and not plastic like its competitors.

It's not flashy, but little touches such as the faux leather plastic top and the cloth grille give the set a quiet elegance.
The sound bar is about two and a half inches high and while it doesn't feature an IR flasher like the Y AS 203 did it is wall mountable.
The Omaha is compatible with both Dolby and DTS soundtracks pirates, HDMI and optical inputs.

Don't lack surround speakers, it does have the new DTS virtual X mode, which produces decent Bose surround effects that said, Yamahas own surround mode is arguably even better.
Unlike most sound bars the M, how is quite good at music weather wired or by bluetooth? It should please users who do more with their sound bar than just watch TV, but it is movie soundtracks where the speaker excels.
The subwoofer can really dig into action movies and the surround of X can easily fill medium-sized rooms while maintaining crystal-clear dialogue.

While you can spend a lot less than this, the amaha is able to accomplish more with its HDMI inputs and expensive surround effects.

The Y AAS 207 is an excellent, sound bar and a worthy successor to the old Y, a s 203 .

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