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If you're in the market for a sambar or have ever owned, one, you have ZBOX to thank the company, basically invented the soundbar and with the new SB 380, it's in the process of trying to perfect it.

Trying is the operative word, though this model isn't.
Quite there, yet at $ 300 it's a bit too expensive and weirdly doesn't have bluetooth, but it's easier to use than its competition, and it's excellent.
If you need help.

Hearing dialogue in TV shows, the speaker itself is 35 inches wide and it's taller than most at almost 6 inches high.
You can lay the speaker flat, though, where it only sticks up about 3 inches, it's made of aluminum and can easily survive more than a few knocks.
If you happen to lose the dinky little remote, the speaker has controls on the side.

This is a three point.
One system in a single bar with three mid-range drivers and a four inch woofer its ported at one end, so you can wall mount it without any problems.
The lack of Bluetooth means you won't play music through this thing, unless you use one of two optical inputs for the analog ports, but we found that music replay wasn't very convincing.

Anyway, most sound bars aren't set up for music, and this is true of the C box.
It's dialogue of movie soundtracks with the SB 380 excels, and we had a great time listening to some of our favorite scenes through it.
It makes dialogue easy to hear with or without the active voice mode.

It doesn't go all that low in the base and you can't add a subwoofer if you want most competitors, offer this option with all-in-one systems.
The Zee, Vox SB 380 is a fine, sound bar, but companies like bulk, vizio and Yamaha are able to squeeze even more performance out of your music movies for much less .

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