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Friday, now black friday is three weeks from now, but we're celebrating it today and tomorrow, because it's part of the big weekend so welcome on in get comfy, start shopping, black friday, sale prices, free shipping and handling and five easy payments on almost everything.

No everything that we do .
I am a huge fan of the sound bar.
What ascii is a sound bar? Well, it doesn't have anything to do with a cocktail.

Drinking bar a sound bar is something like this.
A sound bar is normally a sliver thin electronic device that hooks up to your tv now tvs were invented for visual.
They weren't invented for amazing, sound and now with them getting thinner and so thin that there's nowhere to put the speakers for great abundant sound.

They more than ever are not known for great abundant sound.

So, regardless of what tv you have you plug one of these into your tv and now your tv is a regal cinema.
Now, in your choice of this is our titanium.

This is espresso and back.
There is black and you get the remote control there's one other thing that you should know about this, which is a weekend bonus value lives on the same cul-de-sac as tsvs and big deals.
So 131 should not be the price no way no way.

In fact, 378 should be the price.

Here's proof of that on your screen, 378 holy cow way, less than half the only other thing i want to tell you is that what's so cool about this brand and this technology and this device is that the very makers of this sound bar also are experts In hearing aid and hearing loss devices, so they scientifically and acutely understand what it is to harness sound to amplify it and to speak to you and me in a way that we really get it because they deal with people who don't craig smith is with us.
And craig, i just think that is the coolest brand story, and i can't tell you how many times i will be watching a program and like the either.

I can't follow the dialogue, or mostly, i can't follow the dialogue, because the background sounds and sound effects are so overpowering the main dialogue.
So please help a sister out.
Tell me about this sambar.

Well, here's the thing sean! It's not you! Okay, it's not something that! Oh i'm getting older and therefore i can't hear as well - and i just got to crank up the volume on my television set.
That's what a lot of people think when they can't hear the voices that are actually coming off their tv.

What xevox has done? They've developed this patented technology, unlike all the other sound bar manufacturers out there that try to make the big booming sound, just like the movies.

What xevox does is they take the frequency of just the human voice and bring that out to you? So the only thing that's going to get louder and clearer on your tv is just the voice.

It's not going to be everything else.
It's not going to be the explosions and the crowds cheering and the tire squealing, and that type of stuff - and this speaker right here, actually has 12 levels of their accuvoice technology.

The best way to describe accu voice i'll think if you've ever went to a play and you think of the actor when he steps to the center of the stage to develop, to deliver the big powerful line.
He steps right up to the front of the stage.

So the whole audience can hear them, that's what active voice does and we actually have a cool, little animation or video.

Rather, that will show you the difference between what you hear off of your tv and then what you hear with the accu voice and then super voice technology.

Yes, well, i was cleaning out my grandfather's attic and i found a really old box and when i looked inside this was there and it looked pretty old, but other than that i didn't really have much to go on.
Well, this is from peru and normally these ceramic pieces are associated with notable figures.

Well, my grandfather did travel the world when he was young.
Well, this find is from the 1500s and he did it's a peruvian coffee bean farmer.

As you can see, he was an influential member of the village whose types of pieces have been found in pre-columbian sites such as temples and ruins, so it makes it a real good treasure.

That's amazing.
I know i'm very pleased to tell you this figuring today.

Oh wow, because it's in such good condition and all the history associated with it, that is wicked cool.

That's the difference! It's right there! So your regular tv, you hear everything you hear all the sounds, and you kind of go huh.
What did that british actor just say what accu voice does and then super voice on top of that helps boost that sound even more so now, you're just sitting back relaxing watching your favorite show sean, it's so clever.
It's like it's isolating the dialogue and then essentially like amplifying it, so you can hear what matters and all the background noise is not background.

Noise anymore weekend bonus value 378 dollars, it's a sound bar.
You choose a color, either the titanium espresso or back there.
Black black is popular, remote comes with it by the way um it's gon na ship for free because of our big weekend event.

It's on one of our higher easy pays because of our weekend event and then it's a weekend bonus value so because of the weekend event and the weekend bonus value, you are saving an exceptional amount of money.
Now i have a couple quick questions, because i will tell all of you, as you um see the value on your screen.

That um and i mean that's crazy right.

So craig we have sound bars, certainly not with this technology, which i'm bummed about now, but we have sound bars on all but our bedroom tv and i once you once you go to the soundbar side of things.

There is no turning back because you realize what you are missing and if, if tv in your life, because we are all isolating, is a really big thing - i mean our tv in our house gets about as much usage as our toilet.
It's always on and it's a huge part of our enjoyment um, but i can't watch tv now um without a sound bar, but the big question is: can the like what model tv can these plug into are the cables included? Is it hard to set up? No, it's well i'll answer the last one.

First, it's not hard to set up what tvs are they going to work with any tv? And i like the fact that you talked about multiple tvs around the home, because what we see with a lot of zbox customers, and especially the qvc customers who purchase these speakers, is that they get one for multiple rooms around the house.

So it's a nice small size, it's only 17 inches long, there's a lot of the sound bars that are really big.
If you do it a really big sound bar with that smaller 42-inch tv you have in the bedroom, where you have in the basement, it looks kind of wonky.

This is a small compact size, remarkably easy to set up.

There's one cable, you plug it into the outlet.
There's one other cable, you plug it into the back of the tv.

So the days of having all of those you know, five different color cables and plugging everything in they're gone.
It's a one plug set up and then you're ready to go, and we wan na use that accuvoice technology.

You actually can see here right here on the remote control.

This is really simple: to use you have the volume up the volume down and there's that active voice button.
So anytime you want to be able to.

You know, implement that you just press the button and each time you press the button.

It takes another step up and think of it as steps of the actor walking out towards you from the stage.

So if you're on acuvoice level one it boosts the voice a little bit and then each level goes higher and higher and then there's also a technology.

That's called supervoice.

We actually have 12 different levels of improving the sound you just pick, whichever one works best for you.

So, whatever program you like to watch, if it's that british show, which is what we hear about all the time, people struggling to hear the british actors because of the accent go up to level five go up to level, six find what works best for you and Now those days of cranking up the volume, so the whole house is saying turn it down turn it down.
Those days are gone and you're hearing your television more clearly.

By the way, i would just like to point out that sound bars are really a thing like it's a great way to amplify a great tv which was built for visual and not for audio.
But i like the sound bar and i got.
I got a sound bar, not from qvc, because we didn't have any at the time that i wanted, and so i got it from our sister station hsn.

It still cost me 600 sound bars are not inexpensive, um and so i'll just call out.
I can't believe the price here.
I also would just say guys.

This is such a cool gift, guys traditionally love kind of electronics and they love their sports, and you know the big game comes up in the new year.
If that's happening, i don't know, but we're all, certainly watching more tv, because we're sitting at home a lot more.

And so i love this as a gift to someone you love, but if you plug it in right and even if like in time for because you know, there's going to be big football around thanksgiving and maybe you're having family or not if you plug it in And you're, not completely obsessed with how watching tv, netflix sports documentaries, whatever you love to watch, is just so amplified and room-filling, and just so enjoyable and satisfying and you're like how did i ever live this long with sound coming out of my tv speakers, then you Just sent it back, you have up until the last day of january, but i love this craig as a gift, and all you got to do is choose whether you want titanium espresso or back there, the black, the batteries and the remote all it all comes with It we ship it even for free, so you're out the door ready to go.

It's that simple.
The setup is remarkably simple and the sound quality is key.

You think about it, especially now we're not leaving our house nearly as frequently and also before this virus actually hit us movie theaters we're starting to see a steady decline in people going to the movie.

Why? Because people were getting these awesome televisions and now you can stream so much content.
There's the old adage that the golden age of television was back in the 50s.
No, it wasn't it's now, because you stream on netflix you stream off of hulu.

There is so much original content disney plus when that recently launched they gave you access to all the national geographic content, all the star wars content all the marvel movie content, and you want to be able to hear it as high quality, as you possibly can, and Unfortunately, these great big tvs that we have they're gorgeous when it comes to the picture they're not great when it comes to the sound and i actually shot a second video, i'm not sure if we have it or not, but actually it shows you again.

What's the difference between what you hear on your television set and what you actually hear with accu voice and supervoice, it's a game changer.
It allows you to hear human voices more clearly and you want to enjoy that experience.

If you're struggling to understand any program at all - and you constantly say all right - got ta go up to level 40 on the volume got ta go up to level 50 on the volume .

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