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In this video, we're gon na give you our full in-depth review, Sony's latest mid-range, sound bar the HT 7 350.

When we check out the new sound bars coming to market, we consider three major aspects: sound quality overall features which are the building design and finally, price versus value.
Let's see how so these latest sound bar release fared in our tests before we dive in.
We want to help you get the most out of this review, so to that extent we chose to dispose of the common, vague review methods.

Instead, we will use our specific, in-depth ranking system from one to ten for each review.
Category stay tuned for the overall score and our judgment at the end of this video to get the best idea on how this product performs and everyday tests.
Let's begin with the sound quality and performance of the s3 50.

This is a 2.
1 Channel, mid-range, sound bar.
So we didn't have high hopes for amazing, audio and honestly keeping those expectations low, left a bit of room to be pleasantly surprised.

The real-life audio performance of this sound bar and subwoofer.
The bar provides an impressive 85 watts from each side, channel plus 150 watts from the included subwoofer for a total of 320 watts, Sony's vocal enhancement technically helped out by enhancing dialogues.
Making them stand out from other sounds.

Unfortunately, after getting used to numerous surround sound bar systems, we couldn't help but missing the enveloping surround sound.
We've come accustomed to when watching movies Saudis proclaimed s, Force Pro front, surround technology which is supposed to emulate, surround using the front speakers.
Just wasn't enough to take the place of physical rear speakers.

Overall, the volume, vocals and sound separation are very satisfying.

The lack of immersive surround holds it back a bit so for audio performance.
We gave the HTS 350 a score of seven point: six out of ten moving on to the design and build quality.

The bar sports sony's, familiar industrial design, both the sandbar and subdued for feature metal finish on the front panels with clean and rounded edges.
Think quality feels premium and sturdy a simple design but kindness for design.
We gave this bar an eight point, two out of ten sport.

This brings us to our final category features and value without any bells and whistles.

This sound bar covers all the bases.
It's got an HDMI, a our C port and optical port Bluetooth.

Several pre-programmed, sound modes in a template included for wall mounting the S 350, despite being only recently released, it's priced at one of the most aggressive price points of any Sony, soundbar systems out there.
True, it doesn't support any of the advanced sound formats, but it still holds its own fairly well for what it is a system, that's designed to substantially boost your home, theater audio, with an emphasis on much clearer vocals.
We gave the sound bar a seven point.

Five out of ten for features and value.
Before moving on to our final score, you can find out much more about the s 350, including specs features and pricing.
Just hop on to the description of this video below.

We have a lot more comprehensive tech reviews and recommendations in our book and many coming up soon so feel free to join our family and subscribe to our channel below to get notified about future videos with an average score.
Seven point: seven out of ten who is the soundbar really for if you're looking for a substantial upgrade in depth, your TV's tinny sounding speakers, together with the familiar Sony branded sound, you definitely want to check out the sound bar, especially due to the extremely aggressive price Point just keep in mind it's by no means built to replace any full speaker setup.
If you keep that info in mind and know what you're getting you can definitely enjoy, this sound bar.

Do the sound bar you'd like us, to review, leave your recommendation in the comment section below thanks again and catch you guys next time, .

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