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So you just bought yourself a brand new 4k TV, maybe on prime day, maybe you were just itching to buy one and it sounds terrible.

Well, I am here to help, and this is how I would help you.

This is Vizio's brand new 2.
1 sound bar system, and it has this awesome, slim subwoofer and many other things that we like very much all for one hundred and fifty dollars.

Okay, so if you've been looking at affordable, sound bars, you've likely come across a vizio name.
They're known for making great products at super awesome prices - and this is no exception in terms of looks not really much to write home about, but that's really not what Vizio is going for with the sound bar they're really trying to give you the best possible sound For 150 bones - and they do that very well - it has a couple little silver accents, one on the front of the subwoofer, a couple on the sides, but other than that it'll sit below your TV and you probably won't even notice it's there and that's a good Thing so this is a very basic sound bar, it's incredibly easy to set up.
All you got to do is get this thing out of the box and plug in either the included optical, cable or 3.

5 millimeter cable, both of them in the box.
Sometimes you have to change something in your TV settings, but typically it's just a plug-and-play operation.
The same thing goes for syncing up the wireless subwoofer to the sound bar itself.

Basically, you plug it in it should automatically sync to the sound bar and you're off to the races.
So, besides that optical connection, which is likely what you're going to use to connect to your TV, it also has a USB port.
It has a digital connection.

It has bluetooth and again and has that 3.
5 millimeter port for plugging in your music player.
One thing it does not have is HDMI, so no HDMI AARC going on here you'll have to use optical to get the best quality.

Digital audio from your TV to the sound bar, so sound is obviously the most important thing with any sound bar, and definitely one at this price point, and we love the way.
This thing sounds one thing we really like about: it is that it has individual subwoofer bass and treble adjustments on the included remote and that's a really awesome feature, because every room is a different size and might have different sonic characteristics.
So it makes it very easy to tune the sound of the sound bar to your specific room.

Speaking of it has a couple listing nodes.
It has movie and music we're not huge fans of listening to music.
On this thing, it works fine as sort of a supplemental speaker, but it's certainly not something we would use.

If you will a dance party, that's not really what it's meant for, though it's meant for movie, which is the mode we found ourselves using most often, and that really brings detail to the vocals in the middle of the mix and spreads some other stuff out.
A little wider speaking of width and depth to sound this thing has DTS virtual X, it's a little option on the remote and what that does? It just adds a little bit of soundstage to the things that are going on on-screen.
Speaking of sound one thing we like about this brand-new Vizio model, is it comes with this ultra slim subwoofer? What's great about that? Well, you can hide it under a couch.

You can hide it under a chair.
You can hide it pretty much anywhere in your room, because it is very, very small and yet you'll still get all the great low end, because low end audio is omnidirectional, which means the sounds of the low end.

Don't have a specific point of origin in your room to your ears, so you can put this anywhere and you'll get the same great low-end anywhere in your room.

So there's no app! There's no HDMI, but this sound bar really does exactly what it's supposed to do, which is for $ 150, takes the crappy sound of your TV and transforms it into something you actually want to listen to.
That makes it one of our favorite budget.
Sound bars of the year, certainly something you should consider if you're looking for a cheap way to get more out of your home.

Listening experience, hey everyone, so this sound bar is not quite available, yet we are told from vizio that it will be available very very soon and there's already photos of it on their website, but you can't quite buy it yet.
So if you're looking for another vizio sound bar solution, the older model, the e8, does a great job as well.
It just has a slightly larger subwoofer if you're looking for the thin subwoofer just wait a little while longer and it should be available on busiest website.

As always, thank you so much for watching this video be sure to comment below.
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