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Hi everybody Carl here from apt and in this video we're gon na give you a closer look at the JBL bar 5.

1 surround sound bar.
This is the follow-up to last year's bar 5.
1 and there's some distinct changes.

Jbl made to this year's model.
The first thing, you're, probably going to notice if you're familiar with the old version, is the new design they ditched.
Those detachable surround speakers in favor of a more traditional looking for man.

Now you have all five channels built into the main body of the sound bar.
So how do you get surround sound from it? Well, JBL uses something called multi beam technology, along with two side firing tweeters to give the feeling of surround so rather than speakers in different physical locations around you.

It's actually bouncing the sound off of the walls to create that same effect, it's not quite as effective, but it still sounds really good, and I think people are gon na appreciate the ease of setup too.

It's not quite as intimidating plus JBL up to the power of the system, 550 watts from 510 on the original, and this system really does pound this 10-inch wireless subwoofer that it comes with and it's 300 watt amp is really the best you're gon na find in The system at this price point and the other change you might notice, has to do with the inputs.
They've gone to just a single HDMI in and out with art.
It does pass through 4k video, just like last year's, but now you get Dolby vision, compatibility, which is a welcome upgrade.

You also get optical and USB inputs plus Bluetooth.
Now an important thing to remember on the USB is that, just like on the bar 20 that we looked at recently, it's labeled only for service.
However, it does work to play back audio files according to JBL.

That features only available on the models that are made for the US market, in addition to those inputs.
This also has Google chromecast and Apple's AirPlay 2 built in for casting audio to the sound bar.
Unfortunately, it doesn't work for video, though now all your controls are gon na be located here on the top of the speaker or on the simplified remote that comes in the box, which really make it an easy system to use.

Anyone who might be intimidated at the thought of adding a sound bar to their TV will definitely appreciate that the other nice feature this offers is auto calibration.
This is another thing that can sound tricky if you've never had an audio system for your TV, but it's all you have to do is set the speaker up where you want it sit where you're gon na be doing most of your listening, and then you hold Down the HDMI button on that provided remote until the calibration starts it'll go through a series of sounds that are basically trying to reflect around the room, and it's going to calibrate the speaker to match that environment where it's located.
It's super simple to do and it just makes the listening experience that much better.

Now, here's a couple, sound demos, so you have an idea of what you're getting with the bar 5.
1 surround: , , [, Music ].
I set it on the last version of the bar 5.

1 and I'll say it again on this one.

This is absolutely one of the best value sound bars you can get.
I wouldn't call it cheap, but you definitely get your money's worth.

Vocals are sharp and easy to understand.
Bass is super deep and provides the necessary Rumble for any movie buffs out there and mids fill in well to give a really fully rounded experience without having to spend hours fine tuning.
So what are your thoughts on the new bar 5.

1? Do you miss those detachable surround speakers, or are you good without them make sure you? Let us know down in the comments and don't forget.

You still have questions on anything you see here in this video.
You can always call email or chat with one of our experts online thanks as always for watching and we'll see you in the next one.

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