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What's up everybody, this is Jake from yearly reviews and today we're taking a look at the Vizio SB 29 20 sambar with a price tag of just $ 79.

We were curious to see if the sound bar is legit, so we bought it, tried it out and here's what we found: build: quality and design the Vizio sound bars package well, wrapped in foam and the inner box was shipped with a larger box surrounding it.
Full of extra padding it comes with a digital optical cable, a digital, coaxial, cable and stereo RCA cables.
The design is nothing to write home about, but the materials did not feel cheap.

The overall build quality felt solid and sturdy, so we felt that the Vizio sound bar deserved the score of seven and a half out of ten from build quality and design set up an operation set up was easy that perfectly matched the horizontal space.

Next to the 32 inch LG TV we paired with the sound bar, we skimmed the manual which only took about five minutes.
Once we finished with the manual, we simply plug to provide a digital optical cable into the TV's optical output, and we were good to go as far as he's of installation and is abuse.

We gave the sound bar a score of eight and a half out of ten sound quality.
To be honest, given its price tag, we were not expecting a whole lot from this vizio sound bar, but I got ta say we were pleasantly surprised with its sound quality.
Now, let's be clear, we're not putting it in the same league as the other sound bars reviewed on this channel like the Samsung a 915 to both 700.

But I don't think Vizio intended to do that.
We were honestly impressed with the audio quality of the $ 79 sound bar blasts, its loud clear and it's a surprisingly deep base for such a small bar.
Even without a dedicated subwoofer.

We could clearly hear the audio separation and at no point did we get that cheap audio feeling that often comes with these entry-level products.

The sound quality was leaps and bounds better than the built-in speakers of the LG TV we used, but not as good as one of the top and sound bars we've reviewed on this channel.
We had to tweak the settings a bit to compensate for the lack of a subwoofer, but eventually we got a surprisingly large amount of bass with married, clear highs and mids.

As far as loudness goes with only about 30 % of the maximum volume.
It was plenty loud and the power of this little sound bar packed was extremely solid.
Overall, we would give this sound bar score of seven and a half out of ten in the sound quality Department regarding features.

This bar comes with a built-in Bluetooth module, we're easily able to pair it with our phone within a few seconds and then the experience any issues lag.
While this bar does not support DTS, X or Dolby Atmos, it does support DTS and VT s.
True surround the remote is small and simple to use both the remote and the sound bar have a bluetooth pairing button.

The bluetooth pairing was quick and simple.

You simply hold the Bluetooth button down for five seconds, and the sound bar is led start running up and down the sides, letting you know it's in pairing mode.
Our phone identified it right away and paired it immediately range seems about the same as the Amazon echo.

Our score in the features Department is six point.
Eight out of ten, mostly due to the lack of DTS X and Dolby Atmos, pros and cons, pros very decent, sound quality, even without a sub woofer small size will make it a good fit in bedroom living rooms and maybe most ideally, college.
Dorm err, easy to set up into operate its price tag of only $ 79 is a huge advantage.

Have you tweaked the bass and treble to compensate for the lack of the subwoofer? The true surround option was not great.
We felt it just made the sound, more muddled.

No HDMI output feels a bit circa 2006.
The only options are either RCA cables, a digital optical, cable or a digital coaxial cable.
Our conclusion, the sound quality of this vizio sound bar, is good and will do for 90 % of bedrooms, living rooms and, honestly, most ideally for college dorm rooms if you're in ecology the quality sound bar without breaking the bank.

This sound bar is highly recommended, but anyone who's, a true audiophile of the sound bar, falls a little short if what you're looking for is a compact, sound bar in a budget at just $ 79, the Vizio SB 29 20 is a great choice.
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