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Welcome to my review of the new polk cigna s2 sound bar before we get started, i wanted to please ask you to click the like and subscribe button below, as it really does help out the channel now without further ado.

Let's get into this review.

First, we're going to start out with the physical overview and then move on to the more day-to-day experience using the system, so the system comes with the main bar and an external subwoofer that communicates with it over bluetooth.

The range is excellent, so you should have no problem putting it anywhere around your room.

Sound quality is great for watching tv and even does pretty well when playing music.
It's nowhere near the complete surround setup, but it doesn't claim to be it's a good solution for the problem.
It hopes to fix and that's what i like about it, it's simple and easy and does a great job.

Some features of it even move it up into the more premium product stack.
It has compatibility with hdmi arc, which i'll get more into later and even separate sound profiles for movies, night mode and music.
These are awesome, as they really do make a meaningful impact on the audio quality.

It also has built-in software that allows it to pick out the voice in a scene and amplify it.

This is especially useful for those hard of hearing or for late night viewing when you want the sound part to both be as clear as possible, but not disturb your neighbors.
The independent base adjustment on the remote allows you to tune down the base late at night or boost you way too high when you're trying to listen to music, but overall, the options for tuning how the soundbar sounds are definitely there and should be more than enough For everyday people, now back to the hdmi arc feature that i was talking about earlier.

Hdmi rx stands for audio return channel.
It's supposed to be used for situations like when you're watching a show on your tv's built-in netflix app, but you want to use an external receiver to play the sound when working the audio plays through with no problems.
However, the auto on off feature has given me nothing but trouble since i started trying to use it.

I've spent weeks trying to get it to work but half the time it just doesn't it's not even like it's a consistent problem, just half the time it decides not to work now after looking online, it seems that other people have gotten it to work, so it Could just be something about my specific setup, but i've spent so much time trying to get it to work that i just don't think it could be user error at this point.

That's the issue with things like this.
It's amazing when you plug it in and it all just works, but when something is broken and you don't have any options, because it's just supposed to work, it can be really frustrating.

Currently, i've moved over to just using the optical input cable, but you have to turn it on manually.
This does work perfectly fine.
I just wish that this cool feature that they went through the trouble of implementing actually worked.


However, it's not all doom and gloom.
The compatibility with my tvs, remote is nice, so i don't have to use a separate remote just for the volume.

I just wish that the auto on off feature actually worked.


I really don't want to sound too down on this product, because i really do like it.
The audio quality is great and the value for money is really there.

The bass can kick it when you want it to.

You can even bluetooth to your phone when you just want to listen to music or you can just stick with the classics: aux cable overall, i highly recommend this sound bar.
It does a great job of giving you crystal clear, movie, audio or providing a great music listening experience, just keep in mind that it may take some fidgeting to get to work perfectly within your setup.

Thank you so much for watching and if you have any other questions, please feel free to put them in the comments below.

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