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Pam, Karl with Afton in this video, we'll be giving you a closer look at the Samsung soundbar model.

Hwt 450.
It's just under 34 inches wide, just over 2 inches high in just under 3 inches deep and it can be placed on a stand or mounted to a wall with the provided hardware based on the size.
It's gon na look most at home with 49 to 55 inch TVs, but that's just a suggestion.

You can always put it under any TV that has the right connections.

You also get a wireless subwoofer in the box.
That's just over seven inches wide.

Thirteen and a half inches high and about 10 and 3/4 inches deep onboard controls for the 450 are going to be located on the top in the middle and they include power volume and input selection.
You also get a remote to make adjustments plus it's also compatible with the Samsung one remote that comes with most of their newer TVs.
The connections are all located on the back and they include an optical audio input, USB and bluetooth for wireless connections, including a wireless connection to compatible TVs, which makes a clean-looking install even easier.

Don't forget if you do like what you see here.
You can pick one of these up on App comm, just click the link in the description to check out our latest pricing and we're an authorized dealer for everything we sell.
So not only do you get our support on the product, but you get the full manufacturer's warranty as well, and now we have this sound.

This is a 2.
1 channel system, meaning you get a left and right channel built into the sound bar along with the wireless sub.
The two main channels provide all of your mids and highs, and the sub is gon na give you your base, there's also several different, sound modes built in to help you get the most out of what you're listening to there's standard surround game smart, which lets the Sound bar determine the best listening profile, based on what you're, listening to and D'arcy, which evens out the sound during playback of dolby.

Digital content hears a sound demo on standard, so you can get a sense of the sound, as you can hopefully tell there's quite a bit more bass than you'll get from your TV speakers and dialogue is gon na, come in more clearly as well.
Now this one doesn't have the dedicated center channel like the 650 model, but even still you're gon na be much happier with something like this than what's gon na come with your television.
If you want to hear what the 650 sounds like with that center channel, make sure you check that video out as well, the 450 is gon na, be a good choice for someone looking at sound bars under the $ 200 mark.

That offers a wireless sub and some easy to use preset modes.
If you still have questions on the hwt, 450 or anything else, app carries, you can always call email or chat with one of our experts online or in the store.

We're always happy to help.

Thanks for watching and we'll see you in the next one .

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