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Hi, I'm Karl with apt and in this video we're gon na give you a closer look at the Samsung soundbar model: hwt 650.

It's just over thirty eight and a half inches wide about two and a quarter inches high and three and a half inches deep and it can be placed on a stand or mounted to the wall with the provided hardware size-wise, it's gon na look best under TVs In the 49 to 55 inch range, but you can certainly use it with any size TV that has the right connections.
It also comes with a wireless sub: that's a little over eight inches wide, just under 14 inches high and just under 12 inches deep onboard controls are located on the top in the middle and allow for adjustments to power volume and input selection.
Plus you get a remote in the Box to control everything, but it's also compatible with Samsung's one remote that comes with most of their new TVs.

To make it easier to operate everything all together with just one remote for connections.
You get one HDMI input and an output with an audio return channel, one USB type, A and an optical input, as well as bluetooth for wireless streaming.
The Bluetooth feature can also be used to connect this wirelessly to compatible TVs for a cleaner, looking install, and it allows up to two different devices to be connected at one time that you can easily switch between.

This is a three point, one channel system, which means that not only do you get this Wireless sub to produce some pretty substantial bass, but you also have a center channel built into the sound bar along with a left and right channel.
That center channel makes dialog much easier to hear, and it's a big upgrade over really anything that you'd get on almost any TV out there.
Now the hwt 650 also has some useful, sound modes to help you get the most out of what you're watching these are changed by using the sound mode button on the remote there's standard surround game mode which enhances the sound while playing games.

It's smart sound! If you want the sound bar itself to choose how to process audio DTS virtual X to artificially add height to the sound of your audio and dynamic range control, which works with Dolby Digital audio to even out loud noises that can sometimes occur during shows and movies, You also have the option to adjust the treble and bass manually.
If you choose hears a sound demo on standard, so you can get an idea of the sound quality , as you can hopefully hear this is gon na, be much better than the speakers that come on most TVs.
It provides much deeper bass and much clearer dialogue which make the whole home theater experience a lot more enjoyable.

You also have the option to add a set of Samsung wireless surround speakers to turn this into a full 5.
1 channel.
Dolby Digital surround setup.

This is gon na, be a great sound bar for gamers, as well as anyone who's looking to get much better dialogue, clarity and base with their content.
You still have questions on the hwt 650 or any sound bars.
We carry here at app.

You can always call email or chat with one of our experts online or in the store, we're always happy to help.
As always, thanks for watching and we'll see you in the next one .

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