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When you invest in a top-of-the-line new TV, like Samsung's 8kq, LED q 900 are here, you need to consider the audio to ya.

Tvs have internal speakers but they're, just not built to handle all of the sound details that come along with high resolution.
Video I'm Aaron for Best Buy Canada's blog and tech gadgets.
Canada, comm and I've been reviewing the 8k Samsung TV here in my home over the last month and to go along with it.

I tested out the Samsung Harman Kardon sound bar with Dolby Atmos, it's model hwq, 70 R.
In case you want to know in this video I'm going to take a look at what this sound bar can do for you and it's special features how it sounds, how to get it set up and whether it's a good match for your 4k or even your 8K TV, by the way, if you want to read more about that TV here, the Samsung 8kq led Q 900 - are the full review, is here on the channel as well and a quick reminder that if you end up liking this video and finding it helpful too, Please hit that like button and consider subscribing, since it does help us keep making more videos that we hope everyone out there can watch enjoy and learn from getting set up is easy on the soundbar plug the HDMI cable into the HDMI out port, which is also Labeled TV arc or a rc4 audio return channel then connect it to the HDMI AARC port on the TV, in my case, I'm connecting it via the Samsung one connect box which houses all my TV's peripherals.
Then power up the Samsung, Harman Kardon sound bar hwq 7tr is a three point.

One point two channel sound bar with about 330 watts of power.

It's got a built-in dedicated center speaker channel, designed for clearer and more precise dialogue that cuts through it also comes with a wireless subwoofer.

It's compatible with all the newest audio technology like Dolby, Atmos and we'll get to more on that in just a moment as well as DTS X.

It can be connected to a full surround sound setup system.
If you want - and it's got 4k pass-through built-in, which means connecting 4k video sources like your game console - is easy and seamless.
It also works with HDR 10 sources.

If you want that as well, hwq 7tr has technology that Samsung calls acoustic beam and that basically, is designed to have sound sort of move around you from all directions.
The sound bar also has a setting called game mode Pro where the sound bar detects when you're gaming and it automatically basically optimizes the sound in real time - I'm not a gamer.
So I am not testing that feature out, but for those of you who are interested just know that it is packed into this sound bar here, let's get to the reason you're all here: how does this puppy sound to tell you that I first want to dip Into what Dolby Atmos is, when you have a 5.

1 or a 7.
1 channel home theater sound system, you create the illusion of 3d sound in the room by pushing specific audio to specific speakers with Atmos.
Instead of pushing sound to a particular speaker, it's pushed to a spot in 3d space in your room, sometimes by more than one speaker.

Atmos often uses overhead speakers to achieve this effect.
Precisely, but with a sound bar, you don't have that option.
Instead, there are upward firing speakers built into the sound bar and those help push that sound up over and all around you , trying to replicate this effect in a YouTube video or to describe it in words is almost impossible.

One good way to figure out for yourself how great this sounds is to head down to one of Best Buy's Dolby Atmos demo rooms sit down in a comfy chair and experience it.
The Atmos effect overall is pretty cool.
The best way to try it out on this sound bar is to load up a samsung demo.

Audio file like a plane flying overhead sit yourself in the middle of the room and let it wash over you.

The soundbar sounds amazing and does really feel like you're sitting in the middle of the action.
No, this is not a quid pro quo.

This is you do what I say when I say it or you suffer the consequences with TV and movies.
The dialogue is super crisp and cuts right through there's lots of subtleties in the audio and the 3d sound is really noticeable.
I did find that it's a lot better if you're sitting quite centered in your room sitting off to the side, you'll miss a little bit of that depth in detail when it comes to music.

This set up is a dream: clear, sound, no raspy, nasur tininess, nothing that sounds unbalanced and the bass is fantastic overall when it comes to sound quality.
I have zero complaints.
It's possible to use your smart phone with this speaker using smart things, which is an app and a home control system that lets you control many smart home devices, things like lights speakers and even your TV with smart things and the sound bar.

You can make adjustments to things like the volume and some of the settings like the equalizer and the subwoofer.
Well, the Samsung Harman Kardon sound bar with Dolby Atmos is designed to work with your TV.
You can also use it as a Bluetooth speaker to play music from your smartphone via Spotify or whatever music service you're, using it's as simple as choosing the HW q7 TR as the output source, when you're playing your music, get it connected by going to your phone Or devices Bluetooth settings menu and linking it up a neat feature of using Bluetooth audio on the sound bar is that the TV will show info about the music.

While it's playing, you can also play Bluetooth music and set your Sims on cue, LED TV into ambient mode for relaxing ambience.
In my testing, it seems like this will only work with Android phones, not iPhones.
Most of the technology in our home is moving to hands-free, and this sound bar is no different.

The HW q7, dr, has alexa voice control compatibility now, sadly, this is easier said than done.

One other note I want to make, though, about this technology: the Alexa voice control is not built into the sound bar.

You do need a separate Alexa device like the amaz, eko show or dot in order to control the soundbar.

I spent a lot of time trying to get alexa connected to the soundbar using the alexa app and the smartthings app.
I'm not gon na go into everything.
I tried here because it's tedious and takes a lot of time if you're, trying to figure this out to head over to blog BestBuy dot, see a to read more.

The short version is to link the sound bar inside the smart things.
App first then link it in the elects app overall, the Samsung Harman Kardon sound bar HW q7 TR has a lot of pluses.
The sound quality, of course, is outstanding.

The Dolby Atmos works amazingly well, and the sound bar is pretty compact and easy to set up and connect with.
I also love the fact that it works as a plain old Bluetooth speaker for streaming, my music on the downside.
It was not intuitive or easy to get the Alexa voice, control working and the smart things.

Control for this sound bar actually seems pretty limited with just the EQ and the bass adjustments for the subwoofer.
You might also say this sound bar and subwoofer combo is pricy.

It costs about a thousand bucks for the two pieces, I'm thinking that way, it seems like it should have more features and built-in options like built-in voice control, instead of just that compatibility and needing the extra device.

But this sound bar is, of course, all about the sound and the Dolby Atmos, and the overall package is pretty great.

So if you're looking for something that sounds amazing for your new 4k or 8k TV.

Yes, this is a pretty great option.

If you want to read more head over to blog Best, Buy dot CA where we've posted a full blog, and you can ask us any questions.
You have either there on the blog or, as always here on the YouTube channel thanks so much for watching.
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So we hope everyone out there can watch enjoy and learn from I'm Erin.
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