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As the covid pandemic rages, president donald trump is spending the holidays in florida at his golf course, but he had time last night to hand out early christmas gifts to dozens of allies and loyalists in the form of controversial presidential.

Pardons donald trump doesn't surprise us anymore.

What he does is always and only in his self-interest, and so he is rewarding people and he regarded as being useful to him.
The pardons angered some in trump's own party.

This is rotten to the core, said republican senator ben sasse.

The president pardoned charles kushner, the father of trump son-in-law and advisor jared kushner.
He served two years in prison for tax evasion and retaliating against a federal witness.

Two other pardons came as no surprise.
I've always found paul manafort to be a very decent man.

Paul manafort trump's former campaign chairman served nearly two years in prison for financial crimes relating to work.

He did in the former soviet union.
Roger stone was on his way to jail for lying to congress.
During the investigation into russian interference in the 2016 u.

s election trump commuted his sentence back in july.
Thank you, mr president, thank you for giving me the effort.
Trump has now given stone, a full pardon, wiping away those convictions is a clear shot at robert mueller.

The special counsel, whose investigation trump has long denounced as a hoax, the president, one by one, wants to eliminate those who would provide testimony in other settings to get to the truth of what happened with the russian investigation and derek donald trump has not only left the White house he's also left millions of people waiting for covet relief.
That's right! Neil trump is away on holiday, but there are ongoing efforts here in washington to try to increase the covet assistance, that's being paid out to americans, raising it from checks of six hundred dollars to two thousand dollars for most people, but republicans have blocked that effort and That means for americans, who desperately need that financial assistance they'll have to keep on waiting until after the holidays, the cbc's derek stoffel in washington thanks derek you're, welcome .

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