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If you've recently bought a Samsung soundbar to go with your new 4k TV, for example, you might have one that says it's compatible with Alexa I've been trying out the Samsung Harman Kardon sound bar with Dolby Atmos model, hwq 70 R, alongside a sweet, 8k Samsung TV.

But how do you get Alexa to work on your sound bar and what can it do exactly? I'm Erin from tech gadgets, Canada, comm and let's answer those questions and really heads-up that if you end up liking this video and finding it helpful to please hit that like button and consider subscribing.
Since it does help me keep making more videos that I hope everyone out there can watch enjoy and learn from most of our in-home technology is moving to hands-free, and this sound bar is no different.
The HW q7, dr, has alexa voice control compatibility.

Sadly, this is easier said than done.
I'll walk you through the steps I tried to get it working and what finally worked in the end, it's worth pointing out that Alexa voice control is not built into the sound bar.
You do need a separate Alexa device like the Amazon, echo, show or dot in order to control the sound bar.

No echo device, no voice control.
Getting the Alexa feature set up is not easy.

Initially, I tried to simply add the device inside the Alexa app, but that didn't work in the app couldn't actually find the sound bar.

Next up.
I found some instructions online.
That said, to enable Samsung audio as a skill inside the Alexa app to do this.

Go to the Alexa app and choose the hamburger menu on the top left, click skills and games.
Then search Samsung.
You can choose Samsung wireless audio and enter your Samsung Account info to complete the link.

The Alexa app will then ask you to discover nearby devices.
Unfortunately, this didn't work either.
Next up, I tried to link smart things as a skill and did the discover devices thing again.

While Alexa did find the 8k TV, there is still no dice on the soundbar after numerous attempts and a lot of online reading, it looks like a lot of folks are having trouble navigating this setup.
It seems like you need some kind of odd combination of a Samsung Account the smart things app and that Alexa connectivity or the Alexa account, but how exactly you get them to work together and in what order is a bit of a mystery.

Next up, I decided to link the soundbar inside the smart things app to give it that control first, so to do that, go into your smart things, app and click add device then scan for new devices.

Finally, it was seeing the soundbar so then I went back into the Alexa app and tried add device in there and bingo.
That was finally seeing this sound bar as well.

Now, once everything is working, you can say things like Alexa turn up the volume on Samsung, soundbar, q70 R you'll probably want to rename your sound bar by the way, so that it's not such a mouthful.

But you get the idea.
The controls you'll get with Alexa are somewhat limited.
Mainly, you can adjust the volume, not so much things like playing or pausing, since those functions are controlled either by your smart phones, music, app or Spotify or similar, and it appears you need a spotify premium account to get full alexa functionality a service.

I don't currently have you might go through a lot of these unnecessary steps trying to get things connected, but to recap set up the sound bar inside the smart things.

App first, then add it in alexa and it should work.
Alright, that's how you can add alexa voice control to your newer model, Samsung soundbar! If you want to know if your sound bars, Alexa compatible, both Samsung and Amazon's websites will give you a list of those that are.

If you want to read more, you can head over to tech gadgets, Canada back home, where I posted a full blog and write-up, and you can ask me any questions you have either there on the blog or as always here on the youtube channel.
There are full reviews of this 8k samsung TV and the soundbar online @ blog Best Buy dot CA.

You can also read a little bit more about them at tech gadgets, Canada comm as well.

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