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Hi, i'm carl from apton in this video i'm going to give you a closer look at the new bose tv speaker.

If you're watching this video on youtube i'll put a link to our current pricing down in the description below.

If you're not happy with your tv's sound, primarily the dialogue and you're looking for a solution that doesn't take up a lot of space, you'll definitely want to check this one out.

It's just under 23 and a half inches wide.

It's four inches deep and it's two and a quarter inches high, so it really can be installed in front of most tvs and it's not going to block the picture or you can also hang it on the wall with optional hardware.
The design is pretty simple.
With a metal grill wrapping around the front and sides, and then you have a matte black finish on the top towards the left hand, side on the front, you'll see some indicator lights that change colors and then they blink to let you know what features are being Used and then around the back are all of your input choices.

Now on this one, you can choose from an hdmi with an audio return channel, there's optical audio or a three and a half millimeter auxiliary input.
Depending on what your tv is going to output, then there's a usb, but that's only for service and a plug for hardwiring, one of bose's base modules and for some extra bass.
I'll also put some links to the compatible subwoofers and the cable you'll need down.

In the description as well for a secondary input, you get bluetooth 4.
2, so you can connect devices like a cell phone or a computer wirelessly.

You also get a small remote which you'll need, since this doesn't have any onboard controls, though, if you're hooked up through the hdmi input and your tv is cec compliant, which most new tvs are you'll, also be able to use that remote to control the volume on The speaker and can't control the other features for the sound bar, the bose remote lets.

You turn out the speaker on and off select your source with either the tv or bluetooth buttons control the volume adjust the bass and turn on dialog mode, which enhances the voices coming out of the speaker, and that's probably the biggest benefit of this one.
It does a very good job handling dialogue and making it easier to hear, but the overall sound quality is still very good too much better than what you're going to get on most standard tvs.

You do get some bass, though it's not earth shaking and mids fill in nicely, and, like i mentioned before, if you are looking for more bass, you always have the option to add one of those bose bass modules.

If you got a tv in your bedroom or the office that needs a bump in sound and you're looking for a really easy solution, this is a great speaker to consider it's compatible with any tv that has an audio output and the bluetooth connection allows you to Stream, music or youtube videos as well setup is super easy, and, although it's not inexpensive, you definitely get your money's worth.

If you still have questions on the bose tv speaker or you want to place an order, you can always call email or chat with one of our experts online or right here in the store.
We're always happy to help thanks for watching and we'll see in the next one.

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