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, hey everybody, it's steven, chelsea scott with come, follow me hi guys.

I am so excited for today's lesson.
It's a good one.
Now you might have been studying today's lesson, be like your kids, be like it's really short yay, but there's a lot.

Oh, it's juicy, ladies and gentlemen.
Today's lesson is the hearts of the children shall turn and we are doing january, the 11th through the 17th and then chelsea's like like she's.
Just like hey you guys, here's a here's, a joke, because chelsea was doing this thing he's like.

Did you guys hear about the lds like weasel that went into the restaurant to get a drink? And the waiter said he's like what kind of eat what kind of drink do you want he's like? Well, i don't drink alcohol.
He said.
Well, what do you drink pop goes.

The weasel! That's a good one! There you go hashtag dad joke nice nice day.
Thank you.
Do you guys like it when chelsea's like i've, heard a lot of those in my day? Okay? So today we are doing doctor and comment section.

Two um we're doing joseph smith, history.
27 through 65.

A lot of things to be able to cover today, but i wanted to we wanted to give a shout out, which we did not do and that's why i had this on here.

We're gon na give a shout out to anna and joe knowles and their entire family.
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Okay, grab your scriptures, your journals and your scripture markers out it's time for us to connect up.

I love this one today guys this is.
We have to be able to we're going to talk just for a minute about art.
We have three things up on the board: okay, so we have doctrine and principles, we have patterns and then we have personal application.


Some of you might be tempted and i'm not going to go there first to go into section.
Two read the three verses of section: two high five, each other and then be like we did it done yay, but we want to be able to dig in, as i have studied this section and come follow me.
I have noticed that there is so much that we can cover.

We can actually make this and our in our preparation.

We realized this could be an hour long conversation just for you teenager's sake.
It's not going to be because i like this learner, brain and i'll.

Just pour all this information and i'll just gather and put it in and then when we talk about the lesson i'll like pour out like a million things and he's like um, i don't have time we can't cover up now.

I know there's somebody in the comment section.
This can be like.

Please just tell us everything um, we don't have time to do that so and you should do some reading you're going to do it on your own yeah.

Now i want to teach you today a little bit of a difference about doctrines and principles, so in your scriptures, you're, going to notice that there's a difference, there is a difference between a doctrine and a principle.
A doctrine is something that if you took it away, it would no longer be the restored church of jesus christ of latter-day saints.

I like this clarification, because when we go through the through this, i'm like what are you like, i don't even i get very seminary.
Teachery i'm like he's like well, what are the doctrine and principles and i'm like um, so doctrines are things like faith repentance, sacrament temple covenants? These are things that if you took them away, it would no longer be the church of jesus christ.

Does that make sense? A principle is something that can change over time.

So as you're reading the scriptures and like i'll, give you a story elder dallin, h, oaks was in the missionary training center.
When i was working there and he gave an example.
He said, as i read through, he said, i found my book of mormon from when i was a youth and everywhere that someone's head got cut off or there was bodies heaped upon the ground.

It was highlighted in red yeah and he said, and then he said that those parts of the book of mormon are not highlighted now and it's not that the book has changed, but the reader has changed so principles can change over time.
There are things like did you think, to pray or, as i pray, i can connect and get answers from our heavenly father.


These are principles that can change.

Does that make sense? Okay, like let different lessons like lessons, so you can pull out of it for yourself at that time.

That's the one! Okay! The next thing is look for.
I look for patterns in the scriptures and in everything right he's very.

Like look for patterns, i look for patterns all the time.
It's the football coach in me.


It's the offensive football coach in me.


I i love patterns.
I really geek out about patterns yeah.
So when i look for patterns in the scripture be like what what is this like? How is the lord the same like? Let's look for the pattern and then the last thing this is chelsea's favorite thing, which is the personal application.



The questions that i ask myself that i put into the journal that come to me and i'm like okay.


This is how this applies to my life, and this is what i can do to move forward.

So today we're going to go through three things: doctrines principles and chelsea is playing our last youtube.

Um thing on her.
I, like i heard my voice.
Sorry guys, can you tell this is totally unscripted.

This is really okay, so open your scriptures, we're gon na go to joseph smith, history first, and what we want to be able to do is pull out doctrines and principles and look at the pattern of how it applies to us.
So joseph smith.
At this time we get the time between 14 of the first vision to almost 18 years old and we live currently with those boys in our house.

We have all those ages 14 to 18.
We, if you don't know us, we have six boys and one one darling, princess and um.
What we've seen the boys now go to verse 27.

He said i continue to pursue my common vocations in life until the 21st of september 1823.
So joseph was born in 1805, so this is 1823, so but not quite his birthday, so he's 17.
um all that the time suffering severe persecution at the hands of all classes of men, both religious and irreligious, because i continued to affirm that i had seen a Vision, don't you think that if he didn't see a vision, he probably wouldn't have even like joined any church after that kind of opposition and that kind of persecution? You know well it's an interesting thing that he goes through all of this, because so much he's so young 14 to 18 years old men, women, churches, everyone and he still stayed strong.

So one of the principles that we pulled out was you want to read that huh.
I can keep my testimony even when others disagree, so i can keep my my testimony is mine.
I remember having a conversation with someone one time saying that they were somewhat offended by um what someone had said at church and i was like - i don't go to church because of anyone else.

I go because my testimony burns deeply and i have a belief in a conviction and i've made covenants of my own.

Can you think of an example for yourself, because i think we can all relate to what steve just said.
Yeah yeah like how does that relate to your life and maybe there's um.

You have a spouse or family member people in your family, maybe you're a convert.
You know this is all the things that we're talking about, that we're gon na have our own opposition and we're gon na have to stand strong in our testimony, even if others disagree and it's okay, that they disagree totally.

So one of the personal application questions that we asked is um.

What am i doing to strengthen my testimony every day, yeah elder iron is really has said it multiple times that faith has a short shelf life and testimony has a short shelf life, so experiences that have happened like way in the past.
We can add to our reservoir of faith and when you're you're, focusing on your connection and you're doing the things to strengthen your testimony, you feel peace.
You feel hope you feel, like you see the whole picture.

Sometimes you know, like that eternal perspective, so those little things when people come at you they're just like they don't really.
They don't shake your foundation because it's rooted in christ and it's strong.
What if we have like a testimony like rubber suit super suit, like a super suit, remember last week i had like the spiritual paddles, what if we had one of those it was so strong and every time we put it on something that was negative about our Faith we said it was like put on your super put on your super suit.

Well, joseph went through this and during the space of time, which had intervened between the time that i had seen.
The vision in the year 1823 haven't been forbidden to join any of the religious sex of the day and being very tenders of years and persecuted by those who ought to have been my friends and to be treated and treated me.
Kindly does that, can you feel his ah heavy burden and he's a kid, and it would have been easy for him to say you know i actually didn't see a vision, i'm actually really sick of all this persecution, jokey jokes, no and he was young like he Was i mean, i think, of our sons at their age like they're, so tenderhearted, they're, so open and they're? They have this.

They remind me kind of a like a desire to be good human beings, but they're struggling.
You know, and he said um.
I was left to all kinds of temptations and mingling with all kinds of society, so i'm in verse, 28 halfway through, i frequently fell into many foolish errors and displayed the weakness of youth and the foibles.

I love that word of human nature, which, i am sorry to say, led me into diverse temptations.
Now there will be some at this moment, be, like see, told you, it wasn't perfect and i i think hallelujah yeah, that that i think sometimes we set up um profits, relief, society presence, apostles general authorities, bishops, like elders, corn, presidents, parents yeah, like friends who say Who i belong to the church of jesus christ and we set them up that they have to be perfect, so we're not perfect just so you know just in case you were wondering and um, but joseph has this moment where, and i can just assume his friends And other people were like so how's that vision, joseph mr imperfect and he's like i never said i was perfect by the way - and i didn't choose this, but it happened and like it's amazing, to watch and he's like i'm sorry to say now here he he Kind of says this uh of temptations offensive in the sight of god, um in making this confession, no one needs to pose me guilty of any great or malignant sins.

A disposition to commit was never set was never in my nature.

That was he's like no i'm just really do you guys know like i've done some stupid things, but they weren't like huge, yeah and and joseph's.
Like i'm a good kid, i was a good kid, but i was a kid just so you know and um, but i was guilty of levity and sometimes associated with jovial company.
So i looked up levity and it means lacking respect or reverence.

So he sounds like what happened.
Like happens when i taught seminary with 14 year olds and 18 year olds happens sometimes at youth events or with our kids or with our kids at the dinner table hashtag every day right, like sometimes there's these moments or during family prayer, right they're like pinching, each Other and so last night i had to give a pep talk.
I just want you to know, and i just want you to know that that does happen in our house in the scott household last night i had to give the pep talk on prayer.

Okay, so here's how we pray 18 year old, 19 year old 60.

We don't open our eyes when we pray keep them close.
I looked at the older boys.

I was like, please don't pinch, anyone and then guys after i said that, while i'm praying somebody does something and then there's giggling in the prayer.
So we we want to know joseph in these moments.

We can paint him as a perfect youth and he wasn't.

He even says that says that himself and he was without um honor in his own town and but amongst his family he was joseph and he they knew.
They knew so many good things about him, and i so i wrote here as this temptations come to all.

Nobody is perfect, nobody, including joseph, but then the personal application for your journal is what am i struggling struggling with that causes a lack of reverence so levity levity.

So what am i doing myself? That's not um in harmony with the holy ghost.

What is that was that what you'd say i just filled in that's great, i was gon na say i'm not even sure how to explain that.

I just finished your sentence.

That's why he's good? That's the first time.
That's ever happened, folks, where i actually finish your sentence correctly, but i'll tell him know if he's wrong.
So don't worry.

So when we look at this, i want you to get yourself in the scriptures before this happens, to recognize the pattern that there's imperfections in our life.

All of us have them.
Please do not have this perfection attitude wherever.

Why do we do that like why? Why do we do that because we're looking, i think what we need to do is just focus on the savior to be the perfect person.
So here's a an interesting story.
I went to teach i taught seminary provo high school, then i came to taber alberta and then i was transferred back to my high school that i grew up in you guys ever want to have a nerve, wracking experience and we went to high school together by The way yeah go back to the high school that you were at and teach seminary now it's a small enough town that my friends, kids were now coming to seminary and some of them weren't your friends, kids right, some of them, we weren't friends and they their Kids were coming to seminary, so this one boy comes into seminary and he says: hey brother scott, my my mom said that she she could tell me stories about you when you were in high school and i said um, can you ask your mom? If you want me to tell stories about her when she was in high school and he's like, oh okay, so he came back and he goes um.

My mom said no and um, and i was like oh good, because that's that's how it works.
Oh, banks came to say hello.
The furry creature has arrested our feet, i'm like okay.


What do you want? What do you want um? So, when we're looking at perfection pending, we want to understand our very nature and what it is that we're trying to work on.

Okay, okay, so now turn to section or joseph history.

Do you want to read that for us sure? Okay, where were you exactly? It went to the way bottom.
In consequence of these things, i often felt condemned for my weakness and imperfections when, in the evening of the above mentioned 21st of september after i retired to my bed for the night, i took myself to prayer and supplication to almighty god for forgiveness.
For all my sins and follies, and also for a manifestation to me that i might know of my state and standing before him, for i had full confidence in obtaining a divine manifestation, as i previously had one.

So here's the pattern um imperfection as he was imperfect and wanted to be better having faith in what he had already seen, sought out prayer and repentance.
That is a pattern like one of the doctrines right here that we talked about is repentance and prayer um faith.

These are doctrines that we see in joseph's life that are showing up for him in what he does daily and then the angels came, and it made me think of all the experiences with the angels and how people at that time would have been hard to hear That kind of stuff you know, like you, saw an angel like really, but in the new testament and in the old testament.

There was a lot of that happening with christ and all of the things, and we didn't ever question.

They didn't ever question that, but having it happen in their day and in our day it's possible and he's like, i had full confidence in obtaining a divine manifestation.
I knew something was going to happen because it had happened before yeah and it had something else needed to continue happening to have this work come forward.

So while i was thus in the act of calling upon god, i discovered a light appearing in my room which continued to increase until the room was lighter than at noon day.
Are you what's what's happening with your thing? Huh it keeps going to the 64.
I just know people are going to ask um when immediately a personage appeared at my bedside standing in the air for his feet did not touch the floor and joseph at this moment wasn't like what the like he knew what was happening yeah.

He understood the doctrine of angels divine manifestations that he wrote.

She was afraid at first.
I think it's like kind of huge well think about this for a minute, you're living under candlelight in the evening, and this was lighter than at noon day.

Yeah - and it comes oh well - that's light that that'll wake you up um and he describes moroni coming to him and the clothes that he was wearing and what he could see and how he stood there in front of him.
And then he called him by name.
So we're in verse, 33.

I do know why this keeps doing it too.
It's okay! I know why, because you're on the come, follow me site on your app and as soon as you click off of it and just go straight to scriptures.

It won't do that anymore.

Oh just so, you know: okay, um, 33, verse 33.
He called me by name and said unto me that he was a messenger sent from the presence of god to me and that his name was moroni that god had a work.
For me to do and that my name should be had for good and evil among all nations kindreds tongues, or that i should be both good and evil spoken of among all men.

There might be a sigh right there from joseph when he's like.

So it's not just going to be local people, it's going to be worldwide joseph.
Your name is going to be had for good and for evil worldwide throughout the world, and it's happening to a young boy in palmyra.

He he'd go what worldwide yeah that's huge! Okay - and he said there, there was a book deposited upon gold plates, given an account of the former inhabitants of this continent and the source from whence they sprang.

He also said that the fullness of the everlasting gospel was contained in it as delivered by the savior unto the ancient inhabitants he describes.
What he's doing i want to just show you the pattern, imperfection acting in faith seeking prayer and repentance a message from heaven is sent and joseph is not just given words from moroni.

He is pointed to scripture.
He has pointed to the words of the prophets and moroni comes and he repeats to him.

Okay and then he tells him hey, listen! There's a book deposited.

It tells about the fullness of the everlasting gospel.

Here's some things that are in it and i'm going to quote for you some things and he quotes scripture.
He quotes scripture from the book of joel.

He quotes scripture from the book of acts.
He scroll quote scripture from isaiah chapter 11 and then he quotes malachi chapter chapter 4.

So this and then he repeats it.

So watch the pattern imperfection repentance and then a message from our heavenly father and then there is scripture with repetition, repetition.
So, as a cross-referencing scriptures, would you look up those scriptures that moroni taught joseph it's really important? You i mean you probably already did isaiah talks about how there's a stamina root of jesse and that he's like moroni is saying joseph.
That's you that's who we're talking about.

He gets to acts and he's like just so.
You know the lord will prepare like unto moses someone to deliver.
Oh by the way.

That's you joseph and oh hey by the way joseph this is you we're talking about you, and this is what you're going to do and be a part of.
Isn't that awesome so um, let's see where are we at this one? So it was.
The lord will continue, so this is the thing that came up for me is with repetition, like those lessons will keep coming from the lord until we've learned them right and why? Why was there repetition? Why did that happen with angel moroni? Why did he just come back and do it again and again right so asking yourself that question, so the lord will continue to teach you the lessons.

So parents out there, you might be thinking how many times do.
I need to tell my teenager something that i've already told them.
Apparently in the scriptures it's four it's four and teenagers.

It might take all night for the message to get through, but there's going to be a message, but just application part for us.
How many times has the lord sent you the same message repeatedly? How many times has he prompted encouraged, sent messengers, sent messages and like knocked you upside the head or prompted you and said hey, do you hear me, do you hear me and there's sometimes there's that resistance? Maybe it's to forgive someone.
That's really hurt you, that's what it makes me think of.

You know and you're like like it's there's some resistance there and he's going to continue to prompt you as as long as you're doing the things to connect with him with heavenly father.



Then he's going to continue to prompt you until you do the things learn the lessons.
So one of the questions we ask over here is what lessons has the lord tried repeatedly to teach me or to teach you in your journal? Put it in your journal, or i don't know if you're brave enough to put it in the comments section down below hey, come on guys come on be brave.

Okay, no judgment we're all working on our stuff because, as those promptings come, we learn and joseph at four times three times at night and then again the next morning i just imagine working and then falling over the fence and being like.
Oh finally, i get to sleep and then wait a minute.
I don't really did he you didn't even sleep like you went straight to the so, let's just get some chopped plates.

Well, let's talk about this for a second, because the lord does this often to us.

He'll teach us the lesson over and over and over again and then once we think we're done, we put our spiritual legs up and we're like okay.
Finally, i'm done and the lord says - oh no, no not yet i'm! I need you to serve a mission again or i need you have another calling or i need you to go visit, so-and-so and you're like okay, heavenly father, but joseph received that confirmation there's another principle and that's the principle of his dad when his dad was like This is of god joseph go.

Do exactly what you're told to do so contrast that with the people who are like you, don't know, there's no angels.
This can't be happening and he goes to his dad and says dad here's what happened last night in my room and his dad says son you better go.
Do it? Is that a complete faith in his son and i'm pretty sure it's because he asked god himself.

Yeah the pattern would be pretty consistent in the smith family, so look at the patterns and look at the principles.

Now now we can go to malachi the in doctrine and covenant section two: now we can go to section two okay, because now we have enough enough of the background in the story to why section two is the first section that was given in the doctrine and Cabinets remember: last week we talked how the section one was the preface or if you were in trinidad, i heard that it's preface so i was correct all right, so these are the words that angel moroni spoke unto joseph smith.

This is the scripture yeah.

Okay, would you read it sure behold, i will reveal unto you the priesthood by the hand of elijah the prophet, before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the lord and he shall plant in the hearts of the children.

The promises made to the fathers in the hearts of the children shall turn to their fathers.
If it were not so the whole earth would be utterly wasted at his coming.

I love these scriptures.
Okay, what's the doctrine being taught, one of the doctrines being taught is the elijah or the gathering of israel? Okay, temple work, the ceiling ceiling, power and ceiling, priesthood keys, okay, so look down into the footnotes.
Okay, so look in your footnotes, so malachi elijah was the one who held the keys.

Remember in the old testament.
There was elijah.
There was many stories of elijah elijah with the priests of baal elijah, with the widow um and the meal um.

There was one and he was taken to heaven without tasting of death translated.
He didn't.
He raised a boy from the dead yeah.

He had the sealing power where he called on a famine for three and a half years.

Whatever god would have done, elijah would do and he was given that power now by taking him from the earth without tasting death, elijah still had his body.
Okay, it was translated, so he could physically give it back to someone that sealing power and it says - and he shall plant.

I love the word plant, okay, because why why why do you think i love the word plant because it it doesn't mean he just should just give it.
He will plant in the hearts.
There's that word again hearts he will plant it, which means it requires nourishment.

Fertilizer, it requires things to make it grow.
It doesn't just be like here you go spirit of elijah right, oh yeah.
That reminds me of that quote.

I wanted to talk about from elder bednar, okay, or is it present nelson? So there was a really good talk called the hearts of the children.

Children shall turn uh, oh no.
This is fine.

This is by elder bednar i'll leave it in the comment section it's october 2011 by elder bednar.
So this is president nelson.
This is so he was in the prophet at the time, but elder slam.

Nelson has taught that the spirit of elijah is a manifestation of the holy ghost bearing witness of the divine nature of the family.
This distinctive influence of the holy ghost draws people to identify document and cherish their ancestors and family members both past both past and present, but it was that manifestation of the holy ghost bearing witness of the divine nature of the family.
That is what the spirit of elijah is and you'll plant it in your heart.

Now some of you might look at your family tree and think it's a thorn bush, okay, some people, because here's how it works.
Here's how it works like when we teach about genealogy, sometimes and about family history and families.

There is this tendency sometimes to be like mom and dad children, marriage, baptisms, and what really it looks like mom dad could be a divorce.

There could be divorce in there.
Their children without child had divorced married multiple times that one died in infancy.
This happened over here, crazy uncle george, the local loony is involved over here and then we have over here.

We have this little moment and then we have this little moment and you guys know we're talking about pretty soon.
We look at our family tree and go wait.
Why do i want to do that again? Why do i want? Well, let me show you okay and he shall plant in the hearts of the children, the promises, it's the promises and in the footnote it says, family children, genealogy temple, work, promises salvation for the dead.

These are the promises that the lord is giving when i was just thinking about for myself, so that this is in my journal, and i asked how can i do that for myself? How can i turn my heart to my father's and how can the hearts of the fathers turn to us, and just how can i do that for myself with my family, this is application so hold on one second, the dog is snoring.
Just have to stop that.
It's a soft little thing turn to prepare them to for temple, covenants um.

So you can teach your family about the sacrifice and the faith that your ancestors had.

Maybe there's some really great pioneer roots that you have what i love about.

Steve's family is.

They will talk a lot about their ancestors and the pioneers and their faith, and all that amazing things that they did for the church and it's really strengthening to our family, like he shared at a church yesterday when we had it at home and then also.

I really wanted to focus on this because there are like you saying, like the crazy uncle george or whatever it was.
I have one.

Maybe it's me.
I love my uncle george, but oh uncle george.

I really apologize if you think a different name, fred fred.

Let's go there, [ Laughter, ], um anyways, so just it is really funny that i said that without thinking so the thing about it is, is we want to identify the things that we have brought down through the generations that are not, of god, their beliefs, their Their patterns, their things that we do as in our families that that put wedges in our relationships and they harm each other and when you start identifying them in your own self and healing from them, so we're we're gon na immerse.
The gospel immerse more light into ourselves as we're purging and because it's what those some of those patterns are old and they've been deeply rooted, but also offering them to our family members who deserve it.
The atonement of jesus christ belongs like that is to be given to all family members, everyone so past and present and to the future, and i think, when they're, when they're watching us, i believe our ancestors are watching us, especially if they did not have the gospel.

In their lives and as we're healing and as we're applying the atonement of our savior, they have to go on to their own progression, but i believe that it gives them hope it gives them hope.
Why, wouldn't and as you heal they heal and as they heal.
They heal they need us as much as we need them and - and there is that it's such an important chain that binds us, because when we sniff those cords of healing like and not of healing but of um unhealthy patterns in our families, and then we perpetuate Healthy clear, gospel-centered things our children heal the generations below us.

It's our responsibility that we have knowing what we do.

So my my family, i'll just share a brief little personal experience.
My family, my grandma um, when my dad was born, ended up getting to like leaving her husband, her current husband and she was from and she lived in manitoba.

She was a native american she's, a native american lived there and they had some problems and my they got.
She put the little kids in the car and she drove as far as she could drive and she drove to northern british columbia as far as she could to be away, and my dad ended up going with her into a logging camp as she worked as a Cook and there she met a man by the name of stan scott and her and stan scott developed, a relationship they ended up getting married, but they were both.
Not members at the time stan had actually been baptized by his grandma harris, and so he had been not active um.

They ended up moving back to southern alberta and with stan's grandmother, and that's where the missionaries were introduced to my grandma and to my dad and my dad actually didn't know that stan wasn't his dad until he was much older into his later teens and my dad Went by the last name of scott and his name was scrimshaw, and so my dad legally changed his name to scott.
So my brothers and i my and my sister were the first generation of my dad for scots and um.
We have a lot of scot boys now and the name will go on, but but what it means is that there's part of my family line and family biological family line that i also am a part of like genetically but there's those that i was.

I was adopted into literally um that are part of my life and i can help all of those people i can help all of them, because, on the other side of my family, i have a very strong root system, very strong root system, of which i'm super Grateful for and all of these allow us to be able to strengthen and that's why it's like he'll plant in the hearts of the children, the promises made to the fathers and in that talk by elder bednar.
He invites the youth to be an active part of this.

Can i read it? Yes, and i love this i'll - leave this in the description down below a link, so you can watch this talk as well.

So youth, listen up he's talking to you, my beloved young brothers and sisters.

Family history is not simply an interesting program or activity sponsored by the church.

Rather, it is a vital part of the work of salvation and exaltation.

You have been prepared for this day and to build up the kingdom of god.

You are here upon this earth now to assist in this glorious work, because you guys are really good with technology right, you're, really good at tweeting, texting, tick! Tock! All this! All the things and you're really fascinated.
I always ask the youth: when i'm at a youth conference, i'm like how many of you have ever sat down with your grandparents or a person older than you to try to explain a phone or a computer to them like just do it? How and they all raise their hand, i'm like how many of you have ever been frustrated and took it over and was like just let me do it and they do it in about 10 seconds.

That's what our son did.
We were editing this video the other day and our son comes in and he's like just do this and we're like wow.

Thank you so much for helping us um and in these moments right here, you have been reserved for a time in this generation that you can assist in the work of the lord there.

Your your thumbs are just not meant for texting and tweeting and text and, like you know, snapchatting and all those other things they are meant to build the kingdom.
So my challenge to you and parents in that talk by elder bednar, he says: don't prescribe what it looks like, but let them discover, can you tell them about yeah? So my son, one of my sons, just got in this family history.

He got a bug like the the spirit of elijah, and so he started doing a ton of family history work and we have this computer kind of up stairs.

But you can see out onto our kitchen so he's just typing away: doing family history for hours.
For weeks, so at the time he was only 11.
yeah, okay, he was 11.

and he's quite and he's very talented.
His grandma had taught him how to import pictures into everyone's like import pictures, so that you could see them on the in the genealogy, and braxton did 260 names in like two days just like, and your mom came back and was like that would have taken me.
14 years it was so awesome and the feeling in our home it just it was so amazing what the spirit of elijah feeling came into our home, and it was just like this sacred experience and i'll.

Never forget it, it just it just soaked our family.
In this spirit of elijah and one more thing, so i somebody actually messaged me um on my email.
I think his name is ken and he's my cousin and he comes from the braithwaite side of my family and that's the cocoons.

He married a brave weight and he's like hey cousin, here's what we and i was like wow look at all this stuff.
This is awesome to be part of a family and it binds us together, yeah and here's another cool one.
Can i just keep going because i can geek out about this all day long? Is you know on the church's app where it has relatives around me? So if you go into family search and then you go into relatives around me, i love this one, because it's good for you teenagers to do so.

You know who you're dating, because i remember one time i saw this girl and i was like i was with one of my friends.
I was a teenager btw and i was like 16 years old and this girl came into a.
We were at a pool hall playing pool, a friend of mine.

This girl walked in and i was like she's really cute.
I should ask her on a date, so i talked to this girl and it's a small town, guys it's cardstone alberta, so don't most people are related here and if you, when one walks in that, you don't know so, i went in and i invited her to Go on a date, and she said yes and i was like: where can i pick you up she's like well, my grandma.
She lives in this place called levitt and my grandma beth beth cahoon and i was like aunt beth and she's like aunt beth, i'm like that's my grandma's sister-in-law, like what she's like we're related and i was like yay and my friend was like yeah um.

So relatives are right.
I can't date.
Relatives around me was a really good tool huh.

I wish i had it when i was in high school chelsea's families from prince edward island and northern alberta, totally safe yeah, i'm an import, and so what happened? I was teaching a youth conference and there was 400 400 kids over 400 kids.
I said just for fun.
Take out your your app like get your phones out, and i would like you to put in relatives around me and see if we're related of those 400 kids, there was 80 of them.

That was relate that were related to that that's cool and i was like stand up if you were related to me.

This whole group of people stood up.
That's the power of the spirit of elijah, and i was like you're my cousin's family and you're.

My kid.
So sit down and it does connect us it does we care about that? So what's our challenge, what is our challenge? What is your part in the gathering of israel? Just like joseph angel moroni says here's here.
This is you.

This is you this is you? What is your part, what can you do to gather in israel on this side of the veil and on the other? What has the lord asked you to do again? Do the hard things do the things that are so hard that you're scared and your knees are knocking and you're still saying yes to the lord, and he will bless you, he will refine you it'll get easier, and it's just saying yes saying yes to the work And just like joseph was sent, martin harris and you'll be sent sign you rigged in, and he sent all these people.
The lord will send you help.
He will send you, he will send you out, we'll send you the miracles, the angels, the earthly or spiritual angels.

He'll he'll help you do whatever give you the divine information, there's so many times, i'm like heavenly father.


I am not sure what i'm supposed to do now in this situation and then i'm praying and i'm like download.
Okay, do this, but it's just having asking those questions having the faith and doing it.

Oh, this is good stuff this week it all boils down to have you noticed that these three verses have led to a lot of doctrine and principles for you and things that you can apply.
Your like brain is, you know, percolating lots of information, write them in your time.
How it applies to your life, write them in your journal.

Write them in your journal make sure we're walking in that direction.

Allow the lord to help us guys.
We love you.

Thank you for coming today.
Please say hi to us.
I love when people say hi to us on the comments, let's say hi kay.

We appreciate all of you for those who are waiting.
The word of the week is purpose this week.
What is your purpose in gathering israel? What are you supposed to do and leave that in the comment section below um? I thank you to everyone who shares these on social media.

Thank you so much you guys, um.
We appreciate and we love our come.
Follow me.

Family, we do all right, you guys have a great week, we'll see you next week.
Bye love, you bye, .

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