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Hey everybody, Ken Davis, from Acme tools and today we're gon na be giving you a user and buyers guide to lawnmowers.

One of the first factors you want to consider when purchasing your push mower is the engine size typically arranged from 140 to 190 CC.
Now, of course, the larger the motor you get, the better is going to cut through wet and tall grass, but it's also going to add costs to your price, keep in mind that electric plug-in and battery operated models are now available as well.
These are really nice for quarter-acre and less yards, and it's one less engine to maintain and have to keep up with, as the season goes on.

After considering your engine size, you want to take a look at what type of propulsion feature you want on the mower.
You can have manual push mowers or you can have self-propelled mowers, those break down into two categories, either hydrostatic or meant, or a transmission style self-propulsion.
Now each option is good, but you have to consider what you need for your yard.

Size manual.
Push is great for smaller yards and self-propelled is good for medium-sized yards.
After considering what type of propulsion system you'd like for your mower, it's important to also consider what type of drive you want.

So you can have rear-wheel all wheel or front-wheel drive.
You might choose a rear-wheel drive more if you have a very hilly yard and you might choose a front-wheel drive more for easier pivoting.
You also have the option of all-wheel drive wheel.

Size is another important factor in your decision.
You can get a mower with larger rear wheels, and this is gon na be nice.
If your yard has a lot of bumps in it, it's gon na be a lot smoother.

Most mowers come with the standard, same size, wheels front and back.
This is gon na suit.
Most general purpose needs.

As we look at the deck of the mower.
You get three options: steel, plastic or composite.
Now steel is the standard option, but over time this deck is going to rust out on you, causing you to either have to buy a new mower or replace the deck for an expensive cost.

Plastic is nice, as well as it makes a light mower and in the case of an electric motor, makes it light enough.
You can actually hang it stored on the wall as there's no gas involved as we move to the composite deck.
This is going to increase your cost, but you're not going to see the deck rust out over time.

It's gon na be much sturdier and lighter deck than a steel.
You want to consider your storage options as well.
Are you gon na store the mower outside or in your garage? If so, how much room do you have up? You want to look at the features the mower can provide.

Most mowers have foldable handles that.
Allow you to put them in a convenient spot.
The functions that your mark can perform are important as well.

Most mowers are going to have mulching bagging and discharging features.
Each feature has it's different perk, for example, you'd want to bag your lawn in order to keep the grass from piling up and making your growing grass dead.
Underneath you might want to mulch the lawn to put nutrients back into the grass now, at the end of the day, when it's time to put the mower away, you might want a washout feature on your deck.

This is convenient because it allows you to hook up a standard garden hose to your deck turn on the water spin, the blades and clean the deck out for yourself this is going to prevent rusting and buildup of excess grass.
Hopefully, you found these tips helpful when you're buying your mower forget to subscribe to acne tools for more great videos like this .

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