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Hi coach Dave here today we're gon na talk about choosing which lawn mowers right for you and when you're choosing a lot more, you got to take in consideration what size of a lawn do you have and what are your physical abilities, an electric lawnmower now these Are great if you have a small level piece of grass and you want to keep it nice to trip another one you want to think about.

Is the pushed gas operated ones now these got a lot more power, but you require you to push it.
So if you have a pretty small to medium sized lon, it has pretty level that's perfect for you now we all over here is the ones with the higher wheel in the back and that's for a terrain, that's bumpy up and down.
Now, if you want to really move up to the best ones, you get the ones that are self-propelled, and that means it will pull you up, and these are really awesome because that the Teague you have from working all day pushing this lawnmower.

It's pretty much gone.
There's none of the things you got to look at also is the features.
How easy is it to start the engine? Sighs you don't want to get too small of a lawnmower for a giant line.

The wheel size like we talked about was with the large rear wheel or the bumpy area once with all small for are they going to be the ones that are for the level ground? Ok, the last piece of information.
That's a tip! That's going to help you out is whenever you're doing any lawn work like that, it's always good to have safety, glasses and also to have some hearing protection cuz.
I like my hearing and I like my vision, I'm sure you do too.

If you know the questions you get a hold of us on homedepot.
com, this coach Dave of a home depot hope to see in the aisle .

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