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Hey everybody: it's michael at review, nootropics and talk personal development during this video we're going to talk about nootropics that can help you.

If you're sleep deprived i've personally only gotten about five hours of sleep over the past night, and this is the nootropic snack that i'm personally using myself.
So what i want you to consider is throwing out your modafinil, throwing out all your caffeine as though that's what typically people use to help them overcome a sleep, deprived state and strongly consider looking into these new tropics important disclaimer for this video is.
These nootropics are specifically designed for those people who are sleeping a few hours less than normal.

I'm not talking about people pulling all nighters, that's a completely different snack, perhaps we'll address in another video.
What do we take in the morning, and what do we take in the afternoon evening in order to be in an alert state, and what i want to do is draw your attention to this really neat image here, which kind of break down some of the issues That you're dealing with when it comes to being in a sleep, deprived state we're looking at memory issues mood changes, trouble with thinking as well as concentration accident, so think of car crashes or making mistakes more frequently.
However, from my personal experience, what seems to be the worst thing about being in a sleep deprived state? Is that you're in an awfully bad mood, you're, more irritable, you're a bit edgy? What's really neat is that even on examine.

com, they have their own heading for symptoms of sleep deprivation and, if you're unfamiliar with the site.
What they do is a really good job at summarizing.
A lot of research and studies in order to show us what's effective and what's not - and we can see here for fighting symptoms of sleep deprivation they show that creatine is effective.

L-Tyrosine is effective and rhodiola rosa is affected.
Let's first take a look at creatine and, if you're unfamiliar with creatine, it's a supplement most commonly used when it comes to muscle, building, even lowering body fat mass, because what it does is help you with exercise by you can say pulling more water into your muscles And helping you with performance so then for instance, if you're somebody, that's plateaued at maybe six or seven reps on a particular exercise, you'll find that once you've properly taken creatine and it's all saturated in your system, then you're able to push out seven or eight reps You're getting one or two extra reps and as well creatine is known to have some benefits with cognition, including better memory, better alertness.
But it's not in my experience.

As a matter of fact, i think creatine is horribly overrated in terms of its effects as a nootropic.
However, i am still using it in order to achieve better exercise and building more muscle.
In fact, the form which i like most is green magnitude.

This is by controlled labs.
I really like this product.
What they've done is they've combined a couple of different forms of creatine.

They have l-tyrosine in it, which is the other supplement which i mentioned, that can help with sleep deprivation, they've got taurine and they've got some other good stuff.
So what this does is really help.
You with performance you take a little bit either pre-workout or post-workout and doesn't have any stimulants.

What do i think in terms of using it for sleep deprivation? I would say thumbs down and here's the reason why, if you're in a sleep-deprived state, you would like to think there's no tropics out there, which are going to help you instantly like having a cup of coffee, for example, is gon na give you a good energy Boost for maybe two to three hours, but the problem is, then you have the crash, the jitters and the bad side effects that come along with it with creatine.
Even if we look at this study here, they have on examine.
com with respect to the benefit of helping.

You in a sleep-deprived state it was a great study because they used 20 healthy men between the age range of 18 to 29.
However, they didn't see any results with creatine loading until the 36 hour mark, which goes to show you that, if you are to just use it a couple times during the day, it's not like it will really help.
However, perhaps if you're somebody that is going through a schedule where you're not gon na get enough sleep for a good month, then you can consider loading with creatine and knowing with certainty that eventually it will help you out, but a couple more effective things would be.

First rhodiola rosea, which i've got over here.
This is from the tropics depot 300 to 500 milligrams of rhodiola rosea.
You can say two times a day is very effective.

The way that i would best describe this product is a nap in a pill.
It's very effective! You get like a good energy boost not only mentally but physically as well, and that's why a lot of people use rhodiola rosia, even pre-workout, especially when they're in a sleep-deprived state, whether you're like me and you're, in sales or you're, an entrepreneur or maybe you're.
A student heck, even if you're like a taxi cab, driver, rodeo door, really effective stuff, and i can't think of any side effects that come along with it.

It can cause a little bit of insomnia, which you want to look out for here's.
What the powder looks like it's like this brownish color and then this is another supplement which i really like for fighting a sleep-deprived state.
It's l-tyrosine what is tyrosine! It's a amino acid, that's found in chicken breast.

It's also found in abundance in egg whites, but the neat benefit with tyrosine comes when you take it on an empty stomach or you take it without the presence of other calories, so come to think of it like either taking it first thing in the morning or Taking it between meals, provided that you've waited at least a couple of hours since your last meal, and what this is going to do is really help you with boosting your energy levels, but it does it in a different way than rhodiola rosia rhodiola.
Rosea feels a bit more natural, whereas this l-tyrosis it feels a little bit more like coffee, in that it gives you that intensity.
It gives you that mood that euphoric feeling that you need, sometimes especially because, when you're sleep deprived you're, often in a very bad mood.

The way in which l-tyrosine works is it goes through a process of converting to l-dopa and then converts right to dopamine dopamine.
It plays a big part in the way we feel it's known as the reward neurotransmitter, so think of it, like you executing a task knowing that there's a reward at the end of it, that's kind of the whole dopamine system.
That's the same reason why, personally, i don't use as much l-tyrosine as other people, i'm using between one to two grams of it every single day, typically divided into two doses.

When you do take it pre-workout, it's been known to really help you with exercise and even helps with fat loss during the training session itself.
The main difference between a smaller dose of tyrosine and a higher dose is that it seems to work for a longer period.
Like me, myself, i haven't found any difference really between taking like 500 milligrams to one gram or even to 1.

5 grams.
How you'll typically find it, though, in the capsules, is in 500 milligrams, sometimes 750 milligrams? Here's what it looks like you can see it's fairly small.
However, if you do get in the powder form, then that's fine too.

It doesn't really taste bad, so tyrosine and rhodiola rosea are my two favorite nootropics for overcoming a sleep-deprived state and that's the same reason why i recommended them in that video over here which are supplements to help you overcome adderall withdrawals.
What adderall withdrawals are are pretty much waking up feeling more tired feeling very lethargic and feeling a bit of social anxiety of which can be helped through the use of taking l-tyrosine and rhodiola rosia twice per day.
The way in which i like taking caffeine.

If i am sleeping arrived is pretty much only pre-workout because outside of using it pre-workout, you still get the crash.
However, though, let's say you have an important event, which is only going to last for an hour maybe hour and a half like you're doing a speech.
Maybe you're writing a test.

Then you can make the argument that caffeine or coffee consumption is appropriate, given that you're okay, knowing that there's a crash afterwards as long as it does help you get through that vital task.
So the very best nootropics to take under a deprived state are those which are going to boost your alertness, but you wouldn't consider it to be stimulants because with stimulants, of course, you get the up, then you get the down, but those new tropics which are going To boost your energy without making you feel a little bit off are what's going to work, so the other ones which i kind of haven't mentioned, come to think of it like a bacopa.
I personally feel a little bit of an energy boost when i take bacopa, i'm suddenly more aware of my surroundings, i feel a little bit clear-minded.

I like bacopa a lot, i'm also a big fan of the rasta times.
This is aniracetam.
I also like piracetam oxiras time and pravaras time.

Those do help to boost alertness without giving you any bad side effects and some neutrophics that you may want to consider staying away from or anything which is going to relax you, because those can also make you considerably tired, like we have ashwagandha ksm 66 here, and This is often found in sleep supplements because it does have sedating properties in it.
I found that ashwagandha ksm 66.
Although it's a nice mood booster, it doesn't really serve the purpose.

You want it to do.
If you do know ahead of time that you are not going to be sleeping properly, maybe you have an exam coming up and what you're looking to do is sleep a little bit less every single day, then i would say it's appropriate first, the evening prior to Take some supplements that are going to aid your sleep quality, which will allow you to have a lesser sleep, duration and yet have an increased quality of sleep and the most effective thing for that specifically is going to be taking some melatonin.
What melatonin is is a supplement used to enhance sleep quality.

However, it's not something you would use every single day, because it does have bad side effects and you can make the argument that taking melatonin every single day can lead to suppressing your body's natural production and melatonin.
So that's something which i would typically take before bed.
My favorite form of taking melatonin is through this supplement here called dream water.

You can typically find this at a gas station.
It has a good blend of melatonin, 5 htp and gaba very effective stuff.
It's pretty affordable too.

I hope you all found this helpful and the way i'm going to end this video is with an insertion of another video i've made on a very popular nootropic.
It's called oxiracetam it's great for alertness and for motivation, be sure to watch that video oxiracetam is a game changer and do me a big favor and click subscribe.
Click like and comment below: what's your favorite nootropic for fighting asleep, deprived state, it's michael and i'll! Look forward to seeing you all next time, bye guys all right.

So what is oxiracetam? It's a water-soluble nootropic, it's different than aniracetam in that you can just ingest it with water versus a meal, and it fits in that rastatan family.
What does the rashtang family .

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