Transcription: ATF Agent tased, arrested at gunpoint by Columbus Police - new bodycam footage - YouTube

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Hey turn around, let me see your hands turn around.

Let me see your hands.
Okay, let me see your hands.

I need to see some id get on the ground get on the ground now get on the ground get on the ground now, i'm.

Why, wouldn't you show me your id when i got here? Don't move forward? Lord, you didn't ask for it.
He is i'll stay where i'm at fine.
Why do you got ta make this harder than it is? Listen.

I have no.
I have no problem making this.
I just want to see if anybody's from three percent as well you're the company - i'm not overreacting, we got a call that someone's impersonating, a police officer out here, doesn't have id no kidding because she doesn't want to open it.

Okay, get on the ground, so i can find out who you are it ain't happening? Okay, fine! Fine! Do you find, i think, i'm a police officer or something what the heck's the matter with you? Who do you think you are get on the ground? Come back? face down.
You guys are making a big mistake.
Fine, you still got a second settlement face down now, all the way down all the way.

All the way i got my id's right here left pocket left and we're going to put your arm on your back.
Wait a sec do not resist i'm not resisting you're, acting like a [ __ ].
Wait! A second stop wait! A second wait, a minute.

Don't don't do this wait a second, i got a medical condition, get my license out of my pocket.
We're getting you please.
Please wait! No whoa hold on hold on i'm hyperventilating.

Please blake! Please, sir! I'm with you, i'm not stop resisting.
Would you please get my id out of my left pocket? Stop i'm begging you my my wife's pre, please it's right here! Please get it wait, sir.
Help me out just hold me up, sir.

I can't do it.
Wait, sir, stop resisting now.
Please help me, sir.

Please get my change.

My federal credits get your take down.
No, don't do that.

Please, sir, don't make me taste you're gon na get taped.
Put your wrong fight, your back.
Okay! It's your right hand.

Hold me up.
Hold me up.
No you're gon na stay on the ground and put your right hand behind your back.

Let me breathe, let me breathe.
I'm gon na fine, i'm gon na ow.
Don't do that? Okay here! My please! Stop sir wait a second sir.

Please help me up.
Please get this i'm a federal agent, my god, my gun has no idea what you are acting the way you are, sir, who the heck.
Do you think you are acting like nobody? I wanted you to see my goddamn credits.

The lady was freaking out, for christ's sake, sir.
Please please, sir sir roll over sit up.

It's in my goddamn mind get up.

Let him sit up literally.

I showed her my goddamn crowds for christ's sake right there left pocket, left pocket cargo pocket.
Please take her out, stay, don't try and go.

I [ __ ] get it then you should have behaved the way you did.

You see my cries.
For christ's sake, my god, i'm here to [ __ ] talk no you're, the one.

That's in the wrong, sir.
You know if you have interaction with the police.

You obey command, sir.

I was trying to go.
No, you didn't command command, sir! I'm with you guys, for christ's sake, i'm a [ __ ] fellow agent who's, your supervisor.
What's his name? What's your supervisor's name, hang on a second, the sack is currently john mcpherson who's on his way out to retire, who will soon be rolling.

I took the mag out my god.
This was crazy.
You ought to be ashamed of yourself, i'm not trying to be ashamed of myself come out of the back of the cruiser okay.

Let me see get in the car get in the car, sir.
Please you got to see the back of the cruiser.
Oh, my god, sir i'm just trying to do my goddammit in the car.

Why would you make us do this? I didn't watch it.
I wanted to wait.
Oh he's, holding his hold home, relax hold him, hey guys.

Please just talk to me for one.
Second, please get in the car.
Talk later sure you had your chance.

No, i was trying to give you my crunch.
You didn't, let me show it to you once trying i did wait.
Wait, wait have a seat.

Please wait.
I got ta breathe.
Okay, let me bring it down and [ Applause ].

How did this happen? Okay, okay, okay, get in you're, crying out loud you're, the cop you're.
Not in that no way i can't you're [ __ ], my head up the seat belt's in place, breathe what the? Why [ __ ] you act like this? I didn't have to do that.
Oh please, all right! If you are a police officer, you ought to be ashamed of yourself.

secure the gun in your vehicle.
Please call my supervisor, please call john mcpherson.

We have our supervisor on the way, we'll let him handle it.

My sergeant's on the way he's going to take care of it.

I mean seriously guys hey sir, i didn't mean to get you worked up with you when you get a gun point your face by a cop.
You give noise, you don't start you, don't you get to do that after you're secured [, Music ]? Is this guy? Here out here outside the whole time, i think so we had to get him yeah, hey, sir.

We need you to hang around for a little bit.
You saw everything right.
Thank you! I'm just putting this stuff on your foot.

That's fine! Whoever! Whenever the sergeant gets here, we'll call his supervisor at the moment, i'm not talking anything disappointing dude.
You saw how he was he wouldn't you would.
I know? No, you.

Never! No don't.
You argue, don't even argue with him.
Just just let him yell just let him yell .

Please call my supervisors, he may even really be a police officer.

He's got a badge, but he wouldn't do anything.
He wasn't good on the ground.

I told him over and over again now he will all 20-gauge right shotgun.
Did we get him all a good cut down on him and everything not really 133 off him gave him my name.

I gave her my badge number and when the officers he's telling me to get on the ground he's waiting the gun, i'm freaking out, because that's not the response, .

I don't see one black kia he's going to use my computer okay.

We got it.
Never mind he's going to run it on, but he's got a good looking bag.

Maybe, but you know what yeah it's worked up: james burke, he said over and over i'm not getting on the ground.

It's not a warrant.
He said something about the guy, her wife, her husband, bought a shotgun or something he was here to follow up on some shotgun purchase.

I don't know if he's a 50 a or 50b, i don't know you got witnesses info.
Thank you very much appreciate it.

Well, you want him to hang out sergeant, might have a word with him.
Just have him hang out for a second, i think he's landlord or something uh he's right there.
Oh yeah, he's still figuring out.

What's going on here, oh yeah, right! Yes, so three, three, five, nine, the original caller.
I guess that was out with a kid and white football, no, probably yeah.
We need to talk to her, then how much for this series i tell him.

I can't open the door because my husband officers did he ever try and break the door.

Anything like that.
Yes, he is still knocked on.

He said i will stay here until evening.
If you don't open the door because you are live later.

Okay, very good! There's a chance, the sergeant might want to talk to you.

So thank you very much.

Okay, good thanks is yeah.
We got what the run says.

We got my video people like this.
I told him.
I said if you are a real policeman, basically he's just standing like this and joe's working right he's like no i'm going to show you my crabs.

You know joe said: no, you need to get down.
He had a gun.
I came up with my gun on the ground.

After both of us point our guns and we finally started getting on the ground then went to go handcuff.
Him said no, no, no, and he tried to pull like this and tried to not let us handcuff him.

So we got one cuff on we couldn't get the other one.

I had a drivestation uh, it has to be over in the grass.
Probably that's where you were at yeah.
I just pushed it off.

It has to be over here in the grass.
Then you were, you were basically right here yeah, it was right here you might have fallen down underneath there look what there's a spot underneath the grass the cartridge on his tail.
It looks just like this so come fun.

Did we set it on your phone uh um and i gave her everything it's fine, but then he wouldn't get in the car.
It's like.
Okay, he's a big strong guy.

I don't see it nothing! Okay! Thank you! God bless you.
I just saw you put some stuff, maybe i yeah, let me look over here.
I did put in the car i'll see yeah.

I got it it's here.
I didn't realize i put in the car yep [, Music ].
I want to tell your supervisor what a nice job.

Thank you.
Thank you.
I got ta tell you, okay, you know people have complained, they complained, but when you got ta appreciate that we never sure try, that's the sergeant.

If you wan na go and see, if you can talk to you, can't it's up to you yeah, he may wait till he's ready.
Thank you so much.

He did have a gun.

Yes, he very well may be a real police officer, but he wasn't following protocol.

I doubted very much very much.
Thank you.

Thank you.
I had it on .

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