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Let go so become part of the net game designed by Nikki the imaginative artists.
I guess purchasing will he'll support her as she does get it come on.
Join the knick game today and check out some further design week in description, welcome back to crystal clear, I'm awestruck bots, and for as long as syrup and cartoons, there has been censorship, censorship and cartoons is nothing new.

Different territories mean different standards for language, violence and mature themes, keep mature in mind when it comes to Steven universe.
It's had a few tangles of ye old censorship in our territories.
Brutal moments like largest death or smoky quartz against Jasper, gets watered down and some lines may get cut for being too risky, but a boy on the cusp of manhood can't spend the whole day watering.

However, when discussing Steven the biggest concern with cinder ship isn't, if someone threw a punch or if the joke was a little pg-13, but obviously it's LGBT themes, Steve universe, as a series has made many achievements.
One of those of the show is proud of.
Is his achievements in LGBT portrayal? The show seems to make something very clear: oh gee, BT isn't mature to be LGBT is not to be sexualized.

Its representation is just normalizing what it means to me, LGBT that their normal everyday people and you'd be surprised at how young say people discover they fall under the LGBTQ spectrum when it comes to Steven universe and censorship.
A big example that may call to mind is the episode We Need to Talk where rows and prose fusion dance was heavily altered.
Honestly, I've always been mixed on this one, especially we look at the other scenes.

Europe hasn't censored, rose and pearl have clear romantic chemistry that wasn't altered and other episodes in Europe and they didn't censor any major, Ruby and Sapphire moments.
Up to the point, they've already aired: it's a tough call, but maybe they really did just feel like the fusion dance between pearl and Rose was a bit sexual.
I personally don't see anything wrong with it, but I do want to give my benefit of a doubt that thing said the benefit can only go so far before just subsides, and this is what we're doing with today.

Steam universe has been dropped or flat-out banned in some countries, such as Kenya, most Sevilla, East and North Africa.
These reasons are more than likely all anti-lgbt related vein down for gay rods, but what about banning entire episodes? Not just one or two but several and secession? Most of which have nothing in your face LGBTQ, but instead build up to the most interface.
Animation has gotten well reddit user, Katz, and Lange has recently dropped in to the fact that Salvi's Asia is completely skipping.

Five major episodes of the series, the ones dubbed as the heart of the crystal gems arc Lang linking to a Southeast Asia promo for diamond days, confirming that they are nd skipping straight to the episode.
Let's rid a homeworld and beyond to save every corrupted gem on earth Steven and the crystal gems are headed to whole world to see white diamond the heart of the kuru gems arc is a string of episodes that premiered in the summer of 2018, starting at the Episode now we're only falling apart and going up all the way to the half hour.
Epoch, reunited reunited being one of the most important episodes of the series, as not only do Ruby and Sapphire get married right down to a kiss, but it also contains the Diamonds invading Beach City finally facing off with the crystal gems.

The return of lapis last Lee's character and the diamonds learning that rose quartz was actually pink diamond, who fakes her shattering yeah.
That's some pretty heavy stuff to just gloss over and go into even more heavy stuff attention.
Citizens of Beach City, everyone head to your designated shelters.

This is Steven universe, heart of the crystal gems, a five night special event all next week at 7:30 on your Cartoon Network EDM.

Now I kind of find this weirdly fascinating as when reunited erred and felt clearly designed to evade censorship.
So it was interesting to many people to see how other countries who tackle this, those that did air the episode so far, leaving the wedding intact.

After all, some territories and there w super-universe, allegedly and believably, use he/him pronouns ruby, as it is another a possibility to look at this character and say yeah, that's a little boy truthfully in 2015, as i finally began to really properly watch the series before watching.
Every episode in order and understanding that every jim is female, I did see stronger than you and thus get a very small glimpse at Ruby.
I did wonder: is that a boy and then I did this fun thing called leaving my own bubble.

Yeah pre 2018 II was stupid, giving Ruby the wedding, dress and sapphire being the one rocking a tux made any territories.
Therefore, the Ruby, as he him look pretty dumb and overall the concept of the crew tubers playing some great forty chests just to mess with some homophobes is uh.
I believe the words I'm looking for our absolutely fantastic but beyond reunited.

Why were all of these episodes? Skipped, I mean sure the answer contains the proposal, but the wedding is almost used as a framing device and maid of honor and they still could afford off now we're only falling apart and what's your problem yeah, it doesn't make much sense to go from Steven and Amethyst, finding Ruby to the aftermath for the crystal gems in the Diamonds battle, but it also doesn't make much sense to go from.
I wanted to tell you for so long to believe it you've been here all along, so either way it's kind of a lose-lose situation.
So now, if fans are missing out on Garen splitting apart the bigger picture, two pink diamonds, backstory amethyst, confronting her feelings and the return of flipping bismuth, I believe they cut every single episode simply because they didn't even want the audience focusing on Ruby and Sapphire.

Like yeah, you're gon na be left hanging, a white, bismuth and lapis assembly back how the diamonds found out that Rose course was pink and why blue Dan believes Stephen is pink, but in their minds that actually may be more favorable than the reviewers being invested in This LGBTQ relationship and yeah this really does mess with the viewing experience of an audience.
They won't have a better understanding of pink diamond of pearl.
Not only are they missing on.

This is return, but they're also missing out on a car development that accompanies it and if we're United, they're missing a song, they're missing a great battle and yes they're missing one of the most powerful moments and modern animation history now keep in mind it's slightly, not The head of that Cartoon Network, that's beginning all the calls, in fact I don't think, has anything to do with the network, but rather the higher powers that be it slightly due to the climate of politics in that country, how those territories feel about certain people and Certain things, so I don't think boycotting any international core networks will help anything change.
But honestly, I can't just but hope to wonder how they could have censored everything and have these episodes still air like this sounds dumb and for the integrity of the show.
It was probably better that discovered anyways, but they truly could have had something dumb like Ruby, proposing the whole party instead of a wedding just have the dialogue.

Recontextualize was clearly a wedding to just be some big fancy party and then it's every night at being a 22 23 minutes something episode.
It could just been a slightly longer regular episode, clocking in a 16 minute, just remove most of the first act and opened up with the wedding reception and bam he did it.
Everyone's partying definitely not celebrating the marriage of two aliens.

Now there could be a reason why it wasn't censored this southeast-asian promo is in english, so i have the assumption that steve universe, there's an english in this territory where, at the very least they provide viewers with the option to listen in its english track, also makes Sense this means, in order to properly dub over the show they would have to have the actual voice cast ATR lines.
Now I'm ascending the problem.
There could be a combination of financial resources just what the budget is.

Looking like the schedules and availabilities of the voice cast and once more the show and crew's integrity, why should they censor themselves in ADR lines just so we can air in other territories that completely invalidates Rebecca sugars pipe for the wedding to happen in the first place.
So they skip it.
Fans who really want to see the blank spaces will seek out a way to watch those episodes not ideal, but there's no point in compromising and there you have it.

What's going on in the world Steven universe still being censored in the Grand Year 2019? What are your thoughts on this? Let us know in the comments below or tweet your thoughts at roundtable vids and for more my own thoughts.
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