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Good morning, i'm actually gon na be honest with you good afternoon.

Do you know how hard it is to set up video? It's daunting? It's it's taken me way too long to be here right now with you, but i'm here and coffee with carrie is back whether you like it or not, but that's the nice thing about social media just scroll if you're not interested, but i know you will because I've got story time today.
I think my coffee's even cold, not bad okay.
So what have you guys been up to because i have been on youtube? I have been studying i've been taking courses, i actually downloaded a book.

I might read it, i'm thinking about it.

This is actually a really great time for us to kind of go within.

I mean that's a nice thing when you don't have many other choices, you have no choice but to look in the mirror or go within mirrors can be deceiving um, which you guys may be thinking.

What's with the get up carrie your mirror deceived you this morning.

I'm like no, no, i like this, you know what i mean.
I think that at my age i should be able to express myself.

However, i want - and i really shouldn't care what people think and for the most part i think the more i practice the more i will figure out what's going on in here.
You know, and maybe i'll get to a point where i can do a video without using that voice, because i'll be so confident, i won't need to project this alter uh, whatever voice that's going on, but i've gotten some positive feedback, so i'm going with it.

So i've had a few people like message me and say: hey where's, coffee with carrie.

That is really awesome.
I think sometimes that i do have a lot more to bring to the table than i give myself credit for.

So i decided to talk to you guys.

A little bit about being present and with that comes a very personal story, but before i go there, i i think it's important to talk about what being present means and how much peace you can actually get from it.
Someone that i love dearly commented to me not that long ago that i need to be in the moment more and that's very true.

More recently, i um i watched a video by eckhart tolle.

If you guys ever watched his videos, like he's, he's a little bit.
Uh he's fun to watch.
He really is, i'm sure he was misunderstood and then still is misunderstood like if we didn't actually know who eckhart tolle was and what he's contributed to the world.

Then i'm not sure, i'm not sure, i'm sure a lot of people can't listen to him because uh i don't know i just i love his genuine, authentic vulnerability and humbleness, and the video i watched was talking about taking one thing at a time and he talks In the video about attention - and i think the thing that i loved the most was the term human being that just i never thought of the term human being not being as being what it is and how this human experience is just so much more fulfilling.

If we just be and being in that moment where you um you connect and we've had those moments where we just we put everything down and we engage and it could be um as simple as making your bed or tying your shoe for the most part.
I think, if you're a parent, you can relate it to that moment where you just connected with your child or your baby, or your teenager, especially teenager, because we're all so busy that we don't always take the time to connect with each other.

It really becomes a two-way street at that point, so somebody needs to make t-shirts.

I am a human.
bean something.

Maybe i will, but i mean it's yours.
If you want it, i just want a t-shirt that says that, because that's really what i'm working on right now is just being and figuring out what that means and um it's kind of fun.
This is like a fun little journey, but i i'm not gon na lie.

My journey started like a long time ago, so story time story time back in 2008, when the world was just like going a little crazy uh.

I decided to leave my secure job and put on my plate a three-hour commute to a different city to hopefully bring another secure job to the table.

But you know i was making all my decisions based on emotion and very little logic, and i have no regrets and i had a lot of people come along and help me along the way.

But when i made this decision to uproot my my life and my situation, my vibration was all over the place and i knew i had to get away from the way i was feeling and to me it was like run and run as fast as you can.
Just run, and sometimes that's okay, i mean sometimes you have to leave the chaos at least to get into the eye of the storm, so you can sense some calm and when i made that decision to do it, one of the first things that i noticed was That i was supported by everyone around me.
I started to take so much gratitude and i just i held it so close.

I had to learn how to work with what i had.
I had to almost stop envisioning these these dreams and these these unimportant things that i wanted in my life, and there were so many things that i thought i wanted, but on my way to getting them, i really got lost and it no longer was about what I wanted, i was just kind of being bounced back and forth.
Um people-pleasing, you know so after i decided to move.

I i actually started buying books and watching videos, and i started to invest in knowledge and a lot of that knowledge was so helpful.
But what happened was uh.
I really got back into my material mind again and i was scrambling for survival in a material world.

So i didn't forget everything i'd learned, but i i definitely veered far away from it and i still continue every day to wake up and work on myself and i think some of the really important lessons that i learned back then i i've kept and i've um I've understood the importance of them to a point where they've been ingrained and i wake up every morning, and i want to do better and i want to do better and i want to do better.

So when you're start the starting the day off with that intention.
Not a lot can go wrong.

The whole 2020 um it was like as it was happening.
I was really understanding how important it was that i just embrace it don't get me wrong.
I had moments where i was like you know in the fetal position, rocking back and forth for sure, like the rest of you, and i wanted to start coffee with carrie, basically to reach out and connect with people again, because i miss people and i love people.

Um, then we went back to work and i i understood the way people were feeling doing what i do for a living.
You have the opportunity to be very close with people and get to know them and actually feel their emotions, and it was so heavy that as much as i worried for my employers and as much as i understood where my budget was going to be, i could Not wait for us to get shut down again and i'm sorry and i'm sorry to say that to the people that um that needed to work and i'm sorry to say that for the people that need their hair done and need to feel good about themselves.

At this time, because that's important too, but when we have a passion in life and and we we deny it - we don't follow it, we don't um, cultivate it because we're scared.

It puts us at a really low vibration and we can all have moments of different vibrations, happiness and joy love.
But if we're constantly running in the vibration of fear and worry guilt, shame we're gon na get lost in wondering why our life is the way it is and why we're not happy the more you go in inside yourself, the more you go inside yourself and the More, you understand how you tick the easier it is to raise your vibrational level and that's what i'm working on.
That's what i want to see for my relationships, because i have already understood the value of the people around me and i want to keep them around me.

I want them to learn from what i'm learning i want to inspire them.

I also want them to know that that i'm a work in progress too, and when you can have that fair exchange between people between the people that you love it's true love.

It just is - and i think that's all we're looking for - and i love that we're all looking for it, because we kind of went through a stage there, where we were all just kind of being independent bosses and and uh.

You know the hustle.
The hustle was hard and if you weren't doing it, you weren't, you weren't, really a cool kid.
You know, and i i tried to hustle and i burned me out every time.

Every time i did it it sucked.
I actually realized all of that in 2020.
So now 2021, what's it about well, we got a lot to learn, don't we and if there's one thing that i can take away from what i've learned, thus far, it's being present and being in the moment and understanding the significance of that and letting your passion Come out in that moment, and you know it doesn't always mean that we have to talk, you know, sometimes it it's just it's just being present for the other person and learning to listen, and sometimes i'm really good at that, and sometimes i just suck i'm just Like not, you know, i have one thing to say about the way i treat my relationships, i'm a work in progress and for the most part i know i've always tried to be my best person bring my best person to the table um.

But what about when you don't is it are those is that about a trigger? Is that about a trauma? Is that a response to a trauma? You know i'm seeing so much accountability posting on social media and i really love it like i'm seeing a lot less um, you know get away from that narcissist if you've been with a narcissist.
This is what it feels like blah blah.
You know what we all are narcissists a bit at least a bit.

You know, and although i'm not going to sit here and pretend i know the true definition of narcissism, i do understand that the eagles involved and we all have one - and i think if you can recognize traumatic responses, then you're like you're winning.

You know that's what i feel like we're kind of getting to in 2021.
I feel like people are looking within, you know.

Maybe quarantine isn't such a bad thing.
You know, and if you're in an environment where you feel it is maybe some of what i'm telling you can help, you understand that you have more control than you realize and maybe you're listening to this, and thinking that what the do you know, lady you're, a Scarf wrapped around your head, what do you know? Well, i know because because i've been there, we all have, but you have to recognize it and i've it's been dark before for me.

You know i can tell you that there were times that my children kept me alive because because of their true love - and i wanted to experience more of that - so when it was dark for me - they kept me alive.

Their love kept me alive.
2020 really is um about ah kanye kanye uh.
Did you see his interview with um? Oh, why do names not joe rogan, and he said about the fall of rome.

It's like the fall of rome like everything's, breaking down.
All of our old belief systems are breaking down.

This is good.

This is good.
This is good for equality and it's hard for some people, but it's it's.

It's got, it's got ta.
Sometimes you know what i i think i mentioned this in one of my videos like this makeup artist.
She goes.

Sometimes it's got ta look bad before it can look good and she's right.
You know that's life.
Sometimes it's got ta look bad before it can look good because we don't appreciate, we don't understand the difference.

But if you can look at your situation and understand that somewhere in here i've got some control and if i can't find it, then maybe i need to ask for help, and maybe i need to um reach out to somebody.

I actually have an email on this account.
It's carrie cares and listens, gmail.

com and the reason why i named it.
That is because, if you want to message me your story and if you want help - and i can help - i will and i'm i'm not a therapist but sometimes just writing something out, helps and i promise you i have years of experience of listening to people hairdressers.
That's what we do, people think we're crazy and we are a bit, but we have to be because we have a lot thrown at us in a day and we have to handle that we have to adjust.

So it's a great profession and it's led me to hear which isn't so bad um.
But i want to do more and i want to be more and in the meantime, while i figure out what that is, i'm going to study more and i'm going to figure out what it is to be a human being um.
And i'm going to document it.

Because i think it's interesting, as you know, it's just super cool and um.

Maybe it'll inspire you guys and maybe um, maybe i'll learn something from you guys in your comment section be nice.
Please be nice guys, i'm coming at you with love.

Love is not the highest vibration, but it's it's up there and i feel like i'm working through some traumas and i'm working through some fears, and i am i'm on my way to true love for me.
I'm i'm getting there and uh yeah.

That's that's what i got for you today, so i hope that you guys enjoyed this um.

This is a youtube channel coffee with carrie subscribe like, and you know, if you have something like constructive criticism, you can put in the comments or you can email me and tell me uh.

Tell me what you'd like me to talk about.
Okay or you know, ask me a question: ciao .

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