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Effective mentorship can help you achieve your career and life goals.

Mentors can guide you through important decisions, share secrets of the success and help you tackle any challenging issues.
Mentors and mentees are matched based on the mentees needs and the mentor strength to ensure a firm foundation for your relationship, but we understand that maintaining an effective relationship can be a daunting prospect, so we've set out seven tips to help you along the way tip 1.
Identify your mentoring goals derive your mentoring goals from your overall professional development plan at the first meeting, with your mentor bounce ideas back and forth on how the mentoring relationship can help achieve these goals.

Tip 2 pursue a connection, identify and capitalize on the values you share.
With your mentor to build a connection and help you both feel comfortable in the relationship tip 3 appreciate diversity.

You may be matched with a mentor from another institution country or discipline, be open to the lessons you can learn from this new perspective.

Tip four be flexible.
It may be helpful to explore different communication channels, feel free to suggest options and consider ideas from your mentor.
Tip 5 set a time frame.

A mentoring relationship may last forever, but career goals should be achieved within a set time frame.
Work with your mentor to set measurable goals, be open to having different mentors for different career goals and at different stages of your career.
Tip 6 be proactive.

Take the initiative to connect with your mentor upon being matched set, the agenda ahead of every meeting and update them on your progress tip 7, be prepared, prepare topics to discuss with your mentor ahead of every session and expect to be challenged by them.
Once you have established your mentoring goals, you're ready to enroll into the AAS mentorship scheme register on the AAS mentoring portal and fill in the mentee enrollment form read the required mentorship resources and a weight to be matched with a mentor.
Don't forget once matched be the first to make contact, set meetings with your mentor and share an agenda in advance to get the most out of your meetings, propose ideas and seek advice, as well as provide a constructive feedback to your mentor and remember you can always Let us know how the relationship is going.

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