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I become the princess of among us and as a princess i get five royal guards whose job is to protect me from the imposter, but the impostor isn't the only one who's out to get me as other players.

Try to make a move on getting my crown now.
I have to survive each game, as my knights protect me.
Can i, as a princess, be able to survive as an imposter and a crewmate with my royal guards? Let's find out oh princess princess there.

You are.
Oh, my god, oh my god, i couldn't.
I can't believe we ever.

Of course your father wouldn't allow you to go anywhere else without us.

Of course.
Oh no, oh no, but i just want to do my test.

Excuse me uh ma'am uh, with all due respect, tasks are for commoners uh, you are pure royalty and we need to make sure that you stay safe and away from all those common folks, fine i'll.
Let you guys protect me as long as it doesn't get too crowded.
Okay, that's all i care about.

That seems fair.
All right! Everybody come on in wait.
What at your service, your majesty, we are here to protect you, fine! We promise man that will be completely and totally inconspicuous.

Yes, okay, all right as long as you guys, don't get too crazy.
All right give me a second to finish this selection.
You won't even see us all right.

We will be hiding like this five.
Five wait: what what uh step away from the vent step, step right? Okay, all right! All! Right! All right! You know what i'm starting to feel just a little bit safer.

So hopefully this all goes well.
So as long as nobody comes in here, we should be perfectly fine.

Don't worry, protect the you guys are bad at guarding me.

Oh my god, um you didn't die yeah.
Maybe if i may suggest we are good at guarding you because you are still alive.
Miss and now we can go after the infiltrator, what happened where it was small, cuddly, uh, sure sure night, knowing it did a great job uh.

I i don't know if i can lead the nights now that pierce is gone, but you know what small might might be the imposter and we will protect the princess.


Oh no, he voted for me.
I think the other imposter is probably bob.

He didn't want to vote for the imposter.

We were right.
Okay, all right! You guys got to protect me.

Okay, let me go finish.
My i got ta go to the card swipe: okay, uh princess man; yes, okay, room, okay on all right, i'll watch, the door; you're good, you're good! Oh my god! It's clear! Oh! You should shout out sir.
I'm gon na need you to back away.

I'm gon na get my card slide down.
I'm sorry, you are good.
I am watching every corner of this room.

You are good.
I am on youtube back away.
He's approaching you need you to leave, he is approaching.

Are you coming to protect the princess, [? Music? ], you have to accept destiny.
Only i just want to unlock the manifold.
That's all i want to do with my eyes.

I'll watch the door - oh my god.
What? Oh, my god is that an imposter in the corner of the room away from me.

You have found the imposter, who is the imposter? Your majesty, you know it's you, but let's vote someone else out.

Let's go doomster out.
That sounds like a great plan yeah i like that.
I can win a game of among us on my own.

I don't need my father's nonsense.
Your highness, your father, gave us the important mission of watching you and we will do that to the best of our abilities.
Oh otherwise, he'll probably kill us.

Let's be honest, fine, fine, fine, stupid dad, maybe your princess! Oh my god.
I got ta get away from.

Why do they keep what happened tonight? Pierce we're here to protect you, nice pierce died.

We must have a night's meeting.
Oh yes, yeah night at the round table meeting.
We must have meetings whenever we're able.

I have gathered you here because there's something very important: yes, the princess has finished her tasks, so we are to retire back to the castle and to do that, we have to kill noy.
Oh sorry, you have served with honor and we have gratitude for you.
Uh you'll get a nice nice uh coffin imbued with fancy things, but thank you guys.

Success stone with the princess rather princess.

That's right, yeah, excellent job.
I watched from beyond the pale and you did a wonderful job.

Ah, thank you.
Captain pierce, i swear.
I can take care of myself.

I don't need you guys to follow me ever.
No, you cannot princess [ Applause ], getting so close, everybody! Okay, you do not need this right now.
You have many responsibilities in your life and you cannot be canoodling with the prince of another kingdom.

Fine, i'm gon na noodle.
Oh look he's following me: oh my god, sir ian in the shield formation, you shall not be able to get to the princess.



We are prince blocking you what is happening.

The princess is not for you to canoodle fine.
I guess there's be alone for the rest of my life, i'm getting out of here.
Where are you going? You cannot run your majesty back here running as for commenters stupid helmets.

Then it is very hard to see, which is why you should not run away.
Where did she go? Where did she go? Dr prince, you can't come between us, okay, there's, no one who could come between us at all.
It's whoa, i believe we can.

Their hair is pretty good, though not gon na lie.
His hair is extremely handsome.
It's not the one for you.

Okay, well done kawaii.
He was your prince and he would have survived that and .
You need a prince.

Who is stab proof.
I agree you wouldn't get you you guys wouldn't get rid of both of the people who were just to be with you.
Yes um.

I do believe so.
Yes, absolutely, we must remove the papadum from our site.

We are remembering, oh we vote for that.

It's totally suspicious, it's extremely distracting and kind of hot.

He was so nice.
Let's get some no distractions for the princess, but you know us getting the test done, not the princess, of course, i'm princess.

Are you a dangerous or something wrong princess? No, oh, my god are you are you turning? Are you turning in kawaii instead of knights, then why not princess? Do you command it? I command it very.
Well, so shall it be you're, sorry, i'm sorry! I was just trying to protect you, and this is how you repay me uh.
I say that um.

Could it be any any uh a one of us night? Still i mean kauai chan was one of the other doctor hold that thought.
We must no uh princess princess outfit.
We could we could handle this.

Just just say what you want director is very pretty.
We shall handle it i'll stay with effort.
You must not run alone, you'll, never find stop running hello princess.

That's you! I think we know who it is.

What happened what's going on, how damn i believe night noise been removed from service today? Oh no must be eliminated, inconceivable, inconceivable and inconsiderate.

Oh my god.

I don't know if this is a victory.
I want another job.
Well done knights.

I forgot about dr prince i'll be honest.
Hopefully she forgets about dr prince as well doctor and prince uh.
No, no.

I uh just the new soda that i found it's very delicious, dr prince yeah, 28 flavors, your princess is left last night's laugh cause.
This is red, and that means sometimes you may have to fight.
Although we will do our best to protect yourself, every royal member must know how to protect themselves.

Oh, so i have to go.
Oh, which means yeah.
You have to kill them.

That's what that big knife is for.
Yes, i'm gon na go find someone with the knife.
We will teach you how oh perfect.

This is perfect.
Oh she's yourself with dead bodies, we'll take care of everything, i'll jump inside the body just walk away.
Oh, let us protect ourselves so that we may protect our princess as she becomes a cold-blooded killer.

I can't believe the transformation is so cool.
You saw me and you didn't know what i did yeah i did.
I did.

I didn't want you to get in trouble.
You know or hard murder out.
What do we do now run from the bodies? Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait! Everyone everyone hold on hold on hold on hold on.

This is an excellent idea.
We just slept here explode then we don't have to worry about all the bodies, but i died.

We get off the ship right before that, of course, in the escape pods.

There's someone in security over there.
Oh wait! That's you! Where is us yeah we're in security? You can't make me come out princess, you're, big child.

That's why she's taking up too much space in here? What are you i'm not tell yourself she's in there will you come out for pizza? No, i'm going back in.
Ah, what stop it nice? What do we do? The princess is getting out of here why? This is sorry.
This is another lesson about victory.

I just wanted my own space, god, nice.
I wonder who the imposter is? Oh, my god, whoever it is, will protect.

You from them, of course, princesses the lights are back on princess swirly nuts.
We will come to save you we last night.
No, i where, where did? Did anybody see what happened? What happened and i'm really scared the lights are off.

I can't see a thing: okay, don't worry princess! I love you.
I finally found you we'll keep you safe all right, no matter what? Where did you go? ! Don't let the princess keeps disappearing.
You know this is making my job a little hard.

This is highly irregular princess, oh trapped in the door, the door, the doors have been sealed princess princess.

Can you hear us princess hello? Somebody's someone is keeping you away from us, but don't worry we'll find a way.

Ah, the door's open, okay, okay, let's see yeah spread out anybody.

Oh i found the princess in security.
Oh good, to see you princess! Oh, don't worry! I'm on my way.
I am so happy you're here i love the light and, if anything were to happen to the light, i would die i'll watch the princess.


No, not worry, not princess the light, hear the lights.
I'll return see.
The light is high, the light, oh so sarian.

What happened to you, you look half the man, you used to be: oh, the light um.
I i i fell in the light.
Oh yeah that looks very gruesome, we'll uh, indeed princess i'm.

So sorry we were able to protect you from all the darkness.
Are you all right? I think so what happened? Wow we lost so bad.
Why are we? Are you freezing? That's a that's a little too much wait, white venting! Oh perfect! Now everyone will be safe and we can have a continuous peaceful voyage.

I mean i i i don't feel safe, i'm i'm dead.
I mean the rest of us.
Of course, those of you who already served.

Thank you very much for your service looks so i don't like this.
Oh i don't like this either.
Where is she? The doors are sealed once again, oh no princess! I know you can hear me.

I can't hear you princess your father will hear of this.
If the lights go out, i'll get really scared i'll turn on the lights.

I can't live without my night light.

Oh, the lights are back on.
Thank goodness, okay, all right! Quite chad.

Do you have an eye on the hey, hello, princess i'll, do what i can, who reported make sure that you stay safe? Oh, i don't know you're a princess.
Why did you report the body princess princess? Why, after all the years of service that i have performed, i'm ruining my life right now, you weren't in my life, dad, okay, god.
Why did you just tell me that in the first place or something schedules i want to sleep in? Okay, god i got ta say, though, being dead uh, you got ta sleep in a lot.

Actually that does sound kind of nice.
At this point that does sound nice, i never get to sleep.
Long live the princess.


I guess well, uh welcome to your retirement plan, yeah.
That sounds about right in the dead of nights.
I can take care of myself on this ship.

Okay, oh no! We must protect at all times we're respecting your boundaries, but we're also staying awake.

I'm also shooting asteroids.
Excuse me.

Excuse me, sir sir you're you're invading our space sir.

This is a restricted zone protector.
What, sir, what the what's happening laid master? No one's even died.

White knight, excuse me: did he just milady, you yeah, i got my ladies.
Are they bothering you? Of course we aren't we're protecting her.

You need a real cure princess.

You do not have the time to deal with such oh wait.
We didn't even vote.
Oh man, we must protect her from him.

Oh my god.
Nowhere we are the true white lights.

What is he doing? Pull up, sir step, i lost her too.

Where are you chasing me? Oh, my god.
Ah he's chasing you.
We hear your screams for help.

My lady, we shall help you did.
I don't believe here call her that noise, don't i'm sorry, sorry humiliated it's ma'am to you or your highness or princess where'd.
She go.

I was searching everywhere.
I thought i'm trying to do my tasks.

[, Music ].

She keeps running away.
I think i saw the princess oh she's, just on the other side of the store help me out.

Oh okay, this guy's got the reflexes of a blade bastard.

No, he must have studied the blade for years.

Oh yes of the princess! No matter what kind of master he is laid master you stay away from me: [ Applause, ], , oh we're doing our best, but you're you're very slippery.
Today i don't have a sword either.

So um yeah also that besides the pen, why oxygen yeah did anyone go over to fix auctions? We all died thanks everyone, but at least so did blademaster.
Thank goodness.
Oh my god.

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