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Hey everybody Carl here from Abt and in this video we’re gon na, be taking a closer look at the YAS-209 soundbar from Yamaha and talk about what’s changed from the 207, the model it’s replacing.

, And if you liked the 207 you’re really gon na, like the 209.
To start off, Yamaha updated the design by rounding out the corners and moving all the onboard controls and indicator lights onto the top, which I think makes em less distracting.
Otherwise the materials seem to be generally the same.

Another thing you’ll notice is that they decided to ditch the analog input on the 209.
You still get an HDMI in that’s, updated to be HDCP, 2.
3 compliant and out with an audio return channel optical and bluetooth, plus a new feature for the 209 Wi-Fi.

A good move since I can see way more people taking advantage of that versus having an analog input.
Plus with that added wi-fi.

You now also get Amazon Alexa compatibility, however it’s not compatible with google assistant, at least not now, so that’s something to keep in mind.
If you already have other smart speakers throughout your home.
And if you’re worried about privacy there’s a button on top of the soundbar to turn off the built in microphones, if you do choose that.

, But that doesn’t completely disable the service.
, If you have the mics turned Off - and you still want to use it, you can always press the Alexa button on the remote to activate it.
And speaking of the remote that’s where you’ll find some other upgrades.

The 207 had some great pre-calibrated sound modes built in, but you could only change them through the app.
There was no option on the remote, so people weren’t really taking advantage of them.
On the 209s remote.

They have them all laid out.
So they’re easy to choose from based on what you’re, watching.
You’ve got Movie TV, Music Sports and game plus stereo, and if you look above those you’ll see Clear Voice and 3D surround.

The clear voice feature is one that comes in really handy.
I find a lot of times on these 2.
1 channel soundbars the vocals can get buried a little.

This feature makes them stand out more so it’s easier to follow the dialog.
Here’s a sample with it turned off and on… .
I know you’re listening to this video through whatever headphones or speakers.

You have in front of you, but hopefully you could hear the difference.

The other button I mentioned 3D surround is implemented using DTS virtual X.
This is gon na virtually add object based effects to what you’re watching.

It’s, definitely not the same as regular, DTS X or surround sound for that matter, but it does add some character to whatever You're watching.
The sound on the 209 isn’t radically different than the 207, but don’t get me wrong.
That’S a good thing.

I thought the 207 sounded great for it’s price, point.
And speaking of price.
Our current pricing can be found at the link in the description below.

Otherwise, the 209s got a very similar driver, setup.
There’s 4… .
one and three quarters inch.

Midrange drivers and two… .
, one inch dome tweeters.
The only slight change made was in the wireless sub.

That now has a six and a half inch woofer, where the 207s was only six and a quarter which equates to a slightly broader frequency, response.
, Not a big difference, but a difference.

The 209 maintains the same 200 watts of total power that the 207 got and overall it’s a well rounded sound, experience.
Here’s, a sample of some music for you to hear as well…….
Another small change to note on the 209.

Is that? Because it’s now got that wi-fi built in you can play music off your network, but there’s.
Also the new Soundbar Controller, App that you can use with it, which makes it much easier to fine tune.
Also, as far as video’s concerned, the 207 could pass through HDR, but the 209 can do HDR10 and HLG.

All in all, I think Yamaha did a great job.
With the 209.
There weren’t a ton of changes, but the ones they made have a noticeable impact.

What do you think Is it worth the upgrade? Let us know down in the comments.
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, As always, thanks for watching and we’ll see you in the next one .

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