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Yo Cyrus here and welcome to the Coup de phil.

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger'' or even ``.
God is dead'' Anyways.

These are quotes.
You might already heard, and that's good, because we're going to start one of the most requested episode since the beginnig of the show It is ``.
The superman'' by Nietzsche Friedrich, Wilhelm Nietzsche is a german philosopher.

He's got two particularities.
The first one is about hs name.
He's got all consonants in it: `` Nie T, Z, S Che'' For the orthography.

It's pretty easy.
You put everything in.
And then physicaly.

What the hell is.
This moustache, The guy, has a moustache thicker than his hair.
It looks like a brush broom ( german accent.

), I love francfort sausages and my dog Heinrich.
He studied Philology (, which the study of a language based on it's writings, ) And he became a philolo teacher `` Philolololo lololo lololo philolololo'', But he couldn't go on for long because he suffered from migraine like hyper.
Violent So he stopped at 35 years old and then during 10 years He gives all he has and publish the major part of his work, knowing that at the time he already lives in great lonelyness.

But then, at 45 years olf his disease puts him in a critical state like a vegetable during 10 years.
Wadup, Mr Friedrich, You don't say anything more huh, So it makes you stronger or not: Huh Yeah, .
, yeah, .

, yeah, .
, Ah, philosophers.
I swear Nietzsche, criticize christianisme, because for him it puts the earth in inferiority compared to the sky And, in addition, it requires us to go beyond what seems important on earth Unless that by doing this, well, we turn away from life itself.

Moreover, that's what I was saying in the beginnig for him: `` God is dead''.
This God's death involves a lot of things.

First, it doesn't mean that anybody believes in God anymore.

It just means that our principles doesn't relay on the faith anymore.
, But our moral legacy in our society is Judeo-Christian.
It means that it comes from the commandments like ``.

You shall not kill'', etc .
So if we loose our faith, then the system will end up.
Failing and we witnesse a dévaluation of superior values like justice, freedom, morality, values, etc, .

Father, we just learned tha, God is dead.
It's been 40 years.

Now that I gave my life to the Lord.
I know I know Nevermind F**k the values I'm gon na f**k some sluts and finish Pokemon Ciao, Hmm, what a diturbing story.

, Please Thomas keep going.

The consequence of that is the Nihilisme and it's not believing in anything as many ight think No.
For Nietzsche.

There are two forms of nihilism.
There's first passive nihilism, The one that considers that life hasn't much sense, So he wonders ``.
What's the point ?'' It's the one who hasn't got the strenght to belive in something else than his own happiness.

You see.
Thus it's a kind of pessimism.
And this nihilism we must fight it.

, But if God is dead and that we will loose our values, Lets replace them by something else.

That's what Nietzsche calls the active nihilism And we'll need some help to replace these values.

Yeah Yeah we're gon na replace the values.

There's a devalutaion Yeah, exactly sell, sell, everything.
, yeah, Yeah exaclty.

In terms of justice.
By the way you got the flow, No Caution, then Caution.
, So he will try to revaluate life itself, revaluate the being.

If you want he'll try to rectify this inferior position of the earth compared to the sky that we saw earlier with christianism, And he realise that every being has an energie within that works as a motor that pushes him and he'll go from there.

It is the Will Of Power.

Do you remember Spinoza's conatus ``? Well, the conatus is the perseverance effort in its being For exemple.

It's like the plant that grows the horse that gallops The man who thinks or who desires'' Nietzsche Will Of Power is very clause unless we're not in the perseverance of oneself, but in the overtaking.

It means that the purpose is not to maintain ones power But to increse it indefinitely, and if we go to the incarnation of this will of power the highest lim to +infinite for maths lovers, we reach the `` superman''.
Well, I followed the instructions, but I'm not sure this is the good way to overtake myself.

Hmm, I'm not sure.
Well, you'll tell me: ridiculus doesn't kill huh what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, Then.
Maybe ricicules makes you stronger .

Of course, I never thought about that.
What do you think of that? Well, the `` superman'' is absolutely not what we just saw.
The `` superman'' is an ideal for man.

Therefore, man is the tensed rope between the `` beast'' and the `` superman''.
That means that everything that sucks in you is part of the'' beast side'', The animal.
And what you want to achieve.

What you wust achieve is the `` superman''.
It's not the superman with a cape and tights or something supranatural, not at all.
It's something really concrete.

By wanting to be a `` superman'' man overtake himself and for Nietzsche.
That's what makes him a man.
Another important thing: the `` superman'' you know doesn't desires an Ideal world, a world that could happen that could exist.

The `` superman'' wants and agrees this world Our world.
, and thus he even want it's return.

It's something that we call ``, The eternal return'' In fact, Nietzsche, says that we must live our lives So that we could wish to live forever.

It already sucks with an Ipod.
So I let you imagine what it is with life .

, But it can be very cool K-keep going Thomas please.
, But it can also be really annoying.
What No It will not last for a long time Come on Lean forward.

Here you go.
So what it takes is to see this idea of the eternal return like a test to check.
If we get closer to the ``, superman'' or not.

The `` superman'' is the achievement of the Will Of Power and of the eternal return.

We can see the `` superman'' as a destination, the Will Of Power as our motor and the eternal return as the path that we take.
But be carfull.

The `` superman'' will help us to replace Judeo-Christian values, But it doesn't really replace God, Because the `` superman'' is not beyond reality.
It's a concrete ideal in all man on earth.
But mom.

It means superman exists for real, Of course, honey.
He's inside you In the depths on your being Cool One, our after this conversation, Jason dies after a violent fall of several floors, believing he could fly.
His body was then crushed repeatedly by garbage trucks and the bus number 128.

By the way, if you want to improve your Will Of Power and to overtake yourself subscribe to my channnel and don't miss any future episode.
, I hope that Nietzsche's `` superman'' is now clearer for you.
I send you love and piss YALLAH.

I also thank Jonathan, who is behind the blog `` Un Philosophe'', who, at the moment I speak, has normaly got out an article about Nietzsche too.
He specializes in Nietzsche philosophy, which allowed me to be sure of the quality of this episode.

Something else.

Often, when we talk about Nietzsche, we evoke Nazism.
What happened Is that Nazists used Nietzsche to defend their ideologie, especially with the idea of the `` superman'' for exemple speaking about the physical `` superman'', while Nietzsche was more thinking about the intelectual/spiritual `` superman'', Obviously, Nietzsche would have condemn Nazism.
For exemple.

He was friend with Wagner and they stoped being friends when the guys started to become anti-semite.

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Well, those who follow me knows, I tell lot of things: Myeah, I'm not sure.
! Well, you'll tell me: ridiculus doen'st kill huh.
What doesn't kill.

You makes you stronger, So .
What makes ridiculus.
( laughs, ) .

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