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, hmm , so , so , hey , fired hello, everyone, dr kevin zadai, with you with warrior notes and welcome to our spirit school.

This is session number two and we are believing god with you for a miracle in your life, we're believing god to speak to us and encourage us and build us up and that's why we're doing these spirit? Schools, because we want people to have an environment where they can grow spiritually and we love you all, and i've got all my uh familiar friends here.
We got our pastors from charlotte and we got also got my wife and um kathy uh.
This is gon na, be an amazing time that we have with the lord tonight, and so i'm going to i'm going to get right into it, but i i have a couple things that i want to go over with you first number one is this: the lord Has really strengthened me to go forth and to proclaim what is about to happen in this nation? So i have these prayer points that i i feel like i'm supposed to go over with you before we do the spirit schools up uh up until christmas.

I will be always mentioning these prayer points and even though the elections are in november, the lord has has already shown me that we need to pray the whole way through the new year because of the things that are going to happen after the elections.

So in our country, it's very important that we cover ourselves, our family, our church and then um, our our nation in prayer, all our leaders.

So i want to get right into that.

That's number one that i want to go over with you and then also.
I want to talk to you a little bit about something else, because um, the lord is, is really laid on my heart, and that is is that there's so many people that need healing and in this world it's just.
It's really really burning me down.

So i want to also include a little bit about healing, as well in my spirit school, just for a couple minutes and pray for your healing as well, and i just feel like this is what the lord would do.
If he was here, he would pray for people to be healed.
He would he would teach us how to pray and and pray with us about certain things whatever it is that he uh has on his heart from his father.

He would want us to do that, and so, if jesus was doing this he'd want us to join in prayer and we would pray for each other.
He would tell us of things to come and then he would say you know you need to stand against this and i've, given you authority, so we're just going to do that here at warrior notes tonight.
So, first of all, um, though one of the prayer points in in the in the book that i wrote uh recently and just came out.

Actually, it's just been out about 24 hours, it's time to take back our country, and these are prayer points to help you to be a history maker and what i thought was is if i could just talk about some of the things that jesus had put on.
My heart and what he had told me is coming upon the nation and the things that we can do to change that so that they don't come to pass all the satan's plans don't come to pass because god shows his plans and then we enforce those plans And agree with god and that's what it really is with prayer, essentially where the will of god is known.
Then then really your prayer changes right, because you you kind of have leverage in the spirit you know what god wants.

So it's not like you're pleading with god about certain things anymore, because you know that he's already revealed that he wants it done so you side with him.
So you you actually get in line with god and and that's uh.
That's what we're going to do right now.

He told me that he wants people's words, and this is in the prayer point number four in in that in that book it says words anointed with fire, and he talked to me at length about how the environment of heaven needs to come to this earth and That it really did through the holy spirit on the day of pentecost - and i often talk about this in my in our meetings - we talk about how, on the day of pentecost the holy spirit came, he introduced himself to us.
He he introduced himself in the upper room in in that place where he came to the 120 that were there, there was a mighty rushing wind and then there was tons of fire.

They saw tons of fire, they they heard and felt a mighty rushing wind.

Then people began to speak in tongues.
They began to speak in languages that they didn't know, but people that were there in jerusalem at the time had come from all over to present their sacrifice.
They had to present themselves in jerusalem a couple times a year, and so the people heard them talking in their language, but they knew that the people that were in that room were were locals and that they did not speak that language right.

So that's why it's supernatural so we have in the day of pentecost when the holy spirit came, he came with mighty rushing wind, he came in with fire.
He came with utterance so where he caused people to to speak languages that they didn't know and that's where we get speaking in tongues and then also there was a visible sign that that the people appeared to be drunk.
They appeared to be intoxicated because he said these are not drunk as you suppose, but this is a fulfillment of what was spoken by the prophet joel, and you know it is wrong doctrine.

It is wrong to say that the reason why they acted drunk was because they were speaking in tongues and it sounded like babel.
It sounded like a lang.
You know it sounded like they were just slurred speech or something that is wrong to say that, because when i hear someone at the mall from another country talking in another language, i don't think they're drunk, i never think they're drunk.

I think well, that's because they're from another country, so why would why would uh? You say that? Oh that's why they thought they were drunk? No, they were drunk because the holy spirit is is the new wine and the new wine causes you to be full of joy, and i have i, i i've never been a drinker.
I in fact i've never tasted, even a beer.
You know i've, never i've never been that way, but i've watched people be intoxicated and i know what it looks like, but i don't know exactly what it would feel like.

But, however, when i have had the holy spirit come upon me in such a strong way, i have it's hard for me to speak it's hard for me to walk it's.
You know and um.
I haven't had anything to drink, you know, but the spirit of god causes me to be so full of joy, so this is how the holy spirit was introduced.

Okay, this is this is something that happened 2000 years ago and has never stopped.
So it is wrong for people to say that the holy spirit has stopped manifesting himself when we haven't reached perfection, yet we still need prophecy.
We still need speaking in tongues.

We haven't been perfected in love, so all these things have not ceased yet and they won't cease until jesus comes back.
When the church is taken out of this world and taken to the marriage supper table, then these things will not be needed anymore, but until we reach perfection we need the manifestation of the spirit.

My point is this: the lord told me that we need to speak from the fire just like in heaven.

There's fire just like the holy spirit introduced himself on the day of pentecost.


With all this, what has happened to us in 2000 years that now we have become lukewarm, like i was talking about last night that we're supposed to be anointed with fire, we're supposed to be speaking from the spirit, the wind of the spirit, the fire of the Spirit, the utterance of the spirit and the manifestation of joy of the spirit to where they're, so it's so strong that you feel like you, you're you're, in the heavenly realm.

So when you pray, you must pray from the fire.
You must pray from the altar of god, which is holy and is absolute everything in heaven.

When i was there is absolute there's, there was nothing that needed to be changed or done.

Everything is established and god has his way.

He built everything the way he likes.
It he's not really into people suggesting what he should do.

He really likes things the way he likes him, but he's excellent he's he's above and beyond.

When i was walking on the floor, i thought, if i could just have sapphire in my house like to think that that three foot thick sapphire was was was the flooring.

You know, and it was such a purity that you could see.

I don't know how it look, it was, it was flames, flames were going through and coming up out of the sapphire, and it was so holy that i didn't know.
If i was going to be able to handle it or not.
I felt that fire.

I felt this this fire coming up through my legs and it was i looked down and it was white flames of the holy spirit.
So the proximity of the lord in your life, the proximity of spiritual things in your life.
It really does count, and it really does make a difference now.

If, if you really have the holy spirit inside of you, then the holy spirit should should be very close to you right.
I mean because he's inside okay.
So, if he's upon you, that should be uh, something that you use not only sense, but it should be evident, and these people, on the day of pentecost, felt that.

So i want to start out this spirit school by just telling you that when we pray from the altar from the fire from the sapphire floor from the throne of god, we're praying absolute truth because we're we're pronouncing what god has already ordained.
One of the things that says in psalms 89 is he rules and he reigns from his throne with righteousness and that there was layers of different attributes that are in the throne.

It's layers of justice and righteousness, there's truth and faithfulness.
There's all these different attributes and he built his throne and everything around it supports who he is so.
This is the way it is in heaven.

So jesus said i'll teach you how to pray.
Okay, so the disciples sat down and he said: okay, here's how you pray our father holy, be your name and he said this thy kingdom come thy will be done on the earth on the earth.
Did i say on the earth on the earth as it is in heaven, and we know it is in heaven because he likes stuff the way he likes it, but on the day of pentecost, what was in the throne? Room came down on people and the church was formed, that's good and now jesus has has uh, has a body on the earth and it's us okay, all right.

So when we're anointed with fire, when we're we ignited with fire, when we produce fruit in keeping with repentance when we speak from the fire, when we quote the word of god, but it's not just a mental thing, we're speaking from our spirit, then we're speaking from The holy spirit we're speaking from the throne of god, then things are going to start to move.

I mean i don't know a mountain, that's going to argue with god.


I don't know anything, that's going to argue with god.


Now this is the god that i serve.
This is a god that i met jesus that i met.
He was the exact representation of the father and he, whatever he says, goes okay, but when i got back to this world in this earth it was like a circus down here and it's like nobody, believes anything anymore.

You know, and it's like everybody has their opinion, and but yet the thing that is is that all the people that are are are unrepentant that are in the world that that want to go to hell.
You know they're they're, like they don't even want to hear the gospel it's interesting is they have no fruit? They have no fruit in their life.
They're, not they're, they're they're, not um they're not encountering the victory.

They're not encountering uh the the everlasting uh, god of peace.
You know, think about peace.
You know these people don't have peace, they create an environment and they're still afraid uh most people that are successful they're.

They live in fear every day that they're either going to lose their riches they're going to lose their control, their power, their influence.
You know so i i would rather live in peace and inherit the kingdom of god.

Then then then own the world.

You know i would rather just be be in the kingdom with god and know that down here, if i keep keep in repentance and i produce fruit that i'm doing the will of the father.
So my point is: is that in this country and in this nation of the united states, that we're we're praying for right now and and believing god, for that we would stand for what has already been established in heaven but see the temperature needs to rise in Our lives so that we start to influence others now, there's a news alert, and that is, is that a lot of this that has been allowed to come into our nation.

It was allowed to come in because i believe that we, as believers backed off - and i know this is a fact - and i've never said this before on the earth, but i'm going to say it to you right now.

I know that there are 20 percent.
More of you out there that are going to vote in november for at the election, 20 percent more are going to vote and it's going to determine the election wow 20.
There are 20 percent that don't vote.

That should be voting.
If you don't vote for a certain individual, would you vote for the the unborn child, that's being killed? Would you vote for them? Would you vote for justice where people are are are are not being taken care of uh? Would you would you vote for someone who would stand up and cause uh the p, the elderly to be taken care of with their health care and and and uh, and everything like that like, like uh, my parents, you know to have them taken care of.
You know what about uh people that have stood up for righteousness in this country to get us to where we are, and then we've let it like slip well see.

I would vote for someone just to hold on to what we have there's a lot of liberties.
Being taken away from us and they're going to affect our lifestyle as even as christians, if we don't aren't careful, so there are 20 percent, more people that will vote this time and that will turn the election just to 20.
That don't vote are going to go out and vote, and so this is this is this is because the fire is getting hotter, not in heaven but on the earth, and so all of you out there.

You need to pray from the fire, but we need to pray that that 20 that that that they would go out and vote.
So this is what the lord told me - and i didn't know that i was going to share this ever and i've held it till tonight.
But i'm doing i'm doing these prayer times for our nation, because the lord jesus asked me to get the believers to stand up and to pray so that justice and righteousness would reign in this nation and the only way it's going to do.

That is if the people that are in place, that god has ordained, are allowed to go forth and and unveil the wickedness in this country and to come to bring to justice in hollywood in our government in our congress.
All of those people who have all these years been doing evil things against the people that it is exposed, and this needs to happen.
This needs to happen.

So that is why i'm telling you when we pray, we need to pray from the fire and we need to let the kingdom of god that's in heaven, come down to this earth and we need jesus to rule and reign in our lives.
You know he is coming back for churches without spot or wrinkle he's not coming back to to push out the government that exists now he's coming back for his own to take us and then the antichrist will rule and reign on this earth.
But we're not going to be here we're going to be with him at the marriage supper of the lamb, but i'm not going to be part of of anything that is supporting people that say it's: okay to kill babies.

That say it's okay to do to let these things uh, that to not let people meet and and sing and worship god together.
It's it's wrong to say that we cannot get together and worship god we're not it's it's illegal! To do that that we need to pray and allow the the spirit of god to touch our leaders and strengthen them.
So let me pray we're all going to pray father.

We just thank you that we have made it through september and we thank you father that that we have seen so much change, but now we're in october father and we just pray against the evil in this.
That's underlying in this country, and we push it back.
We push it back out of our cities, we push it back out of everyone's life.

Lord, we ask for mercy.
We ask lord god for a confirmation.
By of your love to us and we repent, lord god, we repent for the murder of innocent children.

We repent for injustice for people that have been punished unjustly lord.
We we ask for retribution lord, we ask that you come into our justice system.

We thank you, lord, that attorney general barr will have his way and that he will be able to bring forth give him the strength to bring forth all the indictments and that all the crooked people all of the heads of state, the anyone in that is high Up that has done evil and wickedness against the people that they would be found out and that we would see this land cleansed in the name of jesus, and i thank you, father.

You give the strength, father to every believer, to vote for life to vote at the polls that the 20 that did not show up the polls in the previous elections that they would show up, and they would vote for life that they would vote for.
For the right care for the elderly and they would vote for the life of the children and that sex trafficking would be exposed in the name of jesus and that hollywood would be exposed in the name of jesus jesus.
Thank you, father.

Thank you father.
Yes, thank you, father, okay.
Well, thank you for for uh.

Staying with me for that 10 minutes.
I needed to do that because the lord asked me to do it.
He he means business with this country because he loves this country and - and he loves all of us as believers, but he wants everyone to come in.

He doesn't want anyone to go to hell, so we need to be strengthened and be allowed to preach the gospel, and we should not be restricted in this country and we should not be allowing these things these unjust things to happen.
So, thank you for praying from the fire.
Thank you that that the lord has has given us this opportunity to change history and and remember this.

We are to be imitators of god as dearly loved children.

This is what it says in ephesians, chapter 5, verse 1.
, and this is what god is doing right now.

If we want to imitate our father.
This is what he's doing right now.
The scripture says that he sits in heaven and laughs because his enemies are coming to nothing he's laughing right now.

So that's what we do.
We laugh at our enemies.
Yes, it's it's not wrong to do that, we're just imitating our father, yes, and in psalms 2.

4, it says this: he who sits in the heavens shall laugh.

The lord shall hold them in derision.
So that's what we're seeing right now you are going to see such derision such confusion in the enemy's camp, the people that are working wickedness that are taking away all of the rights of our of the people of the united states and in other governments.

God is going to bring them into confusion and derision, and - and i think i think, the lord that that he has disarmed the enemy did.
You know that in colossians, chapter 2, verse 15, it says having disarmed principalities and powers, he made a public spectacle of them triumphing over them in it.
That means he is embarrassing them.

A public spectacle means he's parading them around, embarrassing them, and so don't you think it's an it's about time that god starts to come in and make a an embarrassment of our enemy instead of the enemy making.

Embarrassment of you.
Isn't it about time that when you go to work, people start to ask you to to pray for them because you're you're, a man or a woman of god, instead of making fun of you, isn't about time that your boss has happened to me, my boss would Call me in, and he says, you're not in trouble.

He said i need you to pray for me.
I heard that you met jesus and - and he wanted to hear about jesus, my boss, so i've done that a number of times with my bosses.
And so when is it time where it flips to where you are the one that's being honored, because you are walking with god see those days are coming when people are going to take a hold of you and say please pray for me.

That is coming very soon.
That is the revival that i saw happening.

Okay with that being said, i want to get into something tonight that that is it's it's kind of troubling to me, because i i see the disconnect you have to understand something if you had happened to to you what has happened to me and you were exposed To the heavenly kingdom to i was with jesus, i i was at the river of life.

I was in the throne room.
I was in these secret rooms that were in the throne, building and uh.
Then jesus took me down the hallway to all these beautiful places and and explain things to me.

Well, you would be different too if you were sent back and you would want people to know about it and that's all i'm doing i'm doing this to help people um.
You know me and kathy are in retirement and we we're fine with just resting all day and um.
You know drinking tea and throwing rocks at the alligators.

You know in our backyard but see the lord has us saying this and telling you this, because you need to know this, you need.
You need to know that jesus has done everything that you will ever need for life and godliness he's done that.
So there's something! That's troubling me that i want to talk about tonight and as we get into this another aspect of understanding yourself, okay, so this the spirit school is is uh.

Lord help me understand myself, and the idea of this spirit school is, is the lord wants to answer? Some questions, and and let you understand why you are the way you are but i have to.

I have to show you something tonight that i've never done before.
I have never talked like this before this.

This is uh to me a historical night and i haven't even told my staff or my wife.

What i'm about to do, but i'm going to show you something.

That's going to show you that we're at a we're supposed to be walking at a higher standard, and it's about time that someone starts to talk about this, listen, listen to me there.

There i've never heard a sermon where they stayed in the book of first john, like i've not remember ever having anybody teach or preach from the book of first john.

Now i'm not saying that no one has but, but i'm telling you when is the last time you hear first john spoke well, i can tell you why, because first john is written at a higher standard that is really puzzling and because of that people, people stay Away from it, because it's kind of hard to handle uh, if you are a lightweight in the in the spirit, but you know we're not lightweights here, you know there's thousands of you watching all over the world.
You all are lightweights, i mean warrior warriors are not lightweights.

Warriors are special forces that will do things that they never get honored for, because um they're it's done in secret, all the special forces.
You know the the mighty the mighty warriors they go and they do things clandestine.

You know we do things in the spirit you know like, while, while people are sleeping, i'm praying for them.

You know i'm believing god, while they're eating i'm missing meals for people.
You know, because i'm a warrior, i don't need.
I don't need the compliments.

I don't need that kind of encouragement.
I just get it done yeah and then i go home to be with the lord.
You know we all do our thing down here, whatever that is.

We do that.
Here's here's the introduction to to tonight - and this is uh the the personality of god versus the personality of you and me, and where that that falls like when you, when you set the personality of god down on the table.

And we already mentioned that we're supposed to be imitators of god as dearly loved children, but if we set ourselves down and we put god's personality down and then we look at that, we have to try to find something in common.

You know well a lot of times we're at a loss to where we feel we feel disappointed.


So we have these these.
Instead of feeling courage, we feel discouraged if, instead of feeling filling appointments, having appointments where we connect, we have disappointments, so we're disconnected instead of connecting so there's all these words with dis dis, and the lord showed me when i first met him back in this division.

In 1992, he told me that the distance between you and your appointment is distant is dis.
So if you have an appointment and you have distance between you, where you're at and where you're going, it's called a dis appointment because there's distance and same with courage, if you see courage, but you can't get to it, there's distance between you and courage.

Then you have discouragement, because you have this separation, so there's all these, these separations, where we don't connect and meet, and so we have these uh these times in our lives.

Where we're discouraged depressed uh, we can't seem to we circle around things we get close and then something happens and we never connect with our destiny and - and i want to proclaim something to you tonight - that i have the answer for you.
But it's it's the secret to getting to the place in your life, where you understand yourself, see if you understand god your creator and he's your heavenly father and we're supposed to be like him, we're supposed to imitate him.
If we understand him the way he is, i guarantee you it's time for us to move in a direction toward where we should be the the disconnect.

The discouragement is is that we don't feel like we need meet up to the standards of our creator, but see jesus fixed that as we talked about last night, he fixed us inside okay, but jesus came.
He said this in first john chapter 1, i'm just going to read through the first chapter and a little bit of chapter of chapter 2 as well and just bear with me i'm reading from the new living translation, which is a really good translation.
We proclaim to you the one who existed from the beginning, whom we have heard and seen.

We saw him with our own eyes and touched him with our own hands.

He is the word of life, the one who is life itself was revealed to us and we have seen him and now we testify proclaim to you that he is the one who is eternal life.

He was the fought with the father and then he was revealed to us.

We proclaim to you that we ourselves have actually seen and heard so that you may have fellowship with us, and our fellowship is with the father and with the son jesus christ.

We are.
Writing these things so that you may be full and share in our joy okay, so these these men witnessed him and they beheld.

They touched him and they're saying listen.

This jesus was real and he is eternal life.
He is everything he said.

He was okay.
Now john goes on to say this in verse 5.
This is the message that we heard so we're all ears.

Now right, we want to hear what they heard now, they're just going to repeat what jesus was talking about.

He said we declare this to you.
God is light and there is no darkness in him at all, so we are lying if we say we have fellowship with god, but we go on living in spiritual darkness, wow, that's, let's just stop right there.

Okay, so number one john is getting pretty rough here.
Isn't he he's saying, listen you we are lying if we say we have fellowship with god, but we go on living in darkness, so, in other words, as a believer someone who has touched and and and and heard of him and heard and heard what he's proclaimed If we we adopt him into our lives, if we allow him into our lives and we call ourselves christians, he said we cannot keep living in darkness if we claim to be in the light.

So if god is light and we're in god, god is in us, then we are not supposed to live in spiritual darkness any longer.

So it's it's really he's they're, saying it's impossible to live in darkness and be a christian.

That's what he's saying i mean that's! What you know and um it doesn't matter how you twist it.

You know, because, let's just read it for face value here, if we are lying, if we say we have fellowship with god, but we go on living in spiritual darkness, we are not practicing the truth.

In other words, the truth sets you free and then from then on, you live in that truth.
Okay, this is going to change your life, and this is going to help you understand yourself.
This is what the problem is.

There's a disconnect because we need to come to the table, let god reveal himself to us, but then we have to make the adjustment to know that we are made in the image of god and that we need to move toward him.
Okay, so we don't live in the darkness anymore if we are in fellowship with god, because he is light and there's and darkness does not have fellowship with light.

So god doesn't have anything in common with the darkness, but he has something in common with you, because you are born again of the spirit and you have light in you.

Okay, so you live in that this causes all that distance to be taken out of your appointment, so you have appointments instead of disappointments, so that you have courage instead of discouragement, i'm telling you the truth and i've never shared this before, but see.
No one teaches out of first john because it seems really black and white right, okay, so this this is the truth.
Okay, but if we are living in the light, as god is in the light, then we have fellowship with one another and the blood of jesus.

His son cleanses us from all sin from how much sin all sin.
So if you are living in the light, as god is in light and you have fellowship with each other, then the blood of jesus, his son cleanses you from all sin.
So that means that sin is taken care of period.

Okay, so that's what paul said too, if you remember, he said in first first verse of romans 8.
He said there's, therefore, now no condemnation or no accusing voice against you that your case is closed.
There's no that sin has been taken care of.

Okay, that is the absolute truth.

Verse 8 says: if we claim we don't have sin, we are only fooling ourselves and not living in the truth, but if we confess our sins to him, he is faithful just to forgive us of our sins and to cleanse us from all wickedness.
Okay, if we claim we have not sinned, we are calling god a liar and showing that his word has no place in our hearts.

Okay, so we repent of our sin.

We choose to repent and confess our sins to him and he forgives us and we're cleansed.
Okay, if we continue to sin, if we would sin again if we confess that he's faithful and just to forgive us of our sins right, it's so it's a relationship so there's things that we do through omission that are sins, there's sins of commission where we commit Things but then there are things that we don't do, that we should do they're just as much sin, and we can.

We can be in enlightened about these things as we walk with god, and i immediately confess them.
I immediately take care of it.
So if you say that you don't sin, then you're a liar, that's what it's saying here.

He says.
But if you, if you, if you do sin, we we have a way through confession to get rid of that trespass or that sin of omission or that sin of commission okay.
So if we, if we claim we have not sinned, we are calling god a liar because god doesn't sin, but you know i haven't met any perfect person yet so i know that everyone has has has committed sin since they were born again.

You know i have never met anybody, you're not perfect either.
Am i okay, but are we really supposed to even think about sinning? No we're not supposed to look what it says here in this.
This is amazing because in chapter two of first john and uh, you know i'm laughing at myself because i'm like there's no brave man brave enough to do this, but i'm like laughing, because this is what what john says now.

This isn't any translation.
So don't don't try to get rid of the power of this by choosing your own translation of this? This is a good translation, but i can get ones that are even harder if you don't, if you don't think this is hard enough.

My dear children, i am writing to you.

Okay, he's calling them children.
That means they're disciples, they're believers right, okay, this to you, so that you will not sin okay.

But if anyone does sin, we have an advocate who pleads our case before the father? He is jesus christ, the one who is righteous.

He himself is the sacrifice that atones for sins and not only for our sins but the sins of the world, and we can be sure that if we know him, we obey his commands.


If someone claims that they know god, but they they don't obey his commands, that person is a liar okay.
So this is where no one will go but think about this he's not living by the truth.

It says here those who obey god's word show how completely they love him.
That's good all right, so that is that is in verse, four five or verse: five, okay, but those who obey god's word truly show his that he is uh that he completely loves him because he obeys him.
This is how we know we are living in him.

Those who say they live in god should live their lives as jesus did.

Okay, so i say this because a lot of what is happening in our lives that we don't understand ourselves is because we don't understand the the uh, the requirements that jesus set up in john 14 and john 15, where he said.
Listen, i'm going to tell you what really gets to the father's heart and what gets to my heart.

He said you say you love me.
If you love me, you obey my commands.
Okay, he said this is how you show that you love god.

You obey my commands and if you do me and my father are going to come and live with you and like i say as if you do the word studies, the idea is that they bring their furniture and move in okay.
So jesus said this: this is what john, who was there with jesus says he says: listen if if, but those who obey god's word, truly show how completely they love him.
Okay, so he's repeating what jesus said in john in john 14 in john 15.

Okay, this is how we know we are living for him and living in him is we we obey his commands.



So john is saying we don't sin, but if we do we have an advocate, we have one who is going to go.
We can go to the father in jesus name and confess our sins and we're forgiven.

It says here that we have an advocate that pleads our case before the father.
He is jesus christ, okay, so if you want to understand yourself a little better, you have to to take care of your understanding of what has happened with the sin problem.
The sin problem has been resolved now this doesn't mean that you are perfect anymore.

What it means is is that you are humble, and you rely on jesus's blood to cleanse you not only of your past sins, but any sins that you commit you're in fellowship with him and you so because you have fellowship with him your the blood of jesus Cleanses, you continually so you just you just you just repent and you go on you.
You don't walk in condemnation, and this is why a lot of people are depressed.
This is why they feel discouraged all the time is because they feel unforgiven.

They feel condemnation.
They feel as though they're not able to connect with god see they think.
Oh you know god's so big he's so powerful he's so holy.

You know yeah, but he's also so compassionate he's so loving and kind.
He went to cain as we talked about last night.

Cain was ready to kill his brother he'd already he'd, already uh decided not to do what god asked him to do, and yet god came and talked to him face to face outside the garden in sin and tried to coach cain into doing the right thing and Cain still did the wrong thing.

This is what i see all the time, the lord's compassion, reaching out to people wanting to help them, but they do not accept forgiveness.
They go by their feelings.
They go by the fact that they're not perfect.

Well, you know join the crowd, there's a whole bunch of us in line in that line that we're not perfect, because because we have not reached perfection yet that's why we have the holy spirit.

That's why we have the gifts of the spirit.
That's why we have uh the body of christ, the fivefold ministry of the church.

Everything is to build us up until we reach perfection until we reach maturity.

So we are always being worked on by the word of god by the the spirit of god.

In these areas, but but um we need to let go of condemnation.

So if you want to understand yourself in that guilty feeling you know i've, i've had i've.
Had people very close to me.
Come to me even people, my family and say you know i feel guilty, but i don't even know why and i go well.

You know i prayed with you.
You accepted the lord you're forgiven yeah, but i was such a bad person.
It's like not anymore.

You know you're a new creature in christ, and i found that there's this disconnect with what the lord has established in heaven as the truth versus what you're feeling uh what you might be encountering in your life.
So this this, this um issue leads me to talking about disappointment, because if you are going to live off of your emotions and if you're like a a person, if jesus tells them, this is going to happen and everything turns sour and looks like it's going to Be the opposite: well then, you have a decision to make.

Are you going to believe what jesus told you or are you going to go, but you know your perception or your feelings or your whatever your mind: concocts, like a lot of people, they're already figuring out, plan b and plan c uh.
If it doesn't work out, you know, if, god isn't big enough to put you over.

Are you going to go to plan b or c just in case you know, he's having a bad day god's having a bad day, and he can't do it? Okay, with his word he's established everything.

That's why it's so important! That's why warrior knows ministry is all about the word of god, but the warrior knows.
Ministry is also about the spirit of god, because it's the word and the spirit together that caused this amazing supernatural resurrection power to come into your life, where you're, an overcomer in fact you're more than a overcomer you're more than an overcomer.

You are more than a conqueror.

You are above and beyond what is registered as a conqueror and that's what the lord jesus sent me back for was to give this message out.

Okay, so with that being said, then, with your disappointments, there's there's something i need to talk to you about and um.
This is going to be i'm enjoying this i'm enjoying this one.

This, the disappointment is: are you ready for this you're not going to believe what the number one problem is with relationships? The number one problem with relationships between a man and a woman between friends between god and man, woman and man, woman and god, all the relationships? All the relationships you know it might even be your pets is unrealistic expectations when you perceive a as something that is not correct and you expect it and you push for that, and a person doesn't live up to that.

Then then, you are ready to bail, and this is what happened with jesus all the disciples not like.
Well, you know, most of them had seen uh these insurrections, because there were people being crucified before jesus came.

In fact, during jesus day, there were people being crucified, but it was because they tried to rise up and get a following to push out rome to push out the government of rome and so people.
They knew that god had sent them out of egypt through through the patriarchs and had put them in the promised land, but they were trying to figure out like well.
Why did this country rome come in and take over when this is god's country? This is god's city, this is god's uh government, you know we.

We have a uh a theocracy, you know we have god as our as our king, you know and um.
We we uh.
We we saw king david and we saw saul.

But if you remember, god was actually hurt that they asked for a king because he wanted to be their king.
It says that in the bible, okay, but he gave him a king saul, didn't work out.
Obviously, and then david took his place and then we have all the successions of kings, but when we get to jesus's time everyone was waiting for someone to come and push rome out.

This was unrealistic expectations, so when jesus was put under that pressure, he didn't succumb to it.
So one day he came in on a donkey and they started laying down the palm branches and yelling hosanna blessed.
He is he who comes in the name of the lord.

They they were proclaiming the verbiage of the announcement of the messiah coming see, but the messiah in their mind, was a deliverer from rome that was going to set himself up as king, so they fully expected to jesus to get to the center there at the temple And get off that donkey and set himself up as king that day and announce that rome needs to leave, preferably by noon, and he didn't do that so the next day they took him to the bravo hill, to throw him off and kill him.

Why unrealistic expectations? Okay, i can continue to go on here.

Judas unrealistic expectations.

Jesus wasn't working out, it wasn't working out.

The way it was planned.
Judas was was one of those zealots that, in fact there were.

There were two zealots that we know of on on the staff of jesus ministry.

There were two people that were zealots.
Zealots were were really secretly assassinating roman soldiers.

Did you know that if you check it out, zealots had were carried a weapon and they would uh isolate a soldier and kill them secretly, and they were.
They were doing this clandestine to to try to rid uh.
That of the roman of the roman government, and if you study this about the zealots you'll understand why judas did what he did judas did what he did, because he had unrealistic expectations of what jesus was to do because of that.

It didn't work out in judas's.
Mind so he sold him out thinking i'll make a couple bucks out of it, because this guy is not going to set himself up as king and i've already seen him walk on water.

I've seen him walk through crowds, so he's he's not going to he's not gon na fall under their hands.

He's gon na land on his feet like a cat, so he thought jesus would just deliver himself and keep going so judas was seeing if he could make some money off of this deal and he thought well.
This guy is not going to sell himself off a king, i'm just going to push it to that boundary.
So so you saw how that worked for him.

Okay, so jesus doesn't do what they expected as the messiah for israel.
He gets crucified.
So everybody leaves him.

Everybody leaves him because it didn't turn out the way that they thought but see it.

Jesus announced that he was going to die that he was going to be crucified.

He told them on the third day after he was crucified.

This is why he's living he tells them i'm going to be risen from the dead on the third day.

How many people were waiting at the tomb three days after he was crucified zero? No one was okay, so you can see where unrealistic expectations got people not to perceive what was happening in the spirit realm.

Okay, so jesus came back and he he walked around the countryside for 40 days.


Ministering about the kingdom of god.
That's what it says in the book of acts: chapter 1 preached on the kingdom of god for 40 days, not one soldier not pilot, not not rome.
No one stopped him all the people that were risen out of their graves, because at that, when jesus died, many were risen from the dead when, when people, but people came out of their graves, it says they wandered around the cities.

So you know this god around, and you know that that that all these individuals it got to caesar you know it got to caesar you know it got to pilate.
You know that that uh, everyone was really worried about what had happened.
Okay, that that is, jesus trying to show us that he usurps all authority that he goes beyond and he always succeeds at god's intention.

So it is with your life.
Unrealistic expectations placed on individuals will cause disappointment every single time.
You know one of the things that i can tell you that, though you know that doesn't always go over well, but i enjoy it anyway, because but um the lord showed me uh in psalms 23, that david wrote.

You know this is an unrealistic expectation because uh they treat a pastor as though they're paying him a salary to do a job, and they have this job description of what a pastor is supposed to do but see really.
Honestly, the job description is in in psalms, 23.
David said.

The lord is my shepherd or my pastor.
I shall lack nothing.
Okay, all right.

He leads me besides still waters right and he makes me to lie down in green pastures.

Okay, where - and there does it say he makes me drink and he makes me eat come on.
He doesn't say that he says he leads me to stillwater and he makes me lay down in green pastures.

I, in other words the lord is my shepherd.
I lack nothing.
He leads me to the place to drink.

He causes me to lie down in green pastures, but he doesn't.

He doesn't shove it down your throat.
He doesn't make you drink or eat.

Okay, so unrealistic expectations would cause you to think.
Well, you know my pastor's not doing my my his job or that prophet's not doing his job or that apostle.
You know, and you start blaming it on the five-fold ministry of the church.

Well, what is the five-fold ministry of the church called to do? Build you up so that you come into maturity? That means that you get out of diapers, you hand your bottle in, and you get a fork and a knife, and you start eating meat and you start to mature and you you don't cry every time.
You don't have your way.
Okay, i feel better now but anyway, and i'm not even a pastor, you know, but what i'm telling you is that these unrealistic expectations will go into every area of your life.

Your pastor is supposed to provide a place for you, where you're safe, where he watches for wolves so that false doctrine doesn't get in and he causes you.

He gives you a place to sit that you can eat that you can drink.

You can drink of the spirit you can eat of the word of god.

That's what he's supposed to do and and if you don't eat it and you don't drink it, you can't blame him or her for doing that.
Yeah, i said her, but this is.

Is the process that god established okay, so getting into this with with marriage? You can't you can't you can't say okay.
This is what i expect of my spouse that they're going to do this this and this for me, and you know, that's not that's! That's the same idea, is you don't you don't place those kind of demands on people and i've heard even even people that are uh that were that were presidents of of of the schools that i went to? They would say you know this is what i expected.
My wife and they would tell us in class when we were being trained and i'm thinking well, you know you know what does she think about that? You know, and i was i was thinking you know.

No, what you need is a maid.
You know i i thought that i hope i don't get in trouble for this, but i thought well.
No, what you need is a maid.

You don't need a wife, you need a mate, you know, in other words like they're supposed to fix your meals, and you know, do your sewing and do the gardening and all that it's like you know those those days are over.
Those days are over, i mean uh.

Today, uh most of us have to both of us.
We we both had the work you know so so unrealistic expectations about relationships will cause you to be disappointed, disappointed.


Okay, so you get my point, i'm being i'm being extra extra tough here, because i'm making a point.

The the idea here is that, in your life, the spirit of god will lead you into to place where there's still waters and in a place where there is a place to eat.
Where you have good food and the shepherd is to guard you.
While you go down and drink while you go down and eat so that, while you're eating and drinking no ravenous wolf, any no bear, no lion can come and grab you.

That is what he's supposed to do and this in a marriage in a marriage.

We're supposed to watch out for each other me and kathy watch out for each other so like when i'm i'm not watching or thinking then she'll say something or she'll help me with something when i forgot to do something: she'll do it for me, the same with With me like, if, if i notice something's not done i'll, just go and do it and then we we work together to get it done, but we don't put that unrealistic expectation, because this is the problem.
When you do this you're you're saying well, that person doesn't meet my needs, it's like no, no god's supposed to meet your needs.

According to his riches, in glory he's going to meet all your needs he's exceedingly above, and you can't put this expectation on a certain person because it listen.
The lord has many ways of helping you, but he gave he gave the a woman to a man as a help meet because he saw that wasn't good for a man to be alone, so he gave man a woman.
He didn't give a man, another man, he gave man a woman and that woman was a help me to help him and - and this was part of god's plan - okay.

But if that person's not able to help in a certain way, then you've got to understand that that you can't be unrealistic and expect something when sometimes maybe you just need to do it yourself.

Maybe you just need to step it up and help each other out.

It's the same way with with when i was at work.

When i was at work, i saw that people didn't do what they were supposed to do.
Well, i didn't say anything i just went and i did it so i was doing other people's jobs all the time, but yet there were times where, where people i was working with, they saw that i hadn't done something they they covered for me and they they Did it and we helped each other and we we ran the airline that way.
We ran the whole corporation by watching each other's back and helping each other, and we didn't.

We didn't place unrealistic expectations on different departments, because we we wanted the overall unity to cause.
This company to go to the top and southwest airlines, went to went from a very small airline to a very large airline very quickly, and you know i spent 29 years of my life learning about what it was like to have a team and work.
As a team to to get a company profitable and effective and productive so so it is with all your relationships if you are putting unrealistic expectations on jesus, so if you're making your will his will, then what you've done is you haven't checked in with him? You have no relationship with him, you're placing a demand on him and you don't even know what he has to say about it.

It may be that he doesn't plan on pushing rome out so to speak.
Maybe he has another plan, and, and so in your life, he may have you stay single when you want to be married, but what if he doesn't trust the the person that you want to marry? What if he doesn't trust that person? What if, if he knows that person, isn't ready for marriage? What if you're waiting to meet this person - and you don't meet him? Well, maybe it's because god knows that person's not ready.
Yet maybe he knows that you're not ready yet, and did you ever think of that that that the other person is probably wanting uh just as much as you do in a maid, and so god will do this.

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