Transcription: PART 3 "Lord, Help Me To Understand Myself!" - Kevin Zadai - YouTube

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, hmm, hmm , oh , so fired , hey [ Applause, ], in glory; , hello, everyone, dr kevin zeta with you with word, notes.

Welcome to our session three of lord.
I want to understand myself and i'm excited about what god's doing all over the world.


Thank you for joining me.

Make sure you tell your friends too as well that we're on live right now, and i want to talk to you a little bit about some of the things that the lord has put on my heart things that he's taught me that will help you and i'm I'm i'm i'm really happy that there are shortcuts and um there are shortcuts to to walking with god on this this earth.
Now those shortcuts they're they're not always the easy way because um, if it's more how you yield to the spirit, it's more, how you cooperate with the holy spirit and so there are shortcuts.
But that's going to cost you and i remember a man of god who everybody would know a world-known man of god.

That told me he said you know you're going to have the same ministry.
I have but it's going to cost you everything and then he said he said you're going to die, you know and i don't think he meant literally, that i was going to die.
But i did, i did die literally, but he he told me that my will is going to be taken to the point where all i think about my first reaction is: what's the lord saying: what's he want okay, so um? I want you to to really connect up with jesus right now, connect up with the lord all over the world and let's get some things done tonight in in in within ourselves.

Let's resolve some things.
One of the things that i didn't understand about myself was.
I didn't understand the the feeling of not things not being resolved.

There was like this this this i would i would it was like i um i was hurting, but i didn't know why, and i didn't know why, like i took things a certain way, all the time and and then i realized, my perception is wrong, and so I want to talk to you tonight about that, but first i want to.
I want to say that uh all of you over the world you're praying for for uh, the lord's will in this in this nation of the united.

We're starting states see history being made, and it's because all of you all over the world are believing with us that the perfect will of god will be done, and we we.

We know that the perfect will of god is revealed by god speaking his word to us by the spirit, and we also know that we can participate in the perfect.
Will god, according to romans, chapter 12, verse, 2 and 3, where it says that once we present our bodies as a living sacrifice, which is our our reasonable service, then also we need to renew our minds.

So we take care of our bodies by disciplining them and telling them that the body is the temple of the holy spirit and uh our bodies, not our own, like paul said, then we go ahead and hand ourselves over our will over to god, so we transform.

We get transformation in our minds, it says by the renewing of it by the word of god, so our mind needs renewed.
Our will needs renewed.
Our emotions need renewed see.

Your spirit is born again when you give your life to the lord, but your body and your mind they're the same the next morning i mean after i got born again.
My spirit was lit up with the power of god.


It's never gone out, and that was in 1980.

So that's 40 years ago, just the last week when i i gave my life to the lord and my spirit has been lit up ever since okay, but my body and my mind two different things.

Besides my spirit, they were the same the next day.
I i had you know my mind, still thought the same things and my my body, one, you know, still wanted to do the same things i had to tell myself listen.

You know this is what we're gon na do and then my body would scream and then my mind would like you know.
Well, you know that really didn't happen and it would try to reason away the born-again experience and so but uh, let's just face it.
Paul did say that there's three parts to us: the apostle paul said in in first thessalonians, chapter 5, verse 23 - that we have three parts to us.

He said he talked about the spirit, the soul and the body three parts.
Okay, so we know that in this country that there is a perfect will of god, but how much of that perfect will, god that happens is really up to us yielding as people? So the human beings on the earth have to yield okay, so the spirit of this world has wreaked havoc on humanity and the the thief has come to steal and kill and destroy, and it's pretty obvious that god, almighty yahweh, is not in charge of this earth Because of all the the killing stealing and destroying this happened.
Okay, but jesus came to give you life and life more abundantly, so he went around healing people and doing uh good uh.

He was healing everyone that was oppressed of the devil according to acts 10 38.
But the thief was stealing killing and destroying, but jesus said that's not me.
I've come to give you life, okay, all right.

So that's how we judge it.
We judge it by a renewed mind that says you know.
The word of god says that the thief comes to kill, steal and destroy.

We know that the devil's a thief.

Okay, so that all being said, it's come to the place where people that are in charge of our country, some of them uh, are not following what god would want done so because of that, there's decisions that have been made through the years that really don't represent Uh, christianity or the bible, so there's a great part of our country and in the world in your country there are.
There is a significant amount of people that are christians who believe in god, which means they believe in the bible, which means they believe in righteousness and justice.

Truth uh.
They believe in an accountability, and things like that.


So what has happened in our country is.

We have allowed people to make decisions like killing.
Babies like having babies killed that are unborn when it clearly says in psalms 139 that each day, one of our days was written a book before one of them came to pass and that god saw our bodies being formed in our mother's womb.
It says it says he saw our unformed body in in a mother's womb.

So you know you can't you can't say that that isn't a real person you know in the womb.

Okay, so because of this uh, the bottom line is, i felt like i needed to to put out some prayer points in a book called it's time to take our country back and it's time right now to do that.
So these prayer points are things that jesus said: listen just tell the believers to start to pray, to take their authority and let's go ahead and see the spiritual part of this taken care of and then watch the manifestation of it in the coming months.

So he warned me about some things that were going to happen.
If we don't pray, so we have stopped a lot of that.
All of you out there that have prayed in the body of messiah in the body of jesus christ in in the world.

We have stopped a lot of things from happening.
That would have happened in fact, um the the there was a a another disease that was to pop up.
There was the renewal of the disease.

That's that's uh rampant right now there was a lot of things that have not happened because we prayed and there's uh there's things that that are starting to it seems, like things are starting to slow down with in certain areas of certain cities.

Things like that, where we're not seeing the riots and things like that, but that doesn't mean we just stop praying.
It means that we we keep praying.

So i say that all this that thank you for praying and thank you for standing with us.
We've seen september clear up and - and we see that that there is a lot of indictments coming out through our justice, our judicial system.
But we need to continue to pray through october that all these things are revealed and then we need to vote.

We need to go to the polls and vote and we need to take our country back okay.
So i'm saying that all because i i feel like the lord is is saying to me, even though this is a spirit school about understanding yourself.
I want you to understand that part of your purpose on this earth is to make history in this generation that you will see when you get to heaven that, because you prayed, because you stood your ground for for the uh, the uh unborn child, because you you Gave them a voice by saying no we're gon na get rid of that whole thing.

We're not gon na allow abortion to happen any longer.
We're going to take a stand against that we're going to take a stand.
You're misread, you know, like people, are misrepresenting uh.

What we believe in and they're saying, okay, we, we represent the people but yet like well, not me, i mean you know, i'm not going to allow abortion to happen on you know.
I don't agree with that.
Well see because you pray, you take care of the spiritual entities that are behind this, and then you start to see the manifestation of it in in the way that that the leadership has to change and start to represent the majority, which i believe is going to Become more and more christian majority in this country - and i know because the lord has put on my heart that there was 20 percent of you that didn't vote and you're going to vote in this election.

The lord told me in my spirit and that's why i'm doing all this? That's why i did the prayer points.
Is that just the 20 percent? That's going to vote this time that didn't last time that this will determine the the history and the direction of our country for the next several years, and it will continue on through many years ahead the the precedent that's been set here.
We need to be praying for our leadership right now.

We need to be praying and, speaking in in the spirit, speaking and praying in tongues, praying out the mysteries that the apostle paul talked about, and he he told us that he prays in tongues.
More than all of us, so we need to pray in the spirit we need to pray in the understanding we need to prophesy.
We need to take a stand against these evil spirits that are working through people.

They are manifesting.
I'm listening to people that are in leadership and i'm listening to them talk and it's literally a demon, it's literally a demonic spirit speaking through some of these individuals, and so we have to come against that.

So that being said, i have that book out there on amazon and and it's it's being offered in the kindle and in the hard copy, and i made it at a price where uh people can afford it, because i just want people to pray and so that All this goes to warrior notes.
It doesn't go to me or my wife or anything.

It goes to the expenses for the for the ministry, but i'm doing this so that we can make history.

The subtitle is is that we are going to be history makers.
It's how to pray to be a history maker in this generation so anyway, that being said, uh the other thing that the lord had had put on my heart this week, besides uh launching this book, which has just been launched, it's only been out uh two days Now the other thing that i wanted to tell you that i was launching is that i'm going to be praying for the sick uh at every spirit school, because i i am still over, but i didn't sleep again last night, so i i was overburdened by all The prayer requests that are coming in uh the comments that you're making on youtube, because i look at every comment.
So i'm looking and i'm seeing all the people that are asking for prayer and we haven't even had global prayer.

Yet we're going to be having question and answers tomorrow, night right we're going to be having that at 6, 30 central time we're going to be doing question and answers on this subject and all my students are giving me the questions so that i can answer them And then, on uh friday night we're going to have global prayer and you can send in your request for prayer on on the youtube channel on the facebook channel and then we're going to and on warrior notes, channel the warriorknots.
tv and we're going to pray for you.
I have a group of people that know how to pray and and we're going to be in the upper room and we're going to be praying for your requests.

So that'll be friday night at 6, 30, but tomorrow night be question and answer.
So you need to tune in because we've got like uh at least 30 or 40 questions i got to go through and hopefully i can get through them all.
But i'm going to pray for you now uh uh, because the lord asked me to to talk about the prayer points and then pray for the people that that they would receive their healing uh.

So i'm gon na do that.
The prayer point is this: praying in the spirit is so important that you will never know the importance of it until you get to heaven.

That's how important it is because when you, when you're you see clearly and and you see from the perception of god from his standpoint, how important it is that the holy spirit was in your life.

You can't really operate fully in everything that that you have.
Unless you understand it and when i was with jesus, i saw how important it was to pray and that it does change history and that things will not happen on that.
We we've seen things not happen on this earth because we decided that we're just not going to let them happen, we've not permitted them and that we've got to pray against riots.

We've got to pray against disruption of supply.
We've got to pray against any kind of disease that wants to pop itself up.
You know the lord had warned me about another disease being popped up.

We saw uh certain things being popped up and then it just went away and we've we've not seen that come forth, and so we're going to keep praying against anything new that could pop up we're going to pray that the virus completely goes away.
No new virus and not a resurgence and then we're going to pray that that, when this election comes, that everyone gets to vote their conscience and that it represents justice.
It represents the true vote and that the supreme court will make the decision and this will will go into the next phase of the united states.

So that being said, it's very important to pray in the spirit, if you don't pray in the spirit, ask the lord to fill you with the holy spirit.

Jesus told us that the holy spirit was going to come on the day of pentecost and he did so.
You can yield to the spirit and pray in the spirit, speaking with other tongues, as it talks about in the book of acts and also in first corinthians.


Chapter 12 and chapter 14 talk about this and also in romans, chapter 8, verse.
It talks about the spirit coming in in our weakness and praying out the will of god helping us to pray, the right prayers, prayers that come from the spirit.

He helps us and intercedes within us for us that prayers, that we can't utter ourselves, and so this is part of god's plan.
So this is a prayer point that jesus gave me: we've got to pray and get everybody on the earth right now, praying in the spirit and and worshiping god in spirit and in truth, and proclaiming the goodness of god and and telling people that that god is Not bringing all these terrible things upon upon people, he loves people, he wants them saved.

This is because the devil is allowed to do these things he's the god of this world and he's the one that's in control.

We have to take our authority as a believer and stop him.
We've got to arrest him, we have a deputy badge, we're the new sheriff in town and we are to say you know not my country, you know.
Even i saw that uh the president of tanzania.

He said you know what we're not going to have that in our country.

He said we just told the devil to go and he said we're not going to lock down we're not going to do any of these things.
So you know we need to do that in the united states as well.

We need to say you know what uh this.
This is god's country where we're going to take it back for god, and so anyway, i'm going to pray right now and you all believe with me father in the name of jesus.
I thank you that everyone will yield to the spirit and pray in the spirit right now and pray at least 10 minutes a day in the spirit for this country and for these elections and for the process of weeding out the evil in this country.

We thank you, lord, that all those who have determined to come come against you, father and and work against you that they will be exposed and that they will will be found out and punished in the name of jesus they'll be found out that attorney general barr.
Will have the the uh power and the strength to bring forth the indictments and that they would come forth and that righteousness would reign in this land of the united states and all over the world.


And i thank you, father also uh, for for um.

The process of this nation uh becoming what you plan for it to be, and that was a a launch pad for missionaries and for the gospel being preached and financed all over the world that you prospered this nation, because we named it one nation under god, and Now, lord god you're going to bring us back to that, so that we can help other nations help other people help them, lord god, in their in their endeavors on this earth, we can be the missionary uh launching pad that we're supposed to be - and i thank You for it the name of jesus, and i asked lord - that you had touched people in in their body right now, father you sent jesus.
Jesus took stripes upon his back.
He took sickness upon him.

He suffered and died for us that we may be healed and by his stripes.
We were healed according to saint peter, and i thank you for it in the name of jesus right now, the healing power of god, angels of the lord go forth and, minister to those who are getting inherent salvation all over the world, receive your feeling.
I feel the power of god.


There's miracles happening right now in the name of jesus in the name of jesus, and we take back our country.
We take back our country, the united states, right now in the name of jesus, we break the powers that are operating through everyone in leadership, any powers of evil that are working.

We bind them, we forbid them to speak, we forbid them to operate in the name of jesus, and we thank you, lord god, that the angel of the lord, the angels that are that are assigned to the united states that they will be free to work in Those who cooperate and that righteousness and justice would reign, and at the united states, all the people of the united states that they would be well represented in their will and not in the will of people who are working against this nation or working against god.

We are one nation under god, and that's the way it's going to be.

Thank you, father for for righteousness reigning.

Thank you for healing those who are sick all over the world.


Thank you for giving them visitation and revelation at night right, starting right now, father in the name of jesus, the name of jesus hey.
Well, thank you for uh letting me do that and i i appreciate you letting me take the time to minister to you in those two areas of of knowing what's going on, spiritually right now in the world, and knowing also that that god wants to heal people.

All over the world that that the enemy overplayed his hand by this disease he's overplayed his hand and now um it's time for those who are anointed to minister healing all the gifts of the spirit, including working of miracles and gifts of healing and gifts of faith.
That they would start to operate right now in the name of jesus that they would operate in the people, children up to the adults that they would all operate in the gifts of the spirit, with healing the power of healing coming back to the church.
Coming back to the body - and i thank you that that you, you will take communion that you will acknowledge the body of christ by taking those as uh implements of of the uh bread and the and the wine, and you would just you would just take communion That the representation of christ's body and his blood, and that you would acknowledge that jesus died for you not just so you won't go to hell, but that you could walk in health that you could be set free and delivered from the devil and um.

You know i just want the body of christ to mature and be the the bride that that she is and on this earth and then jesus is going to come back and get us, but he's going to come back for a church without spot or wrinkle.
So it's time for us to let the holy spirit cause us to get ready for that wedding feast and then he's going to get us ready and get us dressed up and ready to go okay.
So i want to talk to you a little bit about some of the things that you might.

You might understand, uh better by by me just expressing them that i've gone through these things with with um understanding myself.
I always wondered why, when somebody would compliment me that i would um downplay it and uh would say something like well, you know i really had trouble with with uh.
With my hair, like when i had long hair, you know.

Oh you know, your hair looks good.
You'll say: well, you know, and you notice, when you uh talk to people and you compliment about something they they kind of downplay like well.
You know i had trouble with it today or and you're just trying to say it looks nice.

You know i like that suit.
Well, you know you know, and then they always have something to say about you know like and they downplay and what it is.
Is people really don't know how to take? Compliments wow and it's really.

It's really strange.
I couldn't take a compliment and i'm going to tell you this it's going to blow you away, but see that really is pride.

Not being able to take a compliment is is just as much pride as as uh glory and all that attention and taking compliments and saying, oh yeah.

I know i know i'm you know you know it's just as bad, so here's what happens is.
Is that you don't feel good about yourself and you feel rejected and you're you're going through these these different cycles, where there's demonic cycles, where satan comes in with his cohorts and they they kind of get you in a cycle of rejection.
So you you have these things that happen to you continually because there's a demonic spirit.

That's that knows how to get you.
He knows how to push your button and they they develop you into a response, type thing and it's a cycle.
So once you break that, once you start laughing at the devil and go you know, that's that's old stuff.

You know that doesn't work anymore.

The demon doesn't know what to do.
They're like oh i've lost them, you know and that demons are like.

I just lost them.
I just lost them, it's not working anymore.
Well, they they don't have a plan b, so they just go and find somebody weaker, and you know they're there everybody's just saying like okay.

What did he just say that sounds way too easy, but see devil these devils? They don't operate, they don't think like we do they're, desperate and if they don't get results, they just go to someone else, but they're assigned to you to keep a curse going to your next generation.
So if you mess that up, if you're a curse, breaker like jesus was a curse, breaker and you become a curse breaker then then what happens is? Is you don't operate in rejection anymore, see it's all about the rejection of the fall of man in the in the garden, so these demons know that if they can keep you in the fall of the garden and and not let you operate in the redemption that Jesus bought for us, if you don't uh, encounter the benefits of the redemption, then the demons are excited about that they they they want.
You like, they don't want you to have like like.

If you need a your car is falling apart and you need a new car, they don't want you to have a new car.

They want you to like be at risk on the highway.
If you go over 45 miles an hour, your car starts falling apart.

They they they love it that a christian would just have something that's falling apart, and but if you do get a new car, then they want you to be afraid to even drive it.
So you don't take advantage of the benefits of of of having that new car, so you're always polishing it, and if a squirrel even looks at it, you're like get away from there.
You know like birds or if they even like, think about landing on your car.

You know and you're sitting there, but then you know the thing that is.
Is that you don't enjoy it.
So you you, you know what is better.

You know like it's.
It's like um and when i was in bible college uh, the students were afraid because their bible was so sacred.
You know and we'd be sitting there and um.

The the head of the college would say: okay, write this in your bible underneath this verse so that you can remember this, you know and no one would do it and he goes listen.
He goes if you can't write in your bible, he said then go get.
One you can, he said, go buy one that you can.

You know and he'll say yes, you know.
What's good, is the bible, if you don't uh, apply it to your life by writing, notes in it, and so people wouldn't write in their bible, but then they would forget what it was.
That was said, and so if you have a notepad, it's okay, but then, when you're reading your bible, if you have the notes right there, then you can remember the revelation that was was done.

So this is.
This is the thing if you're operating in rejection, you you're not going to understand yourself because you're going to be in a cycle that it seems like it can't be broken, and what will happen is that you develop these habits.
What you do to compensate for this rejection, you, you uh, you do something to bring stability to your life.

Now most people in the world.
What they would do is if they would feel rejected or something they would do something to feel accepted, or they would do do something like they would take a drug or people would start to smoke or do something to attach themselves where they could have a comfort Zone and they can identify with that comfort zone.

So a lot of people they'll eat to because it gives them a feeling of of being safe and full.

And the word is satiated, so they feel like they're, they're, they're, full and satisfied, and that is an area of comfort.
And what happens is that people start running to that so every time they feel uh rejected or depressed they'll just go eat something, but a lot of times it's something like a sugar high or or something like that, and then then that gets into smoking and drugs And alcohol and and sexual perversion, and things like that, just just to find a place where you feel safe.
Where and you go in your mind somewhere to make a world that you feel safe in but then it's it's not um.

It's not really real and with me the lord, when i was in heaven, i saw that my imagination could frame the in my mind, the throne of god, and i could i could frame in my mind that there were angels around me that were assigned to me To do whatever was needed in my life, and then i saw where um you know i couldn't run to food, i couldn't run to alcohol and drugs, and things like that.


I would have to run to god, and it was interesting that david king david, when something would happen, he would run to god and repent but saul.
He didn't do that.

So saul was another king, but he even ended up going to the witch of endor to get information because you know samuel had died and samuel was the only person that he had latched himself onto, but he had disappointed god and disobeyed god and then samuel.
You know was was like you're done and then um so saul went around and did the wrong thing and that's what people do like if they can't hear from god, then they'll go to to somebody like a that's a really a witch.
You know like they'll, go and get their palm read or their tarot cards and things like that uh, that's just inquiring of familiar spirits and they'll they'll tell you what they want you to know what they want you to hear and um you can't.

You can't rely on your fortune cookie.
You can't rely on on these different things, uh that are random to make you feel better.
You know you want to get to this place where you're not rejected anymore, so that when, when you get complimented, you say, thank you and you say thank you.

That's very nice, and you look fine too, and you just give it right back and you don't think anything of it.
You you.
You have to learn to take compliments, but that you also have to learn that that it rejection can cause you to have pride that protects you that you want to protect yourself.

You have to accept a compliment, but you don't let it come to the place where you're you're allowing it to feed your pride.
You know you don't feed your pride.
Where you do you rely on compliments see.

I i've learned not to rely on compliments, but i don't.
I don't rely on people that are very critical either that say bad things either either one is not good.
I mean you know, you know, i don't go by what people say about me or say about someone else.

I go by what god says and um and i go by what what a person's fruit is in their life.
So, like i, i don't go by.
Compliments and i don't go by criticism either i go by the fact that i hear from god and i'm accepted by him so um.

I know that, if he's telling me to do something that that i'm gon na do it and that everything's going to work out in the end, but a spiritual person is not subject to any man's criticism or judgment.
But a spiritual person is judged by a spiritual person, so a spiritual person can judge spiritual things, but a carnal person cannot judge spiritual things and that's what paul was saying to the corinthians in first corinthians.



Chapter 2 is that they, a spiritual person, can make discernments or judgments about all things that are spiritual but he's not subject to a carnal person's judgment and carnal people.

They don't understand the spirit of god.
They don't understand.
So if you're operating in the spirit, then you can discern that when a person's saying something nice to you that you can just say thank you.

You know.
I appreciate that and um take that, but you don't like build your whole life and you're.
You don't build yourself on that because um, you know things will change it's just like the wet people can be just like the weather.

You know one day, they're really happy with you and it's a great sunny day and then it starts raining.
And then you know, people can change just at the flip of a hat because of the spiritual atmosphere, and so people will really reveal their colors even in what they say.

They'll, be speaking by demons and just like peter who said: thou art, the christ, the son and living god to jesus, and then the next day he's telling him that he's not going to jerusalem and die and jesus calls him satan.

As he said that he goes get behind me satan, so that was just like within a 24-hour period, so even even saint peter was yielding to the spirit one day and then yielding to an evil spirit the next day.
So you can tell by what people are saying if it's uh, what spirit it's of based on on the fruit of that, but for you, you have to get out of rejection because pride i found is a covering for rejection.
That's good! You know in fact um.

If people don't get compliments and that's what they rely on, then they're they're they're devastated that people didn't notice their their clothes or their hair.
I remember at work one day you know i'm not thinking that guys are like this.
So like we were.

I was flying with a guy and um.
He had come out of the cockpit and uh he's standing there talking to me and we're just talking he goes.

Did you notice that i've lost 60 pounds and i thought yeah you did.

He goes.
He goes hus come.
Nobody knows he says you have no idea how hard that was to lose 60 pounds and he had lost his weight and then he had been away from work and then he came back and then he's just like waiting for people to see that he's.

Like i mean i'm talking less several sizes smaller, but um, you know like as a guy to a guy.
I don't really notice that kind of stuff.

You know i mean you got to have like a something pretty big different about you for me to notice.

You know, but anyway, it's kind of funny that he was like really like.

You have no idea how hard that was man i mean you know.
I was eating cardboard for the last six weeks.

You know and um i just started laughing because he was like really had built it up to where he would be more accepted, uh, not being overweight.
Now that he would be thin, you know and he had built that up and then, when he said nobody's noticing - and i thought well, you know i didn't think you know he's got the best job in the world and you know he was a very nice person And a very good pilot, so i just figure you know we just come to work to do our job and go home.

I didn't know that like uh, he had based so much of what he had done on being noticed.

You know so when you are like that, i'm telling you it's a setup for failure, because people are not going to notice that so to understand yourself.




If you do something, if you lose weight, you lose it because you want to lose it, you lose it for you! Okay, if you, if you want to cut your hair short and everybody likes it long, but you like it short, then you know, then that's what you do.
You cut it short because but in other words, you've got to love yourself.

You've got to love your neighbor, but you got to love your neighbor as yourself jesus said, so you can love yourself.
So everything you do.
You should do it because you want to do it.

Don't do it because you want people to notice you and i'm telling you this.
If you want to understand yourself, is that you reward yourself for for uh working hard, you you, you do special things.
I i do special things.

We celebrate every time that i come out with a new book.
I work so hard.
You know how hard we work to get a book out or a study guide out or uh just to do it.

These shows just to do this one tonight what it takes.
What my staff has to do and everything that goes into this? It looks so simple to you, but it's there's a lot involved, but i don't um.
I don't do it so that i can see how many of you compliment me on it or anything like that.

I do because i know the spirit of the lord wants to minister and that he's going to do it.
So i reward myself.
I say you know i did everything right and i'm going to deliver this tonight and then i'm going to go home and i'm just going to celebrate that once again, i did what god wanted me to do and that's enough so there's no rejection see there's no Rejection happening, there's, no, i'm not depending upon this, and so this is another thing.

If you want to understand yourself, you have to understand that you need to be rewarded, but you need to do it for yourself.
Okay, so if you want to improve yourself in any way, you don't do it so that you can be noticed, you do it because you love yourself and it's okay to love yourself, and you know, and jesus said it love your neighbor as yourself.
So you can love yourself, but there is a healthy, loving yourself.

Now, i'm not talking about worshiping yourself and i'm not talking about doing things so that you can be noticed.

You know, of course, that's wrong, okay, so what is it? That's bothering you right now that you can change okay, so you change it, but you do it for yourself! Okay, you you have.
You have to do some things for yourself, god's, a rewarder of those who diligently seek him so he's going to reward you if you diligently seek him, so you can expect that reward.

Jesus told me this in person.

You know, take it or leave it, but he said kevin.
He said i was in the desert for 40 days.

I got tempted, i he i got tempted by the devil he said, but after i was tempted, it says that angels came and ministered to me and he said you tell the people that if they are being tempted by the devil, they should expect angel visitation.
Come on, that's what he told me and how many of you have when you go through a terrible time, how many of you are like? Okay? That means i'm going to have an angel visitation soon like like today.
How many times has the devil tempted you today and uh? Have you ever thought of this that even the son of god, who was the son of man that was tempted in the desert? It says that angels came and ministered to him after he passed all his tests.

So why should we expect angel visitation? I mean, i think i need it more than jesus.
Did you know right i mean don't we think, but you see there's things in the bible.
That'll show you that you you, when you jesus uh, didn't feel rejected because he's being tempted of the devil, he didn't feel like that.

The father had rejected him to let you know like he could have said.
You know why.
Why is the father letting this happen to me? You know, why is the devil even allowed to talk to me like this? No, he took it as there's a reward coming for my obedience, that's good! You get it.

So when you don't operate in rejection anymore, you you, you start to understand yourself that you reward yourself.
So i reward myself by saying lord.
I just want to sit here in your presence, and this is what i do every night when i go home after tonight.

I will do this, i will go home and i'll sit in his presence and i will let him speak to me and i'll.
Let him tell me what he wants me to know about what i just did, and he tells me thank you for ministering to my people.
He tells me that all the time he said, thank you for doing that and thank you for the price you paid.

Thank you that when, when you get to heaven you're going to see the fruit of your labor and and i won't get that on earth, i might get people uh saying terrible things, but i know that i did what god told me to do so anyway.
I i need to talk to you about this.
If you want to understand yourself, you are made.

Are you ready for this you're made within you to be rewarded, so everything you do? Is you want to be rewarded for it so in in a rejection state pride comes in and you want to be noticed see.
So what jesus says is: listen if you really want to impress god don't let your your other hand know what your or your right hand is doing.
Don't let your left hand know what your right hand is doing, give in secrets so so that nobody knows and and give to people that can't give back to you like they can't can't pay you back.

Okay, like that's like okay, so i got ta.
I got a given secret so that no one knows i'm a good person and then i'm like a giver.
You know and i got ta give to people that can't pay me back.

So you know so.
Everybody like oh yeah, i'll, give i'll give that 100 bucks to that millionaire because that millionaires can be like whoa.
You know, and you think well, okay, if i could just work this system see jesus jesus was trying to deal with pride.

There he's trying to deal with this area of rejection where we want to get noticed for things instead of letting god reward us.

So i hope that you understand what i'm saying, okay, so to understand yourself.




You are right in expecting to be rewarded, but you cannot demand that from the people around you, you cannot manipulate that you've got to, let god reward you and it might take a while.

You know - and it's not god's fault - it's because we're in a broken world.

Daniel prayed, he did everything he was supposed to do.
Daniel fasted and prayed and you'd expect.

If daniel did that that that angel should have showed up right away, but it took 21 days, but the angel said: listen.
We were actually told and sent to you the day.
You start praying, but we've been fighting.

These spiritual forces of wickedness that are over nations and daniel saw the spirit realm and he realized i'm not be.

I was not rejected.
I was actually accepted god.

It's answering my prayers, so human beings, if you want to understand yourself, you, human beings, are, are made to be on a reward system.
So we like to be complimented and we like to be rewarded for doing uh, good, good works and and good behavior, and it's even in our work workforce.
You know it's even in our our culture at work, we had.

We got rewarded at work for all kinds of different things that we did and we shared in the profits of our country of our of our company and because of our company being prosperous uh.
The employees were prosperous and a lot of a lot of southwest airlines.
Employees were millionaires when they retired and uh it didn't matter what position you were in because they shared in the profits through through the stock uh that they gave us because they were rewarding us, because we were part of the profitability of our company.

So it's the same with god.
He rewards those who diligently seek him so focus on god and focus on his reward system and don't worry about people in the sense of don't expect people to be the ones that are going to respond and be the way that god will reward you.
Let god determine how that's going to be.

I i have had things happen to me that people weren't involved with it at all.
I mean some of the things that i've received from god: uh people.
If it were up to people, i still i still wouldn't have received it, but god had his way.

I had supernatural things happen to me where it was.
It was god himself who did it and, and i've had god visit me where he had to tell me something, because people that were sent to tell me they didn't tell me, and god had to come and jesus had to come on his own or an angel Had to come and tell me - and i knew it and in fact you understand, like you've, seen me pick up instruments that i can't play, but i can play them under the power of god.


I i can pick up 14 different instruments now if it was the lord's way of doing it, i could just play different instruments, but if, if the lord's, not with me on it, if i don't feel him in that, i can't i i don't do well at All it's actually pretty scary, but i was told that there were other people that were supposed to do this and because they didn't do it, the lord said i want you to do it.

I want you to provoke people to jealousy that there are so many people out there.

He told me that are gifted that they're, not using their gift.

So here i am a flight attendant praising tongues and i'm picking up instruments and playing them and making albums.

And my wife's watching me do this right out of the box.
My dad was a professional musician.
He watched me pull things out of the box and play them and he said there's no way you can do that, there's no way.

He said.
I know how hard it is to play that and um he's watched me, and this is because god will reward you, god will provoke the enemy by favoring you, but sometimes he has to do it himself.
So he's told me even what i'm doing now is is supposed to be done by other people, and you know i i should be able to rest more than i'm resting, but because i've got to get out there and encourage people in the good works so that Every one of you can start to do this and in in whatever way god has called you to then i can start to back off and because i i don't want it to be about me, it's never been about me and you know.

If people really know me, they know that i'm just i just want to be in retirement, you know and uh.
You know.
When god said you know you can retire.

I was all excited, so i i retired from my company and he goes well retirement.
I'm getting you new tires for your car hit the road and he just told me to hit the road, and so here i am i'm flying all over the place and speaking because, because god has his way but he's rewarding me for all the years that me, My wife watched me study for years.
I would study all the time i was studying the bible all the time since, since we were, we were married.

I would study, study, study, do word studies for years years and years didn't even didn't even have a place to teach i taught at sunday school and now look god.
God just lets the spirit, the spirit of god just bring all that scripture out of me studying.
I don't i don't have to have my bible open.

I know the scriptures, i know exactly what god's saying about something you see, i'm not rejected anymore, i'm accepted, but i had.
I had to be diligent and let god reward me and not not.
Take the compliments of man or take the criticism of man, and so this is a big thing and i know i've spent a lot of time on this particular one, but this is so important.

This is the problem that i'm seeing is is rejection that satan keeps people in a small place.

Now, as i've been talking to you, there have been many many evil, spirits that have left people and there's some of you that are aware of it, because you felt the freedom of something leaving you that was oppressing you, i'm not saying it was in you, but It was uh in proximity to you right now, as i've been talking to you, you've felt something leave you.

That is the spirit.

That's ministering, this rejection to you and they're opting out of the race they're opting out of the fight because they know that you just see exactly what mode that they're operating in they've been exposed, and this happens all the time.
You've seen this in my meetings where i'll be talking about this, and then people just be set free, we've even had witches that have lost their their their powers, the evil, spirits left them in the meetings.
They'd come with these uh these these wrong intents and yet uh those evil, spirits couldn't stand it any longer and they left and then the witches got saved and you've.

Seen that happen, they've delivered yeah right there in front of us and evil spirits just screaming out.

Like little babies, just crying coming out of of of these people and they're just beautiful christians now - and this is what jesus died for, but they're not rejected anymore, because those evil spirits aren't there to enforce that in their life.
And so you the same way you're being delivered right now, and i know i've spent more time than i wanted to spend on this subject.

But it is a big he is and you're a pastor.
You know a rejection is one of the biggest things that you're going to have to deal with in this this earth, because satan doesn't want to lose the influence he has on you.
You know he he he's lost you as far as you go into hell.

If you're a born-again christian, if you're spirit-filled, you have power, you have a punch about you, but you got to use that against these devils, because they're they're like little uh stray dogs they just wan na they just wan na uh.
Take advantage of you.
They, the stray dogs, will come and they'll want food, and then they just stick around, but it's just a handout.

It's just not they don't they're not committed to you.
You know you.
You have to be forceful.

With these evil spirits, jesus had to be forceful with them.
They they actually would throw people down and cause them to foam at the mouth and scream and tear them after jesus told them to leave.
They wouldn't just leave silently and get they said.

Don't even get up i'll i'll get the door, though those devils like made a uh a scene and uh caused people, great pain and as they manifest and as they left so um, even with jesus.
They they didn't.
Just leave gently or or right away, some of them made a scene, and so you have to be forceful as a christian with these devils, you have to you, have you have power over them and they are the ones you know.

I don't know.
I don't know.
Uh, you unders, you guys understand me, but i'm telling you something that i know these evil spirits are assigned to you to keep you in a small place to keep you in rejection and this.

This is over for you tonight.
This rejection cycle is over for you tonight, so i'm telling you this that that when people compliment you - and you can say thank you - i appreciate it and then you can just go on you are delivered.
You are no longer a victim so anyway i i i wanted to talk about that a little bit now.

I have a couple other things here that i want to talk about, that that um there's there's a there's, also people that have giftings to where they might feel a little weird about um.

You know who their their the way they are um.
You know people's personalities like like, as, for instance, a musician or an artist, they uh their people.

They'll say well that person's artsy - or you know that person you know, is a musician and they have these certain characteristics but see what it is is uh an artist or a musician, those the uh that the gifted people like that they want excellence.
They they have.
A personality that will make they want things just right, and so there's this excellence about a musician and an artist, and there should be about everybody.

You know everybody, i i i want excellence in everything i do i'd rather not do it at all.

I'd rather wait until i could do it with excellence.
Everything that we have at warrior notes i i would rather wait until we can and do the best we can before we launch something you know, and so we've waited longer than like uh normal for certain things.

To be launched, but now that we have the equipment we do have things, we have a lot of programs going to start here in the fall and the next next year in the spring that that we waited for because we wanted to do excellent.
Okay, there are people that might appear, you call them weird because they they're like uh.
You know the word eccentric and things like that comes to mind.

But can you sit and draw a picture of an animal that when they're done it looks like a photograph, but yet these people, you might think okay, their personality is this way, but can you can you play an instrument like they can play an instrument, or can You at the drop of a hat write a song like they do um.
Can they go in and just transform a whole house into a beautiful dwelling, place and you're thinking? How did they just do that they made those walls, look like rock, they they're they're.
It's faux painting, you know and um you're like thinking i i i can't even brush my teeth right.

You know you know and uh, but because don't feel bad if you, if your personality is like that, you want things a certain way now now don't be overboard to wear like uh.
You put that on other people.

Of course you know like they're like i.

I don't like to be late.
I don't like to be late for anything because at my work, if i was late even even a minute or more, i got fined twelve hundred dollars.

You know for being late to work, so you know i i want to make money uh when i went to work so i i was early, you know, but because i was trained that way.

I learned to respect others, and i saw there was a respect for my company and for the passengers who were waiting for me to show up so they they can take off, and things like that.


Okay, so that kind of was inbred in me.
But uh to us the people that are always late, you know they're, like you know, hey chill.

You know it's like like well yeah you, you wouldn't even last a day at the airline.
You know, because you wouldn't be chilling, but you know you'd be out of a job, you know, but see, see being excellent being being above and being accountable and, being i don't know, there's there's so much honor that comes with people that are thinking of others.

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