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Hello sid roth here and i have to tell you something i have my friend kevin zadai and a few of you aren't familiar with him - he's minding his own business in the dental chair.

They they put, it put them under anesthesia and he boom he dies and he goes to heaven and he has not been the same since because kevin correct me if i'm wrong, but god didn't just give you an encounter in heaven, he downloaded your whole destiny.
That is being revealed little by little uh at god's proper time.
Is that correct, that's correct, sid, i'm i'm not experiencing any anything uh towards the negative uh since i've come back from this experience, it's all been positive.

It's been like an upward uh climb in the spirit and every day now the lord is showing me different things and i i'm encouraged sid, i'm encouraged to what god has given us in the media that we can get out there and tell people what's going on In the spirit realm and i'm so glad to be with you, things have not been the same since we started back in 2016 and filmed our first show with you uh you, you were flight attendants at that time.
Yeah you've come a long way kevin.
I know i know, and i remember you you telling me after the show he said you told me he said you better - get ready to retire because um, the lord's gon na use you in a mighty way and that i remember that that that meeting that we Had and you told me that that is what has happened in the last four years - it's been straight up and i'm so thankful for the lord for what he's done now, you hear from god so clearly, since this encounter in heaven, i'm wondering if god has shown You anything which is in the news this moment and that's the supreme court, justice and and and the in and the confirmation, hearings and uh.

You know i watched for a few minutes on tv and my spirit couldn't take it all the all the stuff.
I was feeling uh.
Have you seen the beginning from the end? Have you seen what's going to happen, what you, what what's god, showing you well? Actually i i have something i haven't uh.

I haven't mentioned to you, but remember when um mr kavanaugh was uh on the stand to be confirmed, and you know i heard this other name amy barrett.
I heard that someone mentioned that, and the lord told me that trump was going to save her because she was a shoe-in for that position.
So he actually reserved her for this confirmation that the lord told me that that he already knew amy would get in and that it was uh this.

This other one was the confirmation of kavanaugh, which he felt like would have a little bit more of a rough road, so he chose kavanaugh first and i was told this last year.
So this is amazing that that now amy comes up, because the lord told me that she was a sure fit.

She was a short in for this, and so that i already know that she's going to be confirmed now, most of my prophetic friends every one of them has said to me that, even though he's not your consummate politician, president trump he's god's choice, do you feel That same way, yes, i believe that without a doubt, i believe that the lord had ordained this long ago.

Sid and we've had conversations about this, and my question is not some of the things that are happening um now.
I have no questions.
I don't even worry about certain things, because the lord has told me that these are things that he pre-ordained and president trump being in there is, is the perfect timing for this individual and then everything that he's going to do.

I can just tell you this.
What the lord has shown me just in the last week is, we haven't even seen what trump has planned.
There are things that are going to happen in this next uh this next four years after he is confirmed that president trump will implement.

There will be individuals that will be implemented that will completely uproot all the weeds so to speak in our nation.
The system that is corrupt is going to be exposed.
I i see a complete turnaround, an overhaul in our nation, so there's better things coming than what even people know now.

You said something to me: you saw name politicians in orange, jumpsuits, high level, name, politicians and orange jumpsuits.
When is that going to happen? It seems like uh that everything that the that president trump is accused of the democrats have done and there hasn't been any repercussions.

Oh yeah, i said, but i'm telling you - i saw that in fact, uh.

The prophetic outlook that i have that that i i just received from the lord is is that this will be daily and it's going to start now right now, it's going to start and it'll be daily, and it's going to be people that you thought couldn't get Caught because they seem to have escaped it, if they're not going to get they're they're already caught, they have the documents.
Jesus showed me that attorney general barr and his people have all the documents that completely confirm the crimes that have been committed by by people that are high up and that they know this, and that is why there's such an onslaught right now is because they know They've been caught, and they know when this comes out.

They're done so they're doing everything they can that's why we need to stay in our positions with our drawn swords and do warfare in the spirit right now sid, because it's going to be daily that these people are going to be exposed.

People are going to be worn out.
Can you believe that they'd actually be worn out from hearing all the news of of these people that were former heads of state former ambassadors, former hollywood stars? All these people are are going to be indicted.
Sid they're going to get caught.

It's everyone says to me, hi everyone.
So people say to me: we know they're as guilty as sin yeah, but they're so high up.

They they won't.

They won't be touched.
That's just the way it is in this country.
You're saying different with trump and there they are well, they will be, they will be known for what they did and uh there.

There was one individual that will not go to jail uh because of their position, but but that would be because they they have this uh this.
This uh way of doing things in the past that they don't touch certain individuals, especially with former presidents.
So they will be exposed, but as far as bringing them to justice, i saw that that that individual would not be completely punished.

For that it would be known and dis.

They would be discredited, everyone will be known, but not everyone will essentially go to jail.
So to speak, sid i i'd see now um you.

You gave me a bit of a clue.
The reason we are seeing named politicians jump in on on the biden.

Bandwagon is, if he doesn't win, they do go to prison.

That's what i think i hear you saying that is is absolutely what i'm saying sid, and this is a time when we need to hold fast and what we know and believe, and we need to to stay in there with the spirit of god and the spirit Of god is, is calling for justice and righteousness to to be uh full reign in this country, and the only way we do that is that the the redeemed of the lord need to say so they need to stand up and refuse to let these people get Away with it, i'm telling you we, whatever we refuse on this earth, is refused in heaven.
Whatever we bind on, the earth is bound.

Whatever we permit on the earth is permitted.

That's what the the lord jesus christ said when he was on the earth.

Let me ask you this: you have just come out with a brand new book and we're doing something almost unprecedented, we're making the ebook of this brand new book available for anyone that just clicks below the the screen or um they go to sidroth.
org country and it'll.

Immediately get into your home, why should someone want it immediately in their home? Well, because sid, the lord has given me the not only the the prayer points but the way to implement these things he's given me his heart for this country, and so i want to have people praying the same thing that the lord has given to me to Pray so you'd be praying all these all these prayer points daily and that unity in the body of christ, the body of messiah, would bring us into maturity and it would not permit the evil to happen.

I saw that all these, these things that are coming upon the earth they did not have to happen.
The lord said that if, if the body of messiah would not permit them, they would not be allowed.

Okay, tell me what will happen if there is not the proper prayer based on what you have seen well, so what i saw was is that the cores of our major cities, which would uh be be not penetrable by by even uh the police officers, that they Would have to bring the military, and i saw that that crime and people that that had taken over the cores of the city would would not allow anybody in there they would just take them over.

I saw riots to where people were not permitted to go shopping.
They i saw where fedex and ups people that would deliver things they weren't.

They were afraid to go into certain neighborhoods.
There was a disruption of service.
I saw all these things.

I saw that people couldn't go to work at certain times, because people were blocking and rioting and blocking cities and from their work areas.
I i saw that the the economy went went down the tubes again, i mean i'm talking like this time that that it looked like it was, there was no end to what could happen, and so i i said to the lord: what do we do and he Said if you uh get the body of christ, the body of messiah together and and tell them to agree as touching this one thing, it will not happen now many people hear us and they say that's for the intercessors, i'm not a intercessor.


So i don't need to do that.

What would you say to them right now? Well, i would say to them that that that mentality of just pushing it off on other people, that mentality is going away, i'm to the place now, where the lord's saying listen.
It's this is not just for the fivefold ministry, the church.
This is not just for special individuals.


He said the believer in messiah is more powerful than what we're representing right now.
In fact, jesus said that these works i did.
I did because my father sent me.

He says, but you are going to do these works as a believer, not as a fivefold minister, as a believer not and not as an intercessor.


They are going to do these works and greater works, and i'm looking for that greater work.
So i'm looking for the greater glory to start to ascend on the body of messiah right or descend on the body of messiah right now, i feel like what is happening is that this mentality is being destroyed, of having all this hierarchy in the body and not Uh, including the whole body of messiah, you know it's just not it's sid, it's just not um.

I mean i have kids that are five years old.
When i was in south africa, i had a five-year-old that flew in there to see me in south africa.


She wanted to meet me because she saw you me and you on your show.

She so told her parents.
I want to meet kevin zeta, she came in and she started prophesying to me.
She read my mail.

She said things that nobody knew and she's a five-year-old.
She doesn't claim to be a prophet.
She was just prophesying by the spirit, and this is what the lord told me is that everyone is going to start to operate in this, not just it's not just for the fivefold ministry.

It's not.
We can't keep shoving it off on the five-fold or the intercessor, so you understand that that this last days everyone is going to see the miracles of god.

God is through joel.

The prophet said that he's going to pour out his spirit on all flesh.
So that's what i'm seeing sid i'm not going to push this off on just certain people! Well, here's what i believe.
I believe that the greater glory that the bible refers to is right here on earth now, but it's going to do nothing but increase to those vessels that are moving in the spirit such as praying in tongues such as praying for our nation uh and by the Way it is not an option to pray for our nation without our nation uh, your your your history, you're finished.

Your family is finished, uh we're third world, maybe less than third world, so it is so mandatory.
How important did god say it is for this book to be in people's hands kevin, it's so important sid, because our freedoms are really at stake.
Do you? You know we don't understand and discern at the time.

Sometimes what we read in history.
We we say all the time when i was in history class said in college.
I was always wondering like why didn't the people at that time see why? Why didn't they do something about what was about to happen? Because we read in the history books and we see how nations were were destroyed, how uh civilizations you know, i studied all this and i thought all these world civilizations they just disappeared.

Didn't they see the trend and um that's what's happening right now is people are not discerning and it's it's up to the body of messiah to pray in the spirit and to discern and have this wisdom and revelation this this, the holy spirit's anointing us with eyes At sea and ears that hear that's how important it is to pray.

The prayer points that the lord gave me that's why it's important to have this these prayer points in this book, but here here's the thing that we look back after after this all is over.
We can look back and say we were proactive, we learned from history, we learned and we did it.

We we accomplished god's heart for this generation.
That's that's! What's important right now, sid and that's what i accomplish in this book and in this book you explain things.
You learned in heaven, for instance, i can read the bible and see paul said.

I pray in tongues more than any man.
I wish you all prayed in tongues.
I can see the importance in the life of paul from the bible.

Did you get any insight from heaven as to how important tongues is here on earth? What is going on right now in the invisible world in the uh in the natural world uh? Can you tell us a few things that are in the book or that you learned? Well, i have a couple of things i can say.
First of all, praying in the spirit is, is really not realized as be as as how important it is.

It is the most important thing you can do to participate in the supernatural in this realm, and that is why satan himself fights praying in tongues.
More than anything else, i believe is because it's so effective, it's so it's it's so beyond what what he can stop.
So he can't stop when you pray in the spirit.

He doesn't understand what you're saying and he cannot stop it.
He can stop you from praying in the spirit, but he cannot stop the effects, the results of praying in the spirit.
So if you can lock yourself up in a room and just pray in the spirit you you, you cannot um, you cannot even know that what's happening on the other side, unless god shows it to you, but he has shown me - and i remember when an individual - That was at college with me.

I would pray in the spirit and he could speak and understand that language that was from his country.

So i have an individual on the earth right now.
Who can sit with me and tell me word for word what i'm saying in tongues.

He told me this is what the spirit's saying - and this is what's going to happen tomorrow at this time, and it's going to be this person's name and then you're going to be in this city and he didn't even know.
I was going to be in that city.
He totally was able to tell me everything that was going to happen within the next 24 hours and it happened sid.

It happened within 24 hours exactly, but it didn't look like it could happen at the time.
He said the spirit of god is talking about your future as though it's your now.
That's why it's so important.

That's why i include this in the prayer points, because if we pray in the spirit, we're actually praying out the mysteries of god that we don't know about the future, and it's done it's a done deal.
So when i pray in tongues.

I come out of that of that time and i can see where our nation is going, but i can also see where god wants it to go and he gives me individual things to pray and that's what i did.

I actually literally got this book by that visitation.
I had with jesus and then praying in the spirit and then writing down the prayer points that he gave me.
So this is a pure supernatural book.

There's no kevin in it.
It's right out of heaven to earth! Well, yes, because sid i felt like uh the lord wanted me to to give these out uh to make them available to the to the public, because they were the the prayer points that i'm using every day to pray and and lead lead all the people that I know in prayer to help get this this this accomplished.
President trump needs to have the freedom to operate according to how he has been anointed and assigned.

He needs many individuals and so, for instance, sid this morning i was praying in tongues and the interpretation was this.

The lord says pray that that there there are many more people made available on his workforce because there's a shortage of people that need to bring forth the indictments that are coming.
The spirit of the lord is telling me this.

This morning he said, pray that people will will answer the call that will come under president trump and be his attorneys, be his uh people that are assigned to these cases.
The lord said, there's so many cases coming before the attorney general that have to be done.
You know all the things are happening with the fbi, all the things that are happening with uh the the wall, that's being built to protect our country from people infiltrating these things.

These these things need people to work, and so the lord this morning, in the spirit, was praying that many workers would come forth.
That could be trusted to help this presidency and this administration to execute justice in this country.

Did you see anything on the uh, and this concerns me and most americans on the fraud of male ballots uh? I i pray against that all the time and what the lord keeps telling me is just to encourage.

You know all my my all my followers all my my partners, uh, you know everybody that's involved with my ministry, i'm encouraging them to go and vote and to ask for protection and go and vote in person, and i am praying against this fraud.
But you know it's, i see two or three news news releases a day on mail fraud.
I actually get notifications on all these things and i they're finding mail fraud every day, two or three cases every day.

So i believe that if we keep praying said that this will be completely revealed to where they will have to do something about it - and i know it's getting close: let's go will kevin? Will this election end up in the supreme court? Well, the lord told me that last year that it would, it would end up in the supreme court um that it would be contested, no matter what and that it would.
It would take the highest court in the land to to uh decide because it was going to be contested and it was going to take a while for all the data to come in, and so there were going to be.


I'm just going to be honest with you: there are going to be states that were going to drag their feet in and handing over the votes, and things like that that there's going to be a question mark beside everything that happened so i saw it was delayed.

Quite a bit and that um that the only the onio thing that i i was praying against was that they didn't uh stack and and load up the supreme court with extra justices to where it would skew the the way.
The vote would go on that and that's why i saw that this whole thing with stacking, the supreme court, so to speak, that that president trump needs to get amy in there right away, so that there would be a majority vote now.
I i had a thought, as we were speaking kevin, tell me what you think about this.

Yes, if america goes the wrong way, it's the worst thing that ever happened to you.
It's the worst thing that ever happened to your family.
It's the worst thing that ever you know: uh happened to the united states and that's motivation to pray, but i had the feeling that when people pay this price, this degree of glory that is coming on planet earth, they're going to be the first people that are Going to walk in this degree of glory, which i say and many prophets have said, is the highest degree of the presence of god in a human that the world has ever seen that we can't even we can't even describe it, because we've never seen it before.

It's never been to this degree.
What do you think about that thought? Well, sid.
I believe that it will i've seen it happen.

I've already seen this happen.
I know that it will happen, but i have to encourage people to pray, because that is that.
That is why it's going to happen.

It's because people are going to pray, but i'm telling you the greatest move of god is going to happen, but it'll be the greatest harvest of souls that you've ever seen.

I saw notable miracles.
I saw miracles that were done by common people, the believer, not not anybody that held some sort of degree or even a position.

They were believers.
I saw this happening immediately.
I saw that the glory of the lord is on the earth and that everything is working out according to god's plan, but we have to continue to pray.

So i want to encourage people to pray, the prayer points and and just push back the darkness so that we can continue to see the harvest of souls because our freedoms are at stake right now and if we don't stand up for these rights of of the Unborn child, because they we, the lord told me personally, he said the body of messiah - is the voice of the children.
The children don't have a voice, especially the ones that are unborn.
It's things like that that we don't want to face the the judgment that would come by allowing these these unborn children to to be executed.

The way they are, we need to stand up for them.
That was what the lord asked me to do.

I saw that it happens and the lord said, as a signpost, i'm telling you right now: kevin rowe versus wade will be overturned, and so this is why it's so important that we're hearing about amy barrett.

That's! Why we're hearing about all these people, uh that are being indicted, is because this this is about to completely turn into a different country, and it's gon na happen within the next year.
Okay, we've seen the downside if, if everyone that is watching this, and sometimes we get a million views, if everyone that is watching it - downloads your book, the ebook and does what god has instructed you to tell us paint me a picture of what america will be Like under the next trump presidency, sid, i saw without without a doubt that that the the glory of the lord ascended on the body of believers everywhere i saw that other nations actually started to follow suit.
They started their freedom started happening.

I saw countries like australia start to come around as well, and they just followed with that.
With that freedom that happened in our country, i saw that we were going to have that the freedom to have open open-air meetings.
We were going to have stadiums again.

It was just going to be like billy, graham all over again it was going to be people like that were going to be preaching, and many were going to come to the lord.

I i saw this all happen.
I saw notable miracles said.

I saw that you're going to have plenty of material plenty of people to have on your show, to talk about what god's doing that's.
This is what i saw for our country.

I saw our economy come back.

I saw people were given incentive to start new businesses.
I saw a lot of money being made available to start new businesses.
That's what i saw, because you know president trump that's his heart is is is for the american people to have the freedom to prosper in this country.

Well, you know when the big problems that i see is race relations, just just all the difference, separation of people and do you know what the difference maker is, we've been talking about it, the greater glory of god.
I pray that you receive everything god has for you.
I would like you to get this book because you need to live in a country such as kevin just described now.

If you want to download this book right now and be a difference maker go to sidroth.
org country or just click, the link below .

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