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, hello, everybody and thank you for tuning in to the liberty report with me today is daniel mcadams, our co-host, daniel good, to see you.

How are you this morning, dr paul, doing well good? Well, yeah lots of news.
You know there's this talk about our president.

He was busy, you know he he does a lot of uh emailing.

I don't know if you know twit tweeting all the time he does it all the time.
All the time morning, noon and night do you tweet, as often as he does well i used to before they kicked me off.

You know, that's trump's really slipping you'd, think he'd qualify but hey.

Well, maybe that's what happens when you're a powerful president? They can't push you around too much.
He has an army behind him literally, except except you know, being president and challenging a deep state is a rather dangerous position.

You know, overall, when you look at our history uh, sometimes a deep state doesn't like an independent uh voice in the administration.

Anyway, he got attention here.
He had a neat little tweet and he uh got our attention to what was going on here and uh.
He brought up the subject of fauci his good friend, fauci and uh matter.

Of fact he was a.
I think he was more or less making fun of them.
You know fouchy's baseball arm yeah, so i might just go ahead and read that and then i'll get you to tell me what this all means, but this was um.

Well, when i had this, is it's within the last 24 hours, probably about 20 hours ago? This says um plan.
Let's see the president returns to the campaign trail.
Okay, here we go now.

Actually here he says trump actually, tony's pitching arm is far more accurate than his prognostication.



I wonder what he's referring to i i guess he didn't pitch in the major leagues, but he was pitching for the cdc all the time and uh, and yet he didn't have a real good day, pitching and uh right now, he's not uh very good on the Prognostications, the predictions and and trump goes on and makes a little bit of fun of that yeah, which is probably about as good as you can do these days, making fun of them if they're a little silly, but unfortunately uh fauci.

Still, he still has bought into a lot of reputation with the support of gates money.

Oh yeah, there's a lot of people who think uh anything uh voucher says is is legitimate, but uh and - and i thought maybe that was was the direction trump was going.
But but once again it was an appointment which you think well, why did he do it and turns out? We had to be best friends and now he has to challenge him and he never gets fired.
Why don't you explain to our audience today when you talk about this? Why doesn't he ever get fired? Well, he's been working for president, since what four or five of the last presidency he's always been.

There he's never treated a patient but he's the greatest doctor in the history of the united states, depending on who you ask, but it really is interesting, dr paul, to look at this when we were talking before the show you called it a divorce.
It's kind of a divorce because trump used fauci at first to show how tough he was against the virus, and then you know to his credit.
We always get.

We always get in trouble when we praise trump, but to his credit, he started to realize that things.

Weren't all what they seem that the lockdown was different.
It was a political response to a medical situation and i think that's when the break started and fauci, as you know, loves the headlines.

If a couple of days pass without him being interviewed, he gets very nervous and very upset.
So this whole latest blow up between the two of them happened.

First of all, trump used fauci in a in a campaign ad, and you know it was fauci saying that i can't imagine anyone who could have done more to fight the virus than trump and they put that in a fauci was furious about that.

That's not right, and so then fauci, maybe as a retaliation, but he was you know.
Trump's rallies are the big thing.
You know people go to him.

It's a big event.
Tauchi was quoted, saying you know these trump rallies he's asking for trouble.
We've seen when you have situations of congregant settings where there are a lot of people without masks, the data speak for themselves.

So basically telling trump don't have a rally.
You know i sort of like uh the way the president tweets, because he went on to say in this one that i mentioned before, who who no longer likes lockdowns and we've talked about that and they switched switched their position um and then dash just came out Against uh trump was right, you know, i said who's trump talking about trump was who said.
Oh trump said this trump was right.

We saved 2 million u.
s lives.
Well, i think i think, there's evidence now that more people died from the lockdown than from there, but i don't imagine it might be a little bit of hyperbole.

I think that they saved two million lives, but but anyway it gets their attention and uh.
You know if, if trump were to happen to lose, which would be strange, considering the conditions of this country and and what is offered, but he um, i i imagine the media will go nuts.
Do you think the the media will be hanging on every word of uh biden? That would be pretty boring, but believe me they have if, if he wins uh, i'm sure his handlers have it all strategically planned out they're not going to let him be out there, because, because who knows he might he might win this senate seat after all, yeah? The second time he said, i'm running for the center running for the senate.

Maybe that's a good place to put it probably a safer job, it's an easier job here.
I think we have a couple.
We got ahead of ourselves a little bit, but let's look at the first clip.

This is what we're talking about.

Trump rallies, raise concern about spread of virus, uh fauci says, but the next one.
Now we should look at the tweet, even though we've read it, because it's worth looking, i i laughed out loud.

I sent it to you right away when i saw it this morning.

Actually, tony's pitching arm is far more accurate than his prognostication.



You remember when he went, he threw out the opening pitch at that baseball game where he and his couple of i think it was his wife and his friend were the only people in the whole stadium that took off their mass.

He threw the ball and went wildly aside so trump.
This is a classic trump way of making fun of someone making fun of the way they pitch he's not a sportsman, he's a he's kind of a wimp and he's totally wrong.

This is a really serious break.
I think between the two yeah, i think it's very encouraging, and it is at a time when uh their arguments are falling apart.
The people who want to have everybody wear the mask and follow through there.

So faux is probably feeling some heat right now, because he also made the statement he's reassuring his supporters and he has a lot of them.
I'm not going anywhere, and i don't regardless of what the election is good.

He says i plan to stay another four years and i thought well who's his boss and i'm afraid it could be bill gates or somebody.

So it looks like he will be around for for a while, because people people do defer to him because it for a long time he could say anything and everything, but right now he's being challenged and he'll get more careless and more angry as time goes on.

But he still has done a lot of damage in a short period of time.

This is the dream of his lifetime to have a pandemic that he's sitting at the helm of because throughout his career, if you look at his uh, if you look at his past we're dealing with hiv aids, he was trying to do the same thing.

If you look at the 2009 flu, he was trying he there's nothing.
He wants more than a pandemic, because that gives the spotlight but you're right.
It would be hard to fire in because the cdc is sort of a quasi-government agency.

You know it's.
It's a so-called government agency, part of hhs, but it's also funded to a big degree, by big pharma and by the gates, foundation and others.
So it's really one of those things it's sort of like um national endowment for democracy.

They call themselves independent.
They get some outside money, they get some government money, it's really the worst of both worlds.

You know, i think we sort of glided over this one issue that i want to re-mention again: trump rallies, uh, raise concern and, and of course, fauci he's they're, not that's their whole goal in life.

Yeah, the the rallies must drive them out of their minds, and i've said, and i believe it that the incumbent president, in a four-year period, has never exceeded anything near how many people that the president personally talked to the rallies.
That has to be huge compared to uh.
You know some of the some of the rallies.

They didn't even do it that way, uh.
So if that is any indication you know politically speaking, he should be in in good shape, but uh it's uh.
It's it's up! For grabs, that's what i can see right now.

Nobody knows what's going to happen in these next two weeks, but it just seems like that.

The uh, the logic of it all, is that uh, the fact that they're attacking you know fauci says these things are dangerous.
They're always so dangerous.

It's the people, though people who don't use mask and all seems like they've gone along better than the ones who wore the mask.

There's no proof that the mask has done any good.
We actually have a study that we'll talk about later.

That does that, but the thing about, without you said about the rallies, you know i read the his typical quote.
You can't understand what he's saying, but he's saying the data speak for themselves when you have people gathering without a mass.

Well, actually, the data doesn't speak for itself because look at sturgis the big motorcycle rally and they claimed oh a quarter of a million people got the coronavirus because of it.

That was a totally bogus discredited and even our good friend the governor of south dakota, said this is a bogus report totally not true and remember the white house event recently.

Oh, my gosh trump is killing everyone.
Everyone got coronavirus at this event, even chris christie he's he's basically in the morgue anyway, and here he comes out of it just fine, and so they keep doing this and remember when he had that exchange with senator paul and for some bizarre reason said that, there's, If you, you know he's telling the senator the doctor paul, if you believe, there's such a thing as crossover, t-cell immunity where you're the only person who believes that when he himself just a month earlier, was talking about that exact thing.

So this is a guy who really he talked about a forked tongue.
He speaks out of both sides of his mouth yeah um.
You know the the rally thing is of interest and i don't know whether it was today.

I think it is today that trump has three major rallies to attend in one day and uh.
I never quite had that experience, but i'll tell you what uh you know to gear up.
I thought you know if i went out to talk 45 minutes to an hour.

Well, first, i got a little bored with my same old story, but but uh, but you know to talk an hour, takes a little bit of energy, but he'll go longer than that and to do that two or three times but uh it.
It shows that uh he's not uh eliminated yet uh from the political system, because we'll find out soon what's going to be happening on election day yeah in the polls.
You know it's, it reminds me of 2016.

Doesn't it yeah? I saw something this morning.
Uh biden has a 91 chance of winning.
You know, according to some poll, i think, with hillary she has 112 percent chance of winning or something and and uh.

You know the polls are so notoriously wrong and in you it's just like you can't trust anyone, but we have the next uh clip and it's sort of a little out of, but we need to put it up anyway, and here's here's trump.
The world health organization came out a little while ago and admitted that donald trump was right.
The lockdowns are doing tremendous damage to these democrat-run states where they are in lockdown.

Here's trump calling himself in the third person, but it is true - and we talked about it yesterday, unfortunately he's only partly writing this, because there are some republican-led states that are still not widely open, including one that we happen to be sitting in right now right.
So it's not it's not just that, but so it's interesting to break away and let's look at the next one, because this i think this is a bigger context, as you were talking about the election and if you, if we look at that next clip.
This is from a little while ago.

Remember biden says: he'd lock the country down if the spread of coronavirus warranted it so you're really seeing a we've talked about it before you're, really seeing a face-off now between those who want to lock things down and those who want to open things up, and i Think that's becoming the defining characteristic of the campaign.
You know, i think it is, and it shifted probably because, a month ago i thought the only thing people would be think talking about would be the riots in the cities, and i still think that's going to be important for the people who can't shop anymore and Their stores have been burnt down and there's been a lot of violence, but you see it's not the biggest thing in the news.

It's this virus thing and lockdown people are sick of the lockdown.

You know, and people have short memories and they can get stirred up.
Rather fast - and you just may be right on this in the next 10 days or how many days they're left that the people are going to see, there's a different, definite difference, and i think trump must sense.
This i mean he is bold right now that uh he's right and they're wrong and and then you have the opposition boy, you know it would really dispel my assumption at times when i say well, you know long term.

The parties are the same same foreign policy.
Same monetary policy i like to spend money, but in this case there is a difference, it's emerging and that is uh the the fact of uh about the lockdown, which is a which is a liberty issue.
I mean people now do talk about.

I have a right.
You know to go out why why why? How can they prohibit me from doing this? So i like this idea that they're talking about this being a basic liberty that it has been infringed upon - and you know california is one of the worst lockdown states and the worst pro-mass states - they're just violent.
I was talking to my dad yesterday.

He went to the grocery store said.
I got all the way to the front door and i realized i'd forgotten my mask and i just was not about to go back to the car, so i walked in and did my shopping and bought everything and i walked out and no one said a word.
You know it's the first time he's ever done that my dad you're out in california, so maybe that's a good sign that even there people are like.

Ah, you know, we've had it and some people would go back and find a mask or something yeah and he was he was just grouchy.
He didn't want to go out to his car, but we want to talk about uh.
This nevada situation, right, yeah um.

I'm very suspicious of of this because they've talked about it for a long time, waiting for the day when they can scare people with saying you know you can get this stuff twice, and you know just just from my general information and being around medicine a bit.

It never sunk into me that we should be worrying about if a person was infected and became and got better and became immune that they ever had to worry about being infected again and, of course, there's always some exceptions and all.

But this one they've been working on this this.
This was the first american that he was from nevada and uh, but i think there's four or five around the world.
But i'll tell you what, if you read everybody that writes, especially those who are suspect about the reliability of the test? You'd say the tests aren't reliable enough to do these measurements.

Just like the statistics, aren't reliable enough to say well uh how many people got sick? How many cases were there and on and on, and then they come up with statistics that just sound horrible horrible? At the same time, the real statistics of hospitalization and deaths continue to plummet and yet they'll say well.
There are more cases than ever and they'll misuse.
Even the definition of cases and and if they increase the amount of testing all of a sudden, there's a lot more cases the world's coming apart.

But this is something that they're reporting uh.

I don't think i don't think anybody who reads this should get worried that all of a sudden, if they've been told well, we had the virus.
It's going to come back again because i think the diagnosis has been a little bit confusing and, and i understand that one article right that they never get electron microscopic.

You know, examinations of course, yeah.
You know uh, you do you know.
Bacteria is a lot larger.

So, even in a little practice that i had, i had a microscope.

You know the old-fashioned way and you know if i had to do a urine analysis and all this i could look, and i could see the bacteria you can't do that with a virus and unless you have electron microscope and now they're, even saying what they're seeing Nobody has really seen this virus, so that's the reason - and this is still such a small number and it's part of the struggle to keep people feared, fearful and uh and and make them scared enough to let fouchy tell them what they can do to be safe.
I think it's so true, i think the catching it twice is the new case demik, and you said it yourself that and they want to terrify people - and this is the 25 year old, nevada man who supposedly likely caught it twice, there's a lot of qualifiers.

If you read the article and we saw it on zero hedge and we're not disparaging them, but if you look at you know the problems with the accuracy of the pcr test, the fact that it, depending on how many cycles it goes, i'm not an expert in It but it can catch tiny, tiny, fragments of a virus supposedly and that will will spew out a false positive.
The new york times itself remember a month or so ago, said up to 90 of the of the tests are false positives.
So this is you're right.

It's meant to scare people and it will be effectively used to scare people.
You can catch it twice, just because you're over with it doesn't mean you're done with it.
You still can't go outside without your mask, and this plays right into fauci's, hands and right into the lockdowners hands, and it's i think it's a pretty pretty dangerous thing.

You know in general our audience has they have expressed themselves.
You know on the internet for us about their reluctance to get in line immediately to get the vaccine.

I don't i don't some will and some and everybody can make up their own mind, but they've already had a few setbacks.

I think there's actually uh.
Two companies now that had to pause what they were doing because of unexpected, unplanned and unknown complications where people were getting sick before they even got the full the full test of the vaccine so uh this uh.

This is a setback, but it's just another thing that the answers aren't in and the people who are reluctant and not anxious to get that vaccine.
I think it's a it's a good thing that they they have to think about it, especially now that the statistics showing how deadly the virus is that you know, if you get it, that you're going to have a 90 chance of dying.
No, you have a 99 chance you're, not even you won't die over 99 you're not going to die from it and so that why why go looking for trouble and because other vaccines have been known uh, you know do this.

The big problem is, is people say yeah, but what about this this this there have been some vaccines that have, you know, helped people and and uh, and and yet i don't think coronavirus uh is going to a matter of fact.
From the very beginning i have said uh with the help of others, other people involved in this is they'll, probably never have a true vaccine for coronavirus.

I put it into the category of.

There will never be one vaccine for catching a cold, because the cold family is changing all the time they come and go and if you go 50 miles away, the cold virus is different and i think that's probably what's going on so this whole idea.
That and and but the people have been conditioned, the the gay gazers of the world have conditioned people that this will be what is necessary for you to live a normal life yeah for you to get a job or go to college or get on an airplane.
You will have to have the vaccine, oh you mean they're, going to be checking just for the antibody, no they're going to be checking for some other things and it's going to be your passport and that that might and the whole mess that we've been going through.

For almost a year that might be the scariest part about what's happening is: is the loss of uh of privacy and the whole idea that the government's going to have our passports us into our put into our bodies, and it literally, is holding people hostage? It's literally hey: do you want your life back? Do you want to stop being miserable? Do you want to go out and have a hamburger? Do you want to go? Have a glass of beer? Well, you better get your passport and that's what they're doing and when you see the - and i saw a doctor - gave a brilliant presentation on earlier today, but he said that the suicide rate has gone through the roof this year, more than more than people that have Died of covid, and so, if you're on the verge of suicide - and they say hey, you can go back to normal.
If you get this injection, it really is uh.
It's it's a it's a crime.

It's it's a war crime, but you know, as i think you would say, people should assess their own risk if they feel comfortable taking the vaccine.
If they feel like the benefits outweigh the risks go for it, you know, feel free to do it.
I think there's been a recent study.

Cdc may have been the one that reported this yeah, that they have found out, that the people who are frightened and they wear their masks.
They do.
They follow all the rules.

And then there are other people that are a little bit more independent, they're skeptical and they don't wear their masks, guess which group gets sickest, the most the people who wear the mouse yeah and that doesn't even count all the psychological.

You know downturns.
You know with people uh uh who the kids and all they don't even measure that and they never never dare measure the economic calamity of what's happened with the uh lockdown but uh.

I i was impressed with the idea i thought maybe they'd at least be neutral, that it doesn't do any good, but it looks like believe it or not.
It looks like the mask may be doing more harm than than just not wearing anything.
I mean it's fascinating.

You know, we've we've been warned: we've had our hands slapped, you better be following the who in cdc and we're doing our best.
Now we followed the who yesterday, when they said no lockdowns we're going to follow the cdc today, because they did a study and jordan schlachtel wrote about it and we saw his and there's been.
This is another one that we have up on the screen too.

A separate uh uh discussion of that, but it's really interesting.

They surveyed symptomatic covid19 patients and found that 70.
6 percent of those symptomatic covid said they always wore a mask.

An additional 14.
4 percent said they often wear a mask.

So 85 percent of infected covid19 patients either always or almost always wear a mask, yet they have it and only 3.

9 percent of those that were infected in this cdc study said they never wear a mask.
This is a powerful message and this is a trend.
I would say that we recognized this and started talking about it.

We always hoped for it and we would have bits and pieces even months ago, but really maybe in the last month, maybe even in the last three weeks.
We've had much more evidence that the cdc starts coming out with with stuff that we can quote, and i think uh i think, that's a good sign.
Uh there.

There were some days when i figured well.

We won't even ever move back in the direction of where we ought to be, at least now.
I'm hopeful that we we better because the the alternative is that we're we're really in bad shape as a country.

If they can do this to us and people just bow down and never question anything we're we're in for a lot of mess.
You know it's bad enough that we had uh to put up with this tst.
You know all this time, even even though uh the threat of terrorists on in our country has been greatly reduced.

You still have the tsa so and then so, maybe maybe we'll see this turn, and maybe this would be a great thing in spite of all trump's shortcomings.

This would be great if uh he dated it.
You know where he really plays out there and people start backing off and and if this works, he he has just.

You know taken this issue where it was down here, because he hasn't always had exactly the same position all the time, but with this uh today, boy i'll, tell you what that issue and you've mentioned a few minutes ago.
It's up here someplace and might uh be a real defining moment, uh with uh with the election, but that's just let's just hope that idea gets demolished with the election yeah yeah.
Well, i'm going to close out.

If you think we're about done, and i'm going to you know, i'd like to point out absurdities, let's put up this last, this last clip, i couldn't resist putting this up.
Dr paul, a woman in france, can now be fined 165 euros for covering her face in public, whilst also being fined 135 euros for not covering her face in public, because you know they passed that that law that the muslim ladies can't cover their face.
So you get fined if you cover your face, but you also get fined.

If you don't cover your face, so that's the insanity of the world we live in.

I just want to do a periodic reminder.
Please subscribe to our channel we're growing we're growing in subscribers, but also go to ron paulinstitute.

org and subscribe there for free updates.
Of course we never sell or rent or give out your name completely private with us uh, but we'll update you and we'll we'll send you special offers and things so go ahead, and please do that as well.
You know lauren.

It reminds me of a little story, because, a long time ago i read about kentucky that there were subsidies.
If you cut down trees and planted bluegrass, you know bluegrass state, you know, and this and this they all wanted this bluegrass, and but they also gave you subsidies for planting trees too.

You could cut them down.

You get a subsidy, you plant, it! You plant the grass, oh it's just sort of crazy.
So but that's uh.
We shouldn't be surprised about that.

That's the way it works, and you know liberty is not complex.

People are supposed to just have a right to their life and their liberty, and they have to accept one premise: you can't take the life or liberty away from anybody else and guess what what would happen.

You'd have peace and prosperity around the world, and yet we have trouble selling this to people, because there's a group people who are such determined to promote the issue of guns, that is government guns because they feel strong and powerful and knowledgeable.

And they know everything about vaccines and, if you don't obey, the government guns will come and take care of this.
So this is that the simple explanation of what liberty is all about is undermined by the people.
Who are the authoritarians and i call them gun people and unfortunately, the gun, people, the illegal immoral gun people are the ones who are in in the government and when you talk about it, if you look at all of history, it's the big guns that are used And because it's never the kids that have to go off and fight the wars, it's always it's always uh uh, the the they they have to go off inside the house.

Not the elderly, who vote for this stuff.
Uh then they're the ones who have the guns, but it is such a shame that we can't have a better understanding and i place a lot of blame.
You know you know in the times that we live in, and certainly our educational monopoly by our government has given us a great deal of grief.

But i tell you what we still have our program going.
We get challenged at time and uh, there's uh.
You know the original founders of this country did some pamphlets and they passed them out and figured.

How can they reach all those people? They didn't even have the internet and all this they had pamphlets, they passed them around and they changed people's attitude and i think that's what has to happen.

Everybody should be a pamphleteer and getting information out and just get the get.

The message.
It's simple and clear: it's moral and correct it's american and it's such a good way to have prosperity and peace.
And how can you argue about this, so i always wonder how do why do we fail so miserably with such a wonderful message and yet we do.

We let the people come and let the demagogues run around the world and tell us what to do, and people, unfortunately, have been taught they want to be safe and secure and government's promises, safety and security and all of a sudden people, you know, say well giving Up some liberty is okay, you know under bad conditions, you always have to give up liberty uh in order to be safe and secure - and i say no, you don't have to you - have nothing less if you start giving up a little bit of liberties for a Little bit of security, you don't end up very well, so we need to reverse that and move make the trend go in a different direction.
That is restore liberty and restore prosperity and peace in the world, and that is why we have the institute for peace and prosperity, with a firm belief that if we follow the rules of liberty, the whole world would be better off.
I want to thank everybody for tuning in today to the liberty report.

Please come back soon.
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