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, hi youtubers, it's pastor, steve cicalanti here and you're about to hear one of my most important messages.

One of my most viral messages was addressed to president trump.
Today is going to be addressed to president trump mike pence and secretary of state mike pompeo, and it's going to answer a big question that many of you have asked me, which is what's going on what is going on in the state of victoria australia.

I'm going to tell you some things, that's happening and we'll read to you the news, and i ask you for your prayers.

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You don't have to believe anything that any of us say unless it lines up with at least two or three scriptures and that's being a berean all right.
So we're not here to build up ourselves, we're here to build you up and build the kingdom of god up and in that process we all glorify god together.

Now, please listen to the full message that you're about to hear because we're giving all of it to you and it's very, very important.
I hope you share it because i doubt the big tech algorithm is going to share this.
Please enjoy and please share.

Thank you.
There is some evil stuff, that's going on right now and i want to bring your attention to it.

This is straight from the news in australia.

People have been asking me what's been happening in australia.
Well, let me read it to you.
This is happening in our state, there's a bill in the state of victoria's parliament that is of grave concern to the freedom of its people, and i would like president donald trump vice president mike pence and secretary of state mike pompeo, to be aware of this, because I know that religious freedom is so important to them, so i am speaking to them as a minister of god and as a representative in australia, so that you can know what is going on over here.

This is reported in our abc news.
There is an omnibus bill that is being proposed by the dan andrews government.

This is the labor government over here, the equivalent of your left wing in america or the democrats.

So whatever is happening here, you can basically project into your future, because whenever the democrats win, that's exactly what's going to be implemented so listen carefully, even though it might seem like well, i'm not over here, i'm over in some other state yeah, but listen carefully, because I'm i'm speaking to you the future of what's coming.
This legislation proposed would allow authorized officers, so not the police authorized officers to arrest and detain people with coronavirus and their close contacts.

If the officer suspected they would breach emergency directions related to the coronavirus pandemic.

Did you hear that language if someone who's not a police suspects that you may break something that so that's called pre-crime? That's, like hollywood movie, stuff sci-fi stuff.
If they suspect that you might be guilty of pre-crime, they will be authorized to detain you and arrest you.
Okay, what does this mean in the australian, which is one of our big newspapers? It says that victoria's covert 19 omnibus legislation is an astonishing attack on democracy.

So this is the fruit of godless anti-god.
In fact, it's not just godless.
It's anti-god politicians ruling and having power, the australian begins in most democracies, the power to arrest is confined to the police and those with specialist police training.

The daniel andrews government plans to give powers that go beyond the powers of many police to a class of person to be known.
As quote unquote designated authorized officers.
There will be no limit to their numbers.

Do you understand? What's going on with coronavirus? Many nations have lockdowns.
Obviously there are not enough police to enforce the lockdown there's, not enough police to enforce almost anything.
I mean many people get burglarized during this coronavirus, lockdown our church was burglarized and the police really didn't do anything.

You know cain.
Did a report.
Couldn't find anybody and didn't suggest that they were looking very hard, are going to do anything about it? So we commend the police when they do a good job, but they're stretched they're stretched and coronavirus is uh, stretching them because now they're having to enforce really silly things like not driving beyond five kilometers.

Unless you have a permit, you can't go beyond five kilometers of your home.
This is the lockdown that we have and we have a curfew.
The first power of these designated authorized officers is to be able to detain which can mean jail, a quote-unquote high-risk person.

A high-risk person is one who has been notified and diagnosed with covet 19 and has not been given clearance from self-isolation.

A high-risk person can also be a close contact, so not just you but your family.
A close contact of a person who's been diagnosed with covet-19, but then the proposed legislation goes one dramatic step further and gives these designated authorized officers power to detain a person who is likely to refuse or fail to refuse a direction.

What does that mean? So these designated authorized officers are to have the power to detain people who have not done anything wrong, but are likely to do something wrong.

As the bill is written, they can arrest anyone on that pretext.

We saw these sorts of powers in pre-war germany.

Let me warn you about this, because i read about world war 1 world war ii.
I know what happened with the nazis and what donald trump is doing with covet is far far far different opposite of the nazis.
He hasn't imposed any federal rule he hasn't rolled in with the tanks.

He's basically said it's up to the governors and each state to decide their own rules about how to contain covet, and if they call him, then he will help.
This is a total opposite of what the left wing is doing in all the other countries, including america and australia.
These are really the tactics of pre-war germany, so who's eligible to be a designated authorized officer.

Well, i bet you one thing: it won't be church leaders you can just forget about that.
It's not going to be the most moral people.

It's not going to be people who are qualified religiously.

First, they must be selected by a public servant who carries the title of secretary of the relevant department.

The public servant can choose anyone, they consider quote appropriate for appointment based on the person's skills attribute experience or otherwise.
So they said that union bosses can be authorized with this police power.

Now on my rough interpretation, that would include all my victorian readers.
All sorts of agendas are possible.
For example, theoretically union officials could be handed the incredible power of industrial relations weapon and of being able to detain any employer whom they classed as likely to offend.

Can you imagine that the unions can can arrest any employer? The bill does not stop there.
The courts are to be given power to not only remove children from their parents, but put them in out of care as a out of home care, and also to re to place those children in out of home care for a longer cumulative period than would otherwise Be permitted under current legislation, the total detention of children can be as long as 30 months that that's three years, that's about three years, we're talking about such a breach of human rights, unalienable rights that it would ask the president and the secretary of state to consider Its relationship with australia, whether normal relations is appropriate, whether sanctions are appropriate, and i live here.
There is such a breach of human rights if these bills go through, and what is really concerning to me is that we, as ministers of religion, are the main target, and if we speak up about this, they want to have the power to be able to arrest Us, and so a lot of pastors out of fear will not say anything other pastors are actually out of wrong understanding.

Misinterpretation of the bible believe that they have no right to speak about the immorality of government and politicians.


So it's like, we can preach sin to anybody except politicians.


How could that possibly be the mandate of the bible and the gospel? So i want to read to you what the bible says concerning this topic.

It is without a doubt that the bible teaches that we are to honor we're to honor certain people that god has appointed we're first of all, to honor god or to honor our parents we're to honor our spouses, we're to honor our pastors and ministers would honor Our employers and then the bible, says that we are also to honor civil servants, political leaders, but this has been misinterpreted and stretched.
So far that has become what's called in theology, unconditional submission and there's nothing in the bible.
That teaches that.

But so many pastors believe that and they preach, and so many of the christians believe that i want to dispel this myth once and for all absolutely once and for all, so that people are empowered through the word of god and through faith to obey.
God's word correctly: there are christians who believe in unconditional submission to secular government and they base this on romans.


Let me read it to you: let every soul be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority, except from god, and the authorities that exist are appointed by god.
Therefore, whoever resists the authority resists, the ordinance of god and those who resist will bring judgment on themselves for rulers are not a terror to good works, but to evil.
Do you want to be unafraid of the authority? Do what is good? Do what is good and you will have praise from the same - you see that if you do what is good, if you worship, god you follow god, you ought to have praise from a good government, for he is god's minister to do you, minister, to you for Good, but if you do evil be afraid, if you do evil, is it evil to worship, god to assemble and worship him? Is it evil to go to school, but if you do evil be afraid, for he does not bear the sword in vain, for he is god's minister an avenger to execute wrath on him who practices evil.

Therefore, you must be subject not only because of wrath, but also for conscience sake.
For because of this, you also pay taxes that they are for.
They are god's ministers attending continually to this very thing render, therefore, to all their dues taxes to whom taxes are due custom, to whom customs fear to whom fear honor, to whom honor now, based on this romans, 13 there's come out a whole doctrine, and i have Pastor, friends, that i respect and love, but i'm telling you respectfully that you're wrong.

If you take romans 13 and ignore the rest of the bible and say the bible preaches unconditional submission.


In fact, the ministers who preach unconditional submission, don't believe what they're saying, if you were to ask them, should a wife always submit to a husband, even if the husband is a drunk a physical abuser, all those pastors that that i know all those pastors would say.

No, absolutely not okay, so you don't have unconditional submission to your husband.

Even though he's the head of the house.
What, if you were to ask them, there's a church goer always have to submit to their pastor, even if the pastor or the pastor's wife is abusing them.
I think most leaders honestly would say no.

You don't have to do that.
So what you're telling me is you're willing to believe in unconditional submission if it is a secular leader, but not your own spouse, not your own pastor.
How does that make any sense to me, at least if you want to submit to anyone unconditionally? At least it would be your family member? It would be your pastor at least he's a christian.

At least he knows you by name the politicians, don't know who you are at least a pastor doesn't hold a gun to your head and is not able to steal money from you, which is what the government's going to try to do with.

You know: digital taxation.
There is an order to who you submit to, and the man of god has a higher calling than the politician.

The man of god's calling is eternal.

The politician's calling is temporary, billy graham, was asked this.
He said why don't you run for president? The famous evangelist was asked you're, so famous.

Why don't you run for president? He famously answered.
I don't want to accept a demotion.

He said my calling is a higher calling.

My calling is to serve god.
If you look in the bible, there's more said about obeying and honoring spiritual authority than political authority, we're to honor representatives of god as much as, if not more than representatives of man, hebrews 13 verse 17 says, obey those who rule over you and be submissive.
Okay, who are these people for they watch out for your souls as those who must give an account? Let them do so with joy and not with grief for that would be unprofitable to you.

You see who is the bible talking about when it talks about submission and honor? Many more times is actually talking about the man of god or the woman of god, the minister of god, and yet christians believe the opposite.

They'd rather unconditionally submit to someone who doesn't know them, who is a secular anti-god person who might be violating your human rights then to submit to someone who's preaching the bible as long as they're preaching the bible? That's a minister of god! If they're violating the bible, they don't qualify as a minister of anybody.
Now, how do we fix this? This new teaching that romans 13 teaches us that christians are to just fold and obey anything that any politician says is law.

Well, i submit to you that a reading of the declaration of independence, the founding document of america, would cure this misinterpretation of romans.
The founding fathers were a majority anglican, anglican out of around 204 founding fathers.

88 of them were anglican, so in america, they're called episcopalian, so vast majority vast majority were christian of various denominations and they wrote this document to explain why they were taking the actions that they were, and this is one of the most important christian documents and he's And they said this together: here's the declaration of independence.


We hold these truths, so there are truths to be self-evident, self-evident.


That means, if you got any brains uh, you would know this.

You would know that this is true, that all men are created equal and that they are endowed by their creator.

So there is a creator.
They said this is self-evident: they're endowed by the creator, not the government with certain unalienable rights that, among these are life liberty and the pursuit of happiness that to secure these rights.

Governments are instituted among men deriving their just powers, from the consent of the governed that, whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish and to institute new government laying its foundation on such principles And organizing its powers in such form as to them shall seem most likely to affect their safety and happiness.

Prudence indeed will dictate that governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes means they consider this.
They thought about this.

Are we ready? Are we prepared to go ahead and do this and accordingly, all experience has shown that mankind are more disposed to suffer while evils are sufferable, then to write themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed means people stick with what they're used to, but when A long train of abuses and user patients pursuing invariably the same object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute despotism.

It is their right.
It is their duty to throw off such government and to provide new guards for their future safety.

Such has been the patient sufferance of these colonies and such is now the necessity which constrains them to alter their former systems of government.

The history of the present king of great britain is a history of repeated injuries and use of patience all having indirect object.
The establishment of an absolute tyranny over these states and to prove this let facts be submitted to a candid world.

So what i'm doing in this sermon is i'm submitting facts to you to a candid world to an honest world.

Would you like the laws that are being proposed, this omnibus covet 19 bill, that's being proposed by the dan andrews government in the state of victoria? Would you accept that as protecting freedom, guarding our safety and happiness or establishing despotism and tyranny, and it's something that i think mike pompeo and president trump needs to seriously look at, because we are such an important ally to america that it needs to be addressed? And why is it that we have no one in australia prominent that call, especially if they call themselves christian to defend the rights of humans, the rights of citizens, the right of religions, churches? What is going on? I read to you a blog from pastor dan fisher.
He said and he's exposing the really the myths that many pastors need to shed.

They need to shed this myth and stop preaching this myth about romans 13, preaching unconditional submission.


There is no unconditional submission to anybody on earth, except to god, and the christian founding fathers of america explained themselves pretty well in the first few few paragraphs of the declaration of independence and they were biblical people, they were bible, literate people, so pastor fisher, says quote.
Sadly, the majority of preachers pastors and politicians have been ignorantly and intentionally shackling the people for years with what i believe to be a flawed interpretation of romans 13.

They mistakenly believe that they, especially if they're christian, owe slavish unlimited submission to all authorities.
Is this? Actually, what paul was teaching in romans? 13? Oddly enough, the bible actually provides numerous examples of committed believers, not only defying governmental authority, but also receiving the approval of god in the process.
Consider these examples.

The hebrew midwives defined the command of pharaoh by saving the jewish baby boys, including moses's parents, saving him.
So if they had obeyed unconditionally the law of the land, they would have killed.
All the firstborn boys and moses would have never been born.

He would have died.

Can you imagine that killing moses shadrach, meshach and abednego refusing to bow to the golden image of nebuchadnezzar and saint daniel 3 daniel defined the king? By refusing to stop praying to the god of israel? That's daniel chapter 6.
, the apostles and early christians refusing to stop preaching the gospel many times in the book of acts.

They were commanded, stop preaching, we command you, we make a rule and a law don't preach and they said, are we to obey god or man? And they went ahead and obeyed god.
Believers throughout the ages, defying ungodly authorities and they're listed in the in the hall of faith, hebrews chapter 11.
, even more perplexing.

I've heard many of the same preachers and politicians who believe that romans 13 requires unlimited submission, applaud the above-mentioned biblical heroes for their courage to defy evil authorities of their day.

But how do they justify this apparent contradiction in their thinking? Obviously they cannot have it both ways.
So if you look to jesus himself, jesus is our example and jesus himself defied and disobeyed the laws of jewish authorities.

And yet the bible says that he was sinless.

He did not commit sin by defying the pharisees and the sadducees.

There is a balance to this subject.

We have erred on the side of obeying secular authority and we don't seem to take very seriously obeying spiritual authority that has to change spiritual authority is eternal and they care for your souls.
Secular authority doesn't know who you are and they hold a gun to your head, so we have to obey spiritual authority and secular authority, but the balance is this: god allows we also see in the bible that god allows evil men and evil authority to rule, and We often see good people suffer under their rule, but we are called to stand up against them.
Jesus peter paul were often at odds with secular authority and would not remain silent when they were told to be silent.

Imagine telling peter and paul and jesus to shut up, that's exactly what they want to do.
They want to say you can't even protest in the name of freedom and they sent police to arrest a pregnant woman in her home.
It's unbelievable president trump mike pompeo.

This is what's going on in australia.
Don't believe everything that you hear from the politicians don't approve every economic deal.
Don't just look us at us in our monetary value, we're a nation of people who love our freedom and it's at risk.

Jesus peter and paul would not remain silent and, yes, they paid with their lives for disobeying wicked authority.
But the point is they disobeyed innocently they disobeyed because they believed god and obeyed god and in the end, god vindicated.
God always vindicates the righteous and god will punish the wicked rulers.

This was something that was dealt with.
It had to be dealt with before the american revolutionary war could start, because the majority of americans fled europe because of religious persecution and came over to america to enjoy religious freedom, and so when they had the thought that which is being over taxed, were being oppressed.
What do we do? They had to reconcile their action with what the bible says, so they thought through this and really for decades it was the ministers who prepared them for freedom.

Let me quote to you some ministers from that era, because we seem to have forgotten all this.

This was all obvious self-evident.


It was it's like any dummy would understand this.

That's what self-evident means any dummy.
Anyone with brains would understand this pastor.
Jonathan mayhew preached in 1749 well 27 years before the american revolutionary war quote as a great sermon.

I'm going to one day put out a book with more explanation of his whole sermon.
It's such a great sermon, but here's a quote no government is to be submitted to at the expense of that which is the sole end of all government.

The common good and safety of society - pastor, samuel west in may 29, 1776 quote a slavish submission to tyranny.

Is a proof of a very sordid and base mind pastor joseph lathrop december 14 1787.
, so this is like before, during and after the or the end of the revolutionary war quote, is there no case in which a people may resist government? And this is what the quakers were saying.
Every denomination agreed there's no such thing as unconditional uh submission except the quakers.

They were pacifists, and so they had to the rest of the christians were trying to answer mainly the pacifist, uh objection, and he said, is there no case in which a people may resist government? Are we supposed to always obey any wicked law and authority? And his answer is yes, there is one such case, and that is when rulers you serve a power oppressive to the people.

So if you want to understand more of this, i preach about honor.
I believe in honor i'm just trying to bring a balance and it might seem, like you know, i'm saying resist authority.

I didn't say that.
But there is a point in which christians have a moral obligation, especially we as ministers to not abuse the bible and misinterpret and misapply romans 13, so that people just become passive doormats and accept the stripping away of their very precious freedoms.
I mean these these countries that we live in, like america and australia, people paid a high price to be able to have the kind of system that we have a system.

That's very well very much based on the ten commandments and based on christian biblical values.

That's why they are the great nations that they are, but the anti-god globalist often radical, left are trying to dismantle these things because they hate everything.
That's christian, really, all these protesters, one thing they hate more than anything else is christians.

They hate everything.
We believe they hate, god, they hate family, they hate the freedom that we stand for, they hate traditional marriage and we we stand in the way and the bible says in the last days they will come and behead us.
They would love to stop us.

They would love to kill us, and some of us believe that hey there's going to be a rapture and we won't be here, but then there will be believers who will be here whether they accept in that age or they get left behind.
They will be believers and they're going to have to go through this, and it's not pretty.
The bible already says that there's going to be a globalist move, a second attempt to build the tower of babel and they will do all these things to strip away people's rights and freedoms, especially the christians.

So, while we're here and while we live in a democracy, we do not have to put up with it and we can pray against it.
In fact, this is exactly what david did david faced a very oppressive ruler and he didn't just say: well, i pray that god bless saul and extend his reign.

No, you look at the book of psalm 150 psalms at least 70 odd psalms are written directly by david and what are they called they're called imprecatory psalms.

That means psalms.
Where he's praying for justice against wicked rulers, he didn't take matters into his own hand.

Neither will we neither will we.

We are gospel preachers.
We want to preach the gospel of life, the gospel of peace, but we also believe in justice - and i have seen god the god of justice at work many times.
So we need to go back to preaching a balanced view of the bible, a balanced view of grace mercy and justice, not just one side, not just obey secular authority, but you don't have to obey pastors.

You don't have to obey your spouse.
Well, how come how come so much emphasis on obedience and honor is given to secular people who often hate the church, and yet we don't preach the same unconditional submission to people who love god, who are close to us who know us by name.
This just makes no sense.

Something is wrong with the theology of the church and i'm calling primarily the leaders, the spiritual leaders and the political leaders to please pray for justice to be served in australia and in the state of victoria that such oppressive, literally a police state.
Literally, there will not be enough police around, because anybody can be authorized by any of the government officials who are called secretary, and it's just the police state, the power to detain your children for three years.

The power to detain you on the suspicion that you might be at risk.

What is this this? This is exactly what the nazis did and i'm not ashamed to say it, and i pray that many other pastors will stand up and say that this is biblically wrong.

This is not what australia is about.
This is not what america is about and we're going to pray that this thing be defeated and want to pray that america assess its relationship, because america has already committed itself.

Let me read this to you because i put president trump's pro-christian accomplishments here, but now i want to speak as a neutral minister of god.
I have to hold you accountable to the things that you have said.

It's not just writing it and speaking it, but doing it, and the president has has spoken some very good things.

In june, 2nd 2020 president trump issued an executive order on advancing international religious freedom.
This order prioritized international religious freedom and integrated concerns of religious persecution.
As a factor for u.

s diplomacy, quoting the president, as stated in the 2017 national security strategy, our founders understood religious freedom, not as a creation of the state, but as a gift of god to every person and a right that is fundamental for a flourishing society.

Within 180 days of the date of this order, the secretary of state - this is mike pompeo xiao, in consultation with the administrator of the united states agency for international development.
Usaid, develop a plan to prioritize international religious freedom in the planning and implementation of the united states.

Foreign policy and in the foreign assistance programs of the department of state and usaid, the secretary shall direct chief submission in countries of particular concern countries on the special watch list.

Countries in which there are entities of particular concern and any other country that have engaged in or tolerated, violations of religious freedom, to develop a comprehensive action plans to advance international religious freedom and to encourage the host governments to make progress in eliminating violations of religious freedom.
In meeting with their counterparts in foreign governments, the heads of agencies shall, when appropriate and in coordinated coordination with the secretary raised, concerns about international religious freedom and cases that involve individuals in prison because of their religion.

Well, i think mike pompeo, if you would sir raise concerns about the state of victoria which has made these uh.
You know side deals back room deals with china and has now had the worst implemented, the worst lockdown in the world for coronavirus and not only is doing that, but is voting for itself to have through this omnibus bill, more power, extended power, extended lockdown and give Itself innumerable police officers who are not trained to be police to carry out police powers.
Please, secretary of state president trump reassess your relationship with australia based on your executive order issued on june 2nd 2020.

I put these things in the book not to just laud you, but to also let people know this is the plan.
This is what you've said and therefore, in a way, in a way, respectfully, we have to hold your feet to the fire.

We have to say it's not just speaking about christians but defending us as well.

I think the day is coming and it's not far when religious persecution will be very rampant in australia.

You know you already cannot speak up biblical views like israel.
Fulau was a rugby player who had a three million dollar contract a year and he was just summarily dismissed.

He was fired because he quoted the bible in a facebook, uh tweet and he listed a bunch of sins and he happened to mention one sin that people hear the secularists will not accept, cannot say anything.
Religious freedom has to bow down to their religion, which is secularism.

Secularism is just agnosticism, isn't it it's enforced agnosticism? It's saying that nobody knows the truth.
You cannot know the truth and if you say you know the truth, we're going to punish you.
Well, that's agnosticism! Being enforced on us, that's a religion, so we are supposed to have freedom of religion.

Mr president, also i put in here in president trump's pro-christian accomplishments, something that was wonderful.
That happened in 2019.
In july 7, 2019 secretary of state, mike pompeo, announced the creation of the commission on unalienable rights.

This is in the founding document and i'm so glad that you have put an emphasis on this again.
The secretary explained that the commission will examine the definition of human rights because the phrase has grown vague since the united nations adopted the universal declaration of human rights in 1948 and that's a way of saying, hey look.
This is a great piece of you know, document just a lot of good words, but it's been weakened.

It has no teeth, it's not being enforced.
In fact, our rights are being routinely violated against the declaration.

Mr pompeo suggested that human rights discourse had become corrupted hijacked and used for dubious and malignant purposes.

You can understand that when the greatest violators of human rights sit on the human rights commission just makes no sense.
As a pastor of 20 years, i have observed that religious liberties, freedom of speech and children's rights to their parents are among the human rights that are routinely violated in western democracies.

Mr pompeo's focus on this issue was refreshing to see an important step to rectify an old document that has been weakened at best and every time i give an accomplishment i give a date.

I give the accomplishment.

I try my best to give primary source and then i give a scripture.
So i'm going to read to you a great scripture in closing proverbs 28 verse.

Evil men do not understand justice, but those who seek the lord understand it completely.
You see if people don't understand justice if they act unfairly, they violate human rights, they're evil.
They don't understand justice, but those who seek the lord you're being raised up mike pompeo, sir president trump you're being raised up and and vice president mike pence, my goodness, what a great debate you had against kamala harris.

You are agents of justice, you're not there.
Just to tickle ears: you're, not just there to please people you're, not men, pleasers, you are agents of justice and we need you not only in america.
We need you to fight for freedom in australia and please reconsider your international relations with this country.

If it continues to violate our rights, if it continues to drift towards a police state, then you cannot believe you know you can never believe a police state.
You could not believe the nazis back in the 1930s.
You could not go to the nazis olympics, but people did please understand, pray about this and implement your own executive orders that are supposed to be pro-christian and pro-freedom and enforce it and uh.

Thank you.
Thank you for the work that you do.
We are praying for.

You we have a group of christians here and and leaders here that love the fact that god's righteousness and justice are becoming a priority again and we love.
We just love the fact that god is using you, so we are praying for you and we pray that you will be able to hear this message and do something about it as a brother as a brother as a friend to the great nation of australia, amen, [, Music ], you .

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