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I'm Ou Spin9.
, I'm Sueching.

Today we gon na review a big things, A little hint.

It has 10 wheels.

You probably thought that it was a trailer truck right, But it's not a truck.

We are going to review an Airbus A350-900 XWB Welcome on board.
Thai Airways and Spin9 Alliance and all the crew would like to welcome you on board Royal Orchid Service.

Let's start from the outside.

of this Airbus A350-900.

This plane is unique.
, It has wings and wheels.

That's it.
, Not wrong.

Actually it's hard to review.
How to review a plane.
Let's see about the length.

, It has 67 meters long.

The wing span is 65 meters long.

This plane is 17 meters high.

So if we walkthrough this just like a car, It's gon na be exhaust.

, We will.
The maximum takoff weight is 275 tons.

Let's see the wheels.

We'll review the plane's wheels.
Okay, It really has 10 wheels.
Two on the front.

This tyre specifications is 16 inch.
, But the width is quite a lot.

, 1,050.

It's very high to support the plane's weight.
, It's bigger than a trailer truck wheel.

, a lot.
It can take a lot of weight.

There is tire inflation pressure.

Normally, our car tire pressure is about 30 to 40 PSI.

Here it said 177 PSI Really tough.

When the 200 tons plane landing.

This tyre can handle it.
This nose landing gear has to handle it too.

It has to take a lot of impact.

Touch the tyre to know how hard But touch my cheeks to know how soft.
What is this `` THK''? Thank You For Flying With Us right.

The letter on the front is the plane.
Like the registration on the back of the car.

, But for the plane is here.

Every plane has to register even a private plane.
, Just like a car.

The license plate for each plane will be different.
, But it has a key to look.
For the Thai registration plane.

It will start with HS and follow with 3 letters.
If it has HS -T.
It's a Thai Airways and follow with HK.

H, means A350 and keep sorting.
Thai Airways now has 12 A350.
Sorted from HS-THB THC.

So if you can read this registration, you will be able to tell what country or what airline this aircraft belongs.

Thai registers are very easy to read because they are arranged in this format.
, But some countries may not be sorted like this.
, American aircraft will starts with the N and follow with 4-5 random number.

The front wheel is already big, but the main landing gear is bigger.
This part take the most impact force.
, It touch the ground first, when the plane is landing.

Sometimes the pilot makes a hard landing.

The landing gear is taken.
A full impact force therefore have to be this big.

What is the size of this tyres.
? 1400/530.

It's a 23 inch wheel with 1400mm width tyre.

This is the biggest wheel of all in this plane right Yes.
This is the main landing gear.

There are another 8 wheels, here.
4 on the left and 4 on the right combine in 10.
, Just like a trailer truck.

How much is this tire inflated? 240 PSI? Let's see the engines.
The important part.
The plane engine is not like car engine.

, Not just open.
The hood and can see it.
, But we all know.

When we get on board and look at the wings.
, We will see huge engines on left and right side.

We may not know how big it is when we on board.

, But when we see it, closely.
Wow A brand of the aircraft and a brand of the engine are not the same.

This Airbus A350-900 use Rolls-Royce engine.

A familiar logo.
, which is a different company to Rolls-Royce Motor Cars.

This is the Rolls-Royce that makes parts and produces engines.

separately operation.
, But use the same logo.
Yes same RR logo same Rolls-Royce name.

, But in fact they are different companies and different factory.
The specification of this engine is Rolls-Royce Trent XWB-84.

The number 84 is a thrust.

It can generate 84,000 lbf, ( 375 kN ) takeoff thrust.
This is a new generation engine.

It has a very low fuel consumption.

How low is it? The fuel consumption rate is 5.
5 6.
0 tons per hour.

About 6,000 liters per hour or about a hundred thousand baht per hour.

It's quite save the fuel.
Isn't it Fuel tank size of Airbus? A350-900 is 110 tons.

It takes 6 tons per hour.
, So it can fly for almost 20 hour.
The maximum range is about 8,000 miles.

Alright, we finish from the outside it's time to get on board.
, I'm excited.
Normally we get on board as a passenger.

Never have a chance to see all this.

We can't come and see anything like this.

We are often forced into the front left door of the plane.

And when we enter, we have to go straight to our seat.

Don't have much to see.

I believe that many people want to have an experience like this.
, So they didn't allow us do.
, Because passengers will taking pictures and not board in time.

So we have to get on board after leave the building immediately and go straight to our seats.
But today we will show you many parts that you never seen before.

This might not be a review that everyone think.

This is not 0 100 speed, test.
How fast it is May be next time.

Or fuel consumption rate.
Test it.
, We might know how thirsty is it.

You will see many interesting things in this review.
, Let's get on board.

This is breathtaking.
This is really an amazing experience.

Only two of us on board.

And the cameraman.
: Actually there is a lot of people behind.
Today we own this Thai Airways's Airbus, A350.

Own means take it home.
, Just kidding better leave it here.
If we show you something normal that you always see by your self of from Spin9 Business Class, First Class, it might be boring cause.

You can watch it in from another reviews.
We want to show you the unseen part that passengers never seen it before by themselves.

We never seen it too.

, Never seen Business Class When Au book a flight.
He always book me an Economy class, But he book Business Class for himself.

I want to see any parts that we never seen as a passengers.

, which part You review a cabin area.
A lot.
, Let's see the cockpit I want to see it.

Can we see it Sure.
? This is a flight deck or a cockpit.

This is the real one, not a simulator.

Can't press buttons right.
There is a lot of buttons.

The cockpit is the most secure thing in a plane.

, Not everyone can access even crew.
They have to ask for permission from captain first.

This is an amazing view.

I can sit here Yes.
I sit here.

, You want to press, It's really lure me.

Each button has its function.
: Normally there are two pilots on flight.

One captain and one co-pilot.

The captain always take a left seat and the co-pilots take a right seat.
, I'm a co-pilot.

It doesn't mean that captain is always the one who fly a plane.

The Pilot In Control, ( PIC ), can be co-pilot too, and the captain is standby to assist.
, But from the rank captain are on the left and co-pilot on the right.

There is another seat standby for the checker or third pilot.

This is very familiar thing that we saw from the movies.

This acts the same as the gas pedal.

For the modern aircraft.
Like this A350-900, there are a lot of monitor.

It's like a flying.

Every detail about this plane is in the monitor.

What's this for text with friends, Actually, it is used for keying information or texting telegraph to the ground.

When the ground send any information.
It shows on this monitor.
, For example, turbulence some trouble at the airport.

When we fly, we don't know about what happens on the ground.

The seat is more comfort than business class seat.

Yes, because the pilots have to operate for long flight.

Another thing that you may like is that joystick.
, Just like video game right.

There is nothing like this one.
For the Airbus.
The joystick will be on right side.

, So the pilot has to use right hand to operate.
Let's try it.
when you want to be captain.

You have to practice with left hand.
That's mean you must have more skill operate with left hand.

, So it depends on which hand you had trained.
I was imagining about myself, fly this plane and see a 180 degree view.

I think this is the best view on board.

When we watch the movie, we will see the pilot raise his hand and press many buttons.
Up here.
The system is separated in each frame.

This is a fire system.
, Let's say an engine fire.

It will shows here.

That means we have to deal with this system.
This is the hydraulic system.

This is the fuel system.

This is the electrical system.

It is divided into sections which usually the upper area is not used, except when something happens.

So that means, whenever the pilot has to look up there and see a lot of red dots around here, there must be a serious situation.

Most of the time.
The pilot would use this panel to adjust the altitude change, the turning angle or something like that.
Actually, the design of the buttons is very well done.

Different types of buttons reflect different meanings.

If you have a closer look here, you’d see that these buttons actually have similar functions, but each button actually has slightly different abrasion.

So when the pilot touches them, they’ll know what that button is for.

, The more abrasive the buttons are to the more dangerous functions.
Adjusting them will cause serious effects on the flight.

For this one, it is more like the standard panel design to provide the least error-prone as possible when they are used by those who have been trained.

It looks very formidable with all these screens buttons and many labels.
Those who train to be pilots must have gone through a lot of memorizations.
, Of course, it’s like learning the all-new subject.

It’s, a stand-alone professional subject of its own, and there are 300-400 lives at stake for this expertise.
The responsible is his.
300 people behind this door are just getting onboard, have a meal or two and arrive at the destination, perhaps without a clue that a hydraulic was down during the flight.

, But the pilot has to solve those kinds of problems.

There is no announcement to let the passengers know that “The hydraulic was broken, but I ( the pilot ) fixed it.
Am I great ”? No there’s? No such thing.

These are their duties.

There is no need to announce, but they have to be able to handle the situations by themselves.

Before we go.
I really want to snap that button, The buttons that look like that are really tempting.
, But we won’t do it.

Let’s explore more on board.
Let’s get out of here.
Let’S have a look at the zone of Economy Class.

There are 289 Economy seats in Thai Airways’.
Airbus A350 allocated in the 3-3-3 pattern.
The Airbus A350-900 XWB XWB stands for Extra Wide Body.

There are 2 aisles, which is the pattern of the wide body type of airplane.
That allows a lot of seatings.
This zone is not ( Au ) really familiar with because he rarely uses or walks by right.

It has to be me to review it because I am a frequent user.
Well, there is one thing I have always wanted to see in the Economy section, but never have a chance, because the sign reads: “Crew Only”.
I want to know why it is the “Crew Only”.

Can we open it and store our belongings? What does it look like inside? Should we open it? The cabin crews take a nap there.

Finally, we get to open it.
Yeah Look exactly like any other compartments on board.

When the passengers see the sign.
, We won’t open, it.

The whole compartment is reserved for the cabin crews to store their belongings.
Most of the time.
If you open it, it will already be filled with the crews’ belongings.

There are some that are not for storage.
This one.

Every compartment with the sign reads: “No Storage”.
It already said that it is not for storage.
, It already says what is inside.

This one contains the survival kits and oxygen tanks.
There are signs telling you what is inside, which is not needed in our journey anyway.
, So leave them to the crews in the emergency.

, Okay, leave this part to the cabin crews, to handle.
Anything else, to see here Anything that we have never been allowed to open.

Normally, when we walk down the aisle, we will see a lot of different pantries.

Can we see what’s inside Alright let’s have a look.
, We have got to the lavatory.

This is the lavatory of Economy.
Have you ever used it, Of course Really? Can you describe it? There are 10 lavatories on the Thai Airways’ Airbus, A350.

3 for Business Class and 7 for Economy.
5 are located around here and 2.

More are in the back.
All 5 lavatories in this area.
Look exactly the same.

Yup similar looking.
Some are with door knobs, which are easy to open.
This is the honorary seat.

“Crew Only”.
Don’t forget that whenever you see the “Crew Only” sign, they are not for the passengers.
Don’t mess with them.

This is the bad example.
, But she can’t help.

I wanted to try sitting like the cabin crew for so long.

They sit on their exclusive seats, fasten their seat belts and do the announcing.

Have you ever noticed that when the cabin crews announced we tended not to make eye contact to not make them feel nervous cause they needed to concentrate on their announcement.
It’s the cabin crew’s expertise to grab the phone without looking, even though it’s in the back.

, And They can hang up without looking too.
Let me try to do that.
Oops missed the 1st time.

Ah, got it the second time.
Hello, Hello, test.
Yes, it really works.

Ladies and Gentlemen, please sit down.
It’s, not the time to stand up yet ํYou are enjoying it.
Huh Been wanting to do this for a long time.

, The owner of the car register, number A.
It will soon become the shopping mall announcement.


Will I be able to put it back without looking Let’s? Try 1 .
, Miss it.

I don’t know where it is.
I’m telling you that this dream of using this equipment has been with me.
Since I was young.

, I really wanted to try it.
I see the cabin crews use it to make an announcement.

I want to do it too.
, Like can I have a try, You got your wish today.
And you used it to call for the owner of the car.

Don’t forget that when you see the “Crew Only” sign it’s, not for the passengers.
This is the special case.

This is the Unseen In the Aircraft, so we have to take everyone to see every section of the aircraft.

This section is also not for the passengers.

Why are you already seated there It’s a very comfortable seat.
Let’s grab the phone.

? Oh there’s, none here.
Here is the section called Galley or the Kitchen.

Let see what are the items or buttons here for us to try.

It doesn’t look like the regular house’s or condominium’s kitchen that much.
, Because they are some aircraft exclusive equipments.

Normally there will be ovens.

For reheating food.
All these you can see back here are ovens.

We have to push it up and twist.

There are many layers of tray inside food trays that normally served with foil wrapped.

When the cabin crew reheat the food.
, They will put the food that was prepared and packed from the airline’s catering normally come in cold.

They will put all the food in the ovens to reheat simultaneously.

The process starts as soon as the plane takes off to the certain altitude.
Once they are all done.

They are ready to be served.
That’s why we can smell the food in our seats.

Would you like chicken or fish something like that.

Another equipment that you must really like? Is this one.
Coffee, Hot water.
? This is the water boiler.

May I have two Two of course.
Here you are.
Hello, Coffee or tea or me.

You really have to use that joke don’t you.
This one is the water boiler for coffee, tea and other hot drinks.
, Okay.

It’s, really fun, And now we are in the secret area of this aircraft.

This is the crew rest, compartment section or the sleeping area of the flight attendances.

Do you think it is the common knowledge that there will be the rest compartment of the cabin crew in some flights, Or should the public know that the crew will need to nap at some points? I think many people do not know that it exists.

Actually, it is one of the aviation rules that the aircraft must have the rest compartment for the crew for the long haul flights like from Bangkok to Europe.
, The crew must have the alternate rest in order for them to have substantial rest time.

Even for us passengers.

We still need to sleep on board right, (, yup, ), So for them to have to serve and provide service continuously.
They need to have substantial rest.
They need to have enough rest in case of emergency.

It is necessary for them to be fresh and be fully conscious.
Of course.
, And there is the crew rest compartment on board the Airbus A350, which we have never seen before.

This is my first time seeing it.
We may have seen it in the films, but not the real one.
Yes, this is the prohibited area, the private area of the crew.

To enter.
You must have the code which they do not reveal to us of course.
This is the exclusive area for the crew to alternate their rest.

So when we fly the long haul flight and wonder where did that flight attendance go She’s been gone for half of the flight time then comes back very fresh.
Just know that she has been resting.

The size of each pod fits the body exactly.

There is not much room to move similar to the capsule hotel in Japan.

You may think that there is very limited space here.

It seems like you, can hardly walk or sit here.
It looks like you can.
Only lay down.

, Actually this compartment can accommodate 8 people.
Are you sure, Can you count for me? There is the space behind the camera man.
That space can fit 3 people.

, That one is 4 and 5.
That’s 6, 7 and 8.
Here is the space for 3.

There is also the curtain to keep your privacy.
, I like it.
, But it possibly wouldn’t help keeping the snoring noise.

So if one of the crew snores, they all will hear it.
The curtain is very thick.

The good quality one.

, At least it is the flat bed.
Au just climb up there.

Is it fit the tall person like you? He is about 180 cm.

Does it cover your whole legs? Yup Okay.
? I will review the rest.

Enjoy your nap there.
There is the limitation that you can’t just get abruptly up like you do at home.

If you do like that.

, Your head will bang with the ceiling.
, But we will only rise abruptly when we have a nightmare like in the movies.

Normally we will just wake up without doing that.

Here is how you get out.

Let me see your get up.

Are the crew really doing this? Of course they do Or how else could they get out, Or maybe they have to flip to their sides? Before crawling out, Possibly the best position.
, However, this area is not totally separated from the rest of the aircraft.

You can see that there are phones there, which means you can hear the announcement here and you can make an announcement from here.

All the emergency kits are here in this area.

Each sleeping pod contains a reading light and a charger for cellphones.

I think that is the speaker for the crew to hear the announcement.
, So it is not like.
You are completely cut off from the outside.

When you go to bed.
, They can still hear everything.
That’s right.

So this one is the rest compartment for the cabin crew.
There is another compartment.

What compartment The pilot rest, compartment.

, Really Let’s check it out.
It is located in the different area.

We cannot reveal where it is and like this one, you need the entrance code to enter.

Let’s check out.
The pilot rest compartment.
Here is the pilot compartment, which is in the different location from the cabin crew’s one.

Yes, it is really in the different area.

What is added from the cabin crew’s compartment is this chair.
, Because if you lie down on the flatbed, you can sit up like this.

Due to the limited space.
There is an IFE screen, here.
It’s like sitting down to watch the movies.

Yes, you can relax here a little bit.
, That’s comfortable.
What else do you want to see? I want to see where the loaded luggage is stored.

They said it is below the passenger cabins.
I want to see where exactly it is.
That’s the tough one.

Let’s check out the below passenger cabins area.

Now we are at the loaded area for the luggage or the cargo compartment of Airbus.

There are 2 sections forward cargo which is located in the front of the aircraft right here.
and the other one at the rear entrance of the aircraft.

So there are the front and the back belly of the aircraft.

, But this one is not pure fat.
Let’s go up there to check it, out.

Let’s go.
Normally there will be a nice unit load device here.
, But today is special, so be careful when you walk.

, Okay Oops, You just told me to be careful.
Now we are inside the cargo compartment of A350-900.

What are you doing Running It’s, not the running track.

The floor of the cargo compartment from the wide entrance is the roller, which is the circular object that can rotate to every angle like this.
It is very slippery if you step on it.
The reason why it has to be the rollers is because, when the luggage is loaded into the cargo, it comes in the metal crates compatible with the model of the aircraft.

When the luggage is loaded, it would not take up room because the crates are designed to fit the angle of the cargo perfectly.

You may have seen the airport’s trolley truck carrying the silver crates with the edges.
That’s the crates to be stored in the aircraft cargo.

It will save the most space.
When the crate is being loaded from there.
The whole crate will be slided into the cargo.

The roller will accommodate it to change.
Sounds like playing arcade games.

It’s, like the crates, are being pushed straight up here, and the rollers will roll them into the inside.
There are the holders with many hooks to cling on the belt.

It can hold the large luggage.

This is not exactly like what I have imagined it to be.
It’s, not totally different, but I didn’t know it would be very detailed.
Like this.

, I thought it would be a wide area with less objects than these.

The pressure in the cargo compartment is adjusted to match the pressure in the cabins.
, So that means when we load pets which they are not allowed to be in the cabins, they will be here.

Yes, they are loaded here with the luggage.

Yes, they can breathe normally.

There are the cargo here, the rear one and then the smaller one for bouncing.

That one is to keep the smaller luggage that doesn’t need to be put here.

The baggage handlers will know what type of luggage to load to each cargo.

, Which one is sensitive or dangerous.
Honestly, I don’t think we want to know what are in the cargo down here below our cabins in the flight from Bangkok to London.

There is no need to know.

Well seeing how you stand now makes me realize that we are in very different heights.

I can stand comfortably here.

There is another secret.

, I’m, not sure if I am allowed to tell you, but I will tell you anyway.
This door.
Access For Authorized Personnel Only.

This door can access the cabin above.

Can we access it? No, this one we can’t, It is quite complicated.

It is designed for emergency use.

I have seen it in the movies.

My references are mostly from the movies.

There are the situations that someone might have been stuck here or the passengers need to evacuate from the cabins.
, Something like that.
That door is for those situations.

, But the details like where it connects to how to open it or something like that.
We really can’t reveal here.
Because we don’t know.

It is quite wide here.
What is the capacity? The capacity is actually limited by the weight.

This front cargo’s maximum allowable load, is at 22,000 kg.

or 22 tons.
So, if you load heavy objects, you cannot use the full area.

There is the limitation for it.

The rear cargo also has its own limitation as well.
That’s why they need to know the exact weight of the baggage to make sure that it is not overloaded to calculate for safety.
And it’s, not like you can put the baggage anywhere.

, They will be the load Control agent to oversee the loading process to control the balance of the aircraft.
They must balance the weight in the front and in the back to allow the pilot, the total, calculated control of the aircraft.
And that’s the very exclusive review of Airbus, A350-900 XWB.

Even the aircraft review now.
Right before we say goodbye.
, It's a childhood dream right.

Alright let’s do it.
Yup you got it.
Ladies and Gentlemen.

Thai Airways has safely brought you to Suvarnabhumi Airport.

Please remain seated with your seat belt fastened until the aircraft is docked at the gate or the Fasten Seat Belt sign is turned off.
Thai Airways and Spin9 Alliance.

Thank you for joining us on this trip and we are looking forward to seeing you on board again in the near future.
, See you again in the next video Good Bye.
You miss it right.

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