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Spiritual awakening is only the beginning.

5 things you should do next spiritual awakening is an involuntary, constant movement towards reunification, with the divine during the process of a spiritual awakening things travel on their own.

It doesn't matter if you try or not it exemplifies the heart, mind body and subtle energy.

Everything is kindled and moving, no matter.

How inconvenient that may be real awakening, grinds you to dust, it grinds you into nobody, and in that space you find spiritual freedom.
So after this experience here are five things you should do next, so that your experience does not go in vain as usual.
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One practice what you learn.
Most people fail to realize that there are lots of other spiritual shifts.

You have to know this first, so when you experience awakening, you have to keep practicing what you've learned apply them in your daily life and inspire you to go deeper.

Ask questions more deeply, especially about deeply held beliefs and assumptions dig deep into the messiness of the untended heart space, build a spiritual practice for yourself.

If you don't have one with all these, the most important thing is to trust whatever you discover in every new spiritual awakening and allow it to guide.
You do not try to control the process because it's impossible, just surrender to it and when you do it'll, take you to new and unexpected places and, most importantly, it'll take you where you need to go 2.

, create space for yourself.
Immediately after experiencing a spiritual awakening.

You need to create space for yourself, take a break from life and assess where you are, you might wake up and realize that you're in a messy situation, that's why you need to keep only genuine people around you at this point in your life.

It can be your spouse, or maybe your close friends or you might have a lot of savings with that space you create.
You can gather your life back together again before you go back into the world and put into practice what you've experienced three build.
A spiritual practice during the initial years when the energy is poignant, is an excellent gift.

This is the best period for you to capture as much energy as you can.

The best way you can do this is by doing your best to yield as much as possible to take advantage of this energy, because energy, like all human experiences, will sooner or later change.
If it turns there's no guarantee that it'll favor you anymore or you might be able to get as much as you want, make use of the opportunity and use the energetic enhancement to help you get started, moving towards spiritual freedom, four actively, intensify or re-intensify the energy For as long as you want to continue with the practice, it is possible, and all you need to do is actively re-intensify.

The energy when it seems to be dwindling.

The flood waters of awakening tend to knock down a few things, but it is practically impossible to remove every obstacle and leave you in a state of pure nobody and freedom.
Instead, awakening is kind of like reorganizing the system.

It is a new beginning, 5.
, be part of a team.
It is sometimes very tasking for you to be alone immediately after awakening.

Thus, you need to be part of a group of like minds and having people who have the experience more than you do.
Can help strengthen your belief because they will always be there to share experiences and also guide you when you seem to be dwindling in your path? Well, i hope this short video offers you some new insights towards the path of enlightenment.

I'd like to have more stories.

Experiences or opinions regarding this, so please don't hesitate to share your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below.

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