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, five common characteristics of people who are spiritually gifted, spiritually gifted people are just like you and i, the ability to be spiritually gifted can be passed down from generation to generation.

Many people get emotions or sensations that they believe is inexplicable or out of this world.

Perhaps something mystical is trying to communicate with them.

Divine intervention is a thing that many people experience often, but does it mean that you're spiritually gifted? Let's find out more about this before that? I hope you can help this channel to gain more vibration by clicking that, like button below and do subscribe to this channel, if you're new here here are five common characteristics of spiritually gifted people, they have visions.

Other people define visions as daydreaming, because visions are dreams that you have while fully awake.
It could concern something that happened in the past or something that occurs in the future.
Visions can also be something that pops into your mind that makes you feel uncomfortable.

This is one way in which the spirit world communicates with people in the living world, especially if there's an impending danger coming your way.

The way of a loved one spiritually gifted people can see visions as they are the ones the spirit guides pass through to send messages across the beauty of visions is, though, while they may be uncomfortable to see, they're always meant to help you or someone.
You love avoid danger, vivid dreams.

Dreams are another way that the spirit world can easily connect with you.
Spiritual experts say that a person is the most vulnerable when they're asleep.

Thus, it is easy for the spirit world to communicate.

Spiritually gifted people dream a lot when they sleep at night and most times the dreams seem to be so real as if they're awake and it's happening in reality, dreams are always free to interpret.

Nonetheless, if you get messages while you're asleep, you should write them down and investigate their meaning.

You wake up during the most spiritual hour between 3am and 4am.

Every morning is when the link between the spiritual physical world is the thinnest.
This means that it is this period that people can easily connect with the spirit world get messages.
You might think that your body is always waking you up at that time, but have you ever asked yourself why? The time is always perfect? Waking up at this time means that the spirit world is trying to tell you something and you're spiritually gifted enough to receive it.

You experience random emotions.
You may feel feelings and emotional eruptions that are not yours.

It can be someone else's sensations routing through you.

It may sound a bit long, but it happens all the time.

So if you experience random emotions and unexpected changes in your emotions, you should be watchful, because that might be a sign that you're, spiritually gifted these signs are often to let the spiritually gifted person know that something is wrong somewhere and they can pray against it nightmares.
It is repeatedly believed that children are the recipients of nightmares because they have absurd fears and their natural empaths.

Nevertheless, some experts say that the reason why children have these dreams is that they're so sensitive to the spirit world.


Have you ever heard of the delta and theta state when a spiritually gifted adult goes into this state? They can see things beyond the normal space if a spirit is trying to send a message to you, but is not getting your attention.
The nightmares are another way to communicate.

Remember they will do anything they can to get your attention, even if it means waking you up at night in fear, so guys.
What do you think of this video? Do you think you're spiritually gifted? Please don't hesitate to share your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below stay tuned to this channel, to learn more about spirituality self-improvement personality and everything that you need for your journey towards enlightenment.

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