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You should write a book he's one of the worst pieces of advice, you'll ever hear an aspiring author.

Before I tell you why I have a question for you: what separates the one-time authors, who hardly sell a hundred books in the lifetime of their book.
As an author from the international bestsellers who make thousands of dollars even millions of dollars off of their book, grow their brands and become household names, what's the difference, let's look at fiction authors for the answer: David Baldacci, Danielle, Steel, James Rollins, even my hero, Dan Brown, All wrote, multiple books, they have a series of story after story.
That's why I myself am a 2-time published author for nonfiction authors.

You are someone who has a book idea, you're thinking, you know I'll turn this into something.
Maybe I'll get some press and credibility use.

It to launch my coaching platform, my business here is the reality.

If you only write one book you're going to get a small slice of the authorship reward pie that you could possibly have gotten, for example, you probably heard of simon Sinek author of start with.
Why? But did you know that start with? Why is the first of a four book series? Did you know that independently published author Gundy Gabrielle has written 11 books in her series, her books alone? Don't just funnel leads to her business.
They are in fact a multiple six-figure.

A year business she writes books for how to become an influencer, how to become a blog or how to become a freelancer how to become successful on social media.
She has all these different opportunities to convert readers into clients, and not only that but sell more books.
The reality is, if you're thinking about becoming an author, you are best served by writing multiple books.

Imagine you are going to write to four or five books.

You can speak to different audiences, attract different types of customers, see which one is more profitable and then write more for that audience.
On that topic in Glinda Gabrielle's case she picked several different audiences, including people who aspire to be freelancers.

People who aspire to become social media influencers, take your ideas as an aspiring author and apply them to different audiences and boom.
You've got yourself multiple books, the more books you have, the more successful you're going to be as an author and then we're profitable authorship will be for you.

You don't have to write 400 page text, books, write 4 or 5 of those.

Imagine you writing shorter books.
15 to 20 thousand word books in a series, take your big topic and apply it to different audiences.
Let's say you are an expert in intermittent fasting.

It's a strategy.
I use to lose almost 60 pounds myself.
Now you could write one book about intermittent fasting or you can write five books, one intermittent fasting for teenagers and nerman ELLs intermittent fasting for athletes intermittent fasting for new parents.

Yes, new parents intermittent fasting for entrepreneurs intermittent fasting for seniors.
You take the broad ideas and you apply them to different audiences and share different stories.

You have just four X, even 5 X, the revenant you can make from your books the math just checks out why you want to write multiple books.
Let's say you get five dollars per paperback copy sold on Amazon.
You got your book selling for 10 bucks.

Well, it's imagine you're! Writing five books.
By doing this, you are 5x in the amount of money that readers can pay you and ultimately, assuring in new people who can become clients of yours.
That is where the book revenue pyramid comes in.

You have a bunch of people on the bottom level of the pyramid, as many people as possible to buy your books as many different entry points in different different products as possible from there.
You convert these readers into customers for one of your other products.

Maybe it's a workshop, maybe it's a one time: consultation, a $ 97 masterclass a three month mastermind with you were other readers together, implement lessons from your book and then from there that cohort you convert into one-on-one high ticket clients DIY.

Maybe you do ongoing coaching and consulting so you're, going from potentially just one book where you can make five bucks off readers to a whole series of books, and you are now multiplying the number of paths that are available to you to convert readers into high ticket Clients, if you'd like to learn how you can take your one, big idea for a book drawn and out and have two three four five or more books in a single series and therefore 5x or more the revenue you get as an author book, a profitable road Map strategy session with me, you will come away with actual title for your books, based on the keywords that people are searching right now on Amazon, for books on your topic, people are gon na buy a book on intermittent fasting anyway, that's your expertise! Why not buy it from you? That's what you're gon na learn to do in our free 60 minute session, if you like to work together further, we'll talk about that.
If not that's! Okay, too, you own everything that we work on together, so that you can become a profitable author with multiple books so to bring it back on around best advice.
I can give you as an aspiring author is that you should write books.


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