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President trump is absolutely breaking steve scully in the mainstream media.

In this video we're going to take a look at the complete and total meltdown among left-wing activists disguised as journalists.
How president trump has effectively exposed their leftist agenda for all to see and how destroying the mainstream media may be? President trump's most lasting impact in his already historic presidency.
You are not going to want to miss this.

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Nonsense spewed out by the mainstream media now before we get into things here.
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Let's dive right on in here, if you actually suffered through any of the absurdities of last night's, simultaneous town halls were abc love, puffballs and an ailing biden, not one of which, of course, even hinted at the bombshell emails from hunter biden revealed by the new york Post, no, no, no! No! No! We at abc who fed you, the russian collusion hoax for three years, we're not interested in such emails right! You had this whole charade, this kabuki theater, going on at abc, while at the same time nbc did their best to try to grill president trump, but failed miserably in the process.
If you subjected yourself to any of that nonsense that then you'll know that, as of today, i think it's official donald trump has completely broken the mainstream media.

This is exactly what ted cruz said to cnn's chris cuomo several days back, and he was right when cruz was invited on a cuomo show for a supposed interview instead of interviewing him cuomo heckled him right.
That's all he did.
If you saw it, he heckled him.

He mocked him, he ridiculed and finally crews had enough and he looked at fredo and he said you know the sorry excuse for an anchor of a once major news organization.

Cruz, looked at him and said you know there was a time when cnn actually cared about doing journalism and talking about facts, but donald trump broke.
You guys.

Donald trump broke you now your entire shirt.
Your entire network now is just dedicated to how much you hate trump, and you know what people have had it.

That's why your ratings are so pathetic.

It was an epic smackdown of an arrogant, privileged silver spoon, liberal, like fredo cuomo, and it was the perfect description of what president trump has done to the mainstream media.
He has broken the media in that he has exposed them for what they really are.
Left-Wing activists disguised as journalists, they are not professionals not first and foremost at least they are not professionals, they are activists.

They are radical left-wing activists who use the media as a platform to advance progressive, globalist politics and now c-span.
Even the benign contemplative c-span has been exposed by the donald c-span is now officially c sham.
As the new york post called them, or perhaps we could call them c-scam, as i'm sure you've heard by now, c-scam steve scully has effectively been fired.

The fancy term they use is suspended indefinitely from the cable news network after he admitted that he lied about his twitter feed being hacked.
Now you may recall that scully had been tapped by the ever venerable commission on presidential debates.
You know that bipartisan celebrated non-profit paragon of future virgins completely beyond reproach the debate commission.

Well, they tapped scully to host the second presidential debate, and that was because scully himself was claimed by our media and political elite to be beyond reproach completely fair, objective bipartisan.
Well, as it turns out, as we all knew and as president trump openly declared, the whole thing was a complete sham, a swamp show of hideous proportions.
Scully is a left-wing activist disguised as a journalist.

Scully was an intern for joe biden as well as a staff assistant for the ultra liberal ted kennedy.

He also tweeted out anti-trump posts in 2016 and when president trump announced that he wasn't going to abide by the debate commission's desperate attempt to protect biden by insisting that the second debate be virtual, scully got confused with how to use twitter so, rather than send a Private message he tweeted out publicly a tweet to the former white house.
Communications director turned never trump or anthony scaramucci.

Now scaramucci's is never trump as they come he's a rabid, anti-trumpist who's, doing everything he can to get joe biden, elected and so scully tweets out what he thought was a private message to scaramucci and asked him for advice on how to deal with trump scully asks A rabid anti-trumper how to deal with trump now, when it became obvious that this wasn't a private message when he got caught obviously caught right, scully, panicked and claimed, he claimed that his account got hacked.
He pulled a wiener, he pulled an anthony weiner, which is precisely what trump said.
Remember weiner is the now disgraced former congressman who originally blamed hackers for all the perverted pictures of himself that he was sending out right.

So he pulled a weiner, but it's pretty obvious to cyber security expert when your account has been hacked.
The hackers always leave behind some kind of virtual fingerprints and so scully had to admit he had to come clean.

The supposedly upstanding member of the purely objective professional pundit class of unbiased, neutral totally impartial journalists.

Yes, if you could believe it scully, the paragon of c-span virtue had to admit that he blatantly flagrantly patently lied.
He outright lied, he's a left-wing hack as shocking as that would seem because we all know the objectivity of the mainstream media.
It's beyond reproach as shocking as it would seem.

He was exposed as a left-wing activist, somehow snuck, into the guild disguised as a reputable and professional journalist trump wasted, no time to take the victory lap on this one he tweeted out.


I was right again steve scully just admitted he was lying about his twitter being hacked.
The debate was rigged.

He was suspended from at c-span indefinitely.
The trump campaign was not treated fairly by the commission.
Did i show good instincts and being the first to know now? Needless to say, many already declaring that the scully scandal is a big black eye for the pathetic debate.

Commission, which of course, is constantly purported to be above politics, but, as it turns out, is itself every bit of part of the swamp as anything else.
In our corporatist, globalist world, so president trump has effectively broken c-span he's effectively broken.
The debate.

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All right.

So i mentioned chris wallace back in november of 2017, chris wallace received believe it or not, and an award for excellence in journalism and at the awards banquet during his speech, wallace claimed, and i quote that president trump has engaged in the most direct sustained assault on A free press in our history, so, according to swamp creatures, like wallace trump, has done all he can to delegitimize the media attacking us institutionally and individually, and he went on to say quote.
I think his purpose is clear, a concerted campaign to raise doubts that, when we report critically about his administration that we can be trusted now, what wallace doesn't seem willing to consider is how president trump has not assaulted the free press.

Far from it.

Instead, he has exposed the assault on a free press perpetrated by members of the press themselves.

Wallace seems completely oblivious to the way tens of millions of americans see the mainstream media.

We don't see it as a free press, we see them as propagandists, and this was long before trump and we don't need to look any further for such a perfect example.

The swampy propaganda than the first presidential debate moderated by wallace, where he asked question after question about trump denouncing white supremacy and trump banning what wallace actually had the goal to call racial sensitivity, training which was blatant cultural, marxist indoctrination and on and on and on i'll.
Never forget at one point when trump was crushing biden on the fact that no single law enforcement organization has endorsed him wallace interrupted biden's dithering.
By saying, well, gentlemen, let's talk about what americans are really concerned about.

Let's talk about the environment, chris wallace asks questions, reflective of the concerns of the political class.

He questions our president, in accordance with what our global secular aristocracy cares about, not questions that reflect what we care about.
That's why we walk away from these debates so disillusioned, like what the heck was, that what on earth was even the point of what we just saw and in this sense wallace and his mainstream media ilk function in accordance with what scholars call state autonomy.

Theory: okay, state autonomy theory posits the notion that globalist secular states govern according to their own interests, which of course, are largely independent of or even against, the will of the wider population.


The state claims to represent chris wallace and the whole of the mainstream media are the telecommunicative wing of state autonomy.
They perform the indispensable role of shaping and perpetuating the political narratives that are designed to keep our political elite in power.

Everything literally everything that the mainstream media reports is for this purpose.
It's for the purpose of maintaining the autonomy of the state, the political class so as to protect and perpetuate their own interests at the expense of the interests of the wider population.


The political class purports to represent this above all, is what trump has exposed for more people to see than ever more people than ever see precisely this, that the media operates in accordance with its own interests, which are not necessarily the interests of the wider population.


As such, trump has broken the media, which may in turn end up being the most lasting impact of his already historic presidency.

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Actually, turning on each other, all as the far left is beginning to fall apart, you're not going to want to miss this so make sure to click on the link, and i will see you over there.

God bless .

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