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All right there, everyone we've got a massive red wave coming as swing.

Voters stick with trump in this video we're going to take a look at why president trump is so excited of late of how a new poll is showing that swing.

Voters are overwhelmingly voting for trump in november and how it even gets better.

President trump has an ace in the hole that might make this election, the most amazing one of them all.

You are not going to want to miss this greetings.
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He just tweeted out today on friday poll numbers are looking very strong: big crowds, great enthusiasm, massive red wave coming and he's right on all fronts.

There's poll numbers which we've uncovered.
Actually, it's being widely acknowledged now that the polls showing abide in 12 or 14 point leader, absolute bunk, they're, fake polls, waiting the numbers deliberately in biden's favor, but even in the midst of these fake bowls trump is surging.

Trump gained seven points in a rasmussen poll that had predicted only 76 percent of republicans would vote for him.

We featured on a previous video.
The poll analysis of steve days days is a frequent guest in the glenn beck program.

He analyzed polls for the ted cruz campaign in o16.
He recently did a deep dive in the rasmussen poll that gave biden this insane 12 point lead and he found that rasmussen was projecting for whatever reason that trump was only going to get 76 percent of republican votes, even though trump got 94 percent of the republican Vote in the primaries earlier this year, there's no explanation whatsoever why they waited the poll that way why they purposely manipulated the data that way, and that would mean that trump would be getting the same vote share that george herbert walker bush got in 92 when he Only got 73 percent of the republican vote and that was with ross perot playing the spoiler candidate.
He siphoned 20 of the vote away, which were mostly gop defectors.

By contrast, trump got 88 percent of the gop vote.
No 16 94 of the primary vote in 2020 and rasmussen is predicting he's only going to get 76 of the republican vote.

This year i mean it's absurd polling, but even amidst that's absurd polling trump has gained seven points in a week, he's about to blow biden out of the water, and that's, of course, because the latest bombshell, email revelations from hunter biden's laptop, is reported by the new York post, i'm sure you all heard about the latest revelations that hunter biden had pursued lucrative deals involving china's largest private energy company, that he said in an email was quote interesting for me and my family in a second massive bombshell that we're now learning that hunter Biden, secured 1.

5 billion dollars from china for a private equity fund that he was forming at the time this happened when he went to china with his father back in 2013 on an official government trip to china.

You will definitely want to check out my latest video on that for more information, but there is little question here.
Joe biden's campaign is starting to unravel and trump is beginning to surge and trump is feeling it obviously.

Hence why he tweeted out today that his bull numbers were surging which they are and the voter enthusiasm is absolutely through the roof.
We've talked about this on a number of videos, but it bears repeating it's so exciting.
There was a report a few weeks back that estimated that the crowds that trump and biden had spoken to, respectively over the last month, at the time of the report trump had over a quarter of a million people, attend his rallies since labor day.

Okay, 250 000.
People attending his rallies and, during the same time, biden saw 84 show up and we're seeing this with our own eyes.

Joe biden was utterly humiliated in ohio the other day, the democratic presidential candidate who the mainstream marxist media has already coronated as the winner of an election that they together trying to steal.

He held a rally in toledo and not only did he end up speaking to a half empty parking lot with only 30 cars in attendance.
It was the so-called drive-in rally, not only that, but a number of pro-trump supporters who were consigned to a distant corner, far outnumbered the pro-biden supporters.
In fact, you can hear them chanting four more years over biden's fledgling voice, which at one point sputtered out that he was proud to be the democrat running for the senate, as this was going on.

In contrast, trump's florida rally, i mean it was the first rally.
It held since beating covet 19 raleigh was in sanford florida and it drew tens of thousands of supporters.
I mean think about that 30 cars in a half empty parking lot versus tens of thousands of supporters.

Now not to mention the hundreds of thousands that were watching trump online live via right, side, broadcasting and fox news.
The like now, this talk of the massive red wave in the making comes on the heels of another poll.
Actually, a very very extensive study conducted by the swing voter project from an organization called engages that was just published it's a six month.

Survey of battleground swing voters, so these are voters who voted for obama in 2012, but then, who defected to trump in 2016, and the study again conducted over six months found that 68 that's right.
Nearly 70 percent of swing voters polled in minnesota, ohio, pennsylvania, michigan and wisconsin are voting for donald trump.

In short, trump has the swing voter locked up and therefore has the election.

The vast majority of swing.
Voters as well believe that trump will win re-election and, of course, this corresponds to the gallup poll released last week that found that 56 percent of americans nearly 60 say that they are better off under trump than they were four years ago, under obama and biden.

That number 56, even though in the midst of a pandemic, is the highest number ever recorded by gallup and that same number, 56.
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So what are you waiting for? Click on that link below to sign up? And let's enjoy the rise of this new conservative age together, all right so what's trump's ace in the hole here well, according to the latest poll coming out of the democracy institute, which you should know is a washington dc london-based, think tank that rightly predicted both brexit And trump victory in 2016.
This is a very good poll.
We've done videos on these guys.

According to the democracy institute's latest poll, president trump has indeed taken the lead nationally over biden as well as in key battleground states.

Trump is now beating biden 46 to 45 percent nationally and in the averaged out polling from six battleground states, including florida, iowa, michigan, minnesota, pennsylvania and wisconsin trump is beating biden 47 to 43.

The current electoral college projection from the democracy institute shows trump shoring up 320 electoral votes to biden's 218.

Now, there's a lot of data in this poll, but the key data point here is that trump is radically overperforming among blacks.
Trump is winning 20 percent of the black vote, which is astonishing if it plays out on november.
Third he'll be the first republican president in recent memory to get that number of black votes and that percentage mirrors.

An emerson college poll that came out at the end of august right after the republican convention that showed that 19 of blacks are committed to voting for president trump in november.
Now again, if trump gets anywhere even close to that number, this elections could be one of the biggest electoral landslides we have ever seen.
It's widely acknowledged that the democrats lose 15 percent of the black vote.

They will be a permanent minority.
They are that fragile and by the way you can be sure.
This is why the mainstream marxist media pushes the racism narrative every chance they get with trump.

It's all an attempt to intimidate black voters by using fear to keep them within the confines of the democrat party, but it doesn't appear to be working.

Zogby is showing two and a half times the support of blacks for trump since 2016.
We have to remember that trump got eight percent of the black vote in 2016.

That was already impressive.
It doubled john mccain's four percent uh 2008 and it bettered romney six percent back in 2012.
, so trump did comparatively well actually quite well among blacks in 2016.

So it's not surprising that he's continuing to over perform among a demographic that normally votes 90 to 95 percent uh for the democratic presidential candidate, and if he continues to do that, i mean gang.
This is going to be an election to beat all elections now before you go make sure to like this video comment down below and make sure to subscribe to my channel, and you will definitely want to check out my latest video just uploaded it on how nancy Pelosi and the leftists over at cnn are absolutely unraveling they're turning on each other, all as the far left is beginning to fall apart, you're not going to want to miss this so make sure to click on the link, and i will see you over there.
God bless .

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