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And when you're living by the hormones or stress not a time to create no out of time to open your heart, not a time to learn, sometimes we do a meditation.

We start opening our heart and start elevating the body's energy, and then those emotions can drive certain thoughts of your future.
You have to understand that if 95 % of who you are is a set of unconscious programs, then the first step is lighting a match.
In a dark place, this will be one of the most powerful videos.

You watch today right now, you're about to discover the three secrets to unlock the power of your mind with dr.
Joe Dispenza.
I hope you enjoy .

How do we change our energy and how do we sustain it for extended period of time? How long is that time need to be until we really started to see that sometimes immediate okay, so so our research and we've done in the last six years, because we were seeing so many incredible incredible things going on in our workshops, I mean people stepping out Of wheelchairs and all kinds of crazy things, my church look kind of like a mega church, but hopefully not that based in science yeah, but but but isn't it amazing that some of these churches, when people get to believe whether they have science backing it or not? They just it's the belief when they step out into the unknown step out of your body and who your size right instantaneously instantaneously, and we do see that a lot and some people like yeah, that's yeah.
Can that be possible.
How can it be possible? We we've done research now I just assembled a team of scientists.

We've done 8,500 brain scans.
I can tell you, I can tell you when a person's about ready to change.
I can tell you why really don't change? I can tell you what it takes to change.

So, what's it take to change? Well, do you change most people keep their attention, always their awareness on their body.
It keeps their attention on everything in their environment with people and things there.

The brain is always scanning everything around us to determine, what's known as safe and unsafe right, and you know we do that all the time, so our research shows that the moment you take your attention off your body and you go from somebody to nobody.

You take your attention off the people in your life and go from who you identify with from someone to no one, and so many people spend their whole life building an identity of being someone take your attention off your cell phone, your computer, your car, and go From something to nothing, take your attention off where you're sitting, where you need to be someplace.
You have to go, go from somewhere to nowhere and take your attention off time, linear thinking about the predictable future they're familiar past and fall into the generous present moment and go from some time to no time.

Then all you're left with is consciousness and that's the moment are no longer playing by the same rules matter to matter and there's a very elegant moment that takes place in the brain.

In fact, I was just showing my research to a group of researchers and Santa Cruz this past week and they were blown away and I said now watch this person.
This person is going to have a transformational moment.
They said how do you know I buy I've.

Seen enough of these and the next moment the whole brain just lights up, that person is switched on, they'll, never be the same person again they're having a transcendental moment, and we could actually predict it and teach it now.
It's a formula hmm, just like you doing sports if it just becomes a formula and then you change the formula and you add to it right so when you no longer are you're identifying with your body your environment and time.

That's the moment, your pure consciousness now you're just an idea: you're an awareness, awareness awareness that has nothing to do with local space and time and now, if you're, no longer yond you're anything you can go beyond and that's when the brain, because the brain doesn't change.

The brain it takes a long time.
It takes a long time for the personality to change the personality for the ego to change the ego, the programs that change the programs takes forever matter takes a long time to change matter.
But when you're in this moment, you're no longer playing by those rules, consciousness is the phenomenon above matter.

In fact, consciousness is beginning to activate or manipulate circuits in the brain.
People just think the brain is creating conscious, no consciousness is executing the brain right.
So then, if the brain can change, then the mind doesn't change.

The brain mine is the brain in action is consciousness that changes it.

So when people begin to disengage and get beyond themselves, you are at your absolute best when you get beyond yourself and getting the person to that point.
How does someone get to that point yeah, so we teach them that formula.

We teach them to that point where all of a sudden they reach that generous present moment where they just feel connected and when they're in that place all the things they thought they wanted.
They actually no longer want because they feel like they already have them.

So then imagine living your life from that place.

You would be less judgmental.
You would be less frustrated us impatient, reactive and so so.
The formula, then, is that it requires a clear intention which is a coherent brain and when you're living stressed out and something goes wrong and you're threatened or you can't predict an outcome or you have the perception that something's getting worse or you can't control it.

You switch on that fight-or-flight nervous system.
They've talked about now.
Here's what happens when that occurs.

You start shifting your attention from one person to one problem, the one thing to another person to another place, because your brain is trying to predict the next moment.
Well, every one of those people and things in places has a neurological network in your brain.
So, as you shift your attention from one to the next, it's like a lightning storm in the clouds.

Your brain starts firing very incoherent lis, when your brain is incoherent.
You're, incoherent and when you're living by the hormones of stress not a time to create no, not a time to open your heart, not a time to learn, not a time to trust and it's a time to run fight or hide.
So people spend 70 % of their time of their life living in the state, Wow so think about it.

So miserable yes! So then, when you're under stress, if there's, if there's a cougar around the corner, you're not going to sit down and meditate sit still right, but but so I'm a tree.
You got the survival genes switched on and nobody is gon na believe in possibility when you're living in survival right yeah.
So then, when you're living in stress, what happens? Is you narrow your focus on the cause? You now your focus on matter the object, the thing and so people get switched on and all of their attention is on their outer world.

When the hormones of stress kick on, the body gets an arousal.
Now your attention is on the body and of course, when you're under stress you're, trying to predict the future based on the past and now you're literally enslaved, into three-dimensional reality.
So then, how do you get what you want? You got ta, try harder! You force it more.

You got a war cardio to fight for it.
It's matter trying to change matters, Austin people just burnout right.
So then, we now know that when you go from a narrow focus on something and you begin to open your focus, you create sense and awareness that the act of opening your focus causes you to stop thinking.

And if you stop thing, can you no longer activate those circuits and you start to slow your brainwaves down? Hmm, as you slow your brainwaves down, you start connecting to that autonomic nervous system, the thing that's giving you life and all of a sudden when you get beyond yourself, it says he's gone, let's step in and just clean up this mess before he gets back really And its job is to create order and balance.
Your body will start to do that, for you, the innate intelligence will step right in once, you've connect you got to connect, so you got to know how to change your brainwaves.
You can't change your brainwaves.

You stay in an active state, you're, basically moving furniture around you're analyzing your life within some disturbing emotion, and I can tell you, after looking at all those brain stands if you're analyzing your life within some disturbing emotion, you're, going to make your brain worse.
In fact, you are thinking in the past right, so you teach people the formula how to open their focus, change their brainwaves, connect to that invisible field and all of a sudden different compartments of the brain start.
Synchronizing the front of the brain starts talking to the back of the brain.

The right side starts talking to the left side and all of a sudden what sinks in the brain links in the brain.
All of a sudden, you see this person starting to feel more.
Like themselves, and when you see those two hemispheres, the brains start lighting up watch out, because that person's gon na feel really hope.

They're gon na start loving life, they're gon na feel like they're gon na be in love with life, because the union of polarity and duality is wholeness at the exact same time, coherent brain when you're resentful.
When you're judgmental, when you're impatient your heart beats out of rhythm, why you're stepping on the gas and you're stepping on the brake? At the same time, your body and its intelligence living in survival is saying: t-rex is back there, but you're not running because you're sitting across the table, looking at somebody smiling and your body's revved up right.
So the heart is beating and rhythmically and when that happens, you're you're, squandering or you're using all the body's life force and turning it into chemistry right, using all that energy to survive, as opposed to think beyond right right, so you're, drawing from your vital life force That invisible field around your body and you're turning into the chemistry you actually are going to shrink your own feel the hormones of stress caused us to be materialists right.

We, when one of the stress, were we're using our senses to determine reality.
So now you feel more like matter unless, like energy, more separate from possibility, so then to teach a person then how to regulate that heart center, and we do this.
We've done 6000 heart scans.

Why? Because if I can teach you how to get in that heart state - and I can teach you how to activate that Center - and I can teach you how to regulate an elevated emotion, the heart starts to create a very coherent signature and when the heart starts.
Like a drum like dropping a pebble in water, it begins to produce a measurable magnetic field up to 3 meters, wide now you're, more energy than matter more wave than particle Wow.

Now that field that's being created is measurable and that's an energy and energy is frequency and all frequency carries information.
So what is the information when it makes it here that you're sharing in the world it could carry the thought of your healing? Why? Because it's consistent with the energy guilt, isn't gon na carry the thought of your healing it's a different frequency and all of a sudden.
Now the person is elevating their emotional state and they're allowing their thought to be carried on their frequency, they're broadcasting, a whole new, energetic signature.

But thoughts are the language of the brain and feelings of the language of the body and how you think and how you feel creates your state of being so then the question is: if you keep practicing creating that state of being, it should become familiar to you.
Yes or no, the word meditation literally means to become familiar with.
So then, if you're practicing moving into these elevated states and your heart is coherent and we're measuring and I can say Louis, you got it now, do it for 30 minutes now.

Do it for 60 minutes and you practice creating that coherence, you'll know when you're there and when you're, not yes or no sure, and then you would be able to say, like a skill.
Like anything else, give me a minute: I'm gon na step out and you're gon na go back in the heart coherence and bring up that state.
Now we get there in the heart, then we practice a formula again rest.

Your attention stop calling up elevated emotions and when you start seeing that that starts happening, then you sustain it.
Then you keep practicing and all of a sudden it gets longer and longer and longer now, what's the relevance behind that? Well, we've measured neurotransmitters! So when a person actually activates their heart, the heart releases, a chemical called oxytocin oxytocin - is actually love.
Chemical, not oxytocin, signals, nitric oxide, nitric oxide signals, another chemical called endothelial derived relaxing factor.

What does that do? Causes the vessels in your heart to swell you will literally have energy in your heart.
You will literally feel like your heart, is full now, once you have that feeling you're not gon na want to trade that feeling for anyone or anything you're gon na, say well.
Why would I judge that person if I judge that person will lose this feeling now all of a sudden, you're self-regulating? Now once the heart is activated? I just was at the research lab this week.

Once the heart is activated, it acts as an amplifier and it amplifies energy in the brain.
So once you start opening that heart and it begins to signal the brain you're going to suppress the survival centers, in fact, the research shows it will reset your baseline.
In other words, if you're anxious and vigilant - and you learn how to self-regulate, you'll, actually reset the baseline and you'll say well, the trauma was 15 years ago.

I saw my somebody get murdered or whatever and they will say: yeah, yeah yeah, but the moment the heart, not the brain, it's the heart that actually resets the amygdala and all of a sudden, the person all of a sudden switches down and all something like that.
I just don't have anxiety, we have thousands of brain scans with anxiety and depression from people from all walks of life, they've reset and all of a sudden.
They don't have that excited.

They don't have to take medications or do anything is they know how to self-regulate? Where does all anxiety stem from mmm and anxiety is doing this living in the survival when you're living in survival? I'll tell you this when the survival gene is activated out of the infinite potentials in the quantum field, you'll always choose the worst-case scenario.

Why? Because if you're in survival and you're preparing for the worst there's always better chances of surviving, if anything less happens, so people are always selecting the worst thing in their mind and they begin to emotionally embrace that future.
Before it happens, thought and emotion.

You start conditioning so you're conditioning the body to become the mind of fear.
You keep doing that enough times once the body becomes them.

It's a subconscious program person as a panic attack.


Try, as you made a controller with your conscious mind, you can't you programmed it subconsciously now.
You worry about the next panic attack and, as you start worrying about the next panic attack, that's the vigilance that creates the next one.
Well, now, here's what's happening in our work, people who are self-regulating and creating these elevated states.

We have.
We have heart scans of them, sustaining heart coherence for a whole hour during a meditation, then at the end of the day, they're still wearing the the monitor.
It's eight o'clock at night they're, not even in a meditation and for a whole entire hour they're in heart coherence.

We say to the woman: what's going on here, she said: I have no idea.
I was just getting ready for bed and all of a sudden, my heart just swelled up.
It was so intense.

I had to lay on my back and surrender to love.

Instead of surrendering to fear she had a spontaneous love attack instead of a spontaneous panic attack.



Now I would call that the natural state of being so then, if you're living by those elevated states - and you know how to feel that emotion of your future before it happens, you're less likely to wait for it to happen because you'll feel like it already happened.

You'll less likely try to control it.
You'll know that the moment you lose the feeling you just disconnected and you're gon na make your way back and when you get good at it, no person no thing.
No experience can take it away from you.

Well now you're empowered and if you understand the laws of how creation happens, then you're less likely to compete and rush to get what you want.

You're gon na know that it's gon na come to you and now that's the new model of how do we create knowing is gon na come to us at the right time? What if we want it faster? No, you just do it again, hmmm, but remember if you're trying to make it happen faster, you're back to the old self right, then yourself would never do that.
The new self would constantly stay there, and so then, how does it appear? It appears in a way that you can't expect, because if you can predict it, it's the known it's gon na come in a way that you haven't thought of an unknown and it's and it's got a rock your world.

It's got to catch you off guard.
It's got to leave you no doubt that what you've been doing inside of you that produces some effect outside of you and when you correlate what you've been doing inside of you, with the effect that you produced outside of you, pay attention to what you did and Do it again and the energy uh the joy that you feel when it happens, you're gon na use that energy to create again now people say to me: well I'm this way because of that person.
In that thing I would say to them, so you mean them that person or that experience out there is controlling your thoughts and feelings.

That means you're a victim to your environment, but when you start changing your thoughts and feelings and it starts to produce an effect in your environment, you're gon na change the belief that you're, a victim consciously or subconsciously of your life, to becoming more of a creator Of your life and now all of a sudden, you become more a creator of your life.
You can't blame anybody.
You can't say well that person and I think you'd have to say I got to be greater than that environmental condition.

Who in history can I study that had the same challenges now? What was what was? What did they do? Let me just work that into my rehearsal, so that I can improve right.
Just like you've done with sports is the same process.
Yeah was more powerful than our thoughts or our emotions and do our emotions change our thoughts or do our thoughts change our emotions? Yeah? The answer is yes.

The answer is both.
I mean thoughts to me, produce an electrical charge in the quantum field and feelings produce a magnetic charge in the quantum field.
Thoughts wait, thoughts, produce a what an electrical charge: okay and feelings produce a magnetic charge and how you think and how you feel broadcasts an electromagnetic signature that influences every single atom in your life.

The thought sends the signal out I'll think about this and the feeling draws the event back.
So you could have the intent that you want wealth.
You want health, you want success, that's your intent! That's your thought, but if you're waiting for the experience to happen to feel it, then you're not drawing the experience to you because you're not feeling the emotion right.

So then teaching people once again how to balance their thoughts and feelings.

Because you can, you can enter that cycle either place.
Sometimes we do a meditation.

We start opening our heart.
We start elevating the body's energy and then those emotions can drive certain thoughts of your future other times.
You open your awareness, you create brain coherence, you have the vision of your future.

You begin to emotionally experience it.
However, you want to jump on that cycle and then sustain it, because the longer you're conscious of that energy, the more you're drawing your future to you.
So then most people spend their lives right.

They we live in this realm called space-time, three-dimensional reality and you move your body through space and three-dimensional reality.
It takes time yeah, so everything all your goals, all your dreams, all your visions, you're gon na, have to get your body up and drag it through space every day to pay off that.
You know that home.

That's in your future, right right when you create from the field instead of from matter when you're the vibrational match between your energy and some potential and your thoughts and feelings are coherent.
Now you are going to begin to collapse time and space or the experience is going to be drawn to now.
Now your the vortex to your destiny, and now you don't have to go anywhere to get it because you're not playing by the rules of three-dimensional reality.

You're playing by the rules of energy in the quantum so teaching people how to do this in getting better at it, then all of a sudden they're not forcing and controlling outcomes, in fact, they're trusting and surrendering to outcomes because they don't want to get in the Way because the moment you start trying to predict when it's going to happen or how it's gon na happen, you're overlaying a known over a place where there should be an unknown right, so teaching people how to do.
That means we have to lay down the very thing we used our whole life to get what we want for something greater to occur right, and so that transcendental moment is something that we're working on the mystifying and, and you could be gluten free person.
You could be a gluten full person, you could drink wine, not drink wine, you could be rich, you could be poor, you could be any color any shape any size.

In fact, you can't tell me you're too old, to do this work.
You can't tell me that we got elders in this work that we show you other brain scans and you'd be blown away, but they they know how to do it.
You can't tell me you're too sick to do this work.

We got people that have reversed stage.
Four cancer in numerous times and yeah, it took a Herculean effort to do it, but they love themselves, for you can't tell me that you're too, out of shape or too overweight or too under weight, you can't I've seen it in all shapes and sizes.
You can't even tell me that you had a brutal past and people that have had very, very dismal pasts that are free, they're, happy people.

You can't even tell me you're you never meditated before.
In fact, our research shows that many people have never meditated before.
Have the most profound experiences because they're not trying to make anything happen, they're just following the instructions right and and they don't have a habit of doing it.

So so we don't want to exclude anybody in the process.
We want to include everybody, so it turns out that our events tend to draw a good portion of men because of the science we have a lot of children.

Now that are, you know, teenagers that are coming and people in their 20s.

We have great community of elders, we have you know in our events, sometimes 63 different cultures well coming to countries coming to our events between 50 and you know 65.
So so we want it.
We want to make it so inclusive that community becomes the side effects because, because with a community of like-minded like like antler similar energy of people, everybody understands they get one another.

You know you, you communities tends to be the thing now that, in terms of our social, medium and the feedback, we're getting, everybody wants more community because you get a you, get a thousand people in the audience and their energy synchronized now you're talking us something.
So much bigger we're just gon na measure this I just talked to a researcher yesterday, we're going to measure a thousand people when they reach that synchronized moment.

When they're we can.

We know that the entire social coherence in the room is orderly.
Then, if you're producing a ambience, coherent magnetic field in your heart and you're tuning into a thought or an intent, and you got a thousand people doing that and your energy is gon na start interfering and commingling with the person.
Next to you, when that Energy starts to synchronize, it's gon na produce a bigger wave, the higher the amplitude, the higher the wave, the more energy there is.

So now you have one mind in one heart and now, when it comes to healing others, and we've done the research on this now and we're collecting the data that we're teaching people how to administer a change in energy and the person.
That's laying there because it's not matter that emits a field, that's the wrong way to think about it.
It's the field that creates matter.

You change the field, you change matter.
You know it's, not your job to change the tumor.
The tumor is the illusion.

It's the pattern in the field, that's that that has to be changed.
So once people start reversing this, then you start seeing the tumors disappearing.

You start seeing blind people seeing deaf people hearing you start seeing people with Parkinson's disease switch on.

I mean you start seeing stage.
Four cancer is reversing because now they're you're you're you're swimming upstream you're, going to the headwater in making that change so pushing the envelope and them seeing that in a community when a community synchronized towards the second half of a week-long event.
I mean, as I said before, we started the show.

I I'm more surprised than anybody.
Was it's crazy? What is the we talked about? I heard you say consciousness a couple of times.
What's the difference between mindset and consciousness? To me, consciousness is awareness.

Awareness is paying attention and noticing, and so 95 % of who we are by the time were 35 years old is a set of unconscious automatic programs that we've just practiced so many times that we're not consciously thinking about those.
So, in order for you to change to answer the initial question that you asked the first step, is you got to become conscious of your unconscious thoughts and you got to you got to start looking at those hardwired thoughts that that you think every day that it's Just circuits that have been fired and wired together.
How do we do that? Should we take write a list at the end of the day or one of the most common thoughts we had that day like? How does someone become aware, you don't have to do that? You just have to sit down close your eyes and not move, and then you'll get you'll you'll start seeing.

What am I thinking about right, yeah and all you want to do is observe the thought, because, when you begin to observe that thought, you're no longer the program now you're the consciousness, observing the program and you're starting to pull out of the program.
Thinking about the thinking, yeah, who's, doing the thinking of the thinking about the thinking.

That's who you are when you're, not the program, that's awareness right! You got to become aware of how you speak, how you act become so conscious, so aware of it that you won't go unconscious and let that thought or that behavior run you.

You got to say.
Oh, my god, this feeling that I've been living by for the last 20 years is actually guilt.
I didn't know it was guilt because it just feels like me and all of a sudden, as you start becoming conscious of it you're beginning to objectify your subjective self.

Here you're pulling you out of those programs, and nobody likes to do that because it's uncomfortable they'd rather turn on their cell phones start texting get on the internet.

You know watch TV to distract them from that moment, and that is what they have to move through.
In order to get to their to their own personal freedom, so the first step is becoming conscious and meditation means to become familiar with to become conscious of to to become so conscious of your unconscious self that you won't go unconscious to any thought.

Any behavior or emotion and get ready because it takes a tremendous amount of energy to do that and awareness that conscious to stay conscious, and so we fall from grace yeah fine, you got, you got your wake.
You got another day: let's go again, how often do you fall? Oh my gosh, I mean how many times have I done it.
Thousands, but I'm not gon na give up, because the moments in which I do connect or the moments that I do have that transcendental experience, what matters the most after it.

When I have that transcendental moment, I look back at all of those difficult meditations those difficult days and those are the ones you remember you don't remember the good meditations.
You remember the ones where you came up against yourself yeah and you want a little further and you say I'm gon na go we'll further and go further or you had a rough day and you just went in and you just you at the end of the Day you surrender and you have the classic.
Oh my god moment, there's no linear correlation, it's just whether you're willing to live in creation instead of living in survival, and so you get better at it.

You know we just get better at it and for me staying consciousness thing where in staying present is an art, because you, you know when someone's present with you in your life because they're paying attention to you.
You know when they're not present with you, because they're not paying attention to you so imagine this field of informations is this intelligence that lives within you and I that's governing everything material in this world.
It's a self-organizing intelligence.

You have access to it, so you better get present with it as well as you can get present with anything else, and just because you can't see it doesn't mean it doesn't exist it that that that realm, you can't experience with your senses.
You can only experience with your awareness, so then people have to take their attend off their bodies and go from uh somebody to a nobody, hmm take their attention off the people in their life and go from that they identify with and go from uh someone to A no one take their attention off the things in their life, their cell phone, their computer, the car and go from something to nothing, take their attention off where they sleep, where they work, where they're sitting and go from somewhere to nowhere.
Take their attention off the predictable future and the familiar past and time and go from some time to no time and now, if you're, taking all of your attention off of everything material in this three-dimensional reality now, there's only one other thing: that's left.

That means you're an awareness, your consciousness, and now that is the bridge, that is the door to the quantum field and you can't enter the quantum field as a somebody.
So if someone has spent their whole life working on having the perfect body or so much so they have so much attention on their pain.
Where you place your attention is where you place your energy, it's going to take some work for them to take all of their attention off their body right because they'll go they'll, do it and then look go back, let's see if the pain so that all the Pain still there, so it's a little bit of a waltz in the beginning, but as people start applying this, you start getting better at it.

As an example, we had Bond University University and Australia on the Gold Coast.
Senior researcher took a large majority of my brain scans and they hadn't.
She had them analyzed by her graduate students and they statistically looked at everything.

One of the most startling things for the research team was our community's ability to go to to get to that point.
Where there nobody, no one, no thing nowhere, no time, I'm talking for seconds, I'm talking five seconds, I'm talking nine seconds just like just give me a second.
I know how to do this.

[, Music ].
I feel like we've brainwashed ourselves over the years to believe a story of the past is who we are and who we will always be in the future.
So how do we brainwash ourselves in times of stress and anxiety in order to become more peaceful, loving and successful in the future? How do we brainwash ourselves in a different way? Sure? Well, that's what I and and Wow I mean the first and most important thing is that you have to understand that if 95 % of who you are is a set of unconscious programs, then the first step is lighting a match in a dark place.

If you want to become someone else, you got to become aware of who you are yes.
That means you got to start thinking about what you've been thinking about.
You got to start paying attention to how you speak that be conscious being conscious to every thought action.

Most word emotion, feeling expression, body, language everything you need to be aware of, and conscious of Selzer is there a way that you help people to track this.
Besides of just like okay, I'm aware of this in the moment, do they journal the thoughts throughout the day or when a negative thought comes up today.
Remember the way their body languages throughout the day closed off and guarded or open.

Do they? How do they self reflect where they can track it? Better, mmm? Well, that's a big question, but I will tell you this that you demystify the word meditation and the word meditation literally means become familiar with yeah when you become so familiar with your thoughts so aware of your emotions.

So conscious of your habits that you wouldn't go unconscious to them again, now you're no longer the program right, so so getting people disentangled from that program.
We found out as a formula and when we teach people how to do certain things with their focus and opening their awareness when we teach them how to create a very disorderly brain that has been driven by the hormones of stress into a more orderly, coherent plane And teach them how to open their focus and practice that they'll come up against those thoughts and they'll become so familiar with them.

Listen to.
They won't believe him anymore when they come up any longer Wow, and so when they hear them in their day.
They'll be like that's not gon na.

Stop me from my future, so if they're sitting there and they want to quit just because they're sitting still and they're not quitting, then they're developing a will that's greater than those programs and you're breaking out of the shell, and you keep doing that.
You're gon na get up and do the work every day, because you did it yesterday and you're gon na want to do more of that, because you're getting out of your past and it feels better and if you keep doing that and you keep feeling better every Day the question is: why wouldn't you do it every day, because you would ultimately just feel better and then the more hole you feel means the more you are connected.
You should imagine if you felt every single day - and this is what I do work on.

If I could stay connected to the emotions of my future all day, long there's no way I would be looking for when it would be happening.
How could I look for when it would be happening? If I feel like it's happening, I wouldn't look anymore, which means I wouldn't be separate from it and that's when you start creating the magic right.
That's when you're in that zone and that's when that reaffirms that personality that you're becoming and now you don't.

You know wake up in the morning.
Go I got to create my future jump out of bed excited you're, not gon na want that magic to end.
That's the right.

So so you teach people how to do this and they start seeing the events in their life.
They're not gon na want to miss a day in in really just getting beyond their personality and listen, it's so cool because it's amazing, you see all these people come in for a success and new careers and new relationships and healing from a disease and mystical experience That come in for all these different kind of reasons healing from a childhood trauma, but really they just want wholeness right and so, as I start becoming more whole, and they start feeling more whole is not coming from anywhere out there.
It's not coming from out there.

Nothing out there is making them feel whole when the novelty of the thing wears off, you feel empty again, they're feeling whole from within.
Oh this is different.

This is a different game, so why wouldn't you want to keep feeling more whole that you no longer want anything now now you're, not here now, you're, not living in separation anymore, if someone is so disconnected to their future, their greater future self, if they're so negative Thoughts, suicidal thoughts, often hurting themselves potentially often just don't have many close friends, don't feel like they identify with themselves in the world.

Don't like anyone understands them.
No one accepts them.
No one gets them like this all sounds great in theory, but when you're in a place of survival mode and your thoughts constantly, how can someone like that, without having to go through the workshop that doesn't have the opportunity to go right now? What can they start to do to just give some a little bit of relief and peace in their heart yeah? It's simple knowledge, experience, wisdom, philosophy, initiate that philosophy, master, it yep mind body, soul, thinking doing being learning with your head, applying with your hands, knowing it by heart, and this is the journey of knowledge, because when you learn that information - and you really study it, you Are going to begin to see the world differently because your brain is changing, then, when you start saying how can I use this, how can I apply it? How can I personalize that? How could I do something initiates this information? What am I going to do? How do I get my behaviors to match my intentions now? This is the act of trial and error.

It's so important, you don't make it the first time you don't give up you get up and you try to walk again and you start learning how to do this, and so, as you begin to do it over and over again, you start having new experiences.
Well, new experiences enrich the circuits in your brain.
Philosophically you know the brain makes a chemical and now you're feeling more unlimited, you're feeling more whole you're teaching your body chemically to understand what your mind intellectually understood, and now you are literally literally starting to embody that knowledge.

Yes, coming signaling new G's, it's new information, but but you can't do it one day and expect your wealth to come.
You got ta, do it over and over again yeah, so the repetition of practicing over and over again neuro chemically conditions, the mind and body begin to work as one you've done it so many times the he now knows how to do it subconsciously because just like It just like it knew how to subconsciously lean into trauma on victim mode right that kids, now the body's getting new information, it's going to adapt and and now you're going to literally become that knowledge, you're gon na be coming.
That's what you're gon na become, and so now that's when you no longer have to try it's who you are it's yes, yeah you've memorized an internal order, that's greater than anything in your outer world.

That's gon na tell you something else.
That's key right there and you become immunity to negative thoughts or negative viruses where, if something tries to someone tries to say something to your body, just rejects it automatically, just as if your physical body would reject some virus coming in.

Is that correct? That's absolutely what I said dr.

Joe: you can't do it you're stupid, you're, ugly, you're, not smart enough you're! Not this! You won't even reverse.
They won't even just bounce right off you, you wouldn't even receive it, because your field is so powerful.
It's pushing all that away.

No because it's not the truth.
There you go.
It's just laughs, it'd just be like.

Okay, that's just not real, but if I kept telling you you know, you need this product.
You need this drug to feel better.
To look better to be better, let's appeal to your lack and if you buy this it'll make that feeling go away and you try for a while.

Then the feeling doesn't go away anymore.
You got to try something else and now watch the news and listen to all that information.
That's telling you you're limited you're.

You know you're limited it's something out there.
It's going to get you there's nothing wrong with that this.
But if you're constantly saying it's traffic, it's the news, it's politics, it's my ex! That's making me feel and think this way then you're subconsciously, not consciously affected by your environment and you'll, be more affected by your environments, not a kind of process, but the more you say I'm going to, in spite of the fear that we talked about or the Anxiety or the frustration or the aggression or the hostility or whatever it is, I'm paying the suffering.

Instead of saying that, I can't change that.
You know what I'm gon na think I'm gon na see.
If I can, where can I find that information where and all of a sudden, you find people that are doing it and it makes sense to you and you're like well? Okay, I'm feeling really anxious.

Instead of taking something that's going to chemically change me, let's see if I could chemically change me without something out there.
Let's see if I can make my own pharmacy of any depressants, I don't know, let's see if I can make my own pain relievers, let's see if I can make my own chemicals that cause my immune system to get stronger.
I'm just curious.

Let's see now now the person is there out of the bleachers and they're on the field, so they'll start believing that they can do it, even if they change it a little bit and if they don't get it.

The first three days but they've seen a testimony of someone who has, and you see that person who's totally happy that was abused every day of her life and they don't have the genetic disorder any longer.
You're gon na, say wow.

That person doesn't look like a movie star.
That person doesn't look like they're vegetarian now that person doesn't look young and after whatever it is they're gon na look like a normal person and you're gon na say I identify with her identify her.
She can do it.

I'm into it now here's the cool part yeah, we've seen then, when people do this with the same stand on the stage and tell the story that there's that the person in the audience, with the same genetic condition, does it in a shorter amount of time, because The evidence becomes a loudest voice.
Why? Because it's in testimony yes, there's truth right in front of you.

That's it's! It's it's right in front of you there's! You know we had a guy in Dubai that had he was in a wheelchair with this.

Was this tumor in his spine and the doctor sent him home to die? He came across my book like a week before they got the book becoming supernatural, mm-hmm and and then he read the book and he somehow got in there.
Someone gave him a spot.
He was in a wheelchair stage for cancer or go home and died severe paralysis, a limitation crowding the spinal cord, the whole bit nothing.

We can do for you all these pain, meds, excruciating pain, one week after the week, long his tumor reduced by 30 %.
I just saw him in Munich he's he can walk he's walking without his wheelchair.
I mean he isn't it he's in a new experience.

He he's believing now in himself and when you believe in yourself you believe in possibility.
You can't have one without the other.

Do you believe in yourself when you've never believed in yourself and you've got doubt inside of you all day, long knowledge, knowledge, knowledge, keep learning, keep studying, keep listening to it sooner or later, that'll become a louder voice in your head than I can it's too hard I'll, never change yeah, and you me knowledge of knowledge of new philosophies, knowledge of new skills, knowledge of new anybody study.

If you don't want to read, get on YouTube, and one of course talk about how you can change your cheese just start looking starts looking at the testimonies and websites, I mean we have over 450 testimonies now people heal themselves, not small burritos, amazing start looking to See what did that person do and when they tell their story, that's worse than yours, you're gon na start going wow that person really had a tough one and a day overcame it well, jeez.
Why like? Well, I could just forgive my father right now.
I give you right now I want to let them go and I want to be free, but I don't want.

I don't want to give them my attention, because I give him my energy I wan na, but I put my attention in my future.
Soon later, you're gon na come to it.
The way you do, but if you don't have the knowledge, then you believe in it last see you see, there's people that we I saw this just recently and I was looking closely and there are people that do this work do do this transformation work in the Meditations that we teach and they're so impatient and they're so entitled, and they want an instantaneous change from the lack of feeling right that they never overcome themselves in their meditation.

They never overcome themselves in the meditation and when they finish their meditation.
They believe in this work, less hmm.
Then there are people who say I can tell you the moment.

I made up my mind to change, because I had reached the end and I made a decision and that decision to change carried an amplitude of energy.
That was greater than the hardwired programs in my brain and the emotional conditioning in my body, and my body literally responded to my mind in that moment that the choice that I made became a moment in time.
I would never forget and they'll tell you and that's the moment I remembered when I was going to change now.

Those people then, when they sit down to do the work there, that the chemotherapy has worked.
The injections didn't work, the radiation didn't work, the surgery didn't work, the diet didn't work, the yoga didn't work.
This is this is now their end.

They have nothing else to believe in, but themselves hmm and they go all in not 50 %, not 60 %.
Going all in they have nothing else to believe in now.

Listen when they go a little bit outside the known they've got, they went a little further than where they normally would stop.
They push themselves to that next limit.
They started believing in themselves that they could do it a little bit more.

They they finish the meditation and they get up and believing it's it's it's working more than working, less they're the person, that's believing in themselves! That's why? Because it's not the work.
It's your belief in yourself right, it's and when you believe in yourself you believe in possibilities when you believe in possibilities, you got to believe in yourself who wasn't gon na, believe it so people make these great strides in in the and and their own.

Personal growth is a testament to the living organist and the living organism.

The species of human beings, that's starting to believe.
Well, maybe we're not so a slit limited as we've been programmed to believe.
Maybe we are more unlimited in and I'd rather throw in with that, and if you don't think you you're your immune system isn't aware of viruses that could it could handle any virus.

If I got the right signal and if it was in a state of wholeness and your thymus was activated and your blood flow to that Center was turned on because you decided to turn it on and and you decided to release those chemicals that suppress the survival.
Centers in your brain, because oxytocin does and you wanted to stay there for a period of time and memorize.
That feeling I guarantee you that thymosin would begin to signal those t-cells and those t-cells would activate their t-cell receptors and those t-cell receptors would be releasing immunoglobulins and and antibodies that would block those receptors coming off a virus like you may not pass.

I'm sorry.
Thank you so much for watching this video and, if you're, looking for more greediest in your life and check out this next video right here.

All the stories that I'd, followed in life were people who went from nothing to something, and here was a guy who had something, but it traded it to have nothing.

Well, look like the happiest person.
I've ever met.

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