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Hallelujah king forever, [, Music ].

We thank you for the cross hi.
I have the privilege to talk to you about a subject that is one of the most difficult one of the most misunderstood, but also one of the most necessary.
It's called the fear of god.


It's both old and new testament, it's important for us to live in the fear of god.


The scripture says that when we live in the fear of god, we are able to present, to god a heart of wisdom and that's a part of of the result.
The product of living in the fear of god, there's two kinds of fear, though, that we see in scripture there's a fear that you see with the man who had the one talent.

If you remember the parable that jesus gave the man, the man with the one talent, buried his talent and and he was afraid of the of the master, he was afraid of what would be demanded of him.

It was a fear that drove him from the master.
The real fear of god draws us to it, endears us to him, because it's not a fear based on punishment.

It's a fear based on the value that we have for who he is it's respect, but it's more than respect i've heard people say the you can't have fear and love in the same relationship and my humorous response is.
They must not be married because anyone who's married knows what it's like to live in the fear, the respect the value of that partner, but also to love them.

So and that's the relationship that we have with the lord, i it's not that i fear his punishment.
Although you know he is still a judge, it's that's not the issue in the fear of god and the fear of god.


I am moved by his heart.

If i do this - and he doesn't like that, how will it affect his heart? I would grieve him.
I would cause him grief.
I would cause him pain.

I would cause him disappointment.
That's a huge part, i think for me, is i value how he thinks i value what he feels and the fear of god is one of the most necessary ingredients in the believer's life.
There are people around today that say the fear of god is no longer necessary because we are under grace.

It's still taught in the new testament.
Peter talks very strongly about the fear of the lord, and so i would encourage you learn to walk in the right kind of fear.
The kind of fear that doesn't drive you from him.

The fear that doesn't cause you to shake in your boots because you're afraid of punishment, but it's the fear that brings you endearingly to the one who is worthy of all our affection.
All of our love in this relationship fear and love fit together beautifully.

I encourage you, walk in the fear of the lord you'll, be able to present to god your heart, which will be our heart of wisdom, , hallelujah, .

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