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I mentioned earlier that Tom Brokaw had an extremely compelling piece so without further ado Tom Brokaw.

Now this devastating earthquake and show is a reminder that when one country gets in trouble, it really does depend on the family of nations for help.
That's been especially true between this country, Canada and the u.
Of course, the ties between the United States and Canada are long and enduring, and not just in good times.

It turns out.
On September 11th 2001, the people of Canada came to our aid managing an unprecedented crisis in the skies.
They also took care of tens of thousands of displaced passengers who arrived at their doorstep on short notice.

This is the story of one small town that didn't get the attention it deserved in the chaotic aftermath of 9/11.
In so many ways it symbolizes the Grace and the unselfish spirit of this very generous nation September 11th.

This is a scene that has played out in communities for eight years since the terrorist attacks of 2001, but what makes this ceremony different is where it's taking place.

This is the Appleton Peace Park in the town of Gander in Newfoundland, Canada, where, during the tragedy of 9/11, there was a bright light on the better part of our humanity: [, Music ].
It's a beautiful, beautiful thing that has happened here, and we know that, no matter what happens in the world, there are still good people.

If this place can be somehow shared with the world, the world would be a much better place.

Piron gander amid the heartache an autumn romance blossom.

Here, parents were constantly consoled as they faced wrenching pain.

Here, thousands of stranded Americans would form a lasting bond with everyday Canadians who acted with admirable, unwavering kindness, , [ Applause ].
We can ever again look at the New York skyline without remembering that day September 11th, when terrorists hijacked airliners loaded with passengers and jet fuel, flew them into the World Trade Center and killed 3,000 people altering the lives of an untold number of others.

Most of our attention that day, of course, was focused here in New York, but it was a story that reverberated around the world and it had a special impact on a small Canadian town, a thousand miles north of Europe, a town that became a safe port in A storm of fear, terrorism and uncertainty, the province of Newfoundland and Labrador, a former British colony that did not join Canada until 1949 has long been considered Canada's poorest.

It is largely populated by descendants of Scots and Irish living simply and often harsh conditions here.
Neighbors relying on neighbors is a necessity of everyday life.

Population 10,000 is a small to shop.
White town in the northeast corner of the island of Newfoundland.

Claude Elliot has the mayor of Gander.

Since 1996, we only have a half a million people on a massive pilot.
We've come true, some difficult times and most Newfoundlanders survive with hard work, helping each other and that's been passed on from generation to generation.

The cold season can come quickly and severely in Newfoundland, but September 11th 2001 dawns warm and sunny a typically bucolic day.

That will be anything but typical, as Gander is about to be thrust into the catastrophic events unfolding a thousand miles to the southwest its citizens.
To be challenged, as never before September 11, 2001 started as a normal day.
He gander.

While we were having coffee some ones that there was a plane that crashed in New York in one of the Twin Towers, we had complaints, speeding on Airport boulevards, the only four-lane road that we have and I was parked in front of the curling club.
I had my car review and I heard what was going on.
I like a lot of people.

I couldn't believe that this was happening, and I said that can't be true.
It just can't be.
It is such a pretty morning on that September morning, air traffic control, veteran Ben Sliney, is on his first day in his new position as FAA National Operations Manager barely an hour into the workday.

There is an ominous development.
You were trying to locate American 11.
It had shut off its transponder and drop a little radar coverage.

Thank you very much.
We appreciate the book is called hughs.

Hunico live right now and show you a picture of the World Trade Center.

A plane has just crashed into the World Trade Center.
Here in New York City, we saw what appeared to be a fireball at the top of the World Trade Center.
We had reports of another aircraft that had deviated from its course US officials say it appears.

It was a third plane that hit the Pentagon, ordered a national ground.
Stop that no other aircraft could take off whatever is necessary.
Just get him stopped now anymore, 56 minutes after the North Tower is struck.

An unprecedented decision has been made.
Every non-military plane must land immediately for the first time ever.

American airspace is closed.

This is war.
This is a declaration and an execution of an attack on the United States.


The only way to really sort the situation out was to land everyone in our airspace.

The FAA now says that all international flights headed for the United States are being diverted to Canada every day as transatlantic flights enter and leave North American Aerospace.
They are managed here the area control center in gander Newfoundland September 11.
When US airspace is shut down.

There are almost 400 planes carrying tens of thousands of passengers westbound over the Atlantic.

Around 200 are close enough to return to Europe.
167 more are too far across the ocean to turn back.

When did you begin to be aware of what was about to happen in gander the flights that had been crossing the Atlantic more than halfway? Many of them were going to be headed for Gander and st.
John's and Halifax, but Gander would be the big magnet.
I knew that the Canadians were going to get an onslaught of traffic and I suppose I hope that they'd be able to handle that traffic.

The responsibility of handling the traffic Falls to a small team led by Donald Bryan, the supervisor on duty at the control center.
For Nav Canada, the Canadian version of the FAA, the arrival sector, we normally would have three controllers.

We quickly went to 14, we trained for emergencies, we trained for bomb threats, but usually singular plan, or maybe a second one, maybe but not to this level.
Of the activity what's going on here was another part of your mind, thinking about what had happened in New York and the possibility that there were more terrorists out there.
I'm sure it went through the controllers.

Heads went through my head, but it sure some of those airplanes could have been missiles.

We didn't know how extensive this was, but that wasn't our call really.
We just had to get those airplanes on the ground safely.

One of the pilots approaching Newfoundland is Beverly bass.
The first female captain at a major airline she's flying American flight 49 from Paris to Dallas, with 170 people on board.
From the controller standpoint, they feared that another airplane was going to be taken down.

Some of the airplanes were given directions to turn around and go back to their departure city, so we're sitting there cruising westbound and looking out the window, and you can actually see them turn and make 180s and head back to Europe.
Newfoundland is an island located off the eastern edge of North America.

The 167 planes approaching Canada all must land immediately.

The vast majority of small airports around the island and in the nearby Maritime Provinces, all controlled in Gander over the next seven hours, Gander control and the surrounding airports will handle unprecedented traffic under extreme emergency conditions, they're in the 103 Center and negative.

You must now land at Gander at turn right, heading 3 to 0 returning late heading 3, Tuesday, flight paths must be recalculated in three dimensions, accounting for speed direction.

Some planes are too heavy to land and must jettison fuel.
The risk of collision is ever-present.
This is an actual radar tape from that morning, now you're starting to turn them toward danver.

Yes, we got the word of course, and we had elem all northward into Gander, st.
John's and Stephenville.
Some of them knew it was activity going on in Kennedy and it was a crisis in American airspace.

Some of them didn't.
We were telling him look.
You've got to land, there said no one went on to Kennedy or Dallas or where no you're, not in the air as they learn the shocking details, captain's worry, their own points could be carrying hijackers, forcing many to hide the truth from their passengers.

Our captain came on the PA system and announced that we had a slight mechanical problem, something to do with an indicator signal or something like that we were going to have to put down in gander to have it repaired.
Shirley Brooks Jones is a retired, fundraising administrator for Ohio State returning home from Frankfurt, Germany on board Delta flight 15.
Once we get apart, the captain came back on the intercom apologized to us for the ruse and said: actually the equipment was fine, but there was a national emergency in the United States.


Apparently, some type of what would appear to be a maybe a terrorist activity or hijacking that's occurred with airplanes, which apparently have impacted the World Trade Center in New York City on September 11th.
Eight domestic flights are scheduled to land in Gander.
Instead, thirty-eight planes carrying almost 7,000 people are beginning to fill the tarmac.

The spectacle has drawn a crowd from among the town's 10,000 citizens, as fudge is one of just two officers on the local police force.

I watched the plane come in and I've seen a jumbo come in and then I seen another one coming in I'm looking at this and I'm saying holy God just if, if there's, if there's 200 people on each one of these planes and we're gon na get 40 or 50 planes that's an awful lot of people less than two hours after American flight 11 strikes the North Tower of the World Trade Center.
The skies over the United States are empty for the first time.

American aerospace is completely closed in Canada.
The gander area control center somehow lands all 167 planes without incident.
It was a sigh of relief.

You wipe your brow, so you thank God, I got in safely and it was unbelievable to go from this horrific activity and then the airspace is completely sterilized.


No, but no targets on the radar screen here in New York.
The sad task of the search for the survivors and the victims goes on and on in New York.
Citizen volunteers are flooding for ground zero as emergency workers search for survivors, a thousand miles from the destruction.

The 10,000 residents of the peaceful Canadian town of Gander was virtually no time to prepare, must also respond with countless acts of generosity, providing food and shelter.
For thousands of frightened passengers strangers who have suddenly arrived at their door among the stranded far from home, are the parents of a New York City fireman, not knowing if their son is at Ground, Zero Hannah and Dennis O'rourke fear, they may never see him again.

underline the strategic importance of Newfoundland.

Airport Gander was an airport before it was a town in the late 1930s, British and American military officials chose this site on the eastern edge of the continent to build the largest airport in the world during World War.
Two: this was a stake off place for American military aircraft, headed for the European theater after the ward Andrew continued to play a vital role as a refueling stop for transatlantic commercial airliners.
But then the jumbo jets came along.

They could cross the Atlantic non-stop and ganders role in aviation was greatly reduced until the September 11th, when Gander came alive again a safe harbor for the jumbo jets that had almost put it out of business and was in a matter of hours.
This vast hall Mac was filled with planes from around the world parked wingtip to wingtip.

Canada is basically becoming a gigantic runaway for every plane.

An aircraft was destined a United States today in gander.

No one is allowed off the planes until customs and security are in place, run by Airport officials and officers from the regional headquarters of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, the Mounties.
They must process each passenger plane by plane until authorities are certain.

There are no terrorists onboard among the trap.
Passengers is New York, state police officer, George white Ally, who is returning from Ireland where he was doing advanced security for New York, Governor George Pataki.
We were on this plane for 99 anatomic, not really knowing that was going on outside, but knowing that it was pretty horrific, the number of casualties will be more than any of us can bear ultimately, and I don't think we want to speculate on the number of Casualties, the effort now has to be to save as many people as possible.

There is another New York couple on the gander, tarmac whose connection to the events back home couldn't be more personal.
I just want an even or two plane and see what was happening.
I was hoping my son wasn't: Dennis and Hana O'rourke have been visiting relatives in Ireland when they learn what has happened.

They fear for their 44 year-old son Kevin O'rourke, a firefighter from rusty in Brooklyn [, Music ], three different fliers.
So I was carried out as a child.
I used to go back to you, know sudden, you know and the smoke this big guy comes up grabs me.

I reach me down.
The stairs.
Oney was going for his fire test on his mommy, a prayer for me and I said, yeah Kevin yeah.

It's depraved me to pass this yeah Kevin, so he missed it Firewatch one or two points, and he gone that and I he looked at me.
This is using preference at it.
Pass Isis, no Kevin.

I am great for you here tale, so he says mom, that's all I want that's.
My calling is to be a fire.
While the desperate rescue operation continues in New York.

Gander begins the process of absorbing all those passengers, so many that in a matter of hours they will nearly double the local population.
Now ganda is a town of barely ten thousand people.
There was over six thousand of us now.

If you extrapolate the numbers New York City's, eight million people, so what that 6 million people showing up on your door, saying ok, we're here to something the painstaking process of registering and removing each passenger continues through the night.

Finally, we're free we're free the ground.
After more than 24 hours, they have no idear we're going, but we're going.

It is not until noon.
On Wednesday September 12th, when the last passengers are finally allowed into the gander terminal, they are exhausted and confused most, not knowing where in the world they have landed.
[, Music ] the game, Harbor transportation, Canada as cellular traffic, Canada shut down right now, when you see the footage of what happened appreciate, why things have been done, the way they air, , the only vehicles available to transports a great volume of passengers from The airport or school buses and the local bus drivers happen to be on strike.

We were told at the time we got a crisis on our hands and the strike never came into the thick whatsoever.
All the bus drivers came back everyone and we all came back and we did our job .
He laid under picket signs, they went and took their buses and they drove it and for the next four or five days just felt out wherever they could.

That's what we're made of that's the type of pain where, even though those bus drivers had a dispute with their employer, they had no dispute with the people that landed here.
We'll do the best we can is.
If there's anything you need anything at all.

I mean anything just ask and you will be taken care of bottom line as passengers arrive in town the locals rush to meet them with home-cooked meals, among them his lifelong Gander, resident Beulah Cooper, an organizer at the Canadian Legion Hall 7:00 o'clock.
That night, I got a phone call from the Legion asked me to do.
A tray of sandwiches have them down there by 8 o'clock.

I didn't know what was going on write down tray of sandwiches, and I found I brought complains.
Your heart went out to each and every one of them, because first thing you do is put yourself in their shoes know how you would feel.
Currently, there are thousands of people in Gander and surrounding area that need your help.

Please come to their assistance to lend a hand, lend a meal offer your services wherever possible.

Passengers are not allowed to remove their check bags from the plane, so the clothes on their backs and in their carry-ons may be all they'll have for days.
Gander is respond, donating clothing and opening their shops free of charge.

hundreds of passengers are also without their prescriptions until owners of the two local pharmacies working day and night and across language barriers can fill them all again at no cost.
They were able to go into the stores and just take items off the shelves.
I'm not even sure they had to pay for him.

They the people were so accommodating in gander, even with all the kitchen firing around town, the local citizens cannot possibly feed 7,000 people, Red Cross and Salvation Army sent additional food and supplies fuelled by donations from throughout new flu.

I can't thank everybody enough.
It's been brilliant.

Everyone seems to pull together.
You know it's amazing, where all the stuff has come from.
The community centers also access a ice rink and we've stored all the food on the Earth's surface and we became known as the largest walk-in refrigerator in the country.

Another problem Gander has only 500 hotel beds for almost 7,000 unexpected guests, vocal schools, churches and Legion halls must be converted into makeshift dormitories filled with sleeping bags, blankets and cops.

It is only as the passengers are settled around Gander that they see.
For the first time, images of the devastation back home some 30 hours after all of this had happened.

We finally saw the pictures on television and we just stood there.
You know not saying a word and just watching those pictures over and over and over.
I think a lot were in shock.

You could see that look in their faces of total lost.

We don't know what's happening during a place called gander.
Their country has been attacked, they're talking, thousands of people that may have perished what's happening.

What is happening here? I apologize to the families of people that are lost right now.
We have lots of families seeking information about who was in the World Trade Center.

Did they get out? Didn't they get out? Are we able to recover them? Aren't we able to recover them and we don't know the answers to all those questions yet Hannah and Dennis Arora are saying if the Canadian Legion Hall in gander by now they've learned that their son Kevin had been one of the early responders at The World Trade Center and that he is among the missing I seen on a TV what happened to the twin towers and I didn't want to have Lama, but I knew that's when it collapsed, but I figured nobody would get out of that thing when we pray.

I came here and prayed hoping he went so it is reality.
He says someone called for nurses, doctors, priests.
My calling is to help people unless my calling to be a fireman, helping other people and saving people's life.

This is an effort involving people that came in on half a day's notice, some very anxious people, some very worried people, but yet some very thankful people for the hospitality that only the people can and surrounding area Michele.
These strangers take us into their home and it was not just taking us into their.
It was here's the bathroom, his fresh towels, here's the refrigerators plenty of food and then what they said is now.

You know where the house is the doors open.
I got to tell you this experience with your town has just been beyond belief.

We were buying something some clothes earlier for the extra day stay and the shopping clerk actually invited us to her house to take a shower.

So it's been.
It's been like that ever since we've been here and the people are really nice, I can't believe it.
You know, everybody put the arms around you, you know, and it's always fool coming in all the time.

There's not one person that we have come across, who hasn't offered to help us in some way.
It's overwhelming.
They didn't think of themselves at all that, anytime, only being that kitchen working all day work tonight, it didn't confess I thought they were there for you other than her daily walk to church.

Hannah O'rourke refuses to leave the Legion Hall Beulah Cooper, the Legion Hall organizer.
Can't help but notice her pain.
My son is a fireman, but I know this is not New York and your heart really went out to them and I tried to get them to come up here and stay, but they wouldn't lead the Legion cuz.

They were afraid.
They'd miss a phone call.
She was fantastic to us and so is everybody else.

But Bureau is special.
He is like a mother that motherly love, [, __, ] holy.
You know what she was great.

I chopped her I'd, take her mind off things, but I know I didn't do that because you can't take him.
Oh there's my offer job Beulah Cooper attends to the ER arts day and night.
She walks Hana to church, to pray for Kevin and for his fellow firefighters, the community, the love that they have feel that every place around you know we keep telling you keep faith he'll be fine.

You'll find him he'll find his way out.
I says if anybody can Kevin well, you know so chosen God's hands.

The quiet peace around Gander was shattered on September 11th.

What almost 7,000 airline passengers were forced to land here they came to be known as the plane people and they almost doubled the local population.
Many of them didn't know the fate of their loved ones.
They were confused and anxious, but that anxiety was quickly replaced by gratitude gratitude for the exceptional acts of kindness and comfort offered by ordinary people, .

When we were stranded here, we were very vulnerable, but everyone made us feel so loved and at home and comforted everybody just put everything on hold and take care of us.

Diane Kirksey of Houston is traveling home alone.
After visiting her son's family in Huntington England.

In Gander, she has met another passenger from continental flight five.
His name is Nick Morrison, a button-up oil industry engineer from Worcester England on his way to Texas for business originally scheduled to fly on September 10th.
His company had postponed his trip by one fateful day at the last minute.

That's where I first saw Diane, which was over here.
She was sat on an army, cart all on her own there, a bunch of other women over there.
There was something in the order of 90 people life you're on a treadmill.

You cannot be good and working.
You get up, you go to work and you perhaps don't have time to stop and examine where you are and all of a sudden, you're plucked out of this everyday life for four days.
And yes, you do get a chance to exactly flecked where you are and where you want to go US airspace reopens on Thursday September 13th.

Over the next three days, the Gander Airport once again becomes a swarm of activity around town, the schools and vision halls begin to empty our community at a sense of sadness because they didn't know if they were ever gon na see.
I probably never will see a lot of those people again, but there was also a lot of friendships developed from his soul.
There was a sense of sadness, but a sense of relief that hi did something good took out those .

We wrote on a school bus to go back to the airport to leave and, of course, I had already been crying because we were leaving the people that we'd met here and Nick was trying to comfort me and he was going to kiss me on the forehead And well, I didn't think about him being a gentleman and kissing me on the forehead.

I thought he just missed my lips, so I just grabbed him and kissed him on the bus, [ Laughter, ], surely Brooks Jones.
The retired Ohio State fundraising administrator boards delta flight 15 to began her journey home she's.

Constantly thinking about the generosity of the people in the gander area wondering what she could ever do to pay them back and then going home and inspiration.
All of us, as we were leaving, tried to leave some money with the people and they wouldn't take it.
They just look at us and they'd say no you'd do the same for us once the flight is airborne.

Brooks Jones asked the pilot if she can make an announcement, a request really for passengers to donate money toward a scholarship fund for graduates of Lewis, port Collegiate School.
Where so many have spent their days in Newfoundland.

Several, the men went around picked up the pledge sheets counted up how much the people from from all over the world had had pledged, and they had pledged something over $ 15,000 u.

[ Applause ] when Delta 15 touches down at Atlanta, the passengers and crew.
For days were left wondering if anyone remember them are surprised, but a warm enthusiastic welcome.
They received after four stressful days spent tending to her passengers and with the thought of two hijacked American Airlines flights still fresh in her mind.

Captain Beverly bass recalls the moment she arrived home in Dallas, so we're rolling down the runway.
I'm looking straight ahead when I put the airplane into reverse and it's the first chance.

I've had to look to the right, that's what I saw the American second.

That was that that was the first time George Vitale returns home to a New York, deeply wounded by 911, his everyday a reminder of what was lost.

I come out my house and now I'm looking at that Manhattan skyline in front of me and there's this gaping hole and I remember becoming so overwhelmed emotionally that I just broke out in tears.
I lost a lot of people that I knew co-workers that never came home.

I have sometimes guilt because my experience was so warm.
I have made lifelong friends it's kind of like if this evil attack by evil people never happened.
I would have never met on the complete opposite end of the spectrum, the most wonderful people on earth, the O'rourke's finally arrived home on Saturday afternoon.

Four days after they were diverted to Gander.

It will be nine more days before they finally get the call they had been running.
Kevin's body has been recovered in the rubble of the North Tower.

I know Kevin so well, he'd be the last man.
Oh, it was his way.
He'd get everybody out before himself.

I'm not doing it that's the type he was.

He was only 44 years old parents aren't supposed to bury their John jarndyce was a myriad of errands.

The way he died, I'm sorry was hard.

I tell you.
Each year gets easier, guitar, , , the regular rhythm of everyday life and Gander returns quickly.
Following that, extraordinary week in September, schools, our school began: churches fill on Sundays, Legion halls, open their doors, but the bonds forged in that short time endure to this day, surely Brooks Jones has returned 17 times to give back to the people who were so generous to Her how BIG's have scoured to put now the scholarship fund is approaching, with insurance and cash around $ 900,000 Wow and 111 young people of the newest port area have been helped by that scholarship.

Mass-Spring Stacey Hoff is one of 12 Willis port seniors awarded adults of 15 scholars, [ Applause ].
She is now our freshman at Memorial University in st.
John's Newfoundland.

I was proud.
I was proud not only.
She receives a scholarship.

I was proud of my community for what they have done.

Well, the folks around here change your life, but you change their life as well.
Yes, we've become very, very close they're, my second family, really, the gander.

Experience also forms a new family after their impulsive goodbye, kiss Nick Marcin and Diane Kirsty living in ocean apart continued a phone and write each other.

He visits her in October 2001 and again in December and ultimately arranges to be transferred to the Houston office.
On September 7 2002, they are married and for their honeymoon they returned to gamble the village near Gander, were they meant? The community welcomes them back with a song written just for them, [, Music ].

So when you say to your friends of England, I was stranded in gander, but I met this lady from Texas yeah.
They say Nick, what's going on with you, one of my friend said to me: has she got that Texas twang and I say yes and you still love her for the O'rourke's memories of 9/11 remain deeply painful, but the lasting gratitude they feel for A kind stranger who became a dear friend during their darkest hours brings it back to Gander for the first time, eight years after they have buried their son made, you feel right at home, like you a sense that, in your case, you had great loss but great Gain because of all these friends that you may know, oh, I could be yours forever forever forever can never thank them enough.
It's unbelievable what these people have done.

The love! That's here everything you know it's just unbelievable, .
What we keep encountering time effort time as the enormous contrast between the darkness of the events in the United States and the goodness that was going on here.
So in many ways, Gander played a critical role, not just in getting people through that time.

But as an example of what humanity can be when it's at its best well, I think it was there sort of Lady issues 80 years of age when she was leaving.
I think she summed it all up.
She said when I heard about what had happened in the world.

I had lost all faith in mankind that for spending five days here with you, people you've restored my faith.
There still is good people lifting our world .
That could be the legacy of gander.

It could very well be in a Lakeside Park just outside of Gander.
There is this monument to the local residents who put their lives on hold to help 7,000 strangers stranded far from home on a terrifying day.
Here, every minute of every hour, thousands of acts of kindness were repeated here in gratitude.

Passengers created a scholarship fund that will endure for generations here amid the heartache an autumn romance blossomed, .
Here parents were consoled as they faced the prospect: the loss of a son at Ground Zero amid so much savagery, so much confusion.
The people of Gander and Canada were a glowing reminder, a reminder of the best that we can be when the need is the greatest , and Kevin or Warrick the firefighter from rescue two in Brooklyn who was lost in the World Trade Center last November, his daughter gave birth to a son, so now Dennis and Hannah have a great-grandson.

Now his name is Kevin, so he lives on.
If you ever need your faith restored in human kindness, that should be compulsory viewing.
Well, it's a great place.

I love Newfoundland and Labrador, I've been up there fishing and they were just very representative of the people, it's a harsh land and they sublet of a long time ago, and if they say to us, this is how we get along.
We help each other out and frankly, they didn't understand what the fuss was all about.

They kept saying to me: why are you doing this story? This is just how we live our lives, so it is, I think, during a troubled time in America, a reminder of how people in communities even across borders can help each other, how many places on earth could that have happened there.
Well, I don't know, I think that the best of humankind comes out during a tragedy, and so I think it's you know.
We see that in this country we see it in where I go and undeveloped parts of the world where people will respond very quickly.

We saw it an 80 it's going on right now and showy, I'm sure today, during this great devastation.
It's just sad that it takes a tragedy to bring people together in that fashion.
So that's a but that's a very good symbol for the rest of the world to look at Gander.

There were not too many beautiful stories that came out of that terrible Tuesday in 2001.
That was one of them.
Well, the other thing that we felt strongly is that not enough Americans knew about it yeah because of the chaos after 9/11.

We were consumed, understandably with trying to put our country back together again, and so, when I got up there, I was vaguely aware of the dimensions of wood, but not nearly to the degree that we discovered that it played out over a long period of time and The passengers remain grateful to the state compelling thank you time.
Okay, Tom Brokaw, we'll get back to speed skating, the middle races and engineer earlier.

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