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All right there, everyone great to be back with you.

We've got once again bob kula trade genius academy here with us.

If you're not familiar with bob, he is the founder and president of trade genius academy, which he started back in 2015 after 25 years as an executive for two fortune, 500 companies in the financial services industry and over the past five years, bob has amassed a 65 Overall, win record in the market, and so in our past conversations my i think bob.
This is the eighth time you've been back with us.

Uh he's helped us make financial sense of the coronavirus pandemic, the post-riot economy, as we like to call it and now increasingly a post-election economy, and so today that's what we're going to do.

We're going to get a sense of what bob sees going into november and beyond.
So bob welcome back great to have you back with us thanks, dr steve, you bet all right so here we go just uh three weeks away from the election now.

The last time we talked trump had pulled ahead of biden, but now the media is really pushing some polls, uh rather select polls that show biden way way up.
So how do you see things shaping up as we head towards november third yeah? So the best way to look at elections is not really what the polls say, but where the candidates are spending their time and where they're spending their money, and so biden is spending most of his time and most of his money on states.
That he's supposed to be winning or the democrats have won in the past.

That's his defense strategy trump is spending a lot of his time in districts, disputely districts and in states where the democrats have one in the past but have been shifting red.

Can i give you two examples? One is uh, you know in he's spending time in wisconsin in minnesota, yeah and then also he's been spending some time in nevada and uh, and today the polls came on and said that they're neck and neck.
So what i usually think with a pole is that i'll add five to six points to the republicans, because i think you're pretty close to statement design that uh uh my whole adult life affect my entire life.

I don't think a republican ever led a presidential poll.

Yet we've had five presidents in my life, i'm fighting for the good presidents in my life, so they're always they're, always um biased towards the democrats.
For whatever reason, i think there's sympathy for you know in the media and and so they they push that narrative and so um.

So our view is that at least my view is that trump's winning in this election and i think, they're pretty aware of the games that are attempting to be played in terms of the uh, the the mail-in ballot stuff and there's only a couple states.
They really have to worry about is states that have that will lead trump in the election, but have democrats because of democratic governors like pennsylvania is probably a corruption, hell hole and you're looking at michigan is trying to play the same game and lesser extent wisconsin, but Wisconsin has a republican and pennsylvania republican legislature, so i think they're um they're, going to be uh a lot of attention on those in those states.
So my view is at this point now that i think trump's going to win the election and, and you can kind of see the the enthusiasm you know fire's.

Just like he's nailing this thing in okay and and you know, if you, if you think you were winning this election, you you know you at least your attack person.
You know the vice president would be going all out and they're, just not they're.
Just here just skating here and and so in arizona last week they had they had uh.

On this weekend, you probably saw you're smiling.
Is they had a campaign that nobody showed up? I mean literally, nobody showed up.
I mean the reporter was like flummoxed and uh, and i just sat there.

You know i was watching football weekend.
I just kept laughing and laughing and laughing and laughing.

I said this would be funny if it wasn't so sad because these people get in power.

It's going to be pretty scary, because they're they're very a lot of very angry amoral people in the democratic party anymore.
I mean just look what they're doing to amy um uh yeah yeah.

She, you know, they're, basically saying that if you believe in god that you shouldn't be on the supreme court right essentially saying only atheists are allowed to be on the supreme court, which is that's not biased, i mean i just can be approved with when you don't Have to worry about an afterlife right, so uh and yeah, so it's um.

I think people are, i think, it's sweet to this.
You know, i think people don't like violence.
You know maslow's law right.

You know the hierarchy of needs.
The democrats violated rule number.

One people feel unsafe right, you know they.
I think they forgot the point part where uh we'll make their own statement that will make it safer.

They just kept it stuck on unsafe and i think people are like whoa, you know, and it's still going on.

I mean portland are still yeah, basically being crazy and great in denver.
You know, so all this stuff just feeds back into people, so we can't give these people power yeah.
It seems that you know the more biden is out there, the more he stumbles uh right.

He had his uh i'm running for senate again, the other day he couldn't remember.
Mitt, romney's name referred to him as that mormon uh.
He had another event today that nobody showed up to um and then you've got trump.

With these massive rallies.
I went to one in harrisburg pennsylvania just a couple of weeks back.
It was stunning and all the mainstream media cares about us.

You know well nobody's wearing any masks, so they become masked nazis mascaras, but regardless it does seem like we're, seeing a very similar dynamic to what we saw in november of o16 that you just brought it up.
Where we're seeing this real discrepancy between the pulling on the one hand and massive voter enthusiasm on the other, aren't we yeah and they think they're scaring people away from the polls? It might be backfiring on them because people say hey finally got in the bag.
Why should i go vote right versus no republican is going to take take for granted that a democrat get in power, so they're gon na they're gon na push pretty hard, and you know a lot of people that people say that they're voting for buying.

I just simply ask him: what has trump done that is so awful to you that the media proclaims him to be a tired.
What tell me exactly what law and they can't i said so i say the worst is going to happen to you is the same thing is going to be happening which has been okay.
You know it's, okay, even you don't agree with it.

What don't you agree with? You know? You know we.
You know the big issue.
People have is obama nobody.

Nobody should not have health insurance in in the united states.
So that's off the table.
Now you could say they're too expensive yeah, but they're not going to make it cheaper.

You know so how about wars? Trump got us out of war, so i think i think trump.

I think he did a masterful job of um, basically cutting the left off.

You know he basically moved.

I would say center enough on issues that you know.
I call lunch pail issues even me as a conservative.
I understand why these things need to be.

My conservative is about freedom.
You know i don't have necessarily a problem that the government intervenes for people with need right involves themselves to make sure a plane feels level.
I think most repo, most conservatives will say yeah.

Those things are are okay.
What we don't like is.
Obviously, we don't think we hatch it all here, but everybody knows what it is that where they just simply want to control your life, yeah yeah exactly and i mean every step of the way because you're, stupid and they're smart.

So, yes, i think trump's going to win the election.
So now it begs the question you know what what's next right: let's, let's go on the assumption that i'm right that trump wins the election.
So you have a couple things at play here, so you have this transition now between the old congress and the new congress.

I'm assuming nothing changes, i'm i'm assuming that pelosi loses a little bit of power in the house that the senate stays the way it stays and trump stays in power.

So the focus is going to be on things that they they both can agree on.
You know, and it's going to be uh there's going to be pressure for some sort of you know direct infusion of cash into the uh into the basically the body of the united states, the people direct, i think that's going to continue.

Then there's going to be some here, excuse me here and there stuff to affect certain industries that are in trouble.
You know, even though i don't like some of those things they're going to happen, because i'm not interested in having a hundred thousand airline workers out of work.
Okay, you know i could set my economic theory off to the table here and understand.

I don't want a hundred thousand my fellow citizens to get wiped out for an economic belief.
I think you're gon na see some of that and then i think you're going to see the whole.
I think trump's just going to push the whole virus right out of the way he's going to say you know.

Basically, hey vaccines may not be coming fast enough.

Hey this virus is going to probably mutate itself away like they all do and we need to end the lockdowns.
You know by the way, if you have the lockdowns, i can sit with nancy and we can get you some stimulus into these states and then it's all going to be and gone and then 2021 will work on some some more infrastructure stuff.

That's my my belief.
Going forward, and, and so what that means, though, for the stock market is, i think tech is probably topping out, regardless of who wins, okay and uh, and then you're gon na see money poured towards the commodities markets.

You know not necessarily the precious metals, although they're going to go up too, but talk about steel, copper, alkalating, platinum, uh, uranium stuff, like that.

So that's where we need to start taking positions and looking at those opportunities and start shorting, the uh, the tech names and the other thing to fly into it is, i think commercial real estate is in big trouble.

So if we slip into a recession, it's going to be stocks like rek srs, which are the uh, the inverse etfs for um for real estate and then look at maybe shorting like simon property, with clips and stuff like that, because you know, i think, a lot Of i think we have a secular change on our hands.
Dr steve people, people like this new environment.

They don't like the lockdowns, but people sure expect like working from home yeah and i think companies are sure, as heck saying hey.

If i'm getting enough productivity on this.
I sure effect like knocking half of my um commercial, real estate bill off yeah, and i shifted some of my costs over to my employees, because you know they're going to staples in my printers and stuff like that and i'm not maybe you know, i'm happy to Throw them some um, you know expense money here and there right now.

If i'm wrong and biden wins this election or becomes really contested, then i think the markets are going to take a really really sharp tumble, yeah and so um.
So i wouldn't be surprised between now and the election election.

The stock market is saying today that trump should win.

Okay, because big money would already be bailing out.
Okay, if they thought biden had this in a bag, because they'd be positioning for a sell-off of of disgusted republicans right, right and um, and so that's that so i tell people like shrink it up.
You know: uh trade, trade, shorter trade, less! You know if you've made a lot of money which you should have you know we're tapping out near the all-time highs here you know, there's no, there's no sin in saying: hey take 10 15 20 off the table if you're, not a trader or if your trader, Like i am just have more more cash and and trade a little bit more aggressively on on less things and uh and you're gon na you're gon na do fine and and then we'll just have to wait and see and then look.

You know.
I tell people this all the time and - and you believe, as i do, is that look god's in charge of this whole thing anyway.
So if he's going to hand nebuchadnezzar to us we're just gon na have to accept nebuchadnezzar, you know and uh and and just you know, we have to just get on with our life.

You know, because god don't immediately in charge and he has a plan that deviated from our our electoral wishes.

So but it doesn't hurt to pray for you to get.
You know to pray for what you want, so uh um, i'm praying every night and and uh, and hopefully god blesses us and he's not ready to send us into this cauldron yeah.

I love that yeah, the nebuchadnezzar versus cyrus right, yeah yeah, let's uh, let's, let's pivot, on that now i've got a couple of shout outs.

I believe this was from today.
One of your clients, who got a 22 2300 profit, is this from the uh you and i were talking about earlier today about a two-way market uh.

Can you give us a little insight of how someone was able to to get over two thousand dollars in profits? Today, yeah, so i think that - and i think somebody else also when that person posted their games, the other person in the same room was following the same trade.

I think he made something similar to that and um, and that was actually we have uh.
We have three rooms, one room is for stock trading, one room is for cryptocurrency trading and the room.

We call the vip room, but it's really more of a day trader room and we're we're.
Actually, the traders talk like you and i do the other rooms just have chats, and so we look at some more um.
I don't call it more sophisticated trade.

We look at trades that a regular person that doesn't have over 25 000 in trading capital can't make by just by regulation, so that was uh.
We were trading the spy, which is the main etf and there's a theory out.
There called turn around tuesday so monday.

The market was up a great deal so going into the end of the day.
We positioned ourselves for the market coming back down some on the market, so we positioned what we call spy puts on those, and then i was teaching them.
How it was called rolling.

Puts down so as the price of the stock of the etf kept falling, i showed them how to maximize each of those trades and if you could see it in there and then we had a hedge on there.

If you could see what they posted, they posted all their trades, so you had one trade that had a fairly large loss, that was the hedge and then against.
It were all the trades that were against that hedge and you can see all those crates overwhelmed.

The hedge and that's where the fed made ironically they made a little bit more money than i did.
I had to take one more trade to beat them.
You know at the end of the day that they didn't take, but you know i made 21.

25 out of the day and i think those guys made 2200 2300 on the trade.

You know it's all kind of mixed in there, depending on how fast you got in and out of a trade, but but that's what we do every day and we do quite well in that room.
So that's what those were for those were.

Those are more day trades.
The other ada boys, i think we pulled off - were from people just doing regular trades in the regular rooms and and so uh, based on our ribbon system, and so we have a really cool system that just looks at price action.

You know i don't watch the news uh.

The only news i get is the news that, from you guys, you know in terms of what i call the the real media and um, and so those guys in regular media use the news to move people out of profitable positions.
So all we look at is price action, and so the ribbon helps us find these reversals in the market and that's the two way i was talking about when the market is going like all summer was just drifting up.
People are afraid to take trades because they don't know if a shoe is going to drop and it's going to drop hard.

When a market swings like this, it oscillates our system can easily see those turns, and then we just place people in those trades and or they place themselves in the trade.
I don't take anybody's money and and um, and we put we just push out those trade signals for people and just go ahead and do that and you can see - i think i know if one of the other boys essentially or not, there's a whole bunch more.
I took like 20 of them today.

I just i just sent you the last six or seven, but one guy didn't even follow any of my signals today.
He was just doing the ribbon all day.

You know and they made money all day long.

So that's what we do.
We teach you how to trade and we have the chat room, so you can communicate i'm banging away the keyboard all day, while i'm trading with with people and then we also throw trade signals out, try to do one or two a day.

You know for those people in the regular chat, room and yeah another bob that sits in the crystal room and does what i do in crypto world yeah i've got one plg on fire.

Thanks for that trade, bob nice, one uh, it's a bird, it's a plane! P-L-G-L-O-L is that what we were referring to yeah so plg? We trade that one almost every week there's certain stocks to just keep.
They just keep coming to the well and uh.
You know those are those that are paying the bill trade, so uh plg.

Probably you know if you're trading, that i can't watch it every minute because i'm watching so many things and doing talking to so many people.
But if you just have the alerts set up.

Uh off the ribbon, you could probably trade plg, six or seven times a month and you win five out of those seven times and and when you win you're gon na win a lot more than you lose and and then that way, you'll uh you'll do really Well and we're that trade right now that was great for us, but we're back in it again, and so i expect, probably by thursday or friday, we'll have another winner on on that trade.

That's platinum by the way: that's platinum stock, ah, okay, so uh! You know! I like to buy things that i know people are interested in, so any push down usually gets brought back and we're doing it with fcx2, which is the copper gold company, and then we have a number of silver and gold miners and stuff like that.

Yeah yeah.
There's another one: cron cron, thanks for the 4.

5 on kron bob.

What's the backstory there kron is uh is actually a marijuana company.
Oh there you go yeah yeah, not that i advocated, but i have to keep making money.

If it's legal, you know - and it's probably going to be i'll trade, it and uh, but yeah.
So we got our four five percent.
Eventually, that thing went up another four and a half percent, but one of my rules is don't be greedy, and so, if you can make three or four percent on the trade in two or three days just take profit every day, this market is giving you numerous Opportunities to uh to make money, so our thing is that look.

If you make three to five percent on your trade, that's good business! You know you do that once or twice a week, you're making over 100 a year.
Okay, so there's no reason to get greedy is i'm finding those trades almost every day, and today the market was down, and i don't know if i, if anybody said anything like i started any, and that and that list that we pulled out is that that trade Was up, i don't know six seven percent today, that's a that's a therapeutics company that we're in so people took profit off that one today went from 11 40 to 12 20, while the market was down so there's always stuff.
That's moving up when the market's down and then when we get in the situation, which we will, i think, we're thinking this month.

Where a market will consistently go down, then we know we're going to be shorting.

The nasdaq with an etf called sqqq and we'll be short in real estate with srs, so the easy things for people to trade that don't have a lot of uh capital because they're just regular etfs.
So so we don't really care what the market looks like.

As long as we can see the price action right and market's open, we can help people make money wow.
That's amazing, awesome bob awesome as always wow.
I can't wait to talk to you again about this.

So how can people get in touch with you if they want to learn more about trade genius, and do you have any deals that are going on and all that good stuff yeah so create legogenius.
com um we put together, seven bundles so from beginners all the way To the trader toolkit access to the vip room, access to uh what we would just call more personalized training and um.

So those are already pre-discounted, 65 percent off our normal pricing.

And then we have um to the 17th, we're still calling columbus day, uh specials to the 17th and anything that's in the store.
That's not bundled we get 40 off of that, and so that's what we're um we're offering today and and then you know we won't talk, probably until after the election, so we have to do something the night before hey buy a night before i'll, give you a Free ticket that believes in i don't know, sounds good.
So, yes, we'll take care of you in college.

You can chat with us.
You cannot text us and uh, but we think we get really good value for what we provide and just give you an example that that 2000 people made today.
That's that's: that's uh, four, four, four years worth of an annual membership in our chapter, so uh just to show you that uh and you can make that kind of money in the stock room, but you'll make that more in a week or two versus the day.

You know so um, yes, we think we get really good value, so we uh people doing this we're just regular folk.

You know we're not languaging guys but um, but sometimes days like today happen and as we make money when it lets you make money and then you pull it out of the market.
Put it in your pocket.

Awesome bob awesome, yeah and i ran into a couple of people who do uh watch this channel a lot and they signed up and they're very just new newbies for you and they're just very, very excited about really diving in here.
We love newbies.
You know everybody started in the beginning, we're very patient we're happy to help anybody.

That hits me in the chat room.
I answer everybody, okay, so even if i'm trading i have just thinking they're talking, i got ta speed talking to people that i'm talking to and i have a chat room up and i have my training thing up so anytime.
Somebody chat with me.

It dings.
I can look over there, they can personally say: hey bob.
You know and uh that way i'll get a notification right on my main, pc i'll, just flip right over there and request you so uh um.

You know, i don't think anybody does what we do for the money we charge for the service, it's fantastic.
This is why we always have you back.
It's very reassuring to know we have resources like yourself and your company during these crazy times that we're living in crazy but pretty awesome times as well.

So thanks so much bob you're very appreciated.

Yeah thanks, dr steve.
Thanks for having me .

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