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Well, good morning, if you happen to be on the west coast of the united states this morning, some of you are watching overseas, so it's somewhere in the night or the middle of the night and uh welcome to elijah streams here when you tune into this show You are tuning into both the elijah list, which sponsors, uh and, in effect, pays for um the foundation.

We we call elijah's streams, which is what you're watching now the streaming portion of prophetic revelation.
So we're about to introduce in just a few moments cat kerr, be sure and text, your friends and let them know cat's about to be on.

She is an all-time favorite mo.

We get more views when cat cat is on than almost any other time, so she loves to talk about heaven before i bring her on.
Let me just tell you all a quick story that about 2013 or 2014 can't remember which year my wife and i went on a cruise uh off of the east coast, um the caribbean cruise and before we went all.
I had this sudden insatiable desire to get every book.

I could get on heaven, people that have visited heaven.
I just got this big old stack of books and i don't know why i was getting it but uh uh, often by the way, when you have these desires, that you don't know where they came from, where they pretty much come from the lord, when they, when That happens, and so during the whole cruise, when we'd have our downtime in the room.
We, i would read these books and the ones that were my favorite are the ones called revealing heaven.

I think there was there's a volume one or two.
I might have only had volume one at that time can't remember, but - and i would sit there in my - i would just string tears as i hear heaven described by cat, so i'm going to let's.
This is a good time, let's bring cat on about now and we're going to hey cat.

How are you we can see you now, i'm doing great.
Thank you, yeah.
The setup we have is that cat cannot see us, but we can see her so uh.

There's that uh the focus isn't that perfect, but it's probably good enough so good! Well ken! How are you you're in florida today? Is that right? Oh yes, it's beautiful here! We're not not roasting, like normal.
We've really got like a little mini cold way.
That means it's probably about 79 or 80, which is bad well, it's a little overcast and a bit rainy just a little bit here in the northwest, but we could take that because we had those fires out here just a few weeks ago.

So yeah listen kat.
I want to before we jump into this and i you know i see you got your red, white and blue in the stars and all along with your pink hair.
I love that i want to hear if you would do this for the people.

Some have not ever heard you speak before, and this will be passed around um.
I wanted to ask you about your visits to heaven just a few minutes on how many times you've gone.
If you can even quantify that sort of thing and then how does it help you to know what god's saying right now today? Well i've been a believer from the age of four.

I forget how old i am because i'm just gon na claim timelessness.
You know there you go, i've been on this earth, for i'm sure it's over 60 years, at least, but you know when you're connected to heaven, you feel like a child.

We all know what the word says.

You must be like a little child to enter into the kingdom of heaven and it's not just a requirement.
It's because heaven is so amazing and beautiful and adventurous and filled with awe and wonder that you would almost have to have the mind of a child when you get it and that's that's your future home everyone who belongs to jesus christ, and just so you remember This or you know think about this.
There were several people in the bible, the old testament, the new testament that either saw god himself.

He came down and visited with them or they were caught up to heaven.
So, even though i'm taken to heaven - that's not my plan, i don't even do that.
God catches me up by his spirit and takes me on tours of heaven and there's a reason for that.

I, like i said i've known the lord from age.
I've had a personal relationship with him, then a real intimate relationship with jesus christ - probably 20 30 years, just really seeking him out to be in his presence and so also as a seer.

I also didn't make that happen from the time i was a little girl.
I could see into the spirit realm, so i've always seen angels or demons activities of hell activities of heaven and in the spirit realm you know, that's called the unseen realm, there's more than just creatures and angels, there's places that were built for heaven to use or Other places that the enemy uses all around us that spirit realm is present, so i see it all the time, so you have to understand it's normal to me to see and understand these things, but probably my first encounter happened when i was probably around 13 and I was just walking and talking to god, and he gave me an open vision of me myself and i was asking god you know i'm one of 15 kids by the way.
So if you're, that means, if you're not you, don't, have a clue.

Okay, especially when you're number three, that means a lot of responsibility and you know i'll, build your character, early, learn to love people, no matter what they do or say to you, and so god fully prepared me to be taken to heaven and see what he wants Me to see, then he takes me and brings me back to share it, and i've been doing that for over 20 years, hear to me many times, but in 1996 appeared to me and said that he and the father were going to start taking me on tours Of heaven, so they could reveal heaven to earth in great detail.

I happen to be a detailed person and the few companies i worked for, especially the law office.
You know or design interior design.

They loved that detail thing in me because nothing was left out.

Nothing was forgotten.
I also have a photographic memory, which god uses that.

So i remember every time i've been to heaven and i stopped counting after one 000 times wow.

I'm, like you know, i'm i'm like this warehouse of revelation on heaven, but also the word of god, revelation on the word of god and the father son and holy spirit and even time itself.

So i do know many things that are going to happen on the earth and i've been taking over 100 years into the future.

So if you're sitting on your rapture rug get off of it and get your crown on, so you can get ready to rule with jesus christ.


These are things that father has me: tell people all the time, wow and so he's just catches me up when he wants to i'm here, one second and then my spirit, my spirit, man is somewhere in heaven.
When he's done showing me things, i could see four or five different places, and i hear the angels talking.

Nobody sees me except the angelic or father son or holy spirit.
They see me in heaven.
The people don't see me because the father said i was seen by people in heaven.

They'd do the same thing you would.
You would run up to me and say please tell my family member, i love them and they would be doing that all the time.
So people up there know i come to heaven, but they don't see me when i'm there that way, i'm not chased down the streets of gold.

That makes sense.
Hey i'm going to ask you a question.
I've never asked you before.

Kat we've talked for hours about all of this.
I've never asked you this.
If you are a portrait artist in detail, if you, if you could do that, would you have been able to draw the distinct characteristics of the father's face? I could because of my photographic memory, but i think one of the greatest experiences i've ever had was when jesus christ introduced me to his father, and jesus himself gave me a commission to reveal the father himself.

What he's like the things he says, what his heart is on things, and so people hear me talk about the father a lot and they go.
Don't you care about jesus? Well, i'm just doing what jesus asked me to do to help people understand who the father is, why jesus loves him so much.
Why he's willing to go to the cross for us, even when it's like to be around him in heaven, the father is absolutely.

He definitely has white hair, but it's got life and it's like it moves, and i never forget that i touched it one time when i was there.

It's like life jumped into my entire being.
His eyes are like you, can barely see his eyes because of the glory coming out of him.

I so remember the rainbow which he talks about in revelation 4 and when john said, i saw a rainbow round about the throne like i'm to an emerald.
Now i want to stress he said i'm too, like an emerald it.
Actually, one of the biggest parts of the rainbow is teal, which happens to be the father's favorite color.

If you like that, yeah that's a that is a beautiful color.

I love that color yeah, the rainbow is not like just stationary, it comes from him, so it moves and waves in and out of his very being and it's very captivating and sometimes he'll grab one of the bands of the rainbow.
He throws it and it goes around having them bring somebody to him that he wants to visit with.

Second thing: excuse me, i'm sorry, um.
When the, when the lord brings you thousands of times, i suppose now um you're, what you're saying cat is that his purpose is not just to tell you, but he wants you to tell tell about it right because you know paul or whoever was caught up in The third heaven said i saw things i wasn't allowed to to say and i'm guessing.
The lord must show you some things.

You're not allowed to say is that right, very few things because really have a commission.
He said if i, if i take you there, you have to share good, and now paul, you have to understand, saw things ahead of his time.
So if he had tried to share in his own time, there's no way people had in their head.

Not even could they conceive of what he was trying to say, and so the father says certain things to be revealed at a different time.

This is definitely the time when he wants to reveal much about himself about the trinity about heaven itself in the future.
Also - and so i i get a lot of revelation on the word on time - and you know god's been the father's father, son and holy spirit have been from the beginning to the end.

In the end to the beginning, they know everything already that's going to happen.
They actually have a timeline uh in the throne room that has god's important things that will happen on the earth and those things that are his appointed time.
If you go check the book of acts, it actually says there are some things that are not for man to know that are appointed to happen that are in the power of the hand of the father himself, and only when he reveals himself is it allowed to Be given so so, some of the things i'm sure paul saw were things that he he could not at that time reveal, but in this time he showed me things for up to a hundred years.

That will happen on this earth, and one thing i can promise tell you that he will always love you.
He will always seek you out.
Jesus christ will always pursue you even to the very grace that you might know who they are, that your that your destiny might be saved and you would be with them in eternity.

It really is their greatest desire, so a person that um out again there's people even watching that are gon na, say man, i've sinned i've made so many stupid mistakes, i've blown it all over and over whatever the case may be, and your word to them is What i would say, don't let the devil lie to you and say that god's not going to want you that he would not receive you in heaven.

You simply have to repent of your sins, receive christ as your savior, and you have to remember what the word says.
He wipes and blots out all of those things you did that were wrong.

Every sin you ever committed or anything you may have said.

That would be uh, crushing the people or taking the life out of people.

He will forgive that and it will be to you like.

It never happened and he will write your name in the lamb's book of life and let me tell you we go to heaven for a while, but he will make a new earth one day.
I've had glimpses of that and the things we'll get to do out in space.
It is amazing, but you do not want to miss the one who carried you before.

You were in this earth, the one who loves you the most, the one willing to send his son, the love that comes from him is consuming.
And to me, the most memorable times i have is when i was in the throne room or i was with the father to spend time alone, even with him, which he does with people in heaven.
Your loved ones are living in the most amazing, powerful, beautiful adventurous place that you could not ever create and there's some view and declaring over you even now on this earth.

So i tell people if you don't know cross, you might as well give up if your grandmother or your room is up there, praying over you, your words have power and the holy spirit will get you.

That's good, well, uh cat! Thank you so much for that.
Let's, let's then talk about uh november 3, the election god has been speaking to you about the election coming up, uh, where, where do you want to start, i'm going to just give you the floor? Well, first of all, i'm going to say that god actually started speaking to me about trump before he was actually in the running right before he announced he would even run, and then i think there were 16 republicans running against him for that spot, and god told Me i will remove each of them one by one.

Until there's, only one person left that the republican uh national convention can say yes to, and that will be trump.

God throws trump before he was even born.
He knew everything he do what he would become and he knew in this time he needed somebody strong who couldn't be bought, who couldn't be bulldozed, who couldn't have fear put in them.

They would hear what he wanted and he would carry that out, and this is what the father says about trump he's: an all-american boy.
That cares all for america and i knew then that he would win no matter what anyone said or was trying to figure out in their head that he was going to win, and i will say that again, god has never changed what he said.
Yes, i just spent time with him last night and trump will win that election, but never in the history of our country.

Have we had so many people trying to cheat steal harvest ballots.
I mean everything, bring violence to bring distraction and i'm sure that the left was even hoping that the whole virus thing would keep everybody in their homes and nobody would get to vote.

But each time something comes up, hoping that it will help them win their person and by the way i have to add this.

When i was just speaking in colorado, god spoke to me he's prophesied, just like in the old days where, when you open your mouth and it's him speaking, he actually said.
Why would you want a villain for your president when i've already sent a superhero? So if you ever wonder what does? Does god think that's what he thinks because he's going to choose who wants life, liberty, freedom and justice and not communism? You know not socialism, not controlling, not violence, not no, no integrity.
No one's no respect does that party have and they've continually gone down into a deeper hole, a deeper pit buying votes, putting out commissions for people to be defamed, and it doesn't matter who's running.

That's good you're going to hear bad things about them because of the fake news, they're all on their side on the side of darkness, because i don't know, what's what you would call it and on the side of light and life is trump and god has evidently Told me he will win despite the the crimes and the things that they're committing trying to make it happen for biden.
People want somebody who knows what they're doing and has hope for this country and trump will win on november 3rd yeah.

I think off camera before we went on, i had told you that i saw a major news outlet online version of it, and they this thing says that uh now the statistics are that uh there was like a well, they said a 91 chance.

I guess is where they were, that that that biden was gon na win and all of these statistics - i can't remember exactly, but in other words they're trying to throw out that there's.
This is going to be a a slam against uh that there's no way trump.
Could win and and you're? Looking at that, what do you do when you see that? Do you laugh? What do you when i laugh a lot? Because you know what heaven laughs literally laugh every time uh, because god knows that they represent the darkness that represent no hope for life? No future.

If you want to open the borders and let every criminal anyone come in from any country anywhere without boundaries, it's going to be just like all the other countries that fell into a hole became a third world country.

They want to take the guns away.
They want kids to pick what sex they are.

This is what the other, what the democrats platform is, i'm not making it up, and i know at one point biden said, give me all your money i'll make america, russia, that's recorded.
That is literally recorded, and god said: all i have to do is let them open their own mouths and they they cause their own downfall, and they may have a few handful of people and they may have great wealth supporting them.
But trump has the people, he has the moral majority, he has the body of christ and god is on his side and when he won in 2016, god literally put his hand on america and moved it across america and he changed it to red, and that meant The it's not that the republican party is necessarily always the greatest thing, but it's the party he's running in and i can tell you not just will trump win now, but god has said in 2016.

There'll be 24 years of me in the white house, god in the white house, with his plans and his his presence welcomed by our government here in america.
So to the point that people will come to america to find god instead of the american god.
Is that detailed, and he is that focus so he said they're like ants, throwing themselves against a great mountain that no matter what they say or do or spew or lie.

He is shown me them in secret rooms.
Literally, you show me them in secret rooms, making bargains with wicked people with poople of violence and paying them, and god said i will expose every single bit of it.
Well, i just can't ask you about that when, when trump wins, then, when trump wins, i'm not going to say if he wins when he wins it's a few weeks from now.

What do you see? Is he going to go to work? What kind of things you see him doing and does the father people really knew him he's already been making his plans? He has things written down he's got uh agreements ready for leaders of countries to sign.

That's gon na make this country even greater he's got all kinds of things he doesn't sit statically around and i don't even know how he finds that time right quickly.
He got over that virus.

It was like that i do know.
Millions of people were praying for him, not just in america, but around the world.
They know this is what they say.

I've met many people and even leaders like um educational leaders, government leaders from overseas.

They said that if, if trump ever did lose, america would become a third-world country and there'd be no hope for the leaders of this world to have someone to be mentored by and so definitely is adamant about it.
He said no matter what they try to pull.

You have to remember that god has already spoken about this.
He did what he said.
He would do in 2016.

He said - and i did tell people for several years and he did that great exposure would come at every level in the government in the business arena.
In the in the medical arena and all those he said, i'm going to expose pull back the lid and let you see what's really there and sometimes we look around, go it's so horrible.
It's got to be the end.

Oh no, it is not the end.
We're just beginning to be do some of the greater things for god, but god has to when he's going, to change the platform to be accessible to the body of christ to his plans.
His will his way he has to expose the darkness.

It's always been there.
It's just that now they have media to let their lives out to, and people who have great money can pay people.
This is the one thing they're forgetting you're, going to get this all for free when you pay for criminal activity and those people are weak enough.

In their in their soul and weak enough to not care about this country to do violence or do wrong things like harvest ballast and then dump them places, they'll be the first ones to yell as loud as they can.
When the dominoes begin to fall and all this exposure happens, the ones that were bought paid for will totally begin to to shout and yell who paid them to do it and it'll go all the way up to the wow and so there'll be no hiding.
They can't hide because they've already exposed who they are by buying these people and these weak people don't care about the plans that they have a democratic party.

They just care that they have money so when, whenever the devil tries to buy people or do things it never works, you can't pay evil to do evil.
It's not exposed.
The cat.

Has the lord showing you about um, because there's a lot of men.
People i mean i don't even like to read those because i don't want to take that in, but a lot of people are threatening or saying that we're like this close to civil war, because if trump wins or doesn't win um, is he showing anything about the Violence in the land, after the only violence, we're having right now, is paid violence.
Exactly what we're talking about.

They tried doing that in obama's term.
All they kept saying was there's going to be civil wars.

They kept saying we have half a million.

I can't tell you many times it leaked out and guess, where it leaked from.
This is obama term uh when he was in office, and we had.
I had friends who were actually in that office on purpose for other activities, but it came from the top.

They wanted anarchy in our streets, so they could overthrow america call in uh armies from outside america to come and enjoy it.
It never worked because remember what god said: 24 years in the white house: it never worked then, and it won't work now, people who they want to fight each other have families they have destinies, they have a future.
They want that life and hope they are not crazy enough to just start to run out in the streets start hurting people.

So i promise you, the only ones who are going to be fighting are the ones who are paid to do it and they've been dragged people into the fight.
It won't work wow.
What? What have you learned from the lord about uh abortion and where, where that's going or how soon you have, is he giving any time frame about when we're going to end this thing, i can tell you what it will happen absolutely be on the shadow of that Within these years - and i would, i would think most likely within these next four years was trump - it will be ended because he despises that he knows his murder and he was struggling with all that before he even ran until somebody showed him videos.

He literally saw medical videos of that procedure happening and from that he was absolutely horrified.
He actually is the most pro-life president we have ever had in america, and that is high on his list and every time i hear from him or he does an updated survey.
It's always on that list.

How? How do you feel about abortion being ended? Do you stand for life? Are you pro-life, even though he knows what i believe he sends it out on a continual basis to i know many different people, but i always get those.
It's still on his heart, it's high on his list.
He wants to end that and guess what god wants to end it too.

What people don't realize is every one of us at one time.
We're in god himself is the word in him.
We lived.

We moved that means in and out on the rays of glory.
We had our very existence, and so we didn't live in another body somewhere in heaven.
Your little spirit man lived in him.

He times your birth on the earth, it's not an accident, and if he does that, it's because he needs that person here, and so he does not like it when he sends them and then their lives are ended and they have to go.

They go back to heaven, of course, every baby's taken back to heaven their own angel takes them there, so god you're messing with his plans, you're messing with his little children and he does not like it.
You know what it says in the word: it'd be better.

If a millstone which is probably the size of, i don't know a dump truck, if you've been at a millstone tied around your neck and thrown into the depths of the sea uh, if you touch one of his little babies, so guess what i don't know.
What's gon na happen, all those people who promote it, uh, i know repentance, is always there for those who who haven't done or forced to do it.
You need to repent for that so that you can go to heaven and you get your little baby back that you ended in yeah.

I was gon na that actually plays right into what i was going to ask you, because i keep seeing even as you're talking there's this for lack of better terminology.
It seems like we're split down.
The middle half of the country wants trump and the other half wants to me.

It seems like evil because they want abortion to be to be contained, so it seems evil, but god loves that other half he does.
I guess i want to ask you: what do you see happening to that other half who in many ways many of them hate god they don't all hate god, but many of them do what is god showing you about awakenings or revivals, or things like that to Come of course he's if he showed me that much time i i've seen a lot he's going to have a habitation that will so saturate people with his very presence and his plans.
And then we are there's the baptism in fire.

There's his spirit being poured out over all the earth, there's many things that happen that we talked that talked about in the bible.
Some of them will touch the whole earth, but right now god is focusing on america to be an example of heaven culture on earth, and that shows you, where he's going.
Uh there'll be many people who, if they're they're, pushing and the reason why a lot of people hate the other side or hate life is they're.

Listening to the fake news and the fake news is focused, especially on lying and making unjust accusations, and they have caused people to compromise their soul, which god will hold them accountable to what you watch.
What you read and what is what you hear or what you say yourself.

It goes into your soul, it has layers, it collects this stuff and if you get too much of it, you're going to compromise your soul and then you may be deceived and you can't even see people.

Some people have changed their whole character and everything because they've been feeding on it, and i tell people all the time.

Don't watch that it's nothing very surprised, and so the thing about half the country is, i know, there's governors who have compromised their life and compromise their whole state.

I don't see how they ever expect to be re-elected and some many will lose and i'm saying many will lose their seats, whether it's in the house or whether it's uh like governors or people like that they're going to lose their seat because god wants.

In this time, for freedom and liberty to abound for prosperity to abound, he needs it so that this, the message can be taken around the world that people can build and have places to use that god needs for things, and it's just his time for that wow.
Not going well - and i know people think it's the most literally - there are more that want god in this country than those who don't want him.
No that's good! Because a minute ago i said 50, 50.

you're saying it's not 50 50.
It is not it's almost like 20 80.
really well yeah.

We don't have a voice, most people unless you have, if you're watched on youtube or facebook, you have a voice.

You know if you know in your community, but as far as the major networks, none of them want god and they're being used by the enemy.
They don't even realize that.

Well, you know when trump won the first time.
God actually recently talked to me about this.
When god won, when god uh said, trump would win and he won, and he had me actually prophesy that many people in the democratic party or people who voted you know against what god wanted.

They would need psychiatric help and it was all over the news um.
They had to go, get psychiatric help, because you know why their soul was compromised and they felt defeated.
They felt like they would have no life that that it was all going to be over, because you know trump is such a horrible person and all those are lies because look what he did in our country, all the millions of jobs and our life was so Much better because he was here, and that was god's plan.

Well, god said the same people if they've been feeding themselves this next, these last four years, the same lie.
The thing we need to pray about as a body is that some of them will not take their life, because you've got that many years of of your soul being compromised and twisted and trump wins, they'll think they'll believe what the fake news says: there's no life For you anymore in my prayer, since he told me that just a a couple weeks ago that that would happen because um they've been told everything bad about him and about life uh.
If he was going to be here another four years - and this is the crazy thing even psychiatrists - know this - it's a term he's in there for a term, never in the history of our country have people.

You know riled up against somebody or hated somebody.
So much and plotted and planned against him spoke against him every minute of the day.

I don't think the real news, i don't think cnn, i'm just gon na say they don't even know what real news is anymore, because it's biased a news person and the reason for the network and the news was to make us aware of things and we decide What to do about it, but they don't even give you that they tell you what is truth, which is lies, really lies, and so it's hard to get it out.

If you don't know how to lose it from your soul, which i actually have free post election therapy for people, i did that when trump won the last time, swallows who thought it was all over because they believed the lies, helped them to loose from their soul.
God, of course, and then buying the things of god.
I actually had people show up on my meetings and say thank you for putting that free post-election therapy out there, because people are going to people are going to need it.

Even ordinary nice people believed a lie, and i can tell you the enemy loves deception, but no matter what he tries satan will not win.
That's so good.
Let me tell those two people that are watching that have never heard cat does have a brilliant teaching.

In fact, i'm going to ask you to give me a one minute version of of uh or one or two, whatever uh, what how a person is uh.
It's not only the election they're struggling in their life, maybe they're unforgiveness tell people let's.
Let's do that.

One unforgiveness: how do you lose that from your soul? So you get some freedom from that? Well, actually, it's the keys to the kingdom.
Jesus talked about it.
He said what you loose on earth will be loose from heaven.

That means it will be taken out of you and you use your will to do it.
It's very simple.
You just have to have an understanding on it and then, after you loose the jump, whether it's unforgiveness, whether it's offense, whether it's addiction, whether it's hate or anger, issues, severe grief, lack whatever it is in your life that you know the enemy is thrown at you Or you've been living in and you don't want it or like the hate thing, that's going on.

You need to lose that from your soul because it says in the bible.

Jesus is the restorer of our soul.
So when we choose, we simply say as an act of my will: okay now jesus and tell him you want him as your savior or you're going to have to do it in his name anyway, because he's the one who comes and does this i choose as An act of my will to lose from my soul, all hate, all unforgiveness, all offense, all fear all addictions, all sadness, all oppression, uh, depression, all suicidal thoughts.

All these things are going around everywhere right now, any of that stuff.
That's in you that doesn't belong there.
You'll think about it, you'll choose it again and display it in your emotions.

If you don't get out of your soul, and so who is all that in jesus name? This is another important thing the bible says once you've cleaned yourself out, don't leave your soul empty! You need to say i choose as an after my will to bind to my soul, the life of god, the presence of god, the joy of the lord, his expectation, his plans.
His will his way and then you will be totally different and say in jesus name.
That's good, i i do that after i learned that from you.

I think we first moved over on a cruise, because i make sure i went on the cruise with you uh, but i do that now, all the time you know several times a week.
I find myself, you know, i'm i'm inundated there's a there's unforgiveness about something creeping in, i will say as an act of my will.
I lose unforgiveness and then i'll take anything.

That's related to that.
I hate um judgment that i've judged someone.
I lose that whatever it is that i know that i'm not walking in the spirit i lose that for my soul and then i bind to myself.

It's opposite, which is love, kindness, forgiveness, whatever it relates to that and then sometimes i think, hey while i'm at it.
Why don't? I just do these things that have been kind of i've thought about it very powerful because i walk around.

You know there's a scripture that says: if our hearts don't condemn us, that's really.

If our heart condemns us, god is greater than our heart, but even if our heart does condemn us, you know god's there.

My point is i, when i do that my heart stops condemning me yeah.
It feels like i i'm not i'm not beating myself up anymore, that's right and that's important too, because, as you think about yourself, that's what you're going to believe like the people believe the false stuff, because they listen to it.

They listen to it so much.
They begin to believe it.
You need to walk free of all that stuff, especially as a member of the body of christ, we're witnesses and testimonies of jesus christ, and so you shouldn't walk around angry or sad or filled with fear.

You know especially not unforgiveness or offense, because it begins to eat away at you and pretty soon.
You know people might not want to be around you when it's our job actually to share the good news with people.

I call that and the holy spirit calls that by the way he calls it a soul checkup and i'm more now when i'm out traveling.

If people bash me or say hey things to me, i will immediately lose the very words they just said.
My will to lose all the words of hate of anger of you know, um, unjust things that they have said about me.

I loose it all any sadness that came with that.

I loose all of it in jesus name and then i will bind the love of god to me and his validation and his expectation, and you know what it's like.
It never happened yeah and it feels a lot better inside i mean as a person that doesn't get to go to heaven all the time like you do yeah.
You know i feel like sometimes maybe i i have to work a little harder because you you're with the hard disk you can't be unclean, but i feel like i'm in on the trenches sometimes and then, but when i do that, i feel better.

I don't sell condemn anymore.
If you're, i don't say.
Oh, i wish i hadn't thought that or it's gone you bind to your soul, whatever it is forgiveness who had a trauma, let's say 30 years ago, it was a horrific trauma.

You saw something where a part of something was very traumatic.

You can lose that trauma from your soul, because your soul stores everything lose the drama you had 23 years ago and you won't have nightmares about it.

I mean this has been proven over and over again.

Uh, even witchcraft, if you operated in it or were involved in any way lose that from your soul, because that's all about control.

It's such a beautiful thing that the father actually taught me all of this about the keys to the kingdom.

He said i need the body of christ to be well and whole and excited, and he said i don't want them to take six weeks, six months of therapy for them to get better.

The main thing is you: it says to guard your heart in the bible, that is your soul.
You guard what goes in there.
If you allow things in and it's not god, you need to lose the money, your soul so make sure you're doing a soul.

There's stuff on my facebook or on youtube.
You can see over 400 hours of video that is on there about all different types of subjects about heaven, but also about how to live a powerful life free from darkness, which is what he needs to rule and reign with him.

If these are greater works days that we're in yeah, then you need to have your soul free all the time and if your family will do that, even together or separately it'll be a joy to live in your home.

That's good, hey cat! Tell people how they can get your books revealing heaven and some of that stuff tell them how to get your websites and oh yeah.
We have two websites we have revealingheaven.

com, which is where our store is and a lot of the things that we offer.
We also have a commission from god to create things of heaven and put them on the earth, for example this cup that says, can you imagine going somewhere and having this guy? It says i don't do demons now.
The holy spirit gave me this idea said: you're, not bashing people or accusing people, but you are pointing out that you do not involve yourself with darkness, and so we have other things like this: for people to demonstrate that they're, with the sight of god and on The side of life and light, but revealing heaven.

com, is our one website and also you can find out about our events there and then i have catker.
com, where there's many hours of videos that help you teach you how to pray for your unsafe family members.

How to do what i just talked about many other things and some interviews people have done over the over the years that have been very significant and it doesn't cost anything to go on there or listen to any of that stuff.

So, for those of you get these steps get on there because cat spends hours describing places in heaven.
This is where you go.
This is what the trees do.

This is what they say or do this is you know the plants? This is the pets who sit at the table with you right.

Pets do all go to heaven, and people tried to argue with me and the father said show them the scripture in genesis, where i told um noah, to put all the animals on the ark that had a spirit of life in them is a spirit man and If you go back further at the beginning of genesis, when he made adam and adam had no life in his body, it says god leaned over and breathed the spirit of life.
This is the father now the word that would be jesus made out of his body, but then the father leaned over and breathed the spirit of life, the bible says into adam's body and then that's when he came alive.

That was his spirit man.
So he told me to look there and then look at where noah, so there are animals that have a spirit in them all of your pets do and yes, they have a soul or they, your soul, is your mind what you think about your will.
What you choose and emotions you display and if they didn't have those in them like a dog, couldn't decide if i wanted to eat.

Do i like that person? Do i want to lay over there, and so knowing about and understanding the soul is very key and that's why he takes your pets to heaven when they die your own guardian angel will take your pet's spiritual body to heaven and they'll be waiting for you, awesome Yeah that reminds me of my a number of years ago.
We had both of our dogs, were, you know, breathing their last.
It was a very sad time for us and i had been sick in those days, but my wife got stuck with dog duty.

While i was doing a conference and during that time she she went from because these were the kids dogs, but the kids had moved on and she went from being.
I don't like dog person to loving dogs because she said, as i fed them, and i was there with them and the last she says i looked into the eyes and i looked right into their soul and god just flipped the script.
Suddenly she was a dog.

Now we're dog lovers, you know because she looked in and saw the soul of this dog, so god loves animals and you know i've.

Had you told that story about rescuing a bird online recently and right after that, like the next day or two, a friend of mine, said: hey, we rescued, it was an owl and she went on to describe it and i said told her that i had just Heard you do the same thing, and i said i just thank god.

We put a smile on god's face when we take care of his creatures, like that he does he.

He of course, does not like it.
When anyone is abused, when life is abused, it does not because he made this world, he chose what to put on this world.
He loves the earth.

Actually, he loves all the different races of the earth.
He wants very much for them to know him.
He also cares about the creatures.

It says he knows when one sparrow falls to the ground and he does care about them and it's important for us, especially if we have been entrusted.
If we have pets and they're trusting us - and they do trust and also says the eyes - are the window to the soul, so um she couldn't have described it a better way.
You can usually look at the eyes of somebody and stay and see if there's light or life in them or the opposite, and so i know god does care, but he needs us as a body of christ.

To begin to, um show that we can have a life as a believer.
We can have happiness, we can have joy, we can even have fun and that's what we need to portray to the people in this world, not that we're sour and angry all the time.
But we should care, but we also can't ever compromise our standing with jesus christ.



Thank you.
That's awesome.
I love.

I love all this teaching, i'm glad we.
I wanted to touch on a couple of these things, so we're going to have you back more often now than we've been doing kat now, as we wrap this up.
Tell people i assume you're telling people god's chosen trump, but we still need to vote.

Is that right? Absolutely you have to vote.
I would encourage you if any way possible go to the polls where you have always voted.

I'm not so uh great on having people get the mailing ballots, and if you have to do it only that way you pray over that ballot, that the enemy will not take it or hide or destroy it.

They will go where it's supposed to go so that it can count.
And yes, we all do need to vote, but i think people um before when they didn't want to wear things.
You know as as a leader and you share with people about the darknesses out there and what's in the people's souls, they go well yeah, maybe, but that's been made so apparently clear, especially by the democratic governors who think they're dictators they're, not letting their states open.

They're, not people even have church, not letting them meet anywhere, they're, not letting them do anything, and that's a good example that was in the heart of that governor or mayor when you elected them, it didn't just appear: okay, they already had an agenda and all god Did was make that very apparent, and so it's so apparent everywhere in the news which mainly has lies.

I tell people if you have to check the news channel.

Why not every now and then check fox news, but you can also go to trump's own website or you know he also does twitter.

He has a facebook and you get all the information you need that has truth in it and i'm sure another good one to check out is kenneth copeland ministry and when their elections ran last time, you could either go to the general news networks and hear all The stuff they kept, they kept, you know forecasting that trump would lose, but they never could show that even on the actual maps, but kenneth copeland, who has intelligence, he had intelligent people in the in the government.
There then the whole night of the election, and he at one in the morning called trump as the winner, but even though he had enough votes and enough estates, the other channels refused to announce that he won and i remember at 303 a.

Fox news finally came out and said: trump is the winner.

He is going to be president of the united states because the other ones refuse to even mention it.
So if you want to find someone, kenneth copeland ministries will be running his fair, true election through the whole entire process.
I really want to uh.

I know people who know him and actually i've met him several times, he's filled with truth and excitement and expectation.

A great trump supporter also has a lot about the historical stuff.
That's going on in our government that people have tried to tear about apart our forefathers who actually started this country most every one of them were christians and god said that i was with them from the beginning.

America is like a gift to this world because of the light that's in there and the gospel of my son has taken two thirds of the gospel around the world from this country.

Wow kat.
Thank you so much.

I know that this is going to be shared and shared and shared.
I do encourage all of you to share some of those.
There will be people that are not believing that trump's going to be uh the next president, when either before or even after some of your friends who are open to hearing to say you know prophets were telling us that this was god's choice.

And you share this with them, because there's no animosity in this video we're not speaking against human beings, we're not dissing anybody! God loves people from both sides of the aisle and he very much wants all to come to him.
That will, and they can so thanks.
So much after we sign up i'll text, you a little bit and thank you some more, and let's do this a lot more often, okay, oh yes, i think from now until the election, we should do it at least.

Maybe that's not that far away i'd like to do at least a couple of no in november for sure and maybe right at the beginning of december, and i will actually be standing in capitol hill october 29th right outside doing god's forecast for the elections like.
I did last time almost a million people have watched that video where i took people next week.
Trump is winning whether you like it or not, god's turning this map red and he will have his way with this country, and so i will be there at capitol hill on october.

That's good! I think we shared that last year, we'll share it again, make sure that everybody on their lives and that's the largest people thanks again kat thanks so much god bless you and your whole staff and uh we'll see you again very soon.
Kat all right.
Everybody thanks a lot.

Remember that your donations do help us your free will offerings to help this ministry keep going there's about 20 of us that keeps all this going.

So thanks for that, and thanks for supporting cat's ministry as well, all right see you all again.
Next time, thanks again, you .

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