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, bully of a body in our mind, mapped in the brain and we have a mind in our body and they part kind of separate the two.

But there's never a time where the body is influencing your mind.
There's never time where the mind is influencing five, in fact they're one.
In the same, so the majority of people's thoughts are connected to certain feelings that influence very specific hormonal centers in the body.

For example, if you think an angry thought, you are going to release certain chemicals that activate your adrenal system, you're, going to begin to activate survival systems.

If you feel suffering, if you feel pain, you feel guilty, you produce a different biochemical reaction, produces a different hormonal centers to be activated.
So most people's thoughts and feelings are taking most of the energy of those thoughts and storing them.

The first three energy center of your body, people, home shoppers, but the first - these centers are centers of survival.
The procreation consumption end and fight-or-flight is how most people have survived the majority of their lives, in other words, in survival.
It's not a good time to open your heart, so random people actually make the effort to open their heart and most of their thoughts and feelings are activating these lower centers.

So the majority of the body's energy is stored in these first three centers.
So then, 95 % of that energy stored in the body has to be liberated and driven back to the brain.
So we do this breath as a way to pull the mind out of a body or send the energy and Yogi's would probably love this breath because they have a lot of conscious control over the intrinsic muscles of their body.

So the breath is about contracting those intrinsic muscles, the muscles of the perineum, the front back muscles we use for elimination, the muscles of our lower abdomen or upper abdomen.

We inhale through our nose and we squeeze these muscles.
What we're doing is we're pulling that energy from those lower centers up in brain now, when you inhale normally when we're just hanging out breathing when you inhale the sutures of your skull, slightly open up in your phone, the base of your spine called your sacrum that Upside down triangle actually flexes back so when you inhale and those sutures open up in earth-shaking, flexes back the spinal fluid drains when you exit out of sacrum flexes forward and those sutures close and it pushes the fluid up and so inhaling and exhaling begins to propagate A wave now strip the spinal fluid is made of proteins and salts in solution and proteins and salts in solution have a charge when you drop them in solution, they have a negative or positive charge.

So now, when you begin to inhale and begin to pull that stable spinal fluid up towards your brain and you accelerate those charged molecules according to physics, when you accelerate a charged molecule, you create a visible and invisible field called an imbalance feel so now.
There's information going from your brain to your body and from their body to the brain all the time.
But when you do this breath - and you start accelerating those those charged molecules, you create this inductance field, moving in a certain direction and all of a sudden all that energy from those lower centers start moving up to the brain.

If you do this properly and you have a little passion, you start moving.
This fluid, though, come a moment where the sympathetic nervous system will switch on and merge with the parasympathetic nervous system.
When that happens, all of a sudden all the energy you use to make the baby all the energy you use to digest the meal, all the energy you use in a stress response, instead of being released out chemically it's being drawn up to the brain, all that Energy goes right up into the limbic brain and it hits a gland all the pineal gland.

The pineal gland is a very specific land that makes serotonin and melatonin, and when that energy strikes that gland all of a sudden, it begins to produce very powerful metabolites.
Sister molecules and all of a sudden now the brain becomes elusive and the brainwaves that we start to measure are very, very high, gamma brainwave patterns.
Now the person is super conscious now, there's more energy in the brain.

When that happens, whatever's happening in between their ears becomes more real and in a sense, they're having an orgasm and a brain are going into a state of ecstasy.
So then your transmuting anger with transmuting fear, you're, transmitting guilt and so then the liberation of that energy.
All of a sudden from this Center, all the way to the top of the brain begins to create a powerful polarity, positive charge of the head and negative charge of the tail, and the body becomes like a magnet and all of a sudden.

You start to produce this invisible electromagnetic field.
Now the body is liberating enter me now, once the pineal gland is signal, send a direct signal to the pituitary.
The pituitary begins from these two very powerful metabolites called oxytocin and vasopressin oxytocin signals.

Nitric oxide, nitric oxide causes the arteries in the heart, begins to swell and all of a sudden feel an incredible amount of love.
Oxytocin is the love chemical when you feel love and gratitude all of a sudden you're in a state of receivership, and then there's a reverse field.
It begins to come in the other direction.

We've measured this and that second chemical is called vasopressin.
What basil pressin does is it causes the cells to draw water, so people with chronic bladder infections, people with diverticulitis people with food allergies and indigestion, acid reflux.
They do the same breath and it's just the liberation of energy once that energy starts to move and it starts to travel up to the brain.

We've measured this on so many brain scans.
We can actually predict when it's going to happen when they inhale and they pull that energy all the way up into their brain.
I ask them to hold their breath and squeeze those muscles a little bit more and when you hold to breath and squeeze those muscles you in please what's called intra painful pressure and intrathecal pressure is what you use when you lift something up and you push against Your insides well, the pineal gland, sits right at the base of the third ventricle and inside the pineal gland.

Are these tiny little calcium carbonate, crystals they're, stacked, rhombohedron they're stacked on top of each other? And if you find the research - and I found it, the pineal gland has been called a neuro, endocrine transducer, with piezoelectric properties.
Piezoelectric effect is when take the mechanical stress and apply it to some crystals and it begins to produce an electric charge.
So then, the act of inhaling and bringing that breath away to your brain with passion and squeezing those muscles Billie's can do this really well and holding your breath you're exerting pressure against that pineal gland and, as you start to compress those static crystals, you begin to Produce a piezoelectric effect and you're now you're, taking a mechanical stress and you're turning it into electrical charge.

Now you're electrically, activating those crystals and those crystals are very sensitive to frequency and all the sudden, when they become electrically activated, pineal gland becomes like a radial antenna, and now it can pick up frequencies faster than the speed of light.
Why is that important? Because your pineal and right now is determining whether there's enough light in this room and if there's enough light in this room, it'll make a neurotransmitter called serotonin.

Serotonin gets your brain up and awake and you can function with conscious awareness.

But when the light diminishes and there's an inhibition of light, serotonin is transmuted into melatonin.

Melatonin is the our transmitter helps us to go to sleep, but serotonin and melatonin are directly related to the wavelength of visible light.
So then, we're producing certain rhythms and chemicals in our normal waking day based on our environment, but when the pineal gland becomes electrically activated, it literally begins to produce a resonant electromagnetic field, and now that begins to send the signal out and those crystals stretch.

Until I can't stretch anymore and then the field reverses and it compresses those crystals and all the sudden, a little antenna and if right up in your pinion life and now we can pick up frequencies that are faster than the wavelength of light.
That's called the quantum and all of a sudden.
Now it will pick up a frequency and transduce and a transducers like a television.

It takes a frequency and turns it into a picture.

All of a sudden.
The person has an inner vision and that inner vision is more real than the world we're sitting in right now and melatonin then starts to turn into some very powerful chemicals.

One of them, or two of them are most powerful antioxidants known to man and by cancer and by aging and by heart disease, and I stroke container of genitive anti-inflammatory.
Another chemical is a same chemical found in hibernating animals.
No sex drive they'll appetite no preoccupation with the outer world.

The inner world starts to become more real.
The body moves into stasis, it's the same chemical where the caterpillar becomes the butterfly.
Take the molecule tweak it again.

You have a benzodiazepine if it's in the same receptors, but it does, is it suppresses the survival centers in brain? Take the molecule to tweak it again and now you have the same chemical fountain, electric eels, very powerful file, possible, luminescent, chemical tweak, it one more time, and now you have dimethyltryptamine it's a powerful hallucinogenic, no, the man and now persons going on a vision and that's Why it's called the third eye? I call it the first night because now it's releasing its elixirs and we start having very profound dimensional experiences.
So only you mind of a body is beginning to liberate.
Energy begins to produce the magnetic field electromagnetic field, but when the latent systems switch on now we're going to access information no longer from our three-dimensional reality for an access that information from the field and brain is going to begin transduced that frequency carrying information there very Profound imagery, the person's gon na have a full-on sensory experience without their senses, and it's gon na be more real than the world we're sitting in yeah.

I've been not unconscious, I don't know, maybe hundreds and hundreds of times I see a flash of light that energy goes right in my brain and wow those blissful experience about - and sometimes I remember sometimes I don't in my my body - will do all kinds of crazy Things because it's information coming into the body and it's got to be able to process that frequency so where there's, where there's energetic blocks, where there's a pathway that it can't move through, that energy is gon na have its way with the body and it's gon na Cause the body do all kinds of wild and crazy things, and it's just information in our ability.
We really have two choices.
When this happens, I mean I mean from my experience anyway.

When something unusual happens, people always say: oh, I want the unknown.
I want the unknown when the unknown comes.
A lot of people aren't ready for it because it scares the living daylights out of them.

You have one of two choices in our brain scans.

We've actually seen this a person who gets afraid will move from that elegant state into a high beta, brainwaves state, stress, state and they'll.
Disconnect they'll come back to their body in and they'll lose the experience, others they relax and surrender into it and the more you relax and surrender into it.

Unless you resist it, the less impedance there is the less of physiological conditions we have.
So what it happens.
We have to literally surrender and into it, and that sounds very easy, because but a lot of times it's not a lot of times it's more difficult than what things, because it's it's a very powerful frequency and the feeling that you have is a tremendous amount of Love and it's not chemical, it's electric and you can feel it in every single cell of your body.

That's the side effect of that we've seen it's a biological upbringing.

We've seen people's eczema tumors, who have Parkinson's, so rheumatoid arthritis, high hashimoto syndrome, literally go away after one biological upgrade, but all disease is lowering a frequency, an incoherent message - and you can say in that moment and that latent system switches on and those microtubules start vibrating.
You feel such a level of coherence and order.

You feel connected with something greater that you want to have that experience again, and so then, the next time you do that breath.
You have a more intention.
You have more passion and you're literally trying that energy up into your brain and literally one woman, said her brain scan was off the chart.

She said another one of these and I don't need a husband.
I mean she had so much energy in her brain full-on.

Ecstatic experience, so people are doing it and the side effect is that the body begins to change dramatically.

If you could use the same muscles right now, contract the muscles, do you use for elimination, front and back, and you were to lift those muscles up.
You would be lifting up your pelvic floor, your perineum, those are the muscles were going to use to contract the energy related to the first Center.
If you were to pull your abdomen in and touch your belly button to your spine, you would be contracting second Center, where you would begin to milk the energy out of the second Center.

If you contract your upper abdomen, now you're contracting the muscles that are related to that Center, the act of inhaling through your nose while you contract those muscles coupling those together, is the act of pulling that energy, where we want it to go right at the top Of our heads, so if you took your finger and you were to place it on the top of your head and work your finger now in there and then take your finger away, if you can keep your attention there or you place, your attention is where you Place, your energy, so that's your target.
So the idea, then, is the close your eyes and to inhale and up the exact same time that you inhale to lift those muscles up and in and with the intention of pulling the mind out of the body and liberating energy pulling that energy.
All the way up into your brain as you inhale one slow, steady breath, follow it from your perineum to your lower abdomen, through your upper abdomen to your chest through your throat to brain all the way to the top of your head and when you get to The top of your head hold your breath and now squeeze those muscles a little bit more and just pump that fluid up against the back of your brain and hold it, and then you exhale, relax and feel now in the beginning.

When you learn anything, you have to practice it in this mechanical, but as you keep practicing, you they'll become more intuitive and less step-by-step.
As we come one motion, so the act is inhale at the same time.
Aaron Ian lower abdomen upper abdomen and as you inhale, you follow that breath all the way up to your chest.

Through your throat keep inhaling through your brain to the top of your head, then you get to the top of your head drop your shoulders down straight.

Your spine squeeze those muscles a little bit more, but your attention on the top of your head and just push that fluid a little bit compressing the crystals of the pineal gland hold for a few seconds and then relax and feel it in your brain.
Now I would recommend, when you do this, to place some music that has no lyrics but has in drums or has some music that you can term it as the movement of energy.

If the energy strikes your brain, don't be afraid of it.
It's just the liberation of energy that had happened a moment, your eyes closed and we were together.
I would recommend five minutes in the beginning and work your way up to ten.

Usually people who do with properly have a very significant amount of energy in the brain.
We now know that this breath creates more brain coherence.
It increases the amount of energy in the brain, it activates the autumn, Ellen Taylor system and our brain scans show that it stimulates the pineal gland.

Those are all the important things that have a mystical experience: [, Music ].
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