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What's up guys, it's your boy, peace gates! Today, i'm going to show to you guys, seven tech that changed my life as a college student.

So let's get right into it.
As a college, student or people say young adult, we need to learn how to manage our money.

Our time and work, slash relationship balance, even i don't have a relationship you suck shut up.

Also, college is a time to figure out what we truly want from our life and what we are truly passionate about and what kind of job we want to get into it.
And we also have a bunch of free times so listening to audiobook and podcast is really important, which comes to number one noise.

Cancelling headphones, blocking out, noisy sound around you and make you focus into one project is extremely important when you have a short deadline in your project or you just don't want to listen to other stuff, and you just want to listen to your music, your ambience noise Or asmr or anything, and it is very important to focus on your passion project as well.

The reason why proper noise canceling headphone is important is because the isolation of the noise canceling way different than true wireless earbuds.
I mean yeah airpods pro and jabra.
At least 75 t and sony x, i forgot the name, but those are really good.

However, noise, cancelling headphone isolates way better sounds and over time your ear won't get hurt and noise cancelling headphone has more battery whether that's audiobook.

Listening to the podcast listening music, editing, videos for me, noise, canceling headphones, really changed my life and investing into good noise.
Cancelling headphones can hold you up for, like maybe four or five years.

I personally use bose qc35, and this is not a new model at all.
This is not even the second series of it, and both noise, cancelling headphone 700 looks way better and more sleek than this one, and they also charge by usb type c.
However, looking into old models aren't bad at all.

I've been using this model for three four years and i'm still able to use it, and this right now only costs about 219 bucks on amazon when they release it.
It was like 350, and that was hefty.
Also sony wh-1000xm3 xm4 just released it.

So xm3 is now about 239 bucks, which is really really good deal.
Also razer, which is a game accessory company released a noise, cancelling headphone call optus optus opus, and that thing only cost 199 bucks and they do have bluetooth 5.
0 and they support aptx and stuff.

So no latency from review, i heard the noise counseling is not bad at all and it's running for 199 bucks.
The second on the list is fitness tracker.
I personally use fitbit charge 3, which is bang for your buck.

It's running about 120 bucks right now.

Fitness is always big part of my life and, to be honest, when i got into college, i stopped kind of you know doing sports and stuff, so i got a little a little bit chubbier having a snap count and tracking my calories actually very helped me.
My fitness side and this thing kind of motivates me it's like a little game.

You know if i don't get a 10 000 step or like if i don't burn certain calories per day, i kind of get you know anxious and i really want to do it.
So it really pushes it my fitness going to the next level, and i really love this thing.
If you're a college student and if you want to get your workout in fitness, tracker really helps you number three on the list.

Is the macbook pro 2019 15 inch model as soon as i bought that macbook they release a 16 inch which is frustrating, however, investing into good pc rather than macro windows or gaming pc? It does not matter investing into good pc, really changed my life, so my macbook have 10th gen intel core i9 chipset and pretty decent specs.
So editing, video, exporting video, editing, photoshop, editing, photos lightroom.
Everything is so speedy on my mac pro and i don't frustrate it with time and they save me a lot of time up front.

Buying a decent pc can hurt you a lot, maybe two thousand three thousand bucks, which is pretty hefty.
However, you don't know what you're gon na get into throughout your college life for four years.
I didn't even imagine going all in on youtube and instagram and stuff, and i'm currently making my website right now.

So investing into good pc is like a insurance for your future.
You don't know what you're gon na get into in four years.
You might get into programming you might get into video editing you might get into podcasting coming into number.

Four is my iphone se.
Iphone c is simply good because they have one of the greatest camera and one of the greatest chipset, which is a13 bionic, and they have a great form factor.
You can use with one hand, it is very light thin small.

It is so awesome in your personal life, however, the battery life and the screen is just garbage compared to other flagships.
I mean, when you think about the price.
It was 400 bucks.

If you go to 128 gigs model, it will be around 480 or 500 depends on the country, but iphone ce is really bank for your buck and, if you're, looking for like a good phone that looks six years old, also having a cheap phone is awesome because You can kind of use them roughly if your phone costs like 1 399 bucks galaxy.
No tony.
If you have that phone, it's so precious that you don't want to drop it or you don't want to.

Even like you know you, don't you don't want to do you don't want to go hiking, you don't want to go snowboard, you know what you don't want to go running with this thing.

You treat your phone like a precious, it's a phone and i made like four or five videos about iphone c.
So if you guys want to check it out about iphone se, and if you guys are curious about iphone c, i literally made every video about iphone c.

So if you guys are curious, please go check it out.
Link in the description down below number five on the list.
Is this camera that i'm using right now, which is alpha? Seven three, which is mirrorless camera, i won't say, buy a alpha, seven, three, which is kind of expensive and they are getting super cheap now.

So i think it is a good time to invest into good mirrorless camera.

However, when i bought a decent good camera, my life changed 360 degrees.
I mean that that came back 180 degrees.

I started freelancing.
I started to put more effort into youtube and instagram and i actually made couple banks from this camera right here.
I know camera can cost you a lot, your lens, your battery, your sd card, your microphone, your tripod, there's so many things that goes into camera.

But if you enjoy something not just camera, if you enjoy something that will cost money in the first place, but it will gives you money back.
I think it's a really good investment to make when you're in college, because you have four years most of the business, will kind of see the growth in three to four years.
So if you can't kind of see the girl is happening in like first two or three years, you might as well just do it and use that as a side business as well, and to be honest, if you just want to start youtube, you can invest into Good smartphone and you can use that or if you invest in a good microphone which is a fraction of the cost of mirrorless camera, you can basically start a great podcast show.

Please find something that interests you and please invest into it.
Don't buy a super expensive camera in the first place, but if you kind of like cameron and if you play around in high school, i think investing into great camera is really going to change your life.
So please trust me read it as pc camera microphone.

Anything snowboard something that's expensive, but you ensure that you're gon na love it and you're gon na invest too heavily just don't hesitate using a lot of money on it.
Just work part-time.
A lot i used to work.

Two part-time jobs work like 12 hours a day.
Just to purchase this camera - and i freaking love it number six on the list is not a physical item, but it's an app which is notion.
It's a note-taking app and this changed my life drastically.

I used to use evernote evernote.
I use as like a sticky note.
I just put most of my ideas or i put every money that i made from like freelance or part-time job.

I put everything on my evernote stuff.
I used to manage almost everything on my evernote.
However, i switch it to notion and first glance.

I was like i'm doing this notion.
Bro like it's not going to change my life.

However, when i use it it, i only even been using for like a couple weeks now, like maybe not even a month, but this thing changed my life drastically.

So i wanted.
I really wanted to show you guys, which is pretty cool.
So in notion you can choose from this, like many templates, like personal task list journal reading, lists video ideas.

This is the one of the template that i made uh goals during college, this all the stuff.
I think that's the most of the strength about notion.
You can make journal, you can make to-do lists, you can do whatever you want from templates, which is awesome.

So if i want to create something, i can just create almost anything text, page to-do list, headlines, bullet lists call out uh.
You can even put like videos.
Audios, a web bookmark, you can put codes, you can put files, you can put.

You can put google drive files, everything anything in notion which makes everything so easy and everything's so productive.
I know there's a lot of no app like bear.
Rome - and i know apple notes - are really good too, but i don't want to be strict into one ecosystem.

That's why i love notion as well, because you can use on android and your ios or mac os, which makes everything so convenient.
So the biggest strength about notion is templates, so you can choose many of the templates.
They even give you a lot of templates for free like design, education, engineering, human resource, blah, blah blah and also the cool thing about this.

If you go to full template gallery, you can basically get another temple from, like other pro notion users, which is so like cool.
It's like very community driven.
No, you can see other creatives templates and you can use them and you can buy them and, like like notion, have this like specific niche of like this notion geeks, you know i want to be part of them too, because notion gigs, you so cool.

If you guys want to check out notion, it's on almost any devices in the os right now notion is completely free for personal uses.
They used to be a subscription model and i only like a one-time purchase and, from my perspective for digital product, i love one-time purchase.
However, a notion is completely free for personal users right now for personal uses.

They don't even have annoying ads or annoying ads banner and like all these crap, and they give you almost full function of it, which is so handy and so cool.
Oh also, they do calendar too.
So, if you guys use calendar notion, is the one number seven on the list is nintendo switch? Of course your boy have to play games.

Sometimes i mean i can't work on videos and youtube all the time.

It will stress the crap out of me and nintendo switch is so convenient every time i go back to my hometown, hiroshima.
I always take overnight bus and now right now i can't go back to hiroshima because of the pandemic.

Going back to hiroshima by overnight.
Bus takes me around 13 hours, so nintendo switch is an essential, i'm not type of guy.
Who can watch like two three movies in a row.

So having action you know, smash brothers or like zelda, is always great for me, and nintendo switch really changed my life.
The one thing i don't like about nintendo switch is they don't have a bluetooth support and their battery kind of sucks, even the newest model? They say they increase the battery twice, but the first gen battery was still kind of bad and twice makes it decent anyway, guys.
These are seven tech that completely changed my life as a college student, and i hope you guys enjoy this video i'll link every item in the description down below, so you guys can check it out and all these links or affiliate links.

So if you guys, you know kind of want to support me, you can click that link and purchase anything while you want - and if you don't want to support me, that's totally fine.
You don't have to click that link down below you can just type on amazon and it will show the latest price right now.
It's very hard time to live, because it's all the stuff happening in the world and as a college student, including me all, the classes are online now and we truly miss social engagement.

But investing in yourself can create other communities around you and zoom, and skype and stuff is very helpful to continue or grow your community.
So please keep investing in yourself and i hope this video could just a little bit help you guys for your purchase decision anyway.
Guys, i will see you guys in the next video if you guys want to check it out my tech content.

I will leave the playlist down here and if you guys want to check out my creativity content, i will leave a playlist down here.
I will see you guys next time.
My name is peacegaze and you guys already know peace out, guys: , .

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