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Hello - everyone ivy here so today we are here to do the q a and before we get into it, though i just would like to mention to everyone that my excuse me, my instagram name has changed.

It's now, wedgie underscore warrior um.
I just feel like ideal.
Queen, although i love that name it just it wasn't very subject-specific so and i feel like people can find me a lot easier now.

So um do go and follow my instagram because i'll be asking way more questions and you can reach me there and ask me to do video um, what's called ideas and i will absolutely do them.

I'm just very [ __ ] at um, editing and posting.
So um i'll do my best.

So if i'm looking over here pain in mind, i've got my laptop here and i've written down all of your names and your questions.
I will say, though, the way that i save them um.
I won't do it the same way.

Next time only because some of you i've just had to put dot dot because i i really couldn't finish your name.
I just took a screenshot and i will write it down next time.
So if i haven't got your full name here, i am sincerely sorry about that and i really didn't mean to um but yeah, okay, so, let's get into it.

So the very first question is from glenn rollin.
What experience opens your eyes to the enjoyment of wedgies? That's, i think, that's quite a difficult question because um a friend had actually told me about um the whole wedgie community and i haven't really looked at it, as you know, a fetish until then um and i didn't it's a tough question.
That's very tough question um.

I think it's the accumulation of making all these veggie videos like i'm starting to love it more and more talking to you guys like starting to understand it more.

It really is it's a great community and i really like it.

Okay, i hope i don't know if i answered your question there.

I feel like i rambled on, but i hope that gave you some sort of inkling okay, so question two is from tamba pavan tamba perma to mobin, hello dear.
How was your day my day was actually very good and right now, it's sunday in the afternoon i just went for a walk with my family really really nice.
That's why i'm not wearing any makeup and i'm not looking like all glamorized so again, sorry about that! So uh third question is from alex with two x's dot: speed, sped s, p e d d, sped with two d's and says how no it doesn't say how it says: would you give yourself a wedgie and show it on youtube? I absolutely would i'm actually working on some content um to go on youtube um.

I it's actually quite difficult to find people who to wedge me at the moment, because once i start telling them about the reality about this community and about how it's not just fun and games as that underlying of people enjoying it more than other people, maybe words And they they get a bit nervous, they want to back out uh they i don't know, i don't think they want to associate themselves with a fetish um, i'm an open book.
I really don't mind about that kind of stuff.
I mean wedgies, nothing there's nothing and why what i usually like so um, yes, i absolutely would um make sure you send in ideas.

I i need all of your ideas.
I mean i'm making this content for you guys so um absolutely get in contact.
The next question this person preferred to stay anonymous, which is fine.

I said whereabouts in the uk.
Are you from a lot of you? Don't know this? A lot of you um have messaged me and said: would you do meets um, i'm in texas, i'm in florida? So um, maybe one day, if this blows up i'll um, do a meet and greet i'll travel around america.
I think that'll be fun, but at the moment i am living near south south southampton um in the southeast of england southeast it might be the south.

Oh, i don't know where i live.
Okay, i just live near southampton.
That's all we're gon na, say, okay, so the next one is from kronos4623.

They said um.
How do you stumble upon the community and have you always liked wedgies? So no, i haven't always liked wedgies and i never really saw them as anything other than a cruel prank.
When i first went when i first heard about it like i said, a friend actually showed me um and introduced me to all of this, and he, i think, he's very into it and i never judge.

So i was happy to hear i love learning about this stuff.

I think more power.
Everybody should be kinky um.

So yes, no, i haven't always liked them, but i am starting to love them and the next one is from king cobra, five, five, five.
Five um and they said: could you give yourself a legit wedgie? Yes, of course, i can what a silly question next, one more underscore underscore underscore life with three f's and said: have you been given wedgies before making it a fetish? If so, what happened? Yes, i have my sister has actually read me throughout my entire life um.

Obviously it was just pranks between us, two and so yeah.
I've received it for my fair share, but i just i would say um.
So next one is from yeppers um three, two six.

Four, they said first, where do you ever receive? So i was actually i read this question and i was actually thinking about it and my mom always tells us this story about me and my sister, when we were very very very little and um when i was much much younger, i started wearing training pants over My nappies and my sister, she was obsessed with me when we were younger.
She used to treat me as her little baby, so she would come up behind me pick me up by my underwear and she would like kind of walk like with the weight walking around with me.
So i think i think technically, that's the first edgy i ever received the next one is sarah underscore rosetta 97 has said: let someone give you an atomic wedgie again happy to just waiting for someone to find someone to wedgie me.

Actually, let me say this now: if there is anyone in the um south of england who is open to just making wedgie content, you know um all the things like that who's happy to meet up and be on camera, and these kind of things and someone who Is decent acting? I really really really don't want to make some cringy fake content, so it's anyone who ticks all their boxes who thinks they can.

Please contact me on instagram.

What's my name wedgie and school, warrior yeah contact me there and we can definitely get chatting and maybe make some content together and i think that'd be absolutely.
I think, that'd be really fun.
To be honest, i say absolutely a lot.

I'm really sorry about that.
Okay, so the next person, this person, um i'm gon na just say the name letter by letter.
I didn't get the full name, so there's dot dot the end, so jd js, js, jj s, j, sj, shsh, dot, dot dot.

So then, whoever you are, they said, do you actually have a wedding fetish yourself? Um, i wouldn't say i uh.
I don't know.
I wouldn't say i like i'm like reggie.

Is my soul fetish.
I completely understand it.
I like it, i get it.

I can totally get into it um i love the the dynamic of it.

So i i'd say yes slowly, but surely i'm gaining a body fetish, okay, the next one uh wedgie, my golf gf um said: did you ever think you would end up getting so many wedgies as you are? No, i didn't um.
I really really didn't.

I just thought: i'd make a few videos here and there um, but turns out i'm getting way more than i wanted.
Okay, next one underscore tyler underscore hume, h-u-h-y-u-n-e underscore 999 said hi, let's be friends, almost wasn't a question, but they did specifically add a question mark on the bottom on the on the end.
So yes, yes i'll, give you that one we can be friends.

Let's be friends um next one: where do you underscore nerd ciao said you are beautiful, no question mark.

I i can't answer that.
One um these names, th tk htk, i d nick12 said: would you be in a schedule wedgie now, nick um? I think you had a typo, i have been staring at this for ages.

I don't know what it could be a schedule wedgie.
I don't know, i'm really sorry, but i don't know just message me privately.
Just let me know um johnny, cashed.

82 said: what's your fave wedgie, would you consider taking dates and posting the results, so you said dates, but i'm going to pretend you said des so your first question: what's your favorite wedgie a hanging with you, i really really like it.
I think it's hilarious, and, and would you consider it so, would you consider taking dares and results? I love this idea.
I think this is an amazing idea.

Johnny cashed, 82.
um, i'm absolutely gon na.
Do this so keep a lookout for my instagram, because i will be asking you for dares and then i will do as many as i can and put them on a youtube video.

Maybe i'll do a series and you can just keep sending me and dares um and then that'd be a good way for you.
A lot on youtube to see my content and because i know some of you are would like longer content as videos like this.
So next one supernatural freak says ever got swirly.

No, i haven't no.
I haven't, but i will say um in the process of finding people who might swirling me so keep a lookout for that.
All of you, swirly lovers out there um bill josh, 33, 336.

Sorry and said if you could get a wedgie by any queen or creator in the community, who would it be now? Some of you are gon na hate me, but i don't actually know many creators um.

I i don't know anyone so suggest.
People suggest people and whoever you suggest i'll message them and if we live in the vicinity of each other, i will see if we can make some content together.

So um.
I'm really sorry about that.
I'm sure that's a disappointing question for all of you answer.

Even next one is mine, rack 32 said where you ever bullied.
Yes, i was bullied through quite a lot.
My childhood um um yeah um.

So next one is so underscore.
This underscore is underscore a underscore thin dot dot.

Really sorry, i didn't get the rest of your name.

Have you ever been given an atomic wedgie in public? No, i haven't and i'll tell you for why it's because i wear underwear that fits me, so it won't actually reach my head.


The hill nvbb said: what's the biggest wedgie, that you've ever got um, i'm that that other story of my sister hanging me from a door.
I would have to say that's the biggest one like that.
Yeah definitely and i've actually got a whole group involved.

Yankers said: what's the are you the biggest words you ever received there you go.
There's your answer: scroll back um! Why block family and dot dot dot? Again, i'm really sorry and get your name um.
They said.

When did you find out you liked wedgies, when i started making content, i started making content like as a joke.
I thought it was really fun to make.
I thought, um picking a wedgie out my ass.

I thought what a great idea and then, as i started talking to people and like you, you lot started to explain it to me and really helped me understand the reality and the realistics.

I didn't even know, if that's a word, but i'm going with it um.

I really start.

I really really really started to get into it um.
So then i guess: that's that's how i've got into this um.
So the next one is bestboy4524 said: do you ever wear granny panties? Yes, yes, um siavish, vash underscore 9.

Sorry said hi.
My love sexy again, not a question hi.

I guess um mcg, 14.
27 said how long have you been getting wedgies my entire life? Oh, my entire life actually um kiss the bully.
Anyone in your in real life circle know you're in this community or like this very good question.

So, yes um, i told my parents um and i told my sister and they are horrified they are unbelievably horrified.
They can't believe i mean i have a fetish page.
They can't believe i make content, they can't believe i post um pictures of videos of me with underboob they just they don't like it.

They don't want to hear about it.
So yes, most people know i might my immediate family know um and they are not happy with it and they don't get it either.
They really don't understand and with any wet fetish.

They don't understand, but that's fine.
They were raised in a different time.
Um, not my sister.

I don't know why.
She's such a close-minded freak but hey-ho um, the cows, calder vision cultivation.

Have you ever given a boy, a wedgie? No, we haven't it's just such a funny thing.

I really should i any boys out there as well want to be wedgied.
I will see what i can do and x dot maria mariam mariam dot.
Cs said: if you're waiting for the waiter, aren't you the waiter, i suppose you are the waiter so fingers crossed.

We get a waitress, so we can avoid all that confusion remind me never to go to dinner with you um des de stran de strange.
It's just destroying nature.
Just for me, too underscore six, four, five: three that i can do favorite type of wedgie hanging wedgie.

I really answered um hype.
beast, underscore 99 said nope, not reading your question inappropriate message me privately syg underscore, i underscore ab, says self: wedgie, okay, okay, i do self-worthy customs.
So if you want to see a cell wedgie, then message me um a colin.

org again, i'm really surrounding your name um.
What's your favorite wedgie to give and to get my hair ready to get is a hanging and my favorite wedgie, to give.

I haven't really explored giving wedgies um.
I've just really haven't really been a bully, yet so um we will see.
I'm sure i will be getting quite a few people wedgies in the future, so we'll see stone to the boat to the underscore bone like that name and what underwear style preference do you typically choose.

I usually choose a brazilian.
I like a lace around the edge.
I like a funky pattern or a little pretty um symbol on the front.

I like them, just look cute.
I hate plain underwear.
I think it's so boring um and you also asked how did you hear you could get paid to receive wedgies um? I it's just kind of a given.

You can get paid to send pictures of your feet out, so i'm sure you can get paid for anything in the world.


To be honest, so it was, it was just kind of a given really and um.
I already had an only fan, so i know that selling my content, i'm um, i'm allowed to ask for money.

For that.
I know my worth: um and yeah.
I think oh yeah, just a given really um jim johnson9490 said.

Will you do a public hanging wedgie? Yes, i will do a public hanging, wedgie um.
I have a small idea to hang from a tree, but again i need a group of people to help me get me down, because if i'm doing it in public, i really don't want to get stuck up there, because that would be embarrassing.
Um uh wed underscore g's, nerd, okay, said um.

Would you wedgie me? Yes, i would fly to england i'll come and wait to you um bro moment underscore bret dot dot.

Sorry, i didn't get your name again um.
When did you get into wedgies? I feel, like i've already answered this um cheto was said: um how's, it feel being such a wedgie nerd um, pretty good um, wedgie nine zero.

Six three said what other fetishes would make wedgies ten times better in your opinion.
In my opinion, i think a simple spanking makes the wedgie fun um yeah.
I think i feel like that's that's a good mix for me.

I, like that um wedgie victoria, said, were those spanking marks in your fancy review vid.

Yes, they were um, i'm not gon.
Na apologize, like i said wedgies are nothing compares my other fetishes.

So, yes, they were spanking books.
I hope you enjoyed um appleman813 said: will you ever do a vid with your sis wedging, you again really good question.
I have asked my sister but, like i said, she's horrified by me, taking our childhood stories and posting him for this um platform.

I mean she said she's fine with that, just as long as i keep her face and her name out of everything um.
I hope you lot understand why she says that um i completely understand, and i'm not gon na you know force her to be in an uncomfortable situation, because there are memories between us and i i don't want to take them as much as i already have um.
Next one is wedgie pledge: three um says you are the most beautiful woman in the world.


This is the third time you've told me, maybe i'll believe you if you, if i hear it again, um thank you and [ __ ], dumb people.
True um, do you have other fetishes or one? Oh, do you have other fetishes for one um, okay, i'll answer that one? Yes, i do um but i'd say bdsm.
I really want to try pet play um i yeah yeah anything with a submissive and a dominant.

I'm all for it, i'm all for it and i'll give it a go.
I love it um and then the next question you've asked is: do you think it's hot funny when guys get kicked in the nuts um yeah? I do think it's pretty funny when i swim around on the floor yeah.
I think it's hilarious and would you ever fart on a guy's face, i'm sure i've farted in many a guy's face, yeah uh yeah.

Probably i've already done it.
Um lean gary said ever gotten an atomic or hanging wedgie um.
I've had a hanging wedgie, yes um.

I don't think i've ever really had a proper atomics.
Like i said like my underwear is well fitting, so it's not gon na ridiculously stretch like the ones you may see on instagram and then the last one, oh, my goodness, the last one um is got lock, got locked out of o.
l and again i'm so sorry.

I did not get the rest of your name oopsie and they said: what's the worst wedgie you have gotten so far.
What's your favorite wedgie to get the worst wedgie i've gotten so far.
Is that one from my sister? That's why i posted it um? What's your favorite you to get, is it hanging, i i'm repeating myself now and then they also said: how did you discover wedgies and, like i said on the first one, a friend showed me and it really just went from there.

So let me get a sip of my tea, that's good too right.
So that is all of the questions i think all in all, there are about like 46 questions.
Again, this is i'm new to making videos um.

I did buy a tripod and i have what lights so.
Hopefully, this video is slightly better quality.

I don't know i'm just trying to do the best for you guys.

I don't really know what you guys want um, if you want me to do another one video like this, i can absolutely do that.
Keep asking me questions and i want to say a massive thank you to all the people uh that asked questions.
Even i know that there were repeat questions there, but i wanted to make sure that i got everyone's name who has asked me a question so um.

Hopefully you had your name there.
If you didn't hear your name there, i am sincerely sorry.
Maybe i missed it.

Maybe it's somewhere else um, but i will do better next time, um and again i'll keep saying it go and follow my instagram, that's the main hub.
That's where you'll hear about everything um so yeah! I guess that's it for me today, uh.
Thank you very much for watching and subscribe if you want to don't really mind and have a lovely day, .

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