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If you are looking to add your next thousand or more members to your Facebook group as quickly as possible.

, Then that's exactly what I'm going to show you in this video.
I'm going to share with you a very quick and easy to implement technique that I used to grow this group that you're looking at to my first thousand members.
, And now it's gone over 3000 members and counting.

This is one of my favorite techniques for growing a Facebook group quickly.
And the best part about it.
Is it's designed to work for you, even if you're a complete beginner.

Even if your group is super small, you don't have any audience.
You don't have any name that people know.
So if that describes, you and you're excited to add your next thousand or more members to your group body.

Slam the Like button on this video and comment below saying ``.
I am ready, !'' All right.
, So let's jump into it.

Back when I started my Facebook group, I was dealing with a problem, a lot of group owners face.
, And it was the fact that number one my group was super small.
I had less than a hundred members in it and there was absolutely no community.

I was the only person who was posting.

I really had no clue how I was going to grow.
This group rapidly.

And I didn't want to wait.
Hoping that one day things are just going to fall in place.

, So I ended up stumbling upon a strategy that somebody else I was following was doing and his group was bigger than mine.
And he had like, I think, at the time 1700 members which to Me that was a massive group.
, And I saw he grew his group through basically using one strategy.

I had a conversation with him and he told me me this was the one strategy that he had used to grow.
His group.
- I ended up taking the same strategy.

I call it `` influence hacking.
I took that same strategy.
I implemented it.

For my own group.
- And what ended up happening was, it was like the span of two or three months where I went from having a hundred or so members in my group to hitting my first thousand members plus.

So what I had learned from this guy and what I put into practice was scheduling weekly interviews with influencers, who already had an audience.

And specifically I'm talking about what I call `` B-list'' influencers.
Now, what do I mean when I say `` B-list'' list influencers? Let's say as an example, you had a group that was about cooking.
There's the massive `` A-List'' influencers, who are people like celebrities like Gordon Ramsey.

, And if you tried to hit up Gordon Ramsey, to ask him to do an interview.
Inside of your Facebook group.
- Chances are he's going to tell you something like .

`` I've had enough.
I cannot believe you're actually attempting ****.
GET OUT !'', It's just not going to work.

, But there's another category of influencers that are not as big as people like Gordon Ramsey, but they still have a big enough audience that you can leverage their authority and their influence To quickly grow your own audience.
And those are the people that I call B-list influencers.
This includes people like YouTubers who have followings that are maybe in the tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands or so on.

So here's the thing with these influencers.
A lot of people.
Don't put the effort to try to reach out and they would never dare message their favorite YouTuber for example.

To ask them to do an interview inside of their Facebook group, because they think that these people are unapproachable.
What I found from using this technique and I've seen so many other people do it too, is most of the time people in this category of the B-list influencers are more than happy to jump on your platform.
A lot of times.

They feel very honored that they're being asked to do this interview, even if you don't have a huge audience.
Here's the step that a lot of people skip.
'cause I've seen some folks using this interview method, but not using it.

The right way.
, A lot of people forget to make sure that they get the influencer to promote the interview.
That's really why it worked for me and why it's worked for other people that I've spoken to that use this technique.

You need to make it as easy as possible for the influencer to promote.
, So what I do is, I would create graphics for them to promote.
I would write up a little blurb, some copy that they can use to promote the interview.

, And I would just send all of that info over to them and ask them `` Hey.
Can you send this out as an email to your audience ?''? If you do not ask them to promote it, a lot of times they're not going to.
People, love sharing that they're being interviewed, because for them it's a status boost that makes them look good.

That hey they're sought out that people want to interview them on their podcast and their Facebook groups on virtual summits and elsewhere.
So take advantage of that fact and ask people to promote it to their audience.
, The worst that can happen.

Is they don't do it for whatever reason, but most of the time they will agree to do it if they agreed to do the interview.
, That's the technique.
It's really simple.

! I didn't want to go into the nitty gritty of it in this video, because what I've done for you instead is, I put together a checklist for scheduling, interviews and leveraging them to grow.
Your Facebook group, which you can find the link in the description of this video.
And also in the cards of the video.

And that'll, walk you through everything that you need to know.
This is only one of many techniques that I've tried and I've seen other people test as well to grow a Facebook group and I'm going to be creating more videos covering some more of those techniques on my channel.
So if you have not already hit the subscribe button and notification bell make sure to do it right now, so you can get updated as soon as those go live.

Thank you for watching the video and I will see you in the next one.

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