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Question people they wonder about you know: I've been panel away from sell-off for many years, so I missed maybe 10 years 15 years.

What do I do with myself? So people's Paulo? They live their life away from Allah, so Jeff for some time and then they find you know the light of guidance sometime later in their lives and they come and they wandering about the past year since they become adults and they were responsible to pray.
I didn't pray for 5 years for 10 years 15 years, or maybe I've been missing.
You know here and there I didn't make all my advisor my Salah.

How can I make it up? Do I have to make up every single Salah that I missed or not? Well, when it comes to making up for the Salah complete, of course, there's a lot of the past, the Roma have two different opinions.
The major one is that you are responsible to make every seller that you've missed, because you owe it all off.
I know what that's a good side for them, because you have to perform that and obviously, since people don't know how many years and they don't know how many to count so they've been given different alternatives like they say you have to do what they call a Dollar or more every time you pray Salah, you pray another one with it and you keep repeating that until you know the end of your life, probably it's it's very hard difficult for people really to perform that, and some people unfortunately feel this to be discouraging, so They stay away from solid because I'm doomed anyway.

Why bother but the other first opinion.
It's basically, no, you don't have to repeat everything that you missed.

Instead, first of all, you do Toba, which means you repent back to Allah, subhana WA, Ta'ala Sojin.

That means you have to fulfill the meaning of the Toba first, the first that you quit the sin that you've committed, wouldn't in this case, abide in salah.
You stop.
You know skipping salah number, two, that you you regret, that you miss the salah whathe number three, that you determined that you never you know quit your salah and do your best.

If you make a mistake, you pick it up from there and shout louder and fix it in the last ocean, but you feel miss.
If, if you make that Toba inshallah, then you start resuming from there and then after that add more nephal salah as much as you can, hopefully a lot at an if/else, a lot that you had whether statute would enter the message.
You pray 2 rakat before you sit down to hiatal message when you make, who do you, pray 2, rakaat show a lot of or a koala and Oh Madonna do taraweeh and so forth.

So as many as you do, hopefully, inshallah will people cover.
You know that the missing part of your ever and the hadith, the Prophet Salla Sam, said on the day of judgement.
A person will be standing before a la Sol gel.

He will be asked about the Salah and they look into the record if it was completely pass.
If not, then the answer will come on drew Henley abdomen to tawa check.
If my servant left any nephal salah and if they had any, they try to complete the missing part of him from the fort salah, if not unfortunately, they're gon na have to you know, deal with the consequences, but again if they missed many of this silhouette.

Hopefully, in charlotte are by increasing their avada of salah nephal, salah and also repented the last panel, the regretting what they've done Allah will accept from them and inshallah.
You should be find in the light of Allah Malick's it from your banana me.
Allah .

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