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Hello, everyone and welcome to our video series on learn German for beginners.

In the previous lesson, you learned how to write an invitation and how to react to it in this video.
You will be learning how to express your likes and dislikes to practice what you learned today.
You can download a free worksheet from our page on patreon calm.

So let's begin Lexi on so I won't finish: Jeff Allen and Miss fun I'll stroke.
Let's first learn how to express something that you like key fallen out stroking.
So if you like something, you could say task, you felt Mia.

Thus, in this sentence and in the next ones, can be replaced by a person or a thing, you can say air, you felt Mia or you can say thus autocue felt Mia.

Another variation is duska felt me as they are good.
Just like the previous sentence, you can replace dust with a thing or a person.

Let's look at a few more ways to express your liking.
Each had a fish bus.
You would use this when you're talking about something that you did as East Oda.

Esse tal s VAR class er s is super.
Sometimes you can add an adverb to make your feelings sound.
Better, for example, thus is gun style Oda.

Each finger does ashed class ER, so guns and etched are being used as adverbs.
Let's look at a few.
More of them, thus finding is totally on order.

Each vendor does very clear super, do remember to add emotions.
Let's look at a sample dialogue to express a liking.
Hi Tom, we Findus to mine, Clyde TAS window, ich ich schon aunt schewe deep in the Yaak clutter.

Now, let's see how to express dislikes, miss fall now stripping task.
You failed me a niche so good.
Do you remember that in all these sentences you can replace das with a person or a thing? Here's another one duska felt mia.

You were helped niched, as you can see here.
Also, you could use a few adverbs, it's important not to mix the adverbs that you use for expressing liking with the adverbs used for expressing disliking here's another one, thus finding ich hair / Oda, thus win the ich slashed duskie felt mia garnished, so Vaska failed thea On Vaska, failed, thea garnished do write your answers in the comments below to practice what you have learned today, you can download a free worksheet from our page on patreon, calm down ker thanks for watching this video.
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