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, hey it's dr.

, Keith, the EFT Realty our world headquarters here in Woodstock, Georgia, Cherokee County.
I fast coming up to winter break here in the Woodstock in Cherokee County area, and we thought we'd give you a few great ideas for things to do, and the Woodstock area that are free or almost free or maybe you've moved into the Woodstock here and you're.

Looking to do some fun things with friends or family, so either way thanks for tuning in make sure you like and subscribe for new videos that come out every Friday.

So right now, let's dive into our video well friends.
Welcome to Woodstock Georgia.
We have a Woodstock summer concert series that goes on all summer long.

It's sponsored at Northside Hospital, Cherokee amphitheater, it's 3.
5 acres in downtown Woodstock.
The first concert starts May night and it will be followed by a clean tribute band Fleetwood, Mac, criss cross.

The tickets aren't free and you can put your lawn chair out Friday after 6 p.
next up is Reformation brewery, which is a great adult spot for you to go visit, it's just behind downtown Woodstock and they have a brand new facility.
And then we have the outlets Atlanta outlet mall, which is exit 9.

They have over a hundred stores too many to mention here.
You can check them out at exit 9 off of 575 and then we have the park just off of exit 9 there's several miles of hiking trails at rope Mill Park.
They have a lovely bridge that you can walk across.

To get the other side, they have bike trails that are on concrete and they have road trails and hiking trails for people that like to ride bikes in the woods.
It's also a great place for taking prom pictures.
Homecoming pictures, senior pictures, lots of fun.

You can go fishing, you can put your kayak in you, can let the dogs out and let them run in the Little River Creek.
I don't know if it's really Little River or not, but there's also lots of walking trails at the wolf stock park.
There's a large breed fence area and a small breed fence area, and we love to take dogs there and have a good time and meet people there.

It's a lot of fun.
It's free lots of ample parking, nice and clean and neat it's a great way to meet new friends, make friends and take good care as our pets and get them some great exercise.
How about this little guy? He was a big big-time.

Baller just wanted to be in front of everybody and loved to have fun and loved to jump around, and they were so cute.
We just had to get them on video for you, so there's places to climb this place is to crawl there's places to sniff, and they just love all the attention.

Then we have the fabulous Cherokee 16 cinema great place to go.

Watch movies great place to meet up, have friends in the town lake area, thanks so much for watching our YouTube videos here on our Channel, please make sure and LIKE and subscribe down below.

We have new videos coming out every Friday.
This has been dr.

Keith with EFT Realty team and Keller Williams.
Make it a great day or not.
The choice is yours: , .

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