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All right we are entering in there's the Kings Academy.

It's a Christian school.
We are entering into Woodstock Woodstock Georgia, we're gon na check it out drive around just for a minute, hopefully we'll be able to see some good scenery now would stop, is in Cherokee County Georgia.
Woodstock is straight up i-75 to 575.

I don't know what that is over there.

They go building that might be a school.
I don't know if you got to see them kids of school anyway, so Woodstock gets up 575 and it is the suburbs of Atlanta.

It is a town town right in actually all kind of on the edge of the suburbs of Atlanta, and it is it's not a bad place to live.
If you absolutely had to live in Atlanta, commute to Atlanta Woodstock would not be a bad place.
You you can, you can have.

You can still keep your job in Atlanta, but you if Woodstock is far enough north, where you could.
You could be about two hours away from some good retreat property - maybe three hours away from some really good retreat property in extreme North Georgia or or southern Tennessee, maybe even over in North Carolina, so you'd be you'd, be in a decent area and always able to Take off straight north and hit your retreat property.
If something was to ever happen, Schiff was to happen [, Music ].

Where are we? I am trying to get to downtown Woodstock know.
If I move my kid , we will see.
I, like it up here right there to the right, see the firewood for sale.

The subdivision - I just left right, eatin the subdivision that was a trailer loaded with firewood.
I guess for people right there in a subdivision if they wanted to buy some now.
Woodstock is a very diverse, very diverse area.

It is it's a.
It has a little of everybody white african-americans.
It's got a decent size, Hispanic Latino community.

I don't know if you can combine those two words.
Hispanic Latino I'll have to look into that anyway, got a got a large Hispanic community.
It's a good place.

It's a good place.
Everybody gets along, it's a it's a middle-class area and a little of everything and everybody senior center Senior Center.
That's like a senior citizens area.

I do believe right there now there's some more of it right.
There check them little things out, Wow! Well, that's pretty cool luxury homes in the mid 600's of oh whoa, okay, yeah! Okay.
So when you kid down town, it's like upper middle class and I'll say well off anyway, very diverse area, good area, not not much crime here, Cherokee Northside Hospital, Cherokee, amphitheater and also a nice amphitheater.

Look at it! Look at that.
My my my look at the big gazebo over there.
Where are we at it's? Oh man, this is nice, we're gon na cruise around a little bit.

This is Main Street.
Let's go that's coming the left.

Look at that nice building right there.


That goes the police and I have an expired tag.
I'm surprised he didn't see that there's a cool little building right there anyway.

Here we are down, tell there's the train depot.

I don't know what it is now it's a restaurant looks like big building over there.
[, Music ], all the little shops, , I'm doing the best I can with this phone as a camera, [, Music ].
I don't know how it's gon na turn out anyway, we'll turn around down here and go the other way.

Man, what a cool little town this is: , , definitely a cool downtown area and then the outskirts, the outs.
The downtown area is very upper class.

Okay, the mid 400s for some condos, don't know if you seen them to the right.

So so the downtown area is is upper is for the rich folks, people like you and then the outskirts of Woodstock are for people like me, working-class and middle-class, but it is a good area and if you had to work in Atlanta, you had to work in Atlanta, you had no choice, then it would be a decent place to live, because you can have you some retreat property, a couple of hours away and it being an awesome area up in the mountains and Appalachia.
So if you had to live in Woodstock, if you had lots of money, you could live downtown and if you as a poor person like me, then you would live on the outskirts and then just come to town and act like you were rich now.
This is too much City for me way too much for me, but just thought I would give you a tour.

It's got.
It's a good school district, good school district.

Far from Atlanta.

At all I mean it's probably about uh, maybe 40 minutes to downtown.
Maybe something like that - I don't know and I do not like driving around with an expired tag.
I don't know why.

I just don't get it.
I keep thinking.
I'm gon na sell it and don't want to go, get it, but man, it's kind of nerve-wracking, you're, always looking out for the police and rightfully so they should give me a ticket for driving around illegally see that big building there.

Now I don't know, if that's it's got to be condos apartments or something had to have balcony so yeah.
It is, and their shops below now those those that type of bill.
I'm talking about the big building over there.

That sort of thing is very popular in the metropolitan area of Atlanta, very popular now in these towns, Woodstock and Marietta and Duluth, and just very popular .
There is the train depot again lots and lots of shops and restaurants he's telling me to turn left at the light, and I think I will think I will because there's not a whole lot, there's a little bit past the light, but not a ton.
Let's say this works out, I might drive, I think I'm gon na drive down there then just turn around come back anyway.

I hope the video is turning out decent.
You know it looks kind of wavy at times.
Look at that caboose right there.


The red right thing: yeah: we came right there from that road on the right yeah.
I say this is restaurants and stuff here as well: Little River outdoors, that's very nice, okay, so Chattahoochee Technical College is right there to the right and all that back in through there alright.
So I'm gon na find me a place to turn around and try to head back to the house good as any right here.

Oh see see this.
Oh we'll just go down through here.
Look at this! You see these houses here see the new ones being built right there.



There is no telling how much of those are.
No telly Adair Park, wits, dot-com office and restaurant to see the signs of the office and restaurant play.
Wow craziness craziness, we're talking big money.

It's a nice place! Oh my I'm driving .
What is here, look at this , Hey so very nice place very nice place to live convenient to Atlanta, but yet it's up far enough or you could have used some good retreat property not too far from your home.
Now, that's if you're a city, a city person, that's if you had to live in the city.

If you had no choice, I don't recommend living in the city, all right, we're getting back on Dobbs, Road or shooting straight across the main street.

I think maybe not look at that house.

Look at that.

It's a house talking big money.
I better get out of here.
They gon na think I'm trying to steal something.

Everybody know I don't fit in whoa.
Okay, we're gon na go! Look over there all right! I got ta get out of here.
I've got to get headed towards the house, I'm gon na be in trouble with traffic in saying about get home about 135 or so, and I'm gon na tell you what you do not want to be on 75, I 20 or 285 or 85, or Georgia, 400 Or 575 past 2:30, or so , , , okay, here's Main Street.

I thought this was gon na.
Take me a different way that it didn't all right.
We got to work our way back to 575.

Look at that little place.
Their founders Insurance Group, Little River clothing company - I did not know Woodstock - was such a cool place, had no clue now.
Look at that Eastern redbud bloomin right there look at that.

I think it's what it is.
I didn't get a good look at it blooming already in this February.

It's not even mid February .

All right now see we're right downtown, but three-quarters of a mile is 575, where you can shoot we're right.
Downtown would stop, but three-quarters of a mile from here is is i-75, which takes you to 75 and then takes you straight into Atlanta, so very convenient for the city person [, Music ] anyway.
I do not advocate and do not do not believe that people should be living in the city.

I believe that you should be away from the masses.
Oh yeah, but there you go there.
You go Woodstock and Georgia, it might be for you, it's a nice place.

That's for sure, anyway, we'll see .

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