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I'm Dana passuk, my friends and local real estate community call me mr.

Woodstock a lot of people.
You know in the past never wanted to live in what stock.
There wasn't a whole lot here.

Everybody wanted to be in Alpharetta.
They wanted to be in East Cobb.
Over the past ten years, even the last five years, the downtown Woodstock area really started to boom.

There's a lot of you know great restaurants.

Everybody wants to be here for the schools, a lot of that younger generation are coming here and then eventually, their parents start to follow.
What I love most about Woodstock is that all of the different types of entertainment that there is downtown Woodstock has become so much fun.

There's a lot of things for the kids and she loves all the parks and everything like that.
So there's a lot of stuff for us as adults, but it's a great place to raise our family too.
There are so many things that people are going to find to just come and want to make which dock their home all the restaurants, the rooftop bar and pure madlife just opened up a couple two weeks ago.

It's a live concert venue, the amphitheater, that the summer concert series is phenomenal.
It brings thousands of people to the area, the restaurants you can.
You can have anything from a simple hamburger to seafood.

Sushi to you know, fine, Italian dining.
You have just the ambiance of downtown.
Woodstock is great.

You know, Friday, Night Live brings people out in droves, it's just a real, it's a community, it's a family town and we just fell in love with Woodstock.
We love downtown.
We love this area.

My job is fantastic, this weather different years incredible and it's a great community, of course.
The nature trail, which is right.
The apartments would stop that's a beautiful area to walk and relax on.

Of course, the shopping.
The outlets are not far from downtown Woodstock kosher grocery shopping, not summoning to the airport traveler for a living.
So I didn't want to be more than 40 minutes from the airport and Monday mornings.

I can get to the airport in 32 minutes, there's a great shot right here to Woodstock soda by the points I've been riding driving traffic.
So what stock really has the amenities that you need, especially if you're professionals and we're always out flying and we're always traveling for a living? And this has everything you should need to get the the quietness of a small town, but the full features of an up-and-coming town for the quality in the restaurants and the shops.
But we moved out towards Woodstock, mostly because of the easy access to the interstates and easy access to being out in the country a little bit if we go just a few minutes north where in the country there's a lot of step to do that's kind of Outdoors away from all the population, but if we go south just a little bit, we can be into the city in just a few minutes, so I specialized in Woodstock.

I really know the market, I know the houses, I know the roads, I know the traffic patterns.
I know the construction of the homes and what to look for what not to look for yeah.
So, if you're coming to Woodstock, you want somebody that knows Woodstock, not somebody that knows Buckhead or knows al threat or you know just has a real estate license.

He really does go above and beyond.
He he seems like he really becomes a friend and he's really interested in making sure you get what you want he's not just there to sell you a house to to earn his money, he's there to make sure that you're happy with your purchase.
It seems like he really wants you to to be a continuing customer ten to twenty years down the road you can tell.

He wants to stay in contact with you and you know, keep you coming back, so it really goes above McGavin also.
He doesn't limit himself to just what on his website or, what's on the website that they use.
If you have a house that you want, he will find you that house that's what he did for us.

He went above and beyond when it was when it was time for us to go out and look through a lot of houses.
You know he was willing to spend a full day with us.
He would point out things that that we didn't notice.

There were problems with places we could have fallen into a few traps, but he kept us away from that and he went even farther when, when we couldn't find something that we really on it and when all of our all the items that we wanted on a List weren't met he made flyers and went around and knocked on doors of people who hadn't listed their house.
He found someone who wanted to sell.
He found several people who were willing to sell their house, but hadn't put it on the market yet so he actually kind of pulled.

Some people out found us a few houses to look at the warrant.
For so Woodstock is a great place to visit.

It's even a better place to live.

Please come visit me I'm here, I'm here to help you come to this great coffee shop, where we did this interview come visit me for it and for it for a beer at the local bar reach me by phone call me even while I'm doing this interview, I've got my cell phone in my hand, and it's going on four zero.
Four: three: zero: nine, two, nine three zero call me you'll, be surprised.
I'll answer.

Look me up on Facebook, mr.
Woodstock and that's mr.
M IST ER Woodstock mr.

Woodstock calm, mr Wood calm and just just reach out you'll find me I'll answer.
The phone I'll take care of all of your needs, whether you're buying whether you're selling I'm here to help you .

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